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So with pleasure I never before cumed, I literally weakened, my body became wadded from sharpness of pleasure, I couldn't even move I on it had no forces. - Lada, it was pleasant to you? - Sveta whispered having bent to my ear. - Yes: - only I could say it, I really very much liked the fact that treated me and treated as the girl. - You have very hard bottom, it should be developed that it was more pleasant to you, - Light slid off a bed and left the room. But I didn't remain alone my friend Vovka now become my lover was near. He attracted me to himself with hot kisses again began to kiss my lips, I passionately answered his kisses with the, at the same time his hands didn't stay idle too, he caressed caressing my body and felt as excitement rolls on me again threatening to absorb with the head. Vovka leaned back on a back, entraining me so I was lying on him, I distinctly felt his broad strong chest, a stomach and too the dick which began to rise. As to me it was good in his embraces, his hands sliding on my back, buttocks, hips forced me to tremble. - Lada, I want to enter to you a bottom, he admitted. Of course for me his recognition after the event wasn't surprise, but my heart was clogged even more joyfully from his words. - I want to be on the present your first guy. Do you want it? - Yes, to me it is very good with you, I want to be yours:.... - I answered for what Vovka kissed me so at me even breath intercepted. Sveta joined us again, having brought with herself some tube. - It is usual cream, - she answered having caught my inquiring look, - You should suffer a little, it won't be strongly sick, but it will be unpleasant, so always is for the first time. - tone of the professional she said and I began to cover with cream the fingers, and then I felt as cool cream covered to me an anal. Light finger-tips I began to caress my anus, covering it with an even layer of cream, forcing him to relax from caress, and Vova stuck the again we will kiss to me on a mouth. Sveta without any prevention entered to me inside both forefingers, it is good that though not at all their length, but also what she started to me in an anal was enough for me to moan and move all over to try to be released, but Vovka held me in the embraces. It wasn't really pleasant to feel at himself in a bottom though immovable fingers of Sveta. - Don't strain, try to relax, - Sveta prompted, - and it will be much more best. - Easy to speak to you, - hoarsely I tried to snap. - Lada believe me and do as I speak, I already passed through all this. - You only when do nothing: - I asked Sveta. I began to try to relax anal muscles, but it is bad at me it turned out. - Of course, Ladochka. You have to priviknut сначалак to these feelings, - she calmed me, it was visible as she likes to call me by Lada. As she also promised, Sveta didn't begin to move fingers at me inside, all of them also remained immovable, but other her fingers began to caress a ringlet of muscles which surrounded an entrance to my bottom. There passed some time before my anal got used to the fingers which are inside and I felt as muscles were unclenched, weakened the capture. Light I felt it too and I began to move apart carefully fingers in the parties, opening my opening and to release that it too didn't strain. - There now Ladochka, now we to you will a little develop a bottom that to you it wasn't so sore when Vova enters it, - it calmed me. Feelings which I felt from fingers of the girl were unusual, not especially painful and I didn't notice that as they gradually began to be pleasant to me. Passed still some time and I felt as her third finger got into me, and then and the fourth and they continue to stretch my anal, opening him. I still lay on Vovka and we continued to kiss, the groin I felt that his dick is also intense as well as mine and it gave sharpness to my excitement. - The Second World War she is ready, - Sveta rendered the verdict. They put me on all fours, Vovka dressed condom on a dick and kneelt behind me, and Sveta laid down under me on a back began to stroke-oar my dick. - Lada try not to strain, - Lada gave the last parting word. - And you Vova don't hurry, remember that Lada at us still the virgin. - Light I moved apart hands my buttocks and during the next moment I felt as Vovka's dick touched my bottom, one hand directing the dick, and holding the second hand me by a hip Vovka became presses to me on an anus literally pressing him in me, I tried not to strain not to interfere him with penetration me in a bottom. Probably because, that Sveta's fingers worked over my anus, muscles not long resisted the Vovkiny persistent pressure. When the dickhead entered to me inside, from my lips the groan broke. Sveta as though waited for it, I felt as she took my dick in a mouth and became him slowly, to suck with skill. Vovka's dick wasn't satisfied with what has already been achieved, he literally on millimeters continued to plunge into me, at the same time I felt both pain and pleasure, I distinctly felt as the penis fills me inside. Vovka didn't stop until his dick didn't enter at all length until he was pressed by a groin in my buttocks, seeking to enter as it is possible more deeply. Several seconds the dick wasn't driven giving me the chance to get used to him, and then he became also slowly as well as plunged to leave me. And at this time Sveta who is podomny took entirely in a mouth my dick and it smoothing that discomfort which happens at deprivation of anal virginity. The dick left me on the head and again directed in depth to enter against the stop. Vovka bent, covering me with the body began to kiss my shoulders, a neck, ears, his moving dick burned me from within. - A harmony at you such sweet the daddy that for a long time I won't last, - his breath burned to me an ear. He all also acted carefully, fucking me in an anal being afraid to hurt me, but everything gradually he increased a rhythm the of movements, losing the head from pleasure. Not at once I noticed that the dick moving in me brings to me it is a pleasure without any discomfort which somewhere disappeared. My God as to me it was good if each person has concepts about happiness, then my happiness was then that I was given to the friend that I was for the friend a girl, the desired girl. I began to move the body synchronously with Vovka's movements, his dick moved in my bottom already more freely, from my lips groans of pleasure in increasing frequency broke. Not to deprive of pleasure Sveta, I bent below between its the moved apart legs and began to caress a mouth her pussy. The girl had not a just damp pussy, and literally crude from the excitement which filled her, her juice nearly flowed from within, at first I kissed and sucked her sexual sponges, forcing Sveta to low from pleasure, then my language rushed in the pussy and began to caress her from within circling. The first the orgasm was reached by me and with a rough stream filled a mouth of the girl, the second with loud shout Sveta finished, and the last was Vovka who on the last movements moved so sharply and quickly as though drumming into me the dick, I felt as at me inside he exploded a cum as she fills a condom. Tired we laid down on a bed to have a rest and restore forces to continue our sex a marathon. - Lada, we will do of you the real girl tomorrow, - Sveta tone peremptory declared. Our sex a marathon continued all night long, till the morning, it was night of pleasure, the first of the most sweet nights! In the morning we looked tired, but incredibly happy. To be continued worst dating apps uk dateline after the storm site mapMain Page