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Part 2. Preparation for work In the morning when I woke up yesterday's night seemed me a dream, but unceasing pain in an anus indicated the opposite. I tried to get up but right there understood that my hands are tied to a bed and to rise at me it won't turn out. In the room except me was nobody and I began to twitch in attempts to be released. The door to the room was opened and I saw on a threshold Anina Ania, right there me прошибло that I lie absolutely naked (though it isn't absolute, on me there were tango panties the breast-band of which was tense sideways from the dick). - be not afraid you so - mother began to calm me Anin - you wanted to become a whore yesterday I in a hysterics began to remember what was yesterday, on the woman outstripped my thoughts and by means of the panel turned on the TV on the screen of which I stood dog-fashion and said: "I will be a whore whom you can have when want". I lay shocked without knowing what to tell and how to be covered. - Ania left on affairs early in the morning and left your education on me so far. With these words of Anin mother opened a dressing gown and showed me the huge boobies and the: the dick. Not such, as at Ania that it was attached and the real penis and and huge! The woman approached and sat down on me. She moved closer and began to push to me into the mouth we are sluggish the dick. I accepted him without desire and began to work a uvula. In minutes the dick grew up in the natural growth and was located at me in a mouth only one his half. Anin mother was put out by the dick from my mouth and put on his place the balls which I right there with greed began to lick with horror having understood that all this awfully is pleasant to me. Having licked balls I wanted to pass to a dick again but the woman turned over and sat down on me a bum and I began to lick her anus. When this occupation bored us Anina mother got down from me, I fast parted legs inviting her to enter me. - charmingly and you are really real whore - Anina mother was surprised - please make it, fuck me - заумолял I - you can call me Victoria - it was presented - well Victoria - I told and parted legs even more widely - perfectly - Vika grinned and I went to me The woman put my legs to herself on shoulders and began to enter into me the giant. First as always it was sore but as soon as the dick completely entered me and I got accustomed a little at once the excitement wave was rolled. Vika began to fuck slowly me is gradual increasing speed. I as always began to sigh in a feminine way from what Vick as I understood was made horney more and began me to fuck stronger that awfully was pleasant to me. Because of my groans we didn't hear as Ania returned. - Well as to you this whore? - she asked mother - perfectly, she begs that she was fucked - mother told without stopping hollowing my bum. - yes, she loves it - I think she should pick up clothes today - yes, I too so think especially as she has 2 clients today I almost didn't hear about what they spoke and frankly speaking to me there was everything exactly when I was fucked by Vika. The woman accurately put out a dick from me and crept up to my person, I clasped Vikin a dick with lips and began to suck with greed and suddenly felt that again someone enters me. It was bezsomneniye Ania, she managed to attach to herself a dick and already began to fuck me. During the next moment I felt that Vika will terminate and increased speed as I also assumed Anin mother lowered to me in a mouth at the same moment and I with pleasure swallowed her seed. After that I began to lick Anina to a pizd and Victoria fucked me to the back again. I terminated the first, Ania collected a cum again and smeared it on the peshcherka which I in a consequence licked. Following Ania and behind her received the Orgasm and Vika terminated directly in me. When all of us recovered the breath to me gave a free hand and told that I would accept. After all were washed we went to have breakfast. - Well as to you at us the darling? - Victoria asked - Super - I answered - I and I couldn't подум: - stop - Ania stopped me - get used what in this house you are a whore, you not the man understood? You are a woman whom someone and when wants will fuck! It is clear? - aha - and any "aha", I was always irritated by yours "aha" - yes - so that is more best - After a breakfast we will go to select to you clothes which such girl as you has to wear - well - here and perfectly Having had breakfast we prepared on an exit, Ania gave me underwear from the clothes, and also a miniskirt and a jacket. The first exit on people in such look strongly confused me and I was afraid that someone will notice me and learns, but it seems everything was. We went on many shops and saved up a heap of all belongings and came back home only towards evening. Part 3. The first call - Be put on on more sexually at you the order today - Ania after a dinner told me - what order? - I was surprised - and you think the whore it just expression such? No, the whore is a work! I was shocked and didn't know what to tell, instead of me it was made by Ania - be well put on and be ready in 20 minutes The apartment in Vicki and Ania was four room and they allocated me one for me. I decided to be put on in white, at first pulled white lacy panties and stockings then buttoned a brassiere (the brassiere especially was pleasant to me since it was with water small pillows and I had a small breast now). Then very short pass also a blouse of white color. I pulled a wig and I began to impose a make-up, the last at me very badly turned out and I was helped by Vika. Ania gave to Vika the address where I should be brought. We got into the car and went. The door was opened by the man of years 40, we passed with Vika to the apartment. I was sent to the hall, Vika with the man began to talk about something, then the man gave a linking of money to Vika. - well all the darling, I will return in an hour, don't bring. - Vika told and left I came into the hall there the guy of years 20 sat, to the horror I recognized him, he studied at one faculty with me. To my simplification the guy didn't recognize me and I having thrown off a jacket of villages on a sofa. The guy sat on a chair not far from me and drank beer. I threw a leg on a leg looked at him and saw as he devours me with eyes, I already felt as he undresses me. "interestingly he knows that I not absolutely the girl" thought I confusedly turning away. At this moment the room was entered by the first man and sat down near me. - well, for a start perhaps we will get acquainted - he offered and put a hand to me on a leg - my name is Alexander, it is possible just Sasha, and this is Vadim, and you how to call? And here I was taken aback what name to tell them? Well not men's - Light - I modestly told - perfectly light, you don't want some beer? - I won't refuse Vadim poured 2 glasses of beer and gave them to Sasha, that in turn gave one to me. We chatted a little so far drank. When beer came to an end Sasha turned on the slow music and invited me to dance. We turned round and round a little and Sasha began to kiss me, I of course answered. After music came to an end Sasha took seat on a sofa and began to undo a fly, I kneelt between his legs and helped him to pull together trousers. Having raised the head I saw the dick which is already standing in all. I didn't begin to wait for the invitation and clasped his trunk with sponges and began to suck. Sasha leaned back on a back of a sofa and began to enjoy work of my uvula which didn't stop humouring him. Having sucked are taken out 2 I the dick released and on a lap I went to Vadim who drank the next glass of beer. I quickly pulled together trousers from Vadik and his dick absorbed. Sasha rose meanwhile and approached me behind, having felt his hands at himself on buttocks I a free hand (the second I massaged to Vadim balls) lifted up to myself a skirt and lowered panties. Soon I почувст! I vovat as Sasha entered my buttocks and began to fuck. I didn't suck to Vadik any more and licked to him balls and a hand his dick podrachivat. From balls I passed to his dick and began to massage language to Vadim a head. Suddenly Sasha took out from me a dick and suggested all to pass into the room where it will be much more convenient. In the room Sasha and Vadim completely threw off from themselves clothes and I stopped, they still actually didn't see my dick and probably didn't know about his presence. - don't keep us waiting for you light I threw off a blouse, a skirt and went to a bed. Sasha and Vadim a horse that saw that I have no breast and the dick was visible from under panties since I was strongly intense, but they didn't state about it any claims and I relaxed. Men lay nearby and I seized with both hands them by personal belongings at once and began to jerk off, then in turn sucked them. Sasha got up the first and having approached behind pulled together from me panties. My dick at once fell out, but give nobody to him strong attention. I remained in some stockings and a brassiere now and in my opinion it was pleasant to them. Sasha started over again fucking me in a bum and I sucked to Vadim and with pleasure made upward movement to mine ёбарю. Sergey at first held me by a waist but then one his hand spread to a brassiere, I at first didn't understand why I have no boobs, but when Sashina the hand crept under a brassiere and began to caress my nipple on me the huge wave of excitement attacked. Then we decided to change a pose: Vadim and remained to lie, I saddled him and having entered a dick into my buttocks began to jump, Sasha got up nearby and I sucked to him. At each lowering my balls hit against a hairy pubis of Vadik and from it I quickly terminated to Vadim on a breast. Sasha smiled and having got a dick from my mouth began to jerk off him, I having fallen by Vadim began to wait with an open mouth and Sasha at last to cum a nachl, all my person was in a cum, only couple of drops got into a mouth. I licked Sashin a dick and continued a gallop on Vadim who lowered in me soon. Having taken a shower I began to put on, Sasha approached me and having kissed told that I was super. There arrived Vika soon, about something talked to Sasha and took away me. who's dating kim kardashian right now dateline full episodes youtube site mapMain Page