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You know when to you only 16, you don't bother about global problems of the world, you have own circle of friends, the interests and hobbies. You are in own parallel Universe where everything spins only around you where you are an owner. And, apparently, nothing can damage a sweet veil of illusions, it doesn't begin yet it is a high time … Earlier I quietly vanished on the street for days on end, studied in a muzykalka … And all anything … However when the spring, and you only 16 comes … There is a wish for something unusual, unearthly … And this unearthly is called as love. Spring, young age - what can be more best? And in it I not 1. At Timo, Yang and the Link also demolished a roof. And still - love feeling devilishly not bad. Feeling of flight of soul, freedom of thoughts. To me the muse often began to come. So sings a heart! In principle, our group started with it. Timo caught up words and off it went. However, we are still absolutely young where there to us … Still to work and work. Here and so … And all because of her … the 1st the adoration constantly picturesque and is never forgotten. And I under siy subscribe. She studied a parallel class, was just a beauty, in her there was no 1st defect. Clever, warm, good, tender … Those, as I at her the car and the small cart. So simply not to start talking to her. It is necessary to be or the unwritten handsome man, or to have a lot of money … Alas, I had neither that, nor another … I was allocated with nothing in the middle of others, I was an ordinary guy … And in it my miss. But … I know one her weakness. She completely crashed in Timo. It just enraged me, and at once I knew how siy to use … I who was tired and killed, came from school. Houses nobody was. Certainly, ancestors were winded somewhere. The briefcase the easy movement of the handle flies to a distant-predalny corner and the receiver in one stage appears in a hand. - Hallo, call Timo, please. - Now, David, - on that end of a wire was heard a voice of mother of my friend. - Yes, David, - at last Timo crawled to phone. - Hi, Timo, how are you doing? What are you doing? – I began to set ordinary voprosets. - All bunch, David. I eat, it isn't heard perhaps? Indeed, Timo diligently champed in a tube. - I saw already … You what after school you do? After all Friday, and tomorrow days off … - you Know, Press, I thought here … My mother leaves on all days off, that is the house at my order. Timo can … "! Only try!" - shout of mother was heard. - Mothers, calm down, everything is all right. It is possible I will call David to us with spending the night? - Call him. However it is more of nobody! - Perfectly, mothers, - Timo was constantly able to agree with people, - Hay, Press, you here still? - Yes, I heard everything. Already I fly. - OK, I wait, later we will discuss everything. I throw a tube and run I rise in the room. Practically in an hour I was on a threshold at Timo. Yet his mother didn't leave, we sat and were cut in the game console with that pressure that I am sensitive didn't beat the best friend when lost to him. Ёпт, as babes small! As soon as the entrance door slammed, Timo as stung, jumped from a sofa. - Press, watch what I have! – and he gets a full bottle of whisky because of a case. - Where did you take it? - my eyes took the oval form. - Secret of the company! - And what after all you are going with siy to do? - And you don't know? - I don't guess. - Well, for especially gifted - we are some houses, we have a bottle of whisky … - Timo made a naizloveshchy pause. - And? - I still didn't drive though in the head slipped funky thoughts. - Eh, my oak acquaintance, you still don't catch up. We call Yang, the Link, little girls, and there will already go. - You it what little girls were going to call? - Well … Katharine, Gloria … It is possible still for Nickey … I nervously began to finger curls because I in the middle of all "abundance" heard her name. - Give! - with fire in eyes I supported. - We call! - and Timo left in next the room. In a couple of minutes he came back. - Well as there? - Be not a coward, David, will be full attention. Will gather soon. - Yes I somehow also don't bother … Unless - we will be marked … - don't worry. Mother far … What else frightens you? - And neighbors? - Horse-radish with them! - How so? Here the Link it is now bulked up and will brawl. - A relax, I obmyslit everything. To his storeroom then! - Aha. And instead of the little girl - a mop. - Daa … Press, you are artful … - And that! - And I have an idea … For what to expect them? We will get drunk and it is good. - To be honest, I don't want to drink especially this muck … - I made the confession amazing for Timo. - You will wash down. As pretty. Everything once happens for the 1st time. - Eh, Timo, you are direct a dragon tempter … - Still! – he sniffed and I left on kitchen. In couple of seconds he vorachivatsya with glasses in hands. - Pour! - he ordered and itself I began to spill ardent water on glasses. I took whisky, brought to a nose and frowned. - How can it be filled in in itself? - And here so! - Timo showed this interesting process. Eh, there is nothing to do … I know - Timo won't lag behind until I drink … it was necessary … - Wow, Press, you are the hammer, I will tell you. - Pancake, to it here "hammer", and sea knot ties me, - I croaked. - It is normal, and everything will pass couple more of glasses. - In my opinion, will be enough for me. - No, not enough! - Timo pours a brand new portion, - Drink! Having held a nose, I nevertheless made it … A nightmare, I hope, it any more not to repeat. - Well as? - So far as it should be, - I already a little braid a uvula. - On one! - Timo, you went balmy? You are already cross-eyed as a hare. - I won't get wasted in зюзю yet - I won't calm down! - What Napoleonic plans at you, my acquaintance. And generally - under the law it isn't authorized to us such yet. And if catch? The call to a door was distributed. - Press, push the chastity where far away, - and Timo left to open a door. Naturally, he didn't reach a door, and from a corridor the sound of the broken vase reached. - You what there you do? - Everything is all right, - Timo rolled somewhere behind a dresser. - Grief you my onions. I spoke … I will go itself I will open. Our long-awaited friends - Yang and Linke were on the threshold. woman who dates older man name date ideas columbus ohio site mapMain Page