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Several days the stepfather didn't touch her. He was kind and friendly as as if nothing occurred. As if all and has to be. And here Ksenia didn't know where to put herself. Next day at night her hand laid down between her legs and the girl cumed over and over again remembering last events. It was still awfully a shame to her with what she tests, but it was too difficult to refuse to itself pleasure. One night Oleg by quiet and a little fervent voice proveshchat Ksyushe - Will have a good time tonight At Ksyusha unpleasantly drained in in the pit of the stomach She for a long time itself wanted it, but everything, was afraid to admit. To her it became terrible that Oleg can understand her feelings. - At first in a shower, - Oleg ordered and, having taken the girl by hand dragged her to the bathroom. Ksyusha obediently followed for him. The bathroom in their apartment was quite big, there 2 persons quietly found room, without constraining each other. - Undress, the stepfather ordered Quite slowly, but everything, Ksyusha began to undress. Having undressed, she got up before the bathroom, shaking with fear and excitement. - You what shiver, here it seems to me, so hot. Хм, полезай. Now we will include warm water, and you will right there be warmed. Ksenia got into water, after her Oleg got into the bathroom. He got up behind her and, having taken a shower in hand, began to soap her back. Ksyusha continued to shiver. The stepfather decided not to pay attention to it and to continue to wash the little stepdaughter. And it was, of course, a game. He ran a hand over shoulders. Then down back. I caressed her roundish buttocks. He undertook both buttocks and rumpled them in the hands. One finger he climbed a little further and carried out by him on her sponges. Ksyusha already was wet therefore Oleg didn't note her excitement. Having soaped hands, the stepfather pressed the girl to himself and began to caress her breast. He rumpled it, passed nipples through the fingers, and then with a force squeezed in the hands. Continuing to crawl hands on a young body Oleg began to kiss Ksyusha on a neck. He bit her, left hickeys. The girl was thrilled under skilled hands. She hardly constrained herself to moaning. The stepfather almost in accuracy carried out one of her sexual fantasies. The man the left hand began to undertake her nipples and to delay them a little. Right he lowered down, began to pull curly-headed hairs on a pubis. Then I began to lower slowly her lower and lower until at last I reached sexual sponges of Ksyusha. His finger slipped further and began to caress a very narrow shchelochka between these wonderful sponges. At first it just tickled it, played with her hot pussy, and then thrust one finger inside. It was too, at Ksyusha breath got off for a long time, but she constrained herself not to groan. While Oleg thrust the finger into her pussy, sounds of groans began to break from her lips. She didn't understand what occurs and where she to be. The stepfather, of course, noticed all this. He only grinned and began to fuck diligently her the fingers. Soon he replaced a position. The right hand Oleg behind fucked it in the pussy, and left in front caressed a clitoris. Didn't pass also two minutes as the girl began to cum. The orgasm was so strong that she even fainted. When she regained consciousness, already lay in a bed, near her the stepfather lay. - Well it is ready to continuation - Yes Quietly Ksenia answered, understanding that she doesn't have sense any more to pretend to be - Caress me Ksyusha sat down near the adoptive father and his dick began to jerk off. She liked to watch how the lace curtain bares, closes a head of his dick. This show bewitched her and forced heart to fight more often. She suddenly very much wanted to take him in a mouth, but it was still a shame to show an initiative - Suck at me This time Ksyusha didn't need to be forced. She dropped lips to the dick of the stepfather and began to kiss him. The girl I did it carefully, gently touching with lips a horney penis. She began with a head and gradually went down below and below. Then I began to lick balls and again I returned to a head. Directing the dick the hand Ksenia began to immerse slowly the stepfather's dick to herself in a mouth, specially stretching feelings fully to experience them. She was extremely gentle and sensual. The stepfather languished from caress. The first sex was for it only satisfying of animal passion. His ultimate goal was in it, in quiet measured sex. Just at first the daughter it was necessary to break morally then fully to enjoy her body. - Quicker Oleg felt approach of an orgasm. Ksenia did movements-headed quicker and quicker, having densely clasped a dickhead with lips. Soon her lover began to cum. There was many cum. She quickly filled a mouth of the girl and that swallowed it, remembering manuals of the stepfather. - Now my turn, lay down on a back. Ksyusha laid down and spread legs, expecting that the stepfather will fuck her now. She didn't understand yet that the man can't be restored so quickly. But Oleg had other sirs meanwhile. He settled between obediently the moved apart legs and began to caress the girl the language. Oleg began with easy polizyvaniye along a vagina crack up and down. At first slightly touching by a uvula, gradually increasing the pace. His language was very damp and soft. Gradually it concentrated polizyvaniye on area around a clitoris. I drove around him language, from time to time doing fast polizyvaniye him. He unusual caress of Ksyush soon I began to coil and groan, but the stepfather didn't allow her to terminate. As soon as Oleg felt that Ksyusha just about will terminate he distracted from a clitoris and began to work with language around an entrance to a vagina, with each round getting more and more deeply. Oleg made pauses for several seconds, expecting actions from Ksenia. He wanted that she lost over herself control. And here when he once again tried to make Ksyush's pause seized him by hair and began to attract to itself. Oleg slightly delayed, and then clasped with lips a clitoris and began to suck it so far Ksenia didn't begin to shout from the pleasure which rolled on her. After an orgasm Ksyusha lay with the eyes closed from pleasure. Oleg allowed her to take rest a little, and then told. - Lift up legs The girl satisfied his request. The stepfather threw charming legs to himself on shoulders and having brought a dickhead to a vagina of the stepdaughter asked. - Would you like me? Ksyusha began to nod the head - No, you have to tell - Yes I want - As far as do you want? - Very much I want, very strongly, take me These words were honey for Oleg's ears. He without hesitation inserted the dick and began to fuck the daughter, without forgetting to rumple her breast at the same time. As it was pleasant, at last he could enjoy her sweet body fully. Through some time Oleg felt the coming orgasm. But he didn't want to finish night so quickly and therefore he decided to replace a pose, allowing itself(himself) to cool down a little. The stepfather pulled out the dick and ordered - Get up before me on all fours Ksyusha rose and right there struck that pose about which she was asked. The truth was one detail, she got up to the Stepfather the person. Oleg burst out laughing - The silly fellow, you have to turn to me the bottom The girl was confused that she misunderstood a request of the lover. - Excuse Her inexperience and confusion brought the stepfather even stronger, than a type of defenseless buttocks which Ksyusha held up him. He pressed the left hand on the girl's shoulders, forcing her head to fall below, and itself the dick sent to a hot bosom at this time. Having clasped Ksyush for buttocks the stepfather began to fuck her, gradually accelerating. Feelings of gentle skin at hand and groans of the young mistress quickly brought him to the finish and he began to cum in her. Having terminated Oleg laid down on a bed the person up. Ksyusha was attached by a row, having buried it in a shoulder. In such pose they tired and happy overslept till the morning To be continued... 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