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As well as everything, I, perhaps, will begin with the small description of. I am twenty years old and my body didn't pass to that state when the boy already becomes a husband. For this reason, despite my not thin constitution, a body I am still similar to the girl. Besides I got my hips and buttocks by inheritance from my mother and to men's aren't similar - it is chubby female buttocks and no trainings helped to change her. It significantly irritated me with times, but definitely not at those moments when I wanted to be a girl. In music my preferences were inclined to hard rock and metal and the youthful spirit demanded to resemble idols, free from prejudices, long-haired and I grew the nutbrown hair slightly below than shoulders. The soft lines of my person quite often bringing into delusion of counter people and also thin female fingers changed the relation of people around in such degree what many couldn't tell at first sight for certain - the guy before them or the girl what to say about how from time to time it was behind heard "The girl, want to get to know each other?!" in my address. It was necessary to turn around and explain that I am not a girl. Legs were the sexiest, for me, a part of a body of the woman. Oh, in them there is something divine. When I saw the legs fitted by tights - my dick began to harden and if it were stockings, then it was necessary to force itself to stop and to touch itself in indecent places at the sight of these refined bends. By this time I already managed to get brief sexual experience at meetings with girls, but communications with an opposite sex tired - sensitivity, a kaverznost, tears, differences of mood, a quarrel, emotional splashes from scratch... My hobby and, together with that - change, years in seventeen when, not without influence of the Internet, numerous types of communication with women were studied began: underwent both hobby for coevals, and schoolgirls, and mature women, and pregnant women and still many other kinds of sexual and erotic joys. And so, in the evening when parents went for the weekend to the dacha, and I remained absolutely one and was amused viewing of a porn of the websites, I came across category "transsexuals". It is necessary to tell that the gay porn never attracted my attention and didn't make horney at all, but it... it was absolutely other... Heap of the seen websites with pornographic photos and video files in which girls with a full-fledged breast, but in too time appeared, at which between legs, the dick, often decent sizes was found. It was surprising... their essence was women's: gait, clothes, a make-up, appearance, behavior and everything in them was in a feminine way sexual. Then I realized the zhentvenny nature and bisexuality. Girls for me didn't stop being attractive - their bodies attracted to themselves, their current pussies demented and forced my mind to be disconnected until self-satisfaction in which I was engaged very often. But still, I, sometimes, when viewing a porn of movies, began to feel desire to be not on the place of the males who are greedy fucking the happy young women in all holes, and on the place this flowing, the groaning bitches. I awfully wanted to get feelings with which they were presented by this fucking, there was a wish to wear these sexual beautiful clothes, there was a wish to feel like a desired and dissolute, insatiable and obedient female who is used on a whim. I dreamed and dreamed just demented and demanded an exit. Long it was impossible to keep in itself new essence and as soon as possible, for several days having remained one, I got into a box with mother's linen. I reconsidered everything that there was. From prikasaniye to lacy panties and bras, silk peignoirs, my dick released from a head of a drop of transparent liquid, slightly viscous, but other than a cum and very nice to the taste (earlier I managed to try the cum and its tart taste and stickiness didn't delight me). I collected liquid by a finger, slightly podrachivy dick also pinched a uvula, every time taking some special pleasure. From viewing I passed to fitting and, having tried various options, stopped on the cream bra which fitted me and lacy panties from the same set. Of course, at first it was necessary to work, putting on a bra, but the pleasure which rolled later was worth it. Soft fabric of panties and, creating illusion of existence of a breast, the bra was awfully made horney - my dick already stood a stake and wasn't located in panties - I had to expose him sideways as it did transiki in pornofilms. Then I found, long ago not used, corporal color tights. Putting on of tights also brought pleasure a great lot, my dick began to pulse from pleasant feelings and I nearly terminated. The legs which are previously shaved were smooth, sexual and kapron softly, okhlazhdayushche slid on velvet, nice on the touch skin, forcing me to tremble. As soon as kolgotochka were on me, I chose the satin cream dress reaching a knee from a case and put on it. Old shadows, glossy lipstick of pink color and ink were taken from an old mother's cosmetics bag. My observations of how mother does a make-up, allowed me is skilled to put everything found without special work. In the hall where there was a high, to the utmost, mirror I put on white mother's mother's shoes on a heel and looked at myself in a mirror. If to be honest, then I didn't recognize myself - the real cute little girl looked at me. It was most difficult to embrace it in the head, but time went, and excitement didn't fall down, and even on the contrary increased, I caught a smell of the lingerie impregnated with spirits and a special smell of tights. Then, remembering as ezolit the pussies on the handle of a chair of the girl, I was attached in the same pose on the handle of a chair and, having clamped, recurved, the dick between legs, began to move hips slowly. Ying Ogda I squeezed lips, representing a passionate kiss, and sometimes sensually opened a mouth and carried out by a uvula on lips, pinching lipstick from their smooth surface. My hands wandered on a breast, a stomach, hips as if someone courageous was eager for my hot sweet body. Sometimes I crossed legs and caressed one another, taking improbable pleasure from these contacts. In fact, at this moment there was no guy, he became a girl and in my representation the dick turned into a gentle pussy. Count of time was absolutely lost because of extensive scale of delightful feelings, but here I made the next back and forth motion hips forward and back... my dick shuddered and began to throw up from himself cum streams wildly. From an incomparable high I even covered eyes. It was simple to think about the soiled things nevozmzhno and I just enjoyed on - full having continued to rub about a chair more furiously. When my dick ceased to pulse, I poyorzat on the handle a little more, squeezing out the remains of a cum and squeezing out all possible pleasure of the situation. I didn't receive such bright orgasm long ago. That night I terminated about thirty times in the most various poses stroking myself, representing that the man rubs a knee my perineum, an isol on a bed all over, representing itself the girl, blocking the logical synapses and giving vent to sensual female ego. Breath filched from thoughts, and I cumed opportunities to be a woman from otdny touch, feeling desired and sexual. In the end my dick even stuck to get up - he was myakly, but from imaginations and feelings he threw up again and again streams of a cum which I already managed to smear on the person and a breast, previously, having taken off a dress. This marvelous evening was for a long time remembered to me. Subsequently I even several times jerked off, depicting as myself. Thank God, then I didn't soil a dress, tights were old and the bra and panties, after washing went to a refuse chute, and, were installed on the place in a shuflyadka Bel I eat with lower. My first time was very and very satisfactory, but so always - with achievement of one level of pleasure it is very difficult to stop. Here and I wasn't going to stop. zippo dates of manufacture date today usa site mapMain Page