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There was this case absolutely not long ago and impressions still fresh. About enough young years I was fond of women is more senior than myself, but, than I became more senior, more to me began with that it is pleasant as absolutely elderly ladies, so and young girls. Now I am 24 years old, and this case happened in February 26, 2017, I went in the evening on a training — to pass four houses, and the main task not to slip — having accomplished such difficult task with credit I bypassed the last house when the elderly woman slowly went ahead, nearly falling and being supported for a tree which grew in 2 steps from a footpath. I bypassed her though the difference wasn't — ice everywhere without any thoughts — as the young person heard her ", help to reach!" — loudly enough. I turned the head already late — it seized a hand — and the reason so strange of a request is clear — from the old woman struck alcohol, but the grasp was strong — yes and I won't shake her as that is silly — the thought rushed... — to help far?" — and in the answer I received mutter — and the wave a hand — to go back to the previous house... enough smartly the old woman moves, leaning to me on a hand, and here began to wail... "— I live one... sons left for 500 rubles to live as on pension" — and everything is loud so... it is a shame nearby, and having accelerated a step, I nearly dragged the grandma Half of minute, this verbalization, and slanting views of passersby and we approached an entrance, having passed one, another, I already began to lose patience, under her stories o that as badly is... and here — at the 4th entrance the old woman grows quiet, and thanks — responding as it is good that men still remained, ready to help — words as balm on soul. I help to climb steps to an entrance, a she is unsteady from alcohol, and having waved a hand for training time, by a vigorous voice I offer: — grannies, a let me help to rise? will you fall still?" — — Give help whether it isn't enough that. Having come into an entrance leans to me on a hand as on a handrail, and bodrenko goes up — having begun with the first steps it is drunk to thank on all entrance... — Thanks... in total and the truth of the man is what wons... an at me life bad... hardly I live — "Grannies," — I Killed her "— you don't shout at an entrance, let me finish yes tell * — having already understood that she lives one, I helped her to rise — yes all only by the 3rd floor pyatietazhnogo at home Well everything, helped further?" — I already turned to leave, but heard her mutter — "come though I will give some tea, you will have a rest" — naturally I agreed... Having opened a door, there it appeared quite purely, it is cozy and tidied up — the regular 1.5 inch tubing of the old woman who lives quite poorly but is enough for alcohol probably... Having taken off a jacket and having put a sports bag, I passed on kitchen and the old woman slowly included a ring — put a teapot, an itself got into the refrigerator and got a bottle of vodka in which there was a third "I was tired beloveds" — with these words she got 2 glasses of grams on 150 and poured both, having almost finished a bottle "— you will be?" — an interrogative view of an of me itself I drank off the glass. "No, thanks, I don't drink... — pomotal the head I "Well for acquaintance, slightly "— insisted it... "Even slightly... yes and at you the last ended already, I won't deprive the woman of the last "— tried to translate everything for fun — "give I I run to shop a purchase tasty to tea?" — and without waiting for her answer I got up and I went to gather — "I quickly" — she think I didn't even manage to think... an I run rushed off with a bag on overweight in shop — in the head there was already a plan... having bought soka, and a vodka bottle, several pieces of cakes for a look and condoms I rushed off so back — already began to darken, but to time without having fallen, all way borrowed minutes 10. Having risen by the floor I called and I was opened by the old woman who is already dressed in a dressing gown and slippers — "I thought already left absolutely" — and having developed went to kitchen. Having pulled out a package from a bag and having thrown off fast a jacket I went afterwards. — "here... time for acquaintance that I treat" — with these words I put a vodka bottle on a table — from what she began to smile — a delivered itself juice and laid out cake "if I of course don't prevent you "— I looked at her, but the bottle of vodka seemed would move all that is necessary... "of course not, that isn't necessary to me anywhere" — she smiled and I sat down noted that the breast at her is excreted and not even through a dressing gown, and having rinsed glasses poured in one myself juice, an in another her vodka, and having clinked glasses with them asked — "A you how to call? time for acquaintance" — "To call belief — "Me Sasha — in the turn I drank a glass soka and smiled — well here and it is possible to tell got acquainted" Approximately in about 30 minutes we already were on YOU, I learned that she is 68 years old, long ago without husband and Vera constantly broke on stories as at her everything is bad one without sons, without husband, and in general poor she not schastnaya Podsev poblizhe, and doing a look that I will touch her stories I embraced, and so the words "poor" — pressed to myself in the answer she didn't become a still time will be discharged I told as is bad everything without husband my trite ambiguous jokes that — and without man badly in economy, and without men's economy — forced her to smile — and is visible that drunk — and she having trustfully attracted me by a hand — whispered that — "without everything is bad" — I poured to myself still... Seeing that Vera began to get drunk, I suggested to go in the room to look at the TV, yes what to sit on chairs — it is possible quietly on a sofa — and having received consent, I took couple of chairs — to put on them glasses carried to the room — while transferred glasses, I poured in one of under the crane water, and having transferred all the rest — Vera I already turned on the TV. Having taken seat nearby, I poured her glass of vodka, and having taken the — having made a look that vodka... I told "well, one glass it is possible for acquaintance" — and... of course I spilled a half of water to myself on trousers and the Vera jacket I took alarm at once, yes and I jumped up, and held her — having got up the old woman nearly fell — on so many strongly alcohol affected... I descended behind a towel in a bathtub, and having returned began to wipe to wipe water, but the trace remained obvious. Especially without risking anything — well will expel and I will expel only wanted to ask permissions to remove and hang up to dry as you heard "them remove, yes on the battery hang up in an hour will dry already" — and I having smiled I agreed — one move having got rid of them, having remained in pants... — having put trousers on the battery I took seat and took off a jacket at the same time — having remained in a t-shirt and pants yes socks. Vera calmed me — "nothing terrible will dry" but I only rejoiced... "Inconveniently so... it is possible I the light I will turn off?" — and having got up I clicked the switch from what we with Vera remained in the dark room lit only by the TV... "do you hesitate of an of what? that I men didn't see that whether in pants" — I smiled a pier "well... you saw that, I here hesitate of a, all the woman nearby" "Having taken seat nearby I kissed her on a cheek — "— this gesture already was in an hour of communication habitual business — "Yes and you saw... yes though, and not especially I hesitate... I so for decency, equally you see all" — it is crumpled I spoke and poured it still half a glass "Regretted that whether?" — she drank these half a glass and leaned back on a sofa. "Well, all you are a woman, suddenly you will get drunk" — sjekhidnichal I "Yes I already drank you see... in one I drink as the alcoholic" — it was felt that she will move down on a favourite subject poor again and unfortunate "Nothing not the alcoholic — I too for acquaintance drank (all right I didn't notice that water) and having inhaled I took seat near touching a shoulder "only to me and half a glass much... I will get drunk itself still suddenly" — I tried on playful to speak "Well in the good company why isn't present? — again she began to smile * A give... "— she poured to herself and me — "but Vera... to me it is a lot of... "— without listening to me she drank the... an I only touched with lips yes having made a look that drank, poured out for to edge of a sofa (well I don't drink whether it isn't enough), and was bent doing a look that scolded... — "ooh... well" "A saw that long ago?" — I "specified What?" — Vera left a glass and I exhaled — it is visible that already almost I reached standard "Well... men in pants that, itself I told — that the pier was seen" "by A... long ago..." Trying to be on one wave with it and having represented slightly drunk playfully I told "then consider today I saw" Filling still half a glass — and the vodka bottle already on a half became empty — I touched with lips a glass doing a look that I drink, and gave other of hands to her "Eh... absolutely already... I spoke I will get drunk" — I playfully kissed on a cheek having been late lips longer and embraced one hand for a back, having pushed another between a sofa and a back of a put on the breast which is sticking out through a dressing gown — she didn't turn any attention... or I didn't give value, or alcohol made the business... Having inhaled I in her style said sorry — "an I here too long ago already... even I didn't see a breast" — and with dried up from piquancy of action, resolutely I put a hand in an interval between buttons, under a dressing gown and I put a hand on the breast which is though already drooping but all pulled together with a brassiere — "Oh... "— I in a forced fright drew aside a hand, having hardly squeezed a breast — "forgive Vera... I drank... yes too long ago I didn't see... excuse" — So would find the little girl "— Vera it seems and it wasn't revolted and I argued quite normally — "the guy that normal visible" "— Yes Vera, it are pleasant to me postarshe... much more postarshe, just coevals and talkative... yes and not that "— under these words I almost without being thawed but and without hurrying, undid a button on a dressing gown how time at a breast what the hand could pass more freely — "is possible?" Vera it is drunk I started giggling what that to the thoughts, but my hand undid still a button povyshe on a dressing gown — "and in general... on honest... an I without trousers, a you in a dressing gown, me is inconvenient" — I tried as to justify in her eyes these actions yes copying on alcohol, but it not especially resisted, an allowed to undo a dressing gown under which there was a usual body, not podgy, an as happens at alcoholics who with a good experience — thin — pants usual white, and a brassiere such, holding as there was quite a breast on the 2nd size of which and to droop difficult the Dick at me stuck out in all already, delaying pants, and I understanding that a game quite risky but already on an intimate subject — so the words "— it is necessary to check jeans" got up — so that she couldn't but see costing a dick, reached jeans and having forcedly sighed — returned back "About an hour — an and two will dry... I won't prevent you?" Belief it seems these words pleased, and it having indicated a bottle — "a half more remained, of course you won't prevent, equally I wait for all nobody" — her look all equally walked on a dick which puffed up. A I without hurrying sits down I told — "you excuse... that here... "— the dick tried to correct on these words — and took seat — "... well... I drank... a you are a woman... —" Vera only I waved a hand and I smiled — having muttered — that a pier young still, it normally Having taken seat nearby I on master's embraced it one hand behind a back another put on the breast which is looking out of a brassiere — Vera wasn't minds, Having poured her next half a glass — I heard a pier again — that I feel sorry for all... "not Vera... I am not sorry... just too you will drink much "— I repeated "— a... drunk woman... ". "pizde not the hostess "— finished she and was filled in with laughter. In this time my hand slipped under a brassiere and groped a nipple, let and flabby but from a cool or still what already hardening "Well... it is possible and so "— I represented still the modest boy not to frighten off "Yes well throw... she waved away, washing pizda already old "— her language was braided a little and having embraced her it is more feasible privalilas to me on a shoulder — the hand already pulled out her breast and just rolled between nipple fingers "Nothing old... well a breast of wons what good "— (and the truth, for her 68 years the breast was very quite good, though not the riparian forest and not as at models, but — and not fat with veins, an of quite ordinary woman of average years) Vera it seemed it is flattered, but... the drunk woman, what to take from her, I pulled out the second breast and shifted a brassiere ponizhe "Well you absolutely will undress me now" — Vera were and playfully-pyana and is a little bit dissatisfied with impudence — "Well want I too that on honest?" — trying playful tone, I delayed pants without waiting for the answer and my dick released the beginnings puffs up up. Vera without having told anything only yet I poured... Yes where gets into her — the thought flashed, the old woman so that thin is enough... but she drank and having leaned back on a sofa looked at a dick — I took a her hand in the response to silence and put to myself on a dick —... didn't squeeze anything, just left on the dick a hand as as if it in norm of affairs Intimate thoughts with a fright burned me inside and I having licked the dried-up lips a was solved" show you too?" — "to a pizd that whether?" — Vera quickly thought "— you what never saw a female pizda?" — "I saw... but... coevals, it is interesting to me at adult," — "there is no difference believe" — she moved with a hand, baring a head of the dick to me "— as and in dicks, it is more less... long ago I didn't hold in hands by the way-" — "well... I know that there is no difference, but on honest will be... all is equal between us... yes and from me still a bottle... "—. I don't know that convinced her, but she leaning not on shoulders I got up and I told "all right look... "— — having pulled together pants for edges — to me the female pussy, with hair from a pubis and between legs, and clean opened, it is visible that the old woman clean Having cast away a leg in the party the rolling Vera pants stood about half of minute — "Well, saw enough?" — also I sat down nearby — she put a hand on a dick that it seemed to me the good sign — "Well... not absolutely, it isn't visible... yes and you quickly so "— I stroked up to a breast, and having pushed a hand under a back from the 3rd attempt uncoupled a brassiere... — "it is possible to look still?" "Drag, there is only nothing to do as on old to look" — Belief it seems amused it and in that time her voice exchanged, already not only drunk notes were in is mute. From a breast I put a hand to it on a leg and having pressed — she moved apart legs — having deviated absolutely on a sofa back — a my hand already slid off on a hairy pubis and having groped a hole, stroked a vagina... dry... Vera closed eyes and it seems I began to doze and I having licked two fingers I carried out by them between legs on dry having thrust into a chink... and on surprise they began to become wet quickly — her pussy was already damp inside... — "oh... wet"... — unexpectedly I told aloud Vera opened eyes and I looked at me laughing and I patted on the head "well though also old, a to be fucked desire It wasn't gone" I was as a green signal. "And at all you not old, and your pussy too "— was late I answered it... "— do you want I will prove?" — my fingers caressed it between legs — "I will kiss there?" and having got up on knees, having moved apart fingers volosiki I kissed it between legs, having licked slightly Vera without hiding the desire any more — "language that is, the pizd shouldn't kiss abilities much, an a dick to you on what?" Na an intimate subject it communicated only with a mat — and it brought me, the dick puffed up, and having moved sideways on a bed, I to a missionary pose I took seat and having put a dick to a hairy perineum, entered this dry old woman with the becoming wet hole — she inhaled and with each slap frictions of the dick sobbed, I supported her legs with greed fucking this elderly alcoholic, and held on I not especially long — even without taking out a dick, moaned feeling as a cum is splashed out is direct in her pussy" — not the best indicator of sex... shortly but it from overexcitation — I consoled myself". Having pulled out a dick and having carried out by a head on hair on her pussy, I squeezed out the remains of a cum and smeared on her hole — the old woman remained to lie, hard breathing-starayas to recover the breath... it became a shame to me, and having poured her glass of vodka — the last drops from a bottle, hardly at a bottom, I helped her to rise to sit down... unclear was she is happy or isn't present but didn't pass also minutes as the cum began to flow down from her vagina on a sofa as only excitement fell down, I told her that time is later, and it is time to go-skoree with shame told it soon, than the truth from need to go. but she already began to doze... probably alcohol and sex made the business and having gathered on soon, I put on and having closed a door went home, and was surprised still long — how many it can drink that, at the age I Came to it still, but if I interestingly describe then. I apologize for circuity — but I described a real case everything, a not the imaginations xoxo dating apps date jar ideas site mapMain Page