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Generally, the girlfriend invited us with the husband to a party. What was an occasion — I don't remember any more. Only the husband in connection with employment at work told that he will come later. Nothing remained to me how to go one, especially I said to the girlfriend for a long time that I don't go anywhere and I will run wild soon... The party had to take place at the girlfriend of the house therefore invited was not really much, the person fifteen. I thought over in advance that I will dress: a small silvery dress on shoulder-straps. However, it was necessary to put on it without brassiere as with him it looked to put it mildly not really, and second the fact that I am confused to appear in the big company in such revealing dress. But it it seemed to me a little, and I still put on stockings in a grid which were hardly covered by my dress. The dress was from such light fabric as silk, and appetizing the daddy was provocatively emphasized, and on it panties, black with a network, were allocated same as well as stockings. Especially this small triangle covering my tattoo. Standing there were brilliant sandals which to me were bought by the husband. Generally, when I was put on and looked at myself in a mirror, I wanted myself, and on the place of the husband would be afraid to release one such appetizing girl. The company extremely was selected excellent. As I also thought, this evening one I didn't miss. Boys, while were sober, made eyes, and then started more resolute actions: in dances accidentally will feel buttocks, a breast, will make the obscene proposal. But I also was good, got drunk and relaxed, even for some time forgot that the husband has to approach. I so danced to the heart's content that I decided to go to the bedroom and to have a rest while the others rage. I came into the room and laid down on a bed. Probably, I not bad drank that I dozed off at once, and regained consciousness because that someone touches me, caresses buttocks, removes panties, caresses a breast... At first I thought that the husband came, but on the nature of caress understood that it not so. But... it was pleasant and I couldn't control myself, and incurred me. And I as the bitch, besides began to moan. He very much wanted me, I felt it. He greedy touched each section of my body, so squeezed nipples that in my hole became very wet, I flowed, and he didn't stop — he couldn't stop any more. I accidentally touched his stick and understood that to me not to leave from it. He began to spread to me legs, to remove panties and to touch my damp hole, and at this moment in a doorway I saw the husband: our eyes met and we looked at each other. Both he, and I didn't expect to see it, and I as though just now understood what occurs. I began to mutter something, to explain, and the husband approached us, kissed me, lifted up to me a dress and entered me so sharply and unexpectedly that I moaned. And that, another, just looked at the events. Then the husband told it: "Join!". I couldn't believe the events — two of them began to touch my holes and a breast, at first fingers, and then and the staffs. The husband approached my person and inserted to me into a mouth, and at this time another fucked my pussy. I all flowed, and my nipples especially strained. "Suck, my girl" — the husband said and it made horney me even more. Then they exchanged. Now I sucked at another, and the husband fucked me in the pussy, in buttocks. "Such sweet girl — she wants to be fucked and fucked" — I told that another. It seemed to me that he didn't understand yet that he fucks me together with my husband. The first time I terminated already when the husband sharply entered me, I was very horney and just couldn't restrain. Then I began to cum quite often: at me one orgasm didn't manage to end as another began and then already all my feelings merged in one powerful orgasm. Now boys wanted to drink my juice: they put me on a back, spread legs and began to lick my pizdenka. Yes, any more not a pussy, but a pizdenka because so fuck bitches as fucked me. Their dexterous uvulas brought me to an orgasm and I slightly restrained loudly not to moan, remembering that the door is still followed by a party. Men didn't stop on licking of my pizdenka. It it seemed to them a little and they began to fuck me in two holes again. I felt their dicks in myself and it seemed to me that they will break off me. Such huge firm dicks only dreamed me... When they approached my person, I took their staffs in hand and began to suck them in turn, but is very persistent and rhythmical, without stopping. I felt that they just about will explode and when it occurred, on my person, a neck and a breast huge streams of a cum poured down. It was very much that I so much never saw. When they terminated, I licked the last droplets of a cum on their sticks and laid down on a bed; they embraced me also some time we and lay... I didn't think that this party will be such though... Author's E-mail: yungblud dating history date spanish civil war site mapMain Page