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I woke up closer by a lunch. Slightly the head ached a bit, it was drunk decently yesterday and it is added too. And in general I felt a little comfortably. Still some time simply I rolled in a bed. I lay, and the head events of last night climbed. Memoirs made horney, below even became a little damp... I drove these memoirs from the head, but they persistently returned... In soul I cursed myself the last words, of course, if I was sober, it wouldn't occur. And in too time, memoirs forced heart is speeded up to fight. And if it was possible to return back, I didn't even know, kind of I arrived — would return to number to the husband or would go with José... Only that concerned me at present whether the husband knows that I wasn't almost all night long. While I lay, the husband several times came into the bedroom, but I pretended that I sleep. I was afraid of possible scandal. It was necessary to get up after all. To my happiness, it was. The husband apologized for yesterday's, he told that he drank too much and any nonsense got into the head. After a lunch everything went according to the usual schedule. The husband was going to dive with an aqualung, during our stay on the island he didn't miss one day, and again persuaded me to float with him. I also not really opposed, I was as in fog. And memoirs still didn't leave me. So walk on the boat wouldn't prevent me. Having come to the mooring, I was seized by horror — on the mooring there was José (in bar to me his face was shown by a little familiar). He smiled and even did me some signs. As if paralyzed me, at me intercepted breath, legs didn't obey, it was necessary to undertake hand-rail, my body instantly became covered then. — Flax, are you ok? The voice of the husband reached from where that was published. — The head began to spin. Now will pass. — Maybe you won't go? — No. In the fresh air it will be easier for me. I was afraid to remain. But Sergey made other decision, he didn't even react to my weak protests. He looked around and beckoned José (he was closest). And when that approached, began him to explain the request. At the husband with Spanish it was more best, than at me, but, nevertheless, José understood not at once that want from him. And when he was reached by sense of a request, José joyfully began to nod the head, at the same time saying: — Си, señor, си... си... The husband turned to me and told, having nodded on José: — Lena, now to you will see to number... — It isn't necessary, Serezh, I will reach... — Don't argue. It will be so more best. I had no forces to argue. And we went with José — I went uncertain gait, and he held me under an elbow. My heart without restraint beat in boobies. I tried to get it together as far as it was possible. Thoughts were confused in the head. Near hotel I gestures showed that it can go, I am farther I will be able to reach. But it either didn't understand me or didn't want to understand. We rose by the floor, it opened number door a key. We entered, the door slammed and too a moment he embraced me. I felt his breath by neck skin. On a body the pleasant shiver ran. He began me, something to whisper in in a whisper ear. And though I didn't understand his words, his whisper affected me excitingly. Heart just jumped out of a breast, in me the heat blazed. His hand slipped down clothes, whisked in shorts. I already hung on by the skin of teeth and when the hand touched him a pubis and moved below... I all became soft and hung on his hands. He instantly picked up me on hands and incurred... I put on a bed in the bedroom and I began to pull together from me shorts together with panties. Then quickly I threw off from myself clothes, instantly I was near, I spread my legs and... The dick easily entered against the stop completely, so there was wet. When he entered at all length, I screamed. And he began to hollow me at fast speed. I fidgeted under his powerful blows and screamed. At some point, I clasped him with legs, pressing to myself as it is possible stronger. Quickly enough there came the orgasm. Shrieks turned into monotonous howl. I bit a hand, being afraid that I can be heard. He began to increase the rates of movements. His movements were razmashist, the dick almost completely left me, then promptly entered against the stop. There came the second orgasm and almost at once behind it, José the dick took out from me and I began to cum on me. José was tumbled down near me and we so lay some time. I got up, showed José on fingers that to him a time to leave and went to the bathroom. There I found out that my undershirt is below filled in with a cum. It is necessary to throw out her, and she was pleasant to me. I took a shower, I washed away the cum remains from a pubis and a stomach. I threw with a dressing gown and I left to the living room. What my surprise was, having seen José there! He was also not going to leave, having settled on a sofa and watched TV. I approached, bent to him, and stuck on his mouth passionate we will kiss. As I still could thank him for mind-blowing sex! I just wanted to thank him and to show the door, but everything turned out in a different way. As soon as our lips met, I felt his hands on the body. On a body the easy shiver ran. He gently caressed my body, his hands slowly moved under a dressing gown. It began to bring me slightly. To me began not to gasp and I was discharged of his lips. He made the movement hands and the dressing gown slid off shoulders and fell to a floor. One his hand rumpled my breast, slightly squeezing a nipple, another walked on a back, on buttocks, moved on on a hip to a pubis. I stood near him blindly and deeply breathed through the open mouth. He moved forward and I felt his lips kissing my breast. The hand from a pubis got between my legs and his fingers touched a clitoris. and in a touch second I began to flow. I already forgot that soon already Sergey has to return, I wanted, I just was eager to feel in myself a dick of this guy again. And he where didn't hurry and brought me more and stronger. I already all shivered from the excitement which captured me. He tumbled down me on a sofa, raised my buttocks and promptly entered me. His movements were very powerful, I had even to rest hands. But soon he took out from me a dick and put him to my buttocks. Several movements his dick entered her and he began to fuck me slowly. Gradually speed began to increase, I buried in a pillow whatever it was heard mine howling. He terminated in me. I just slid off his dick and fell to a sofa. The second day in a row this fellow gave me such pleasure, bringing me several times to an orgasm. He looked for hours, began to gather hasty and, having slapped me on buttocks, right there jumped out for a door. And only here I returned to reality. (especially for eromo.ru — seksiteylz.py) Oh, shit, the husband has to return now. I on wadded legs rushed to bring order. On legs the cum began to flow. Having inspected everything around and having noticed nothing unusual, I went to a shower. From a shower I went to the bedroom. Everything was it seems as it should be. I was as if a squeezed orange, forces weren't at all. I lay down on a bed and I began to wait for Sergey's return. Fatigue began to lean on me and I dozed off. In the sleep, I heard how the husband came. In the evening I was full of strength also energy and dragged the husband in a disco. I flew as on wings, without feeling fatigue. And then there was a stormy night... Next day the husband didn't begin me to suggest to go with him. What I was inexpressibly glad to. I was sure that José will come. On what was it is based my belief? Yes there is nothing! I just wanted that he came. Also I convinced myself of it. Since the morning day hung very heavy. Breakfast, then beach. It was some torture, it seemed to me that time stopped. I constantly looked at the watch... Besides, doubts appeared, in the beginning they were absolutely tiny. Then they became more and more. I couldn't find any peace. Hardly I waited for a lunch. After it the husband began to be going to the sea. It seemed to me that he specially does everything slowly. I was on thorns. At last he gathered, and having kissed me, left. I paced about the room and asked that José guessed that I wait for him. I for some reason so strongly was nervous. And to recover a little, I went under a shower. Water and the truth calmed me, threw with a dressing gown a naked body. But as soon as I left to the living room, disorders captured me again. Heart is speeded up fought in boobies. Time went, and it wasn't. I paced about the room up and down, I could occupy myself with nothing. A little to calm down drank couple of glasses of wine. Doubts overcame me more and more. And when I already decided that he won't come, at a door of number knocked. Went hot me. I opened a door, there was he. He looked round on the parties and crossed number threshold. As I was glad that he, at last, came! I threw oneself on the neck to him and nestled on him. To me rested against a stomach, something firm. I lowered a hand, at it already stood... I fell down, began to undo his shorts. He stood and waited. I took a dickhead in a mouth and began to suck it. I so wanted him that I began to do blowjob directly at a door. Having allowed me to suck a little the dick, José raised me, pulled a dressing gown belt, the dressing gown right there fell to a floor and having picked up me on hands, incurred to the bedroom. Already lying on a bed, I widely parted the legs, kind of inviting him. I didn't want to rub time, I wanted to receive as much as possible today — tomorrow we left. And it was our last meeting. He without hurrying I pulled together from myself shorts. I sat down on a bed near me, I bent and I kissed my breast. His hand laid down to me between legs and he began to caress me. I was already strongly horney and as soon as his finger touched a clitoris was curved. He demented me. I already was on the verge of an orgasm, and it wasn't in me yet. At last, he in me. He sharply completely entered me and began to hollow me intensively. I didn't need a lot of time, almost at once I was covered by an orgasm. my body shuddered under his powerful blows, it almost completely left me and sharply the dick drove in me again. Through some time I had a new orgasm. I was in some prostration, Only that I felt at this moment, pushes in my body. And suddenly everything stopped... and almost during too moment, something fell on my face. Then more and more... I raised a hand and began to abate from a face. And only here I began to understand that José cums to me on the person. I opened a mouth... The cum got everywhere — on hair, into the closed eyes, into a nose, into an open mouth, on a chin... He literally filled in my face. I felt how it flowed on cheeks, on a chin. I pounded it hands, without leaking it down. When the cum ceased to be thrown up, his dick appeared at me in a mouth. I is diligent as could in subconscious state, I began to lick it from a cum and my allocations. I felt as the cum began to dry up on a face, pulling together skin. It was a little not pleasant feeling. The dick in a mouth began to get stronger. José turned me on a stomach, then put on the Koryak. Also it began to be attached to my buttocks. I pressed and the dickhead partially entered. At me even intercepted breath, I moved forward, trying to leave the dick. He tried to enter me almost on dry, on the dick except my saliva, lubricant wasn't. He took out a head and the dick inserted into the pussy. I made several movement and again I put it to buttocks. Now he was in my allocations and entered buttocks quite easily. He fucked me quickly enough and roughly. I buried a face in a pillow. With each his push, the dick entered easier and easier. Already it gave me a great pleasure though at the beginning and it was a little not comfortable. I even began to move a bottom towards to the dick. I began to fail somewhere... The last that I remember, there was the most powerful orgasm, then a failure and the complete darkness... g39pf@aport.ru xoxo dating app download what date did hurricane katrina hit land site mapMain Page