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My angel waited for me in hotel. As always in the 111th number. It were special apartments which to me were once offered by the hotel administrator after the confidential conversation. Number at a special price for special clients. Soundproof glasses and walls. Finishing of walls in claret velor. Soft carpets and leather furniture. The cleanest paradise for ours with him couples. Passing along a familiar corridor, deep into, is closer to number hidden from eyes and ears, I hesitated more than ever. Today I had to present him a gift which he will remember well. "He will become happy" — this thought gave me confidence and I decided not to hesitate with conceived. I at a door. I take a card on the lock. Heart jumps out of a breast. Having opened a door, I find him sitting at the laptop. Turns around, looks at me, smiles and is silent. "As always in affairs" — I think, and aloud playfully I told: – Caused an angel? I close a door, I put a bag with a requisite on a floor and I take off sandals. Barefoot I go to him on the softest carpet. I like to look for him, he always as if longs for me him, I see as wants to remove from me my strict image. – I know about what you think, but not so quickly, it is necessary for me to the bathroom. – I missed, Li. He called me a full name of Lilith only when was angry. I knew that I will hear the name today more than once. "Don't give emotions" — it was necessary to go to change clothes. Having bitten him fast for a lip, I come back to a bag and I go to shower. "It is necessary to relax, take a bath". Warm water and fragrant foam don't calm me. I, delaying the moment, long I change clothes. On me, for irony, a suit of the Angel. Wings, lacy panties, a transparent light tunic and a rim with a nimbus. Beru in hand a lash, handcuffs, the main tool also I leave to him. – Well at last, Li! I was tired of waiting for you. He looks at a requisite at me in hands and his eyes, gleaming, chertyatam are filled. – You want to undress itself or what it would be made by me? – You … He sits on a bed. I kneel before him between his legs, I begin to undo slowly a shirt, I take off it. He was barefoot. – Get up please. Gets up and I see his knob in trousers. "No, Poured" — I struggle with desire to begin to caress his dick. I undo a belt, I put near a bed. I pulled together trousers. I look at him sitting on a lap, from below up and I admire his faultless body, strong hands, wonderful lines of my angel. "Time for gifts can not today? … Can wait" — I think. Looks at me with a smile, nods towards a knob: – And them? – A bit later — I said in low tones. – Lay down on a stomach and put the head on pillows. Obediently I laid down. I fasten his legs together with the leather handcuff. Too most I make with hands. The real handcuffs I arrest leather to a headboard and a bedfoot of a bed. "It is time to begin" — I find forces. I get up on a bed and I begin to warm up his back a leg. I take fingers of legs on a back massing it. Slowly, up-down and gradually he relaxes. I lower a little to him pants, baring his tremendous buttocks. Lash time has come. Leather brushes slightly I carry on all his body, it has goosebumps. "As he is beautiful" — I admire his muscles, carrying out by a look after a lash, remembering this moment. Hardly I pat it on his body. – More feasibly, Li. I was very bad. – I only began, more better take your time and don't anger me. – And that? Will you punish? He smiles the devil grin. "You don't represent as I will punish you" — I think. – To absolve your sins? Then confess to me in them. – I had very bad thoughts. Very dirty, trite and disgusting. I talked smut much. (I beat him slightly stronger with a lash a back). – I got to myself addictions. (I repeat blow on a hip). – I was awful, I made awful acts, angry, I am very bad. (I beat him even stronger a bum and I get a belt from under a bed). – Yes, you really were guilty my dear, and for it you will be comprehended by payment. – Will you beat me with Lily? I will resist. – On your place I would be silent in a rag for your offenses. You have to expiate the acts. I get up and I quilt him on a bottom his belt. – Aaaaaaau, a daaaaaa I am bad. Punish me. – You were a disgusting boy, dirty and trite. Nasty I thought, I will clean your mind. I hit with a belt on a back very strongly. – Ааааайййааай!!!! Already looks at me bewildered. His back with a strip from a belt as well as on a bum, me it becomes sore from it, but I have to finish business. I undertake the main tool of a penalty, a wooden plate for a beating. – Do you speak bad? Nasty? Angry? Today I will acquaint you with the real evil. From all force I hit it on a bottom with a plate. – Ааааааааай. Lilith, you what? It boils and tries to escape very much. I strike it once again also strongly. He howls and shouts: – Stop!!! – You are a pathetic, too choosy bastard, to me it is nasty from your moaning. You pose as the victim even without knowing what to be on her place. Stop feeling sorry for himself!!! You aren't a disabled person. Now you will see someone actually bad person and that it to be a martyr. I beat him from all force with a belt a back. And all his back already in grazes and smudges because of a wooden plate. My heart is broken off, I am ready to begin to cry from what I should go for the sake of my darling on. – It is opposite to me to sleep with you, a rag! I sleep only with kings, you are unworthy me. You well settled!!! I found in me the free prostitute without obligations. From this lie to me it becomes terribly sore in shower, for me it was the king. For me he was the best, but in one I was right. With him I felt used and to me was nasty from it. I hit him very strongly. Not to teach a good lesson, this blow was for my offense. He shouts and uses foul language on me. In one my hand a belt, in another a plate. Now I strike his back with a belt at once, and a bum a plate. – Aaaaa!!! Bitch!!! Lilith, you overstepped the bound. Stop that you create!!! – Shut up a rag and gather. I was got by your eternal moaning and complaints. Regain consciousness!!! You are an irresponsible bastard. Find forces to admit it. Take the responsibility. Stop to do of me the monster!!! I began to whip him a belt on all body what he would become angry and understood my words. I begin to sob from the fact that I should hurt the favourite Angel, I sob violently because I understand what will be then. I sob and I beat him. He coils in handcuffs, tries to escape, shouts at me a mat. – I will condemn you, Lilith!!! I don't stop, he shouts, but nobody hears us, his body already all in bruises. He is very strong, but I beat him skin to an awful state. He will have terrible bruises and hematomas. Doesn't resist any more. Immobilized, flat-out. I stopped. Sobbing, I untie him. Lies hardly breathing. I pay on a lap near the Angel and I kiss his wounds. I kiss last time the darling. – I don't want to know you any more — he whispered with the last bit of strength. Constraining shout from parting pain inside, with the last bit of strength I gather and I leave the 111th number forever. Since then we never saw each other, but I was quiet. He didn't need my "love" any more. My angel at last was happy. xpickup dating website dateline love lay dying lisa site mapMain Page