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- Please Madam, it isn't necessary, I ask you. - Already 50 blows, you understood me? - Da Gospoja, I in depression answered. - I don't hear. - YES Madam!!! - So that is more best. You take from a bucket on one birch and again you take the places about me. Whistle, the first blow falls by the bottom burned with a nettle. - Raaaaz: hardly constraining shout I begin to consider. Again whistle and already on the other hand a birch falls by me. - Dvaaaa. Blows one behind one fall by me, inflicting intolerable suffering. After 20 you change birches for new and punishment continues. Tears flow on cheeks, you still increased the speed of penetration of a dildo, now it quickly and ruthlessly rapes me. And already 40 blows behind, you change birches for new again. - ААААААА. forty one.... be not able to constrain shouts any more. Again and again birches fall by my back inflicting incredible suffering. - АААААА: forty nine: fifty: Blows stop, a bench wet from my tears, I hardly take breath. You switch off the car and the body stops in a hole. - Vadim, untie him and conduct on a lawn, we will bring to the whore. He pulls out from me an artificial dick, unties, but forces to rise from a bench at me isn't present. For hair he pulls together me and conducts on a lawn where forces to the knees. The ice water jet falls upon me, it you having taken a watering gun thus you bring to me. From such cold shower in the head clears up, pain becomes less. It is a little more and you stop watering me. - Follow me, you order. You return to a verandah, you sit down in a sun bed, you shower legs on armrests. - On knees, caress me!!! Quickly I kneel and I creep up to you. For hair you press my mouth into a perineum, you are strongly horney, sponges wet from your juice. I lick them, I get between them language, I caress a clitoris, I suck it and again language passes on sponges. You begin to groan, I clasp a clitoris again and I suck it, language I get as it is possible more deeply in you. Groans already break on shout, you strongly squeeze my head legs and you calm down. - I too so want, Natasha whimsically speaks. I quickly creep to her, and now my mouth is occupied with adulating of her desires. I lick and I caress her, I suck a clitoris, sponges, I get between them language until also she with shout cums. You weakened, having stretched legs you lie in sun beds. I am kneeling to you. - Vadik, tie him on a table, the person up. I want to mock at the bitch, you say having departed from an orgasm. He roughly for hair lifts me from knees and conducts to the table standing right there on a verandah. Puts a back on him, ties legs to two legs, ties hands, gets for the head and too fixes. You take a paddle and you approach me, you carry out by it on legs, a stomach, nipples. You raise and beat a nipple, from surprise I scream, then on the second. Nipples are burned by pain, still blow and still on one on the second. You stop, you take clips and you cling them on nipples, after a paddle they are pierced by an acute pain, clench teeth not to cry. You take a piece of a rope and you tie with one end balls, the second, previously strongly having pulled you fix to a table, now each movement will bring severe pain. Again you take a paddle and sharply you beat an internal part of a hip, more and more. You bypass me and now gets to the second leg, every time I scream from pain, but it only brings you stronger. You remove one clip from a nipple and you strike several strong blows to him, after that you cling a clip into place, you make the same with the second nipple. From pain tears come into eyes. You put on a glove and you take several branches of a nettle, you slap on inside of hips, in nipples, a stomach and again in legs. You take fresh branches and sharply you beat the dick again and again. In a groin bakes more and stronger, with each blow pain amplifies, you don't stop, you continue to whip a nettle on a perineum. After that, you take several small branches in a hand and together with a nettle you clasp my dick, slowly you begin to masturbate me. The dick bakes extremely, but despite it he begins to get up, and it and is necessary to you, you begin to move quicker a hand with a nettle, in the second hand at you a glass. The dick strains stronger, begins to be reduced, you substitute a glass and I plentifully cum in him. You happy approach with him my person, you pull for a clip. - Open a mouth!!! Pain pierces a nipple and I widely open a mouth, you quickly pour out glass contents in him. The cum slowly flows down from language directly in a throat, it warm and viscous, I feel her taste. You stroke-oar me on a cheek. - The good bitch, you say smiling. Vadim, go untie her, and that will already arrive your acquaintance soon, it is necessary to prepare the whore still. Vadim exempts me from ropes and clips, lifts from a table. - Go to a shower, make toilet. Quickly I take a shower and I return to a verandah. On a table the set of a women's clothing, linen, footwear, wigs is spread already out. Natasha again in an easy dressing gown, you in парео. - Approach here, now we will make of you the beautiful girl, smiling you speak. I approach closer a table. Having consulted, you choose a black-red corset with an open breast and elastic bands for stockings, stockings in a network, shoes on a heel and a blonde wig. Having dressed a corset, you hardly tighten a lacing on a back, then you put on stockings and you cling them to a corset. Natasha gets cosmetics. - Sit down on a chair. I sit down, Natasha begins to conjure with my person, applies blush, ink, shadows, lipstick. Having finished with a make-up, dresses on me a wig. - Put on shoes and get up! I rise from a chair, you together critically consider me in all its aspects. - I think it turned out very well, you say, something only is missing. You take from a table a collar and cuffs on hands and legs and you dress on me. - Now the fact that it is necessary. - Dress a long peignoir and go to the house, we will call you, Natasha orders. I come into the house, the huge mirror hangs on a case, I approach him: I stare in disbelief, rather nice blonde is reflected there, the truth is dressed she and made up to podstat the road whore. I hear as the car stops by in the yard, you about something talk, you laugh. Vadim comes into the house. - Well the beauty, follow me. I follow him on a verandah, you sit at a table and cheerfully you communicate, with you one more man, a strong constitution sits. Having seen me, you become silent, the new acquaintance attentively considers me. - This is also your whore, good, he says, approach me, and take off this dressing gown. I approach I remove a peignoir closer. He runs a hand over a hip. On my body there passes the small shiver. - Turn!!! I turn to him the back, he feels buttocks, moves apart them. - I look you already here well with her have fun. - Yes, is a little, you cheerfully answer. - Place legs and bend, he orders. I execute his order, it moves apart buttocks and presses a finger on an anus, the finger gets into me, moves him inside and pulls out. - A good hole, he says, and how with obedience? - Here in this regard not really, it is necessary to bring up constantly. - If it is necessary, means it is necessary. And what plan at us in her relation? - I want that you with Vadim used her, and we with Natasha will look at it. - Unless such girls can refuse, with a smile he answers. I think it is worth showing to this bitch what will be if she though in something will dare to disobey. - As you will tell, she already yours with Vadim, you say. - Well, then put it a back on a table, part legs and throw for the head and so take. I stack me on a table, Natasha you the second you get one leg for the head and you press to a table. It takes a belt, becomes sideways from me, raises and the first blow burns a bottom, following him, more and more. Bypasses a table and flogging continues, from each blow I shudder, you press legs stronger, from a bottom he passes to hips and back. Beats strongly and sharply, several blows get on an anus, shout escapes from me. At last he stops. - Well I think for a start will drop down, well the girl, we will continue in the house? - Surely. xmlgregoriancalendar date difference date today spanish site mapMain Page