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From other room of a two-room flat that on the fourth floor of an untidy five-storey apartment block on the outskirts of the city, hoarse groans reached again. Ania very much tried to concentrate on the books, but kind of she didn't try, these sounds as claws of her disobedient parrot of Pauly who for some reason liked to sit much more on the head, than on a shoulder, scratched a cranium. — Give, insert to me, I am your dirty whore! The voice of her mother, low and hoarse from excitement, reached. She heard elastic slaps. To them today on a visit the local alcoholic uncle Andrey came again, still half of hour back he lovely smiled to Ania, and now his dick on the hairiest balls entered the unshaven pussy of her "Beloved" mummy. Since they were left by the father everything went wrong way. Mother began to drink and too often to them unfamiliar men came to the apartment. The girl saw as they come, saw their lewd views which inspected her mummy from legs to the head, stopping on her roundish hips, a narrow waist or a breast of the 3rd size. Her mother was a blonde of average height, despite childbirth she kept a figure to which many girls much more young than her age could envy. Slaps from other room were replaced by the champing and smacking the lips sounds, probably her mummy took in a mouth. The girl as in reality saw mother, the uncle Andrey's dick roughly enters her a throat, he holds mummy by hair so far she doesn't begin to choke, then, with a visible reluctance, the dick from a mouth allows her to release, but only for a second that she could take a sip of a little air, Andrey pulls it on the phallus (the girl read this word on the Internet and it very much was pleasant to her) and balls boomingly again fight about her chin with each push. On toothless lips of the alcoholic expression of pleasure stiffened. Sometimes views of these men stopped also on Ania. The girl was still absolutely young, but her figure was already enough created and in her class there were no guys who wouldn't dream to see her bared or didn't lower at home, masturbating on her photos on social network. It was the girl with big naive blue eyes, thin, her flat tummy made horney in all men who saw her desire to thrust the language into her appetizing пупочек and to go down him below, directly to her smooth a lobochka and to a bud of her fragrant virgin pussy. Ania liked her body, the thought visited her every time when she crucially examined herself in a mirror in the bathroom. She wasn't vainglorious, but something was in these small appetizing nipples upright with small auras, and an elastic breast of the second size which obviously had all prospects to reach the 3rd. She liked to turn a back to a mirror and to cave in slightly exposing the buttocks. She densely shifted legs together, so, that between her hips there was only a small gap, slightly above which the narrow entrance to her bosom was located. She slightly parted the lips in the parties, baring a hole the leader to the most intimate place of Ania. As this pose invitingly looked. Many schoolmates would give a lot of things for an opportunity to see it in such look. But for all outside this bathroom it remained very decent girl who never afforded anything superfluous or trite. Having stopped admiring the body she always stopped a look on the face, framed long white (one of lines which got to her in inheritance from mother) hair. The narrow, small nose and lips bent down, betraying her a haughty look. — Give, fuck me, I all to a tekuuuu! Mummy in the neighboring room howled monotonously. The girl saw lust in the opinion of the men coming to mother, she was sure, be their will and she would feel as hairy balls of the uncle Andrey fight about her hips. But now Ania thought only of that how many still it will be required to time to the old alcoholic to fill in an interior of her idle mother with a hot cum. The unusual thought for the teenager's girl, but her family stopped being usual for a long time. Mother and the father got acquainted at institute. It seemed to them that it is love forever and the truth, the first beauty in group and its stately father. About such couples say that they "look" together. After the termination of institute transient marriage, that for which young people pay then very long and not always only they followed. In a year there was Ania, everything went perfectly, the girl even remembers former life with love now: joint family sorties on the nature, at cinema or still where. Everything flew to devils about a year ago. The father suddenly lost work and very long couldn't find another. He felt the insolvency as supporter of family and about it tried to fill in offense with alcohol. It became a norm in their house as well as late appearance of the father. Sometimes he came in 3 nights, sometimes only in the morning. Ania didn't sleep all night long, worrying about the father, each his emergence was followed by scandal. He promised to tie every time, but it always was a lie. Ania saw that every day the father becomes less similar to himself: he was overflowed by pity to itself and shame, but he could do nothing with the addiction. Soon he had friends alcoholics, the uncle Andrey was one of them. They quite often drank in kitchen together. — The Aaaaaa, what at you big члееен! Sad thoughts of the daughter were interrupted by the pulling feeling in the bottom of a stomach. About an hour she awfully wants to write, but it is impossible to get to a toilet, without having passed in dangerous proximity from mummy and the uncle Andrey. It is impossible to suffer more, the girl resolutely got out of a bed. She already wanted goes to bed when the friend of her father came and on her there were only panties fitting her elastic buttocks and the undershirt which is put on on a naked body. Her breast was distinctly looked through through fine white fabric which pleasantly rubbed about her nipples. Ania put on slippers and slipped out in a corridor. Groans amplified, mummy on the verge seems. She walked along a dark corridor and slipped in a toilet, trying not to look to other room, but after all for a moment saw: mummy is on all fours, having widely placed legs, her boobs are strong compressed in hands of the uncle Andrey who sharply and roughly pulls it on the dick, with each movement his massive balls hit against hips of her mummy. They are such huge, for certain are up to the top filled with a cum. The girl poorly imagined as the cum looks, but in her encyclopedia in biology it was clearly mentioned and said about her that she is in balls at men. She looked away from hairy eggs of the alcoholic and hurried in a toilet. — Fuck me, fuck, a daa! Ania closed behind herself a door, now she felt safe. The girl quickly pulled together panties. Down the hard stream of urine struck, giving to the girl feeling of ease, she rose from a toilet bowl, having made finally the movement buttocks as if trying to shake last straws though understood that it won't help her. Having lowered for itself she dressed panties, left a toilet and already went was back to itself to the room as the crazy thought came to her mind. — I will just a little look as the uncle Andrey and mummy have a good time also all. She closely approached to not locked door to the room and stood, being afraid to make a noise. A mother's breast shook in a step to movements of the uncle Andrey. To the girl the great view of mother's pussy opened, she saw that mother very strongly flows, trying to accept a large object of the dick. The phallus moved apart the arch of her tidy pussy and quickly moved in her narrow hole. The girl noticed that it literally shines from lubricant of her mother. Mummy groaned more and more loudly and her voice became higher. — Give terminate in me, fill with the cum! The girl felt that her panties became damp and her recent campaign in a toilet is obvious here not and, without giving the report in the actions she stretched to the perineum, Ania began to drive slowly two fingers through panties between the tidy sponges vaginas, touching, a pea of the clitoris from time to time. The uncle Andrey seized a mamik by hips and began to pull literally on the dick. The girl managed to consider him in all details. It was the massive genital of centimeters 18 in length, at the same time rather thick. His elastic trunk covered a pattern of veins, at the basis Ania saw two huge balls which it seemed contracted from tension. Mummy pushed a hand between the of widely divorced legs and began to mass and to slightly squeeze the uncle Andrey's balls. He moaned though this groan resembled animal roar more and with a force entered in the mummy at all length of the dick. The girl continued to caress the pussy, she felt aroma of the allocations, her panties already wet through, it seems a little more and she will reach that the pleasant and so poorly studied by her feeling. Very much she constrained herself not to begin to groan at the top of the voice, but if the mummy or the uncle Andrey would stop though for a second they would hear a weak poskulivaniye, the teenager's girl brought to a limit. — The Aaaa, I cum, an aaa! Mother groaned already on all apartment. The girl saw as the uncle Andrey the last time entered in mummy, and then his balls began to be reduced, filling her pussy with the hot cum. Mother groaned, she felt as the dirty bitch, the collector for a cum of drunks of all area and it oddly brought her. Soon he pulled out the dick which is already beginning to fall down from mummy and Ania saw as a thin stream cum thread from a vagina of her mummy began to flow, spreading on hips and dripping on a floor. It became for the girl a last straw having published the squeezed groan, Ania terminated, she felt as her clitoris and walls of a vagina is reduced, pressing out an invisible dick from all directions. Ania slipped on a wall and, trying not to rustle not to give itself, quietly went to the room. why you should never date a libra man html date hour input site mapMain Page