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I woke up from a terrible itch on a face. Having run a hand, I tore off a small white crust. It was the stiffened cum. Without hesitation I went to a bathtub. There properly I washed, I took a shower, I cleaned buttocks. At the same time I washed the things as it appeared, spots were not only on my white stockings. But also on a skirt with a blouse. While I washed things, to me yesterday was remembered... How I fucked with two in a toilet at once as then I was taken round the corner by that young guy... I was outright made horney! I decided to use the rubber friend. He became my first "man". Is also my constant lover. Very often at night when all fell asleep, I got the small suitcase with things, put on black lacy stockings, a skirt is shorter, and from above a transparent penyyuarchik with a brassiere. I didn't love panties and I don't love. I sat down opposite to a big mirror in the room and it began to be stuck on the "substitute of the man". I looked at all this in a mirror, I saw as he enters me under a skirt, and my chlenik jumps up in a step to me together with the lifting-up skirt, it was remarkable! And now he was necessary to me only for removal of tension. However it is simple to jump on him to me there was a little. Therefore I got the favourite fluffy black skirt which only covered to me hips, and black lacy gloves to elbows. Having slightly thought, I recorded it on a wall, plentifully greased to myself buttocks, got up on all fours and was stuck on it. The habitual feeling of fullness returned again, I felt how this rubber dick enters me, massing a prostate. I didn't keep and began on him to be stuck as soon as possible. And while the orgasm was not far off, I looked in a mirror. There the very young girl, image similar to an emochka was visible, it was stuck in a mad rhythm on a rubber dick. At this moment I was struck by an orgasm, and I understood where and in what image I will go. Having acted from a rubber dick I went to a bathtub, there again properly everywhere washed myself and went to put on. I decided to put on that fluffy black skirt, white transparent knee socks, on legs black shoes on a high heel, and from above a white blouse under which the lacy black bodice was put on. I decided to put 1 more set of clothes in a handbag: black lacy stockings, dark jean skirt and black-and-white t-shirt. By the way, I forgot to tell, I decided not to dress panties... For today I chose as my place of love joys the park, it is near my house. Now put more, in the park very few people go. But there is there 1 place where any anxious persons hang around. There I also went. My shoes clink on footpath asphalt in the park, the breeze blows skirt folds, baring hips, the chlenik freely dangles in silky numerous folds of a skirt, wind blows in buttocks... As it makes horney! Well, here and I came to this place: old toilet of Soviet period. Long ago nobody uses it to destination, it became the place for sex of everyones anxious and people of nonconventional orientation. In his wall are covered with drawings by scenes of sex of transsexuals, all offers on sexual services of similar are written to me people, the porn recognitions that someone loves very much anal sex is simple and to suck foreign dicks... But it will be a question not of it. Having come inside, I saw the man who is jerking off on the image of the entering dick in buttocks a transika. He so selflessly did it that didn't notice how I approached behind him. Having slightly thought I sharply embraced him behind and seized him the intense dick. He was frightened, but having felt that I podrachivat his dick, calmed down. His dick was very sinewy, firm... As I wanted to take him in the mouth! Without delaying I developed it to myself, kneeled and his dick took in a mouth. I caressed him a uvula, swallowed as it is possible more deeply, podrachivat at the basis... Ooh, as I like to suck dicks! Just I adore them! But here his dick bulked up and he began to puff, I understood that he will terminate soon therefore right there I took out it from the mouth. He looked at me with astonishment and beggarly. I knew what to offer him. I got up at a wall a back to him and bent a back so that from under a skirt there was my visible hole and a floor the got-up dick. He at all not confused with presence of the dick at me approached behind, began to caress my buttocks... I love it, but now I want that I was fucked therefore I wagged invitingly to him buttocks. He understood a hint and was accurately attached to a treasured hole, slightly pressed, and without having felt obstacles passed inside. I from the gushed feelings quietly moaned... He accepted it as encouragement and began to enter slowly me the fat dick. I made upward movement to him towards, forcing to enter me stronger, quicker, more deeply... Mm... As it is pleasant! I am driven into the corner, his hands touch my body, and the dick goes mad speed in me. But there was the third person, having heard groans, he entered a toilet, saw this man fucking me, got right there the unit and suited to mine to the person driven into the corner. I slightly suspended the guy behind, was stuck by a mouth on the second dick and began the movement on both dicks at once... I adore! In buttocks 1 dick walks, giving me incredible pleasure, and the second rams my mouth, reaching a throat. Here the fact that behind I didn't sustain and began to stream in me the pulsation of his dick in my anus was a last straw, and I terminated... I slipped from the dick behind, from a hole his cum exuded, the body was sodrogat still by orgasm waves, my chlenik released last straws of my liquid. The one that in front, decided to use a situation: the dick from my swelled up a little lips took out and began to jerk off sharply. I didn't manage to recover as he began to cum to me on a face... Even it was pleasant to me! Here the first approached in front with the not up to the end hung dick too and hit with him me on a face, for some reason it was pleasant, I put out a uvula, they beat me already together on him then the dick forced to lick everyone to him. As a result left me in a cum puddle under legs and all zavaflenny face. But I was happy! Having slightly had a rest, I began to make toilet. For a start I examined the things, on them cum traces were seen, but I took a spare set of clothes so it was not the problem. With a cum on a face it was even easier, I got wet towel wipes from a handbag and washed, having finally sent the last portion of a seed to myself to a mouth... Mm, I adore her taste! Now it is necessary to change clothes. We take off the soiled blouse from what my improvised boobies kolykhnutsya, then we pull together the favourite short skirt, knee socks. Now we get the second set of clothes and we dress it: accurately we pull stockings... their material caresses my clean-shaven legs, then we put on a skirt, from above a t-shirt. We put the make-up in order and we leave! However home I didn't want, I decided to sweep a circle by bus on the city, to vanish. Unfortunately, buses were all chock, but I didn't refuse the idea. Having somehow squeezed into the bus, I forced the way through to a back part of the bus, without having noticed as the short skirt was slightly lifted up, having bared edge of my stockings. However it was noticed by one man. He passed for me and got up behind me. But here occurred that neither I nor he expected. The bus stopped and still people entered it, thereby having pressed it to me all weight. Well he also used a situation... I began to touch my buttocks. I am a pochuvstvova, at first I wanted to escape, but then understood that I am made horney. My dick began to rise, lifting up a skirt. I right there in front raised a skirt, thereby having raised it everything, grabbed the chlenik and pressed him to a tummy, the second hand I slightly lowered trousers of this man and his dick pulled out. Having slightly jerked off I stuck out buttocks and put him to the hole. At a sharp push of the bus it entered me, and began to pump up me slowly! As this situation makes horney me... mm... In crowd to have sex at what it doesn't know that I трансик! My hand involuntarily rushed to my dick and began to nadrachivat it. This little man too outright was made horney by a situation as he quickly very much finished and just terminated to me in buttocks. I having not strongly lagged behind him I terminated with a low moan, having lowered everything on a bus wall. Without allowing neither itself nor him to come round I rushed to an exit and quickly left at the next stop. Fortunately, this guy for me didn't leave. Having turned for a corner, I examined myself. Well and I had a look! The skirt is lifted up so that the buttocks are visible, considerably my chlenik in front hangs down, stockings are bedaubed with the following cum from buttocks! Having put a finger there and having collected the remains, I sent them to a mouth. I think, and this day was successful! But it is necessary to go home, and that I stayed out late absolutely... Author's E-mail: trany.sveta@yandex.ru yummy affair dating reviews date calculator gematrinator site mapMain Page