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somehow in the summer at the husband I was output and we decided to drink beer. The husband descended behind beer, we had a small fish and behind beer we conducted a conversation about sex. I already became tipsy and respectively at me was combed between legs. What I also reported to the husband about. I told him that I want to act and podjebnutsya with some guy in bushes. To feel the real whore. (it was still the beginning of my shalavsky career) the husband was only for. I put on as the real whore. I made up lips red, bright lipstick. A short skirt, a body shirt without brassiere, leggings and stiletto shoes. And was to me then years 27. The Round was super. As at the real skank. I undid two top pugovochka that it was slightly visible my breast. And we went to the street to find the place for the forthcoming actions. Near our house there was a kindergarten, and behind him like the square. Small forest belt all overgrown with bushes. And in bushes we found a shop. It was visible that there the youth gathered in the evenings. Or drunks thumped. The place ideal for a mouth was shorter. The husband chose to himself the place too from where it was convenient to it to watch the events. I told the husband that didn't occur that didn't interfere. Having explained that I want to feel the real skank. The husband answered that he understood everything. I wished me success in my undertakings and I kissed me. We went to the avenue of lunacharsky. I ahead wagging a bum, the husband meters in twenty behind. Allegedly we aren't familiar. Left to stalls and in the same place there were payphones. (it was the beginning 90 – x years) time was about midnight, but so – as there were white nights to the people was full. I looked round and having noticed the young guy of years 20 – and decided to pay his attention to myself. I approached him and I asked a coin to call on bodies. He of course gave. I pretended that I call and through some period I hung up. Out of the corner of the eye I watched the guy and understood that he took notice of me. Still podvilivy a bum I approached him again and returned a coin. The conversation was struck up. It told that they arrived with group to an excursion of Bashkiria. Also I suggested to drink a beer. I of course was FOR. He bought beer, and asked where we will go to drink. I answered that there is one secluded place where nobody will prevent us. (and slightly more quietly I added and not only to drink beer) At him eyes with happiness shone. Seeing mine прикид and that I agree to everything he understood that I won't break. I embraced me for a waist and we went to a treasured shop. While went I noticed that he mows with eyes in a slit of a body shirt, trying to consider my boobs. I told him that didn't hurry still ahead. He terribly was confused and began to tell something in the justification. I kissed him on a mouth fervent kiss and told that it isn't necessary to justify itself. And that everything is good. Having reached a shop we opened beer and stirred about any nonsense. Having drunk up on a bottle opened on one. He told what smart place. I agreed. He embraced me and began to kiss on the lips. And I put a hand on a breast. In turn I asked whether he wants me? The answer was positive. I put a hand to it on a groin too and his horney dick felt. I already all flowed. Having set aside beer aside I unzipped trousers and his dick got. The dick was magnificent. The juicy head and shone with desire. I kneeled before it and took a dick in a mouth. At first I sucked round his head and then I went to a suction. It covered eyes from delight and lowered to me in a mouth. The hot stream struck to me in a throat and I choked a little. There was many cum and I had to swallow of everything. Having swallowed I washed down with beer. Romka (so called the guy) was in the seventh heaven. He told that else ever at him nobody sucked a dick. I answered that I mean I will be the first someone to him sucked away. We drank beer again and talked. Only now he didn't hesitate. I felt my boobs, and I rummaged a hand under a skirt. I felt again as he gets up a dick. I asked to you leggings don't disturb? Can take off them? And again the answer was affirmative. I got up, and without lifting up a skirt pulled together leggings together with pants. He asked to lift up a skirt to look at my pizda. I answered that if he wants to see something, then has to do it and not ask on it permission. I explained that he is a man and has to order me and do that he wants and it is pleasant. At last everything I understood a romk. In mandative tone he told to show him a crack that between legs. I lifted up a skirt to a navel and my pizda opened to his look. I sat down on a shop, and a romka having spread my legs began to consider female charm. He moved apart shameless lips hands. I checked vagina depth a finger. I felt a finger a uterus. Then he ordered me to get up dog-fashion to stick me on a dick. That by me it was also executed. I as the obedient whore got up dog-fashion, otklyachit an ass, bent a back and was going to accept a dick in a pizda. And here his dick in my pizda. He wasn't too soft any more, seeing that his roughness brings me. And I was brought that my dream was executed. I BECAME the REAL WHORE. He fucked me minutes two then lowered in me. I language washed away his member from a cum. Again mudflows on a shop and a romk still the virgin suggested to call his friend as that and I never saw the woman naked. I answered him that you are silly. I told you that you can do everything that you want. If there is desire to show me naked to the friend that show. You want that I gave him – without questions. And you want you can and at once together have me. I don't mind such a mouth too. Only buy still beer and conduct the friend. Romka left for the companion and I remained to wait on a shop. Bushes left the husband and whether asked everything well? I answered that everything is wonderful. I left for the friend. Also will fuck your wife in all cracks now. and as he in me terminated the wife should wash away a pizda the cum didn't dry up yet. The husband sat down on krtochki and began language to wash away me. I asked the husband as it was pleasant to him? The husband answered that it is excited. To a steep slope than porn movie. Especially as in a leading role the beloved wife. I told that now will be even more abruptly. All leave and that will come soon. The husband went to bushes again and I sat down all the same. Beer asked outside. Having made toilet (I straightened out a skirt, I corrected a body shirt) I began to wait for guys. Through crap – that a period guys came and brought still beer. Romka presented the friend. He was called bones. He was 18 years old and in the fall he was going to go to army. Having opened on a beer small bottle we began to stir again. Having seen Romk that my leggings with pants hang on a shop understood that I under a skirt naked. To make sure of it I put a hand to me under a skirt and having touched a pizda I told that I am a good fellow. Also I began to tell the friend that I can be fucked. What he me already pulled two times. And that I suck a dick. So it is more best not to kiss on the lips. (and at that time the rare woman sucked a dick) then got and undid to me a body shirt, having told that let Kostya will look at female tits. Then I pulled down him absolutely and I put to leggings. I remained to sit in one skirt with naked boobs. Kostya began to caress them, to rumple, and then having begun to enjoy to delay my nipples. Roma told that Kostya didn't hesitate and would get the dick and would give me in a mouth. Also I added that I am an obedient nipple. It is told made. Kostya got up before me. I undid a fly and having pulled out a dick I directed to my lips. Having moved on lips the dick I thrust to me him into a mouth. And I began to suck. Having received the second portion of a cum I also swallowed it. Again drank beer and Kostya smoothed out my legs. Then seeing a romk that Kostya hesitates ordered me to take off a skirt and to show to Kostya the pizda. Also I added let Kostya well will consider women's пиздень. Again parted to me legs in the parties and now Kostya studied a female pizda. Boys got up dicks again and they wanted me at once together. I struck dog-fashion a whorish pose again and in me two dicks put at once. One in a mouth another behind in a mandeyka. To me it was very good. In the head the picture turned that I in bushes, naked and two fuck me. Having lowered in my holes guys sat down to have a rest. I told that I want to depart to pee. What rum I answered that isn't present. At us and we will look at Si as women do it. I departed on a grass, was developed pizdy to them, and having sat down started up a stream. Guys were delighted. Only now I had to wipe the panties. What I also made. I put a pizda in order and I told that I am ready. At boys stood in combat readiness again. Now both got up a reblast furnace and tried to thrust into a mouth two dicks at once. But at them nothing turned out. In a mouth the place was only for one. And I had to suck at one at the second. So their dicks alternated in my mouth. Kostya told that he wants to try to poyebat me standing in front. As it was made. I parted legs and Kostya drove a dick in a pizda. Roma got up on a bench legs and gave me in a mouth. Now they had fun with me so. Kostya terminated again and there is no rum. Then rum I laid me on a shop and I laid down from above. I threw my legs on shoulders and I began to fuck reaching a uterus. I utrobno raised a howl and too terminated under him. And again there was a delight. Probably boys the first time mouth skank. Again drank beer and had a rest. Romka asked whether I am married. I answered that I yes, am married also that the husband at work now. (they would know that the husband now in bushes also jerks off looking at that as fuck his wife) at them eyes would be rounded. Again question. Do you mean you change it? I answered that sometimes yes. That the husband is a husband and with another it is interesting to podyebnutsya too. Then a romka I summed up the result: you mean just the whore. I agreed with him. I asked: still you want to fuck or on houses? Kostya answered that of course we want. I the truth slightly got a bit tired, but time was called the skank it is necessary to go all the way. Again I spread legs, I sucked dicks. They without being too soft from a pizda any more pushed to me in a mouth and then in a pizda again. Still half of hour of hard sex and boys were blown off. The truth at me too a pizda was polished. We put on, said goodbye and dispersed. I waited for the husband and we went with him home. Houses the husband undressed me, examined a pizda and summed up the result that a pizda at me all red. I licked her properly and we went to bed. Time was already five mornings. xoxo dating app website date ideas queens site mapMain Page