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Before getting married we long time met my wife. The first half a year of our acquaintance our relationship were very warm but the moment when we ceased to get on with each other came. Quarrels began, silly trials someone is guilty, and I decided to leave her. Unlike me at Lenka quickly there passed the love. While I looked for the girl, she managed to oversleep with my friend, with the fellow worker and with some man. And I couldn't forget about her and went in suppressed mood. At last I got acquainted with one woman, in several days she gave me, and I began to live happy sex life. In spite of the fact that my new friend allowed me in a bed everything, I constantly thought of Lena. Often, when fucked I represented her body. Lenka went to the country with the girlfriend Oksana. Oksana was a girl readily available. In the city she peretrakhatsya with all familiar men. In the village on the contrary I behaved "tselochka". She had a cable there — the man of thirty years divorced. He suggested to acquaint a lenka with the friend. And here they gathered at Oksana of the house: Oksana, her friend and Lena. Later Volodya approached. After a long feast of couple retired. Lenkina the girlfriend with the friend went to fuck in a bath. Leka and Volodya settled down in the house. Volodya without any preludes filled up Lena on a bed, pulled together pants and began to fuck. In about ten minutes he terminated, got up and lit. Such sex didn't suit Lenka at all and, being always a straight line, she stated him the not allowances. Volodya told that right now he will finish smoking and will continue, then he offered: — Do want I you I will connect? Likely pairing was interesting to diversify it. It gave itself to connect, Volodya put it on a stomach, then took trousers and pulled out from them a belt. Lenka scaredly asked: — What did you conceive? — I will teach you the bitch now — he answered. — you will know the whore as on men to be dragged. Then he began to strap Lenkina a bum. The execution proceeded several minutes. Lenka loudly squealed, but nobody heard her. On a bum there were traces from a buckle, blood scattered and he stopped, then the dick entered into her, practically at once I terminated and sat down to smoke again. Lenka ceased to shout but only she sobbed. Having smoked Volodya began to fuck her again, but this time at him it didn't turn out to squeeze out cums at all. Then he untied Lena, it ran away into other room at once and was closed on a hook. Having departed from excitement Volodya probably understood that he can fly for rape, began to knock at the door and will apologize. Lenka in militia didn't begin to say, packed things and went to the city. In the city she began to fuck with my friend again. When she flew from him, received in reply that it is her problems. I gave her money for abortion. We began to meet again and approximately in a year got married. That we had from each other no secrets I told about all the women whom I fucked and I asked her to tell about the men too. The story, to my astonishment turned out very long and when she told me about Volodya, I answered her that a little he strapped her. Now we live together. Sometimes I have a bit on the side, sometimes she climbs under men. Of course we swear, we are jealous, but didn't disperse yet. Adultery can and there is a test of fortress of marriage? xmlgregoriancalendar date format java new york day date ideas site mapMain Page