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Without restraint heart knocks, in ears rustles, the person burns —. She does it again. Already the 5th time in a year. Say that not sex corrupts, a his absence — agrees to all 150%. Failures in personal life and shy character can grow up the real monster of lust and desire concluded in a modest ordinary-looking cover. The shortage of heat and caress will add to him forces and will even stronger kindle appetite, a deficiency of attention will force to starve... And when hunger can't be suffered, the monster will escape outside breaking all locks of morals and a chain of morality. Having sated? he will for a while fall asleep, walls of the principles and decency will again be erected. No time will pass and the monster will try on durability the fetters and fetters again, periodically tempting and waiting for the successful moment that one breakthrough to escape on will again. Here and now history repeated, the animal brought to despair and tormented by long starvation again on freedom. She also didn't notice as there was such... Everything happened spontaneously. Waves of excitement bear ee to rocks of uncertainty... for the 5th time. Her 35, lonely, indecisive and hungry. Na the age she doesn't look and many give her from force 30, but it doesn't change a situation. Ne ugly creature, but and not the stunning beauty... ordinary woman... misunderstood and deprived of attention. At quite pleasant appearance everything is equal is interesting to nobody, is more faithful is known to nobody, t. to natural trusovatost absolutely I deprived of an opportunity to stick acquaintance and to show an initiative... and it unimaginably changed in that what it is now. The ordinary teacher of English in technical school, the fair-haired hair, gray eyes hidden behind points, a beautiful small nose with a small hump and cheek freckles and pale lips which forgot when the last time sincerely laughed and smiled. She tried to compensate a lack of attention by campaigns to the gym and lessons of dances, it didn't solve a problem, but though would keep shape. Unsuccessful marriage izza unfaithfulness of the spouse for a long time beat off desire of communication with men... more true desire didn't get to anywhere, but here the fear to be misunderstood or deceived appeared. So she also lived life of the ordinary teacher of the whole 8 years and every year it became more difficult for it to constrain that-to that began to wake up and constantly demanding feed. Here and today quite usual day, Thursday, couples in technical school, then a campaign on shops, the gym and boring evening... behind an exception of that familiar strange feeling when there is a wish "for that I don't know what" or I know, but I am afraid to admit... No an exit was found on itself and what! For the first time when it happened she didn't feel legs under herself, was red as tomato and could hardly talk... awareness of risk, danger, exposure and animal excitement... the orgasm received then just blew up ee a nervous system and for a long time calmed an insatiable animal. Ee the decision just shouted all surrounding mute cry: "Look! I am near! Here I am what! Absolutely be near! Well risk!!! I ask... "but nobody heard it, so as outside there was a gray ordinary mask which is skillfully masking a hurricane of emotions during a full calm. As and then she is horney, the face burns and in a throat dried up... Only now she at a lesson tells about conjugations of verbs. On all body sometimes runs a shiver, from a throat that tips of fingers... The strange wave wanders on ee to a body, a breast, a stomach, below... everything reduced... goes on legs, knees shiver. Though nobody would notice! Between legs it is already wet and just about the stream of oppressive languor can run away on a hip. No it is necessary to keep! 5 more minutes will also be change, it is necessary to sustain! A can't already almost be maintained. Ne to describe words what it to go at edge of an abyss when the head is turned, knees shiver, cramps a stomach and dries up in a throat... Still... since the morning as as if inserted a key into her and got a spring to an emphasis... Since the morning she any more not that. Under ee a usual vest and a blouse and a long Puritan skirt there is nothing. For it these feelings became rescue from hunger and way of a discharge. The clothes that and business caress skin, pleasant cold makes horney and disturbs, blouse Silk easily flows down on nipples cutting desire sparks. In a bottom of a stomach the passion begins to boil that-to aches, rubs, presses, pulses... There is a wish to squeeze legs, to close eyes and with silent groan to give in to desire. No in it and all essence of a game. So far it is impossible! Otherwise there will be an accident, otherwise all learn and then the end! Steam of minutes should hold on still! Even in the morning, gathering for work she knew what wants. For her it wasn't so unexpected as for the first time any more. Facing a mirror absolutely naked she did a make-up, considered herself, hands walked on a body and it responded excitement — today again it happens, the body is horney to a limit of times so reacts to simple contact. No today she decided to step further usual. Several new details were in advance prepared. Thin fingers took so a table an ordinary office small clip for paper. It it is noisy I inhaled and fastened a clip on the left nipple. He responded slight pain, sweet pain, it for an instant closed eyes and is noisy breathed getting used to new feelings. Afterwards the turn of the second clip which easily hung on small faintly pink nipple came. Listening to the feelings she smiled, at each rocking of ee the beautiful small breast responded the slight wearying nipple pain. She was quiet so as through a vest nobody will see these small toys. She hardly touched by fingers of the nipples and those responded already fading pain here... she smiled and bit a lip as did always when it was pleasant to her. Only one view of the breast with the sticking-out nipples and clips on them forced ee not on a joke to be made horney. No still early, it is necessary to suffer before that how to receive the award — so always more tasty. She made couple of sighs and having a little calmed down took so a table the following instrument of tortures — a small bottle from hair lotion. Again the short exhalation and slightly greased glass bottle disappears in the bosom burning with passion. Again wave of excitement and lewd biting of the lower lip, again soothing breaths and exhalations... it is below ALREADY so wet and so aches, an of 5 couples more should be carried out and to check control. How painfully to suffer this excitement. Here so a table the second glass bottle is taken. She long looks at him and at the reflection in a mirror... maybe doesn't cost? No... I solved, today I will try also a point! Thin fingers smear a small portion of liquid cream on absolutely smooth cold glass bottle... sigh... a little unpleasantly first, but it is worth it! Here and all — he inside! Ee the buttocks accepted in itself this glass small bottle, so that only the cap outside stuck out. She a little poyerzala hips getting used to new feelings and strange feeling of a foreign body. It is improbable to see itself such in a mirror, know that you are going to do and anticipate still an award for so long and difficult tests! There was only one new detail of ee of the hidden suit. Na this step of ee video from the Internet about the history of sex in Japan pushed. Ee was so struck by a scene where the girl carried but a naked body the rope which is originally connected in a pattern that during that instant the decision to try was accepted! Several preliminary days of practice and a rope I braided with a fancy pattern ee a body. Slightly squeezing a breast, tickling a stomach and a back, importunately teasing a perineum the usual linen rope became the last ee element of a confidential suit. She with pleasure looked at herself in a mirror, on a breast which was framed by a rope, on nipples with clips and a stomach which ached more and stronger. The rope really strongly made horney, passing between ee of legs, it crashed into moist lips and a ringlet of an anus and at the same time reliably held bottles that those accidentally didn't slip out before time. She nodded to the reflection before an exit from the house enough. Na her slightly reddish woman in quite inconspicuous suit with sparks in eyes looked. Nobody except her knew what under clothes occurs! It is hardly more best than normal sex and is very risky, but She decided that more better SO than at all IN ANY WAY! With these thoughts, in trembling nervousness from excitement she fluttered out on the street on a meeting to the adventures which as it appeared there was more than she expected. who's dating rihanna now date calculator not including weekends site mapMain Page