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Since New Year passed month. And I here only found time to tell about a case on New Year's Eve. We decided to meet this NG at the mother-in-law. To her there had to arrive our relatives from other city and come we with the wife and children. I will lower details of a meeting of NG and a feast, I think many have them almost identical... well I remember only until then as left to start salutes... and as returned at a table and decided to be warmed with vodka. I remember went to kitchen to smoke further... and there too drank. And here I already on the course was tired, and the next room near kitchen is empty, and the bed is free, and I lay down... When effect of alcohol receded, and I kind of woke up, and without opening eyes, embraced as I thought the wife. At first just I embraced... then I began to touch a breast. The dick stood a stake... I touched a breast, I caressed a stomach... I reached a bottom... it lying surprisingly it is silent, without response... and even when I began to caress in a perineum... touching her pizda it parted legs only a little. Pizda was already wet, strongly wet, I directly felt a smell of her moisture... and any more not in forces to restrain, I lowered a little also from myself jeans and pants and from her pants and pajama trousers... and and lying on one side I began to enter her. The dick stood strong... and I entered well. I moved slowly, slowly. There was a wish to enjoy this morning sex, but she began me to make upward movement over time, and well got to a step, holding her for an ass I felt as she begins an orgasm... I accelerated... and just already I hollowed her... we terminated almost together... I terminated directly in her, very plentifully. Having lain down a couple of minutes without taking out a dick, I turned over then on a back... still holding her hot ass with a hand... and here... after satisfying of sexual hunger... I felt strong desire to drink, well as usual after fairly drunk alcohol. Having opened eyes, and having sat down on edge of a bed I understood that I not houses... I still at the mother-in-law... and near me the mother-in-law... also I just fucked the mother-in-law... on the course mine didn't begin to awake me and left home and as other rooms were occupied by guests, тещё it was necessary to lay down near me... I didn't know what should I do... whether I quietly asked her she sleeps... and she quietly answered that she isn't present... I told that I went to a shower... she told that I am not long... and that soon guests to wake up... Having come on kitchen and having drunk water about a liter I went to a bathtub... I of course dreamed earlier as I fuck the mother-in-law, but that in real... I didn't expect... When I returned to the room from a bathtub... and I lay on a back... pants and panties and were lowered simply a little... her pizda was unreal hairy and as I didn't understand at once when touched that it is not the wife... the wife absolutely shaves everything... she told that I found something what to podteret my cum following from her... I don't know what was in my head at that moment... but I having kneelt before it... I pulled together from it panties and panties... I spread it legs... also I saw her fleshy hairy vulvar lips... and my cum following from a pizda... and I resolutely hung the head between her legs... I began to lick, suck her hairy pizda... picking up language the cum... her pizda smelled of sex... unscrupulous sex... she began to give a body to me... under my language... I sucked her clitoris... I rumpled hands her volume hips... it seemed to me that practically I drink her moisture in a rebag about the cum... she terminated once again... I terminated groaning a little... now I just laid down near her, she quietly told that I am a good fellow... and everything was pleasant to her... also I asked I can still I want to terminate... I agreed with pleasure... Then she lowered a little my jeans and pants... the dick got and I began to podrachivat him... her breast under a pajama jacket appeared before my person... and I having lifted up a jacket I took in the hand which it a little drooped, but still juicy breast approximately of the third size... nipples at her large... and light brown auras of nipples very much made horney me... so I both sucked her nipples and rumpled a breast so far it to me jerked off... I terminated violently and plentifully... to talk forces wasn't... (Especially for) She me I wiped, I covered with a blanket, I put on a dressing gown and itself went to a shower. I was disturbed only by one that it will be necessary to talk to her about it later, but still today... soon guests woke up, a little later mine returned... all sat down at a table again, drank, ate, had fun and here so it turned out that was gone to be smoked only I and the mother-in-law... And I having taken courage I asked, the pier why wasn't stopped, not woken... but that she answered that she didn't want to frighten me and to break off also that a pier of what for the beloved son-in-law is a pity for nothing... I didn't know what to answer... Holidays took place... we still visited later her, and she behaves as though nothing was... but I want more her to a pizd... to lick... to suck a clitoris... to feel a smell of her hairy a little sweated pizda after sex... probably after all I will decide to descend to it on a visit one... if that write pm-77@list.ru sl190@bk.ru woman over 40 dating profile examples date subtraction site mapMain Page