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Hi everyone! This story is based on quite real events))) And so I will give you an idea of myself: the brunette of average height, with brown eyes, a usual figure, a breast 3 sizes, wide hips. My boyfriend: high, with a fair hair, blue eyes, broad-shouldered, with strong hands. We met darling about 8 months, as it we had no sex, I was still "girl". We often "plaid pranks" with him at my place when mother was at work. Once we as always came to me home, came into the hall and sat stirred about the. I dug in phone of the guy and found the daddy with эротич there. video... I decided to look, he joined me too. This viewing terribly made horney me... I got to kiss darling, passionately, violently... he already too was horney outright. We kissed, he caressed me, rumpled my buttocks... I began to undress slowly me, and I am him. I undressed, I began to touch my nipples, to rumple a breast, then I ran a hand over my already wet pussy, I began to caress a clitoris gently... I slightly moaned, breath became speeded up... He lifted me and put on a sofa, itself laid down from above and began to kiss me on the lips, a neck, a breast, a tummy... feeling my desire, he went down below and kissed my pussy, I even jumped up, then he continued to caress my pussy the hot uvula... I was curved and groaned under him, all this brought him more. I was so made horney that it was ready to beg him to insert to me on the balls! Having finished with my pussy, darling began to kiss me on the lips. I undid meanwhile and took off his trousers, and then and pants. Having taken off from him pants, I saw a dick of rather impressive size why I wanted him even more. My darling gently carried out by the dick on my sexual sponges... I moaned... I already was all wet from desire... Seeing all this, darling dressed condom, put the unit to an entrance to my pussy and from all force pushed it in me. To me it became a little sore and I screamed, Pasha stopped for a while, having allowed me to get used to new feelings. And then I began to move... oh, my God, as it was pleasant when he entered-left, I try to set as it is possible more deeply... I groaned, shouted, stuck into his back hands, asked to do it quicker and stronger. After a while I felt that I will terminate soon... The pasha was close to the end too, he furiously fucked me. I couldn't restrain more and terminated, also darling right there terminated - I felt how his dick in condom pulses in me... then he took out a dick, removed condom, kissed me and lay down near me. Minutes two we lay not movably, then my hand stretched to his dick and began to stroke it slightly. I got from above and kissed Pashenka on the lips, then on a neck, a breast, a navel, went down below... even lower... and here I opposite to his almost bulked up dick. I took it in a mouth and began to suck it, one hand massing his balls. Judging by reaction, ооочень it was pleasant to him. Without allowing him to terminate, I told darling that I want him once again. He fast put on condom, and I climbed from above and sat down your pussy on his stake the standing dick. And again this pleasant feeling... I jump on is mute as the madwoman, I shout, I groan, he fucks me, putting on the dick is stronger and stronger... And here I cum again and tired I fall on him... Ours still wants continuation, his dick inflated even more... He turned me, having bended over, the dick greased with my allocations and slowly I began to insert it into my buttocks. At first to me it was sore, but then it is even pleasant. Having come entirely into my buttocks, Pasha began to fuck violently me and in about 3 minutes terminated. For that night we made love a lot more time, I am grateful to it that he became my first man! yummy dates date ideas detroit site mapMain Page