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Hi, my dear reader, my name is Karina. But I was born the boy. My father left till my birth, mother married other man when to me there were five, mother died and I remained with the stepfather who was bisexual. Once I saw as in the bedroom he had sex with the man, he noticed it and later told me about sex, orientations and other, and still allowed to look. Then all also began. Then he married. The girl was twice younger than him, she only executed 18. It was cool and we made friends, it issued motherhood on me, but mother I began to call her when the stepfather left... To the man... She didn't leave me... When to me was 17 at me the beginnings to break a voice on girlish. Mother led me to the doctor, he told that probably I have a hormonal failure and more careful inspection is necessary. After we passed it it turned out that I have women's bodies... "The doctor told that it is necessary to do operation and to remove them, and still to receive medical treatment and then you will become the normal boy again", mother explained to me. I sighed-: "What it?" "It is a pity even a little. Just girls always wear such beautiful clothes, linen, hairstyles, beautiful nails and lips. And all this is impossible for boys. Over me even for long hair and my figure girlish laugh", - I hung the head. "And what, you the girl want to become?", - I nodded shy-: "Here is how... Well, girls have it too and for them there are drugs and if to accept them to you, you will become a girl. Well almost...", - it showed on a perineum-: "But it can be corrected when you grow up" "I saw how the father... I was engaged in it with men...", - I reddened, mother smiled "Means you will be a daughter?", - mother stroked me on a cheek, and I nodded. Mother left, told something to the doctor, he came, asked again me, allowed to sign some documents and we with mother left, went to women's clothing shop. "Choose to yourself dresses... Time now you are a girl, you need new clothes. I will buy myself something too." We went to choose. I chose to myself a white dress, with lace, short; also I took a skirt pencil, a blouse, a vest and a jacket; for the house I chose a topic and short shorts with a short waist, I always liked it on girls. As linen I chose only panties, white, red and black lacy and simple corporal. I took stockings, in a network both lacy with a belt and simple black. I took myself gym shoes, shoes on heels and one more on very high heel, though I wasn't able to wear heels, but they very strongly were pleasant to me. I went to a fitting room and showed everything to mother, it was pleasant to her, she brought me to a cabin, did up hair, having collected them in a bunch and made up me, I was looked in a mirror, in him there was a blue-eyed brunette, with long beautiful hair, beautiful long eyelashes, bright red lips and arrows in the eyes, in a topic, shorts, stockings and gym shoes. We with mother smiled and having paid purchases threw out my old clothes. We went and hairdressing salon, and mother went to drugstore... I hope that the story didn't tire you and it was pleasant. Wait for continuation: 3 zoosk dating kosten date today dax site mapMain Page