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On these days off we with girlfriends were going to go to night club. I won't tell that I was very big lover of such actions, however, from time to time I dared to porazvratnyachat a little especially as now I needed it. Recently it seemed to me that the depression squeezes me in a dense ring of which independently I couldn't get out any more. Unloved work at which every day you have huge a stress, and on which you are tired to exhaustion, parting with the guy who promised to be faithful all life, and itself I changed with the best friend, - all this heavy freight sat at me on shoulders. Rest was necessary for me, it was necessary to relax, and girlfriends offered me a visit of club. It was only necessary to wait when to come to an end working week and there will come days off. I was the most ordinary girl. Growth of low, only 168 centimeters, the brunette with hair to shoulders, green eyes, with beautiful eyelashes, chubby sensual sponges which I always liked to slightly open a little bit. To me was already 21, but to speak about a serious relationship with guys … It was not about me. I still was a virgin though relationship I endured very much. Each of my being, of course, hinted me at sex, but in my head there was an accurate program, to keep itself prior to a wedding to present to the husband the most expensive that I could. About one years so to seventeen, me it was necessary to constrain quite often itself from rushes to make love to some pretty young man, but after I graduated from school, it became much easier. Of course, stickings of guys didn't stop, but now "refusal", kind of, became for me meaning of life. If to speak about a figure then I was quite nothing. It is possible even to tell that from all the girlfriends I was the most seductive and slender. A decent waist, roundish sexual hips which beautifully passed into long slender legs which were for me pride. The breast was the 2nd size, but also it quite was enough, the main thing that it was elastic, and I didn't hang when I didn't put on a brassiere, and it occurred almost all the time if I didn't need to go only anywhere. The buttocks were nothing too. My nutlet stuck out behind quite strongly, but at the same time didn't seem incredibly volume that would spoil it. In general, I am obliged by all the figure to sport in which I began to be engaged with the childhood. Run, basketball, volleyball and other types – it made mine figures a little brawny, saved from excess weight and also added hardness in buttocks. However in the last five years it is serious I ceased to play basketball as at the university my trainer who said that I will be able to earn the place in team began to stick to me, only if I move apart before him the legs. I of course refused, and he threw out me from the gym. And now it was impossible to speak about sport absolutely as work killed at me all the time and desire something to do. I ran only in the mornings that though to keep a little shape. So, there came long-awaited Saturday. Since morning to seven o'clock in the evening I stayed at work, stopping completing plans of lessons. Having come home, and it was in the eighth hour, I had not enough time to put on and go to a meeting with girlfriends. The benefit that I prepared all clothes still yesterday. In general, It is necessary to tell that I loved beautifully, and it is quite frank and sexual, to put on in spite of the fact that led such virgin life. This evening I bought to myself a new dress which was pleasant to me is direct from a show-window. It was black, is almost completely covered with large black gloss of the size of a nail. The decollete wasn't, but it wasn't a huge problem as her charm was in another. Its length was so short that absolutely slightly I hid my panties from views of curious and lewd men. It was on me the little an easy fit, the bottom wasn't dragged away. Of course, it isn't necessary to say that in him I needed to behave extremely carefully as one awkward movement, and all could light the panties. But I wasn't concerned by such danger, the dress just was pleasant to me also all. In addition to him I put on dark tights which added to me sexuality and also dark shoes on an average heel. Having approached a mirror, I was surprised to how erotically and sexually I looked. At me, of course, were quite "unusual" a dress earlier, but nothing was comparable with in what I was now. On a fraction of a second I wanted to change clothes in something more modest, however I got it together and decided to leave everything as it is. "But I will be objects of all views in this damned club. Let look and know that I such erotic and such inaccessible". Having turned to a mirror buttocks, I bent down a little and right there from under a hem of a dress white matter of my panties seemed. "Pancake, in them it is necessary to be extremely careful, even the slightest wrong movement already conducts to such "serious" consequences". Finally I slapped myself in a bum then began to gather for an exit. We agreed with girlfriends to meet directly at club which I could reach on foot all for half of hour that I, actually, also made. Three girls already waited for me near an entrance, however not at once recognized me in the going girl. When I approached closer that noticed their eyes rounded from surprise which they examined me from top to down, paying special attention to a hem of an evening dress. — Pancake, Vick, such dress! Never I saw that you carried something similar. To you very cool … very all right! At you beautiful legs, and this dress as well as possible shows it. On eyes of girls I understood that they wanted to tell not it at all, but something it seems: "Anything to at you a dress short. You look in it as the whore". — Thanks! Yes here, I bought for this evening. Well, go? To pass through a face control didn't make big work as security guards always let to club of girls of a shlyukhovaty type, and now I looked approximately so. Inside it was full to the people, everything was chock hammered to make the way to bar at us left minutes ten. To remove stress and to lose some stiffness, we with girlfriends passed three whisky glasses which quickly enough forced our cheeks to poalet. It was possible to begin evening. We dispersed on a dance floor, trying to find for ourselves an empty seat where it would be possible to dance. Music was pleasant and came with a bang. Having a little danced I approached bar again and ordered two more glasses. At this moment there was what reversed my evening. In a far corner, despite numerous people, I could make out the ex-boyfriend who danced slow dance, to be exact to tell simply caressed, with some girl. Of course, it I was about not my business, with someone he and that he, however what was seen quite strongly pricked me under heart. There was a wish to cry. I ordered two more glasses somehow to appease internal pain. Then two more … still … Five minutes later I felt that I have had enough. I don't know how many I drank, but the earth under legs began to turn and spin madly why I continually stumbled and even several times fell. I tried to find to myself a chair to sit a little on it and to recover, but it didn't help me. Began to feel sick me madly. I knocked some guy on a hand and the braided language asked him to take away me in a toilet. He didn't object. Having reached a dotuda, to where it was necessary for me, I found out that turn in a ladies' room as always kilometer. To me it became worse and worse. The guy, at once, as soon as finished me, left, having left me one. Felt sick it is simply unreal, and I very well understood what me will pull out sooner or later. As to wait turn in a ladies' room it was unreal, there was only one exit. I tried to squeeze into a men's room that nobody saw me though you understand that, being so drunk, it is imperceptibly absolutely impossible to make something quickly. To my happiness, in a men's room it appeared nobody, at least all were in cabins, one of which remained free. I won't describe in detail what happened to me in this cabin, I think you and you understand. When I left, hardly as reached a sink to wash a face. Legs absolutely refused to hold me, the head was incredibly heavy, and the earth, appear, turned so quickly that the support literally crumbled at me under the feet. Besides attractions was just improbable. It isn't surprising that I several times fell before could reach the wash basin somehow. Each time it became harder and harder to rise. When I once again fell down the earth, how washed, I couldn't rise any more. As I didn't try, again and again pressed me to the earth as if it didn't want to release me. Washing memory I began to change me, the world became some around unrealistic as if I got to some game or the movie. I lay on one side, having drawn in under myself legs. It is natural that at the same time my short dress was quite strongly lifted up up why if desired each entered could make out what I had between legs. Saved that I was in dark tights, but nevertheless, white panties stood out quite clearly. I understood that I need to get up that it is necessary to leave from here, I remembered that I am in a men's room, but forces to make it at me wasn't. I incoherently muttered something, being in such state that it could be disconnected at any time. I noticed that two guys look at me not at once. Yes I wouldn't notice it also at all if one of them didn't start talking, and I didn't hear his voice. — Look what girl nifigovy. It is a pity that drunk in a hlamina, such it won't be more best, than rubber, but it is many times more beautiful. And a figure at it the fact that it is necessary … On the person nice. I understood that they speak about me. I tried to cover the shame on what guys maliciously laughed. As a result at me it didn't leave. To tell them that failed, too it didn't turn out, I only lowed something muffled. — Che, Earrings, we will fuck this bitch or how? Chet at me got up on her. Legs at her test and a bum like anything. Give I I will begin the first while you think. Through fog of the consciousness which is filled in with alcohol I understood that something bad is planned. One of guys who looked at me began to approach slowly me, on the run undoing the belt and pulling together from itself jeans. I never saw before that the man undressed is direct opposite to me therefore it is impossible to describe that fear which captured me. It was very well clear that there is a huge probability that this evening I should leave the virginity what I very much didn't want. Meanwhile the young man already managed to take off completely from himself trousers; holding a dick in one hand he uniform motions, slowly podrachivat him, looking at me between legs somewhere. The type of a naked dick which was quite decent size and also the reddened head which was a little less than my cam forced my knees to begin to shake a little. — Please, help me to leave from here … I drank too much, it is necessary for me home! Call Vika or Masha, let they will take away me home! To me it is very bad! I noticed that Sergey who stood apart before became agitated a little. — Hear, Stas, can it isn't necessary, and? She just drank too much, and we, it turns out, we will use her weakness. Somehow it is low … meanly, perhaps. — Shit, Earrings if you don't want to prisunut her, then you can go to be jerked further with all, and I will come to you after I have this bitch. All is equal to me, drunk she or not, the main thing that the pizda on the place and looks she nothing, means it is possible to fuck. Yes you look at her, at her dress … Unless the normal girl in club will put on such short dress? This is some whore who was bulked up … We won't fuck, it is fucked others, here you will see. From what was told by guys I almost managed to understand nothing. All my attention was concentrated on body of Stas which every second became more and more and more terribly. When they stopped speaking, the guy turned to me again, and came very close. I still continued to lie when felt his hand on the hip. He kept saying something while he caressed me on him, however eventually his palm slipped to my pussy, and the guy quite sharply began to break off on me tights around a perineum. I didn't even manage to be surprised and frightened when the tyrant already managed to tear on me and panties so his fingers appeared directly on my virgin pussy now. — Mmmmmmmmmm … Pustiiiya … I not to a hochuu … мммммммф … I … мммммммммф … - the young man clamped to me one hand of companies, being afraid that I will begin to shout therefore some of my words turned into a certain similarity of low. I felt touch to "girl" very strongly and obviously as almost on all body along with it excitement waves began to extend. In a far corner I saw white matter of the torn panties which Stas's workmate lifted from a floor and I pushed in a pocket, previously having brought them to a nose and having inhaled my aroma. — Has to recognize, she smells just perfectly. Perhaps, it is necessary to keep these panties as a trophy. All right, we will teach a good lesson her that next time I knew that it isn't necessary to get drunk so strongly that then you can't even resist such lewd guys as we with you. Continuation … zest kauai dateline venom site mapMain Page