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This story will go about my wife, but then I didn't know about it yet how all can turn actually. I met her in shop, she was with the little daughter, dragged huge packages of products. In more than two years, she changed, even became even more best. The breast became slightly more, a little bit grew plump, but it after the delivery. Of course, I knew it earlier, she studied at one school with me, but at different classes, and we weren't even familiar. On final there was unclear and not pleasant history after which through certain time, she gave birth to the child. After that case, she became reserved with anybody she didn't communicate, began to hate men. So several years flew by, she gave all herself to the child, and still managed to enter the institute, the truth studied on correspondence, and mother helped her with everything. I approached her and I suggested to help to carry packages. — The girl, give you I will help, and if you like, I can take to the house. She looked at me, there was a small pause, then she smiled. — I remembered where I saw you!!!! Do you live in the neighboring yard, I'm right? — Yes!!! — Then I don't mind. She gave me packages and I with her went to the street, to the car. I opened a luggage carrier, I put packages, then I opened a door, and I helped her to sit down. She sat down on a back seat, and we went. — Forgive! You As are called? — Vladimir, it is possible just Vovka. — And me Inga. — I know, we studied at one school. — However, and I don't remember you!! — Anything terrible. While spoke, reached quickly directly to her entrance. I left, opened a door, the girl asked to me on hands, I took her, one hand opened a luggage carrier, and got packages. Inga ran up, and took packages from me. At once looked at three pairs of curious eyes on a shop on us. Then examined me from legs to the head, and then decided to satisfy the curiosity: — The young man, is probably your daughter? — Yes, and how you guessed? — She is similar to you!!! — I too so think!!! We came into an entrance, Inga asked me: — Vovka, why you told lies? — I didn't tell lies, she can be my daughter, I mean later? — Vovka, are you serious? I don't know what to answer frankly speaking!!!! You just shocked me! — You can not answer, I can wait!!! Rose by her floor, she opened a door and we entered the apartment. In kitchen water noise was heard, and then there was a woman. — Oh! You frightened me!!! Inga and someone this young man, you don't want to acquaint us? — Hello, my name is Vladimir, and you the charming lady? — And me Larisa Anatolyevna, young man. — Very pleasant. You pass on kitchen, we will drink tea, and we will communicate. I stayed at them about an hour, she considered me in all foreshortenings, she all shone, it was visible to her my pleasant visit. — Mother, you will put Ira to bed, and we with Vladimir will go we will walk. — Of course go, walk how many will get, I will make everything as it is necessary, can not worry!!! We went to the street, the entrance had all as before. Inga I embraced me, and I her in the face of neighbors. Then we got into the car and went to me. She offered it and I willingly agreed. At my entrance was most too. Didn't manage to go out of the car as one neighbor asked: — Volodya, tell me and someone this girl, your bride? — Da Maria Petrovna!! — What beautiful, you protects her, won't find more better!!! — Of course, and as differently!!! After that Inga began to laugh, probably for the first time after long time. Came to me into the apartment, sisters of the house wasn't, it worked. — Inga, feel at home, can what you want? — At you can accidentally eat champagne? — Accidentally is, now I will bring. I went to the sister to the room, at her always is in a grist. I found quickly and I brought on kitchen. Filled glasses, then drank for acquaintance, and for love at first sight. Of course, it looks a little comical, but what in life doesn't happen. Inga looked at me, and I at her, the first nobody decided on a kiss. It was necessary to begin to me, the truth I was afraid of her reaction a little, but fears were vain. I embraced her for a waist, then I kissed, then still, she began to reciprocate. Our lips merged in a long and passionate kiss. She embraces me for a neck, I press her to myself. Then I take on hands, and I carry to the room. We lay down on a bed, it allows to undress itself, I do it slowly and accurately. I took off a brassiere, I touched a breast with lips, Inga shuddered, hard began to breathe. I took her pink nipple in a mouth, I began to suck it. As it was pleasant to do it, boobies were divine. I fall below, I kiss a flat stomach, and I approach a pubis. He was with hairs, but all are lower it was smooth. Lips were damp, small were long and great acted from under big, reminding petals. I smoothed them with language, I began to lick, collecting the accumulated moisture. Then I groped a clitoris, and I began to lick it. — Aaa., .aaaa … aaaa!!!! As well lovely, still so make to me!!! The pleasant aroma of her vulvar lips, stupefied me, I wanted to lick and lick her, the truth language was already tired. Inga coiling, loudly I began to groan, she nails scratches my back, then receives an orgasm. Her body all shivers, she strongly shouts, pulling a basin. When recovered quickly I rose, I suggested me to lay down on a back, and I began to take off with me clothes. I undressed completely, and I accommodated between my legs. The dick took in a hand, began to pull skin, then licked a head, and later took in a mouth, and began to suck passionately, squeezing hands my blown-up balls. Her lips pleasantly squeezed my dick, and drove me mad. The dick shot randomly, I didn't expect, probably it from overexcitation. Inga quietly swallowed, than surprised me. I absorbed all to a drop, and I moistened with language the lips, collecting the cum remains. — What will you tell darling as I to you? — You the miracle my girl is simple!!! I want you strongly!!! The dick stood, and she without thoughts sat down on him, and a start of motion a basin. She beautifully moved, her breasts began to jump up. The feeling was excellent, my hands touched a breast, and gently pinched from time to time nipples. I couldn't see enough of her, she me just struck … on the spot. Three hours ago, I also couldn't think that it can happen. Vagina muscles pleasantly squeezed my penis, and an orgasm me covered very quickly. She accelerated a rhythm, and began to squeeze a penis strongly. I don't know how she did it, but my dick began to release cum streams, directly in its hot a vagina. — Aaa!!! Aaaaa!!!! As to me well lovely!!! I love you!!!! I pressed her to myself, at her and at me heart strongly fought. Both of us were mad, kissed each other, bit. It was fine!!! Long lay, couldn't recover the breath, then got up and went to the bathroom, there about half an hour lay. Then put on, and I took it home, it didn't decide to remain, and I didn't insist. For the first meeting and so it was very good. Having come home I went to bed and quickly fell asleep, thinking only of it!!!! It is sent: Voldemar xmlgregoriancalendar date format in java great first date ideas houston site mapMain Page