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Understanding On your court, the reader, is presented a fragment of real correspondence on a dating site between the author (Margo) and the man by the name of Denis. In this really hot dialogue only appreciable grammatical errors are corrected. As far as it will seem to you interesting — itself solve, but personally for me this correspondence opened eyes on some shocking things about which there was even no wish to admit to himself. At least, to it I considered myself only the transvestite. So... * * — Denis / today at 00:35 It that for the photo?))) Hi)))) — Margo / today at 00:36 — Margo / today in 00: The 36th hi)) yes so, in not that I dug out)) my ideal can do it)) — Denis / today at 00:36 — Denis / today in 00: 36 How are you, you today again one? — Margo / today at 00:37 — Margo / today in 00: 37 especially considering that with her in a bed do)) thanks is excellent)) how? — Denis / today at 00:41 — Denis / today in 00: 41 You today three together? — Margo / today in 00:42Ya I was in hospital, yesterday it was written out. — Margo / today in 00: 42 no, why then?) I won't hide evening I was saturated, but not that what you thought) super that you are already healthy :) — Denis / today in 00:43zhelayu you more than this good:) I wish well to you more than it:) — Denis / in 00 today: 43 — Denis / today at 00:46 you Intrigued me... so what is done there by the wife in a bed! — Denis / today in 00: 46 — Margo / today at 00:48 Don't weary:) Don't weary:) — Margo / today in 00: 48 not about a bed the speech)) rather we discussed men much... — Denis / today in 00:50segodnya met the lover, sat, had tea and... popularly explained to him, than don't arrange us a meeting, and then safely left :) popularly explained to him, than don't arrange us a meeting, and then safely left:) — Denis / today in 00: 50 — Margo / in 00:54I than you isn't arranged today a meeting with him? I, of course, understand that it not my business, but nevertheless... I very curious)))) — Margo / today in 00: 54 what they were turned into... well it is fine... no matter, on what they became resembles and why lately he got the heave-ho all the time... — Denis / today at 00:55 just we stated everything directly today, but at the same time is the most tactful, trying not to wound the person... — Margo / today at 00:57 — Denis / today in 00: 55 — Denis / today in 00:59Ya of what you want? Well, you, probably, explained what you want... he didn't want it? — Margo / today in 00: 57 — / today in 01:03to what he wants Margo - it is sex... — Denis / today in 00: 59 Well, further... and you what else you want? — Margo / today in 01: 03 what else? interestingly you ask!!! and nearly it seemed to me that dialogue returns to normal... really you, however, consider what at me takes down a roof on men?)) — Denis / today at 01:03 the woman wants to be desired!!! — Margo / today at 01:04 and some men (of course, not you) understand a zhelannost somehow that he wants it in a bed... — Denis / today in 01: 03 I don't understand you at all and is concrete you as you think what I in general have to think of if you in general specifically not what don't tell everything yes near around! — Margo / today in 01: 04 — Denis / today in 01:04kha! and how what occurs to a bed?!!! — Margo / today in 01:08ok)) I will tell)) — Denis / today in 01: 04 Do you want what looked after you? — Margo / today in 01: 08 the main thing for me is not sex with the man, and to feel like the woman... and how there were meetings earlier, not quite suits me... I want bigger... meetings for the sake of a fucking though in a dress and a make-up bored me a little... I conceived, by fall or spring to create the image completely, including clothes, the correct make-up, a voice, manners... what then, without being afraid of exposure to creep out accompanied by men in cafe or billiards)) courting, sex, etc. and t. o... these are only parts... — Denis / today at 01:09 it isn't so simple to explain all this... — Margo / today at 01:09 especially the fact that the man has to see in the woman the woman and outside a bed :) especially the fact that the man has to see in the woman the woman and outside a bed:) — Denis / today in 01: 09 How far you went! — Denis / today at 01:10 — Margo / today in 01: 09 though the normal woman adequately feels also without man... — Margo / in 01:11luchshe to be today one than with anyone:) it is the main motive... it is more best to be one than with anyone:)— Denis / today at 01:12 that is far? — Margo / today at 01:17 I digest everything told, I really thought that you would like sex with the man! — Margo / today in 01: 11 here to you on)) — Denis / today in 01: 12 And that... if at us with you only all conversation was constructed about sex))) — Margo / today in 01: 17 I don't refuse him... — Denis / today in 01:18no I never am quite adequate man and the gay of I considered... the fact that I have a hobby, namely times to be and feel like the woman, it doesn't mean, to love men... though being in image I don't deny that I can wish the man...)) — / today in you I wanted to speak to Margo about sex here as the wonderful interlocutor about him both I spoke:) and I will repeat — times, but isn't constant)) but besides, even what occurs from time to time — happens to really women's approach, namely to gather and look attractive to the man :) you wanted to speak about sex here I as the wonderful interlocutor about him and spoke:) but besides, even what occurs from time to time — happens to really women's approach, namely to gather and look attractive to the man:) otherwise on which I am necessary to him?)) — Denis / today in 01: 18 Wait, you said that you are pleasant to do blowjob, even more than will pass, you want to do it not only when you in image, and in general, probably, it is heavy to understand everything in correspondences! real communication is necessary. — Margo / today in 01: 22 generally, it for me as for some jumps from a bungee ;)) high great)) and not only in sex, and in everything — a bathtub, preparations, clothes, a make-up... ALL!!! — Denis / today at 01:22 and qualitative time with the man besides sex — Margo / today at 01:25 I not in image don't meet!!! and with quick-fisted, that is those someone wish only sex and it laziness to talk, too I don't meet!!! what I write you today — it is those realities from me!!! it is not some correspondence — you asked, wanted to understand — I answered... — Denis / today at 01:26 — Denis / today in 01: 22 Well, then it seems to me, you need to live with the man and what he would perceive you such what you are, that is externally a man, and all other women's, i.e. soul and all other a voice, habit nails! — Margo / today in 01: 25 — / today in 01:29pochemu so you consider Margo? the main time I adequately feel also the guy... and that which can understand both the man and the woman... for this reason for was also not surprising why any of men in a bed with us concerning the wife fell short of me as the man! — Denis / today in 01: 26 — Margo / today at 01:34 Well, at work you will be a guy, and at home you will be that someone you are is... at you the female soul asks outside, you say that it is already not interesting to you, you need the constant husband. Well, first men fell short of you because you well know the wife and you know what she wants... and, probably, in general you understand that is wanted by the woman! — Margo / today in 01: 29 well! — Denis / today at 01:34 I love the wife! — / today in 01:35ty in billiards you play Margo? — Margo / today in 01: 34 it is good that if not the billiards, is pleasant to you? cinema? bowling? — Denis / today in 01:38au??? — Denis / today in 01: 34 Yes I normally treat everything billiards, cinema and bowling. — Margo / today at 01:40 — Margo / today in 01: 35 ok! but you don't live neither in billiards club, nor at movie theater! same only for you a way of rest and a discharge! then why to wish me the constant man? — Denis / today in 01: 38 I mean not myself, the constant man you that... and the fact that you need the constant husband I think, you will understand it soon as soon as the man understands you you, will perceive such what you are... and all! And that concerning billiards and all the rest that it is possible to descend! — Margo / today in 01: 40 — Margo / today at 01:43 also everything began with that someone we left pretty well today! he was attractive, we even danced... — Denis / today in 01:47a came down later and later only to sex... he, probably, too so thought that I need it... — Margo / today in 01:47nu, here the miracle also came to an end... because female feelings are necessary besides sex... I don't think, what you write something about — probably (the constant man) but chatted cool)) — Denis / today at 01:51 — Margo / in 01 today: 43 about even as! — Denis / today at 01:56 — Denis / today in 01: 47 I only drew such conclusion after I read everything that you wrote to me today... at you it is direct all inside and there is a wish to get out... I want to be a woman in everything! — Margo / today at 01:57 — Margo / today in 01: The 47th imaginations different were... including about work in image, we will tell the shop assistant or the secretary... but seriously I the woman NEVER thought of constant life!!! — Denis / today in 01: 51 I mean even not necessarily to change clothes... you can leave with the guy and or with the husband to go to cinema as couple, only you will know... well I don't know, too we far left, time will show))) I mean, time will show what you exactly will want after a while)))) — Denis / today at 01:58 — Denis / today in 01: 56 Well of course, I would understand you if you liked to change clothes only... but isn't present, you want that to you treated as the girl... it is pleasant to you when have you, you like to be in a bed a girl too, and not just to change clothes. — Margo / today at 01:59 Yes and here desires, I already about another! — Margo / today in 01: 57 it is pleasant! — Denis / today at 02:00 but also outside a bed too! if the man doesn't see in me the woman out of a bed — he won't see me in a bed!)) — Margo / today in 02:00prosti, about what the friend you? maybe I what passed?)) — Margo / today at 02:01 — Denis / today in 01: 58 All right, I was already tired to eat with easy misunderstanding) — Margo / today in 01: 59 and we argued?)) — Denis / today at 02:02 in my opinion lovely communicated)) and your point of view takes place to live, and isn't deprived of a certain appeal;)) — Margo / today at 02:03 We don't understand each other, I to you try about one you to me — about another. — Denis / today in 02:04vsyo went to sleep! — Margo / today in 02: 00 don't consider me silly!!! — Margo / today at 02:07 — Margo / today in 02: 01 and so the spouse calls the blonde! it is enough! that I am not capable to understand that about what you speak! — Margo / today at 02:12 — Denis / today in 02: 02 Well, means not just like that calls)))) Means, I not so explain, probably! — Margo / today in 02: 03 and you once again try, I promise not to argue and I will quietly listen — Denis / today in 02: 04 It is useless, only real communication will help, all I to sleep. — Denis / today at 02:15 — Margo / today in 02: 07 — Margo / today in 02:16poka it is still fine if it is useless... you are right... climb at a leisure on a resource (not on pornographic of course) and have a look someone such transvestites, not to confuse with trasseksuala! — Margo / today in 02: 12 TV/CD (Transvestite/Crossdresser) — Denis / today at 02:17 [Transvestite, krosdresser] сущ. The person, usually the man having sexual satisfaction from wearing clothes of other floor. Often only one linen. These people are in most cases heterosexual in the polova interests, but feel insuperable attraction to change clothes. There is a steady opinion among incompetent people that the transvestizm is a perversion, and all transvestites — gays. Naturally it not so. As a synonym the term is applied: "krossdresser". Transvestites have physical floor — sex — corresponds to psychological — a gender. — Margo / today at 02:18 Transsexualism [Transseksualizm] сущ. Permanent understanding of the belonging to an opposite sex, despite the correct structure of external and internal genitals and development of secondary sexual characteristics. Transseksualizm is followed by aspiration to sex change (a surgical way) and style of behavior, to peculiar faces of a desirable floor. — Denis / today in 02: 15 Trance he changes clothes and has satisfaction from it, but it not as doesn't concern you at you more than it! — Margo / today at 02:24 you can and I am right... it turns out somewhere between... usual life — I am a man and comfortably I feel... there was a wish for satisfaction — there is a wish to feel like the woman in everything... — Denis / today in 02: 17 [Transvestite, krosdresser] сущ. The person, usually the man having sexual satisfaction from wearing clothes of other floor. Often only one linen. WELL And... where here that is told about sex, here all accent is put on the fact that they like to change clothes. — Margo / today in 02: 18 — Denis / today in 02:24a deuce knows! yes! yes! yes! you one thousand times of the rights! — Margo / today in 02:26ubedil!!! there now, again I feel the silly little girl! — Margo / today in 02: 24 yes, it is pleasant to me when have me! — Denis / in 02:28 but more me is pleasant to feel like today the woman, to change clothes, be painted, etc. — Denis / today at 02:29 but sex is not end in itself... — Margo / today in 02:29blin! Denis!!! — Denis / today in 02:33neuzheli I am truly a woman?!! this news!!! — Margo / today at 02:35 — Denis / today in 02: 24 I perfectly understood you, here therefore I also say to you that you will want soon that near you I am constant there was a man, and you for him will be a woman for which you will be not only a sexual object, but also you will prepare for him and all the rest)))) Yes expensive you are a woman, and I am glad that I to you helped to understand it))) — Margo / today in 02: 26 — Denis / today at 02:36 and that, it is valid on a conversation is felt? — Margo / today in 02:38prosti, but I from this shocked... — Denis / today in 02: 28 Well, it is visible that you haven't enough of it and you speak about it, you want bigger, I you a shower shout... that I want bigger. — Denis / today in 02: 29 That's OK that you that exchanged perhaps))) — Margo / today in 02: 29 to me it became terrible ( — Margo / today at 02:41 — Denis / today in 02: 33 You can constrain yourself, then deliver yourself a framework and all... because the you are farther, the more it tightens you same not toys)))) Appetite comes during a meal and your consciousness changes! — Margo / today in 02: 35 the truth — it is good, but isn't so unexpected... I am a bitch ( and what now with it to do? and I already without it don't want! — Denis / today in 02: 36 That interestingly your wife will tell when you tell all this to her, it is interesting to me that she doesn't see all this. — Denis / today at 02:42 — Margo / today in 02: 38 we already with her spoke... — Margo / today at 02:43 on couple tried... she, I together... supplemented each other with arguments... and thoughts meet!!! — Denis / today at 02:44 — Margo / today in 02: 41 to be stunned!!! — Margo / today in 02:45a I just thought up a new image... in not that I found for clothes, everything, including baud, a corset, a skirt with flounces, even boots with a jacket! all I found cosmetics!!! and what's next? ( all right... good night! — Denis / today at 02:47 I retired into oneself! — Margo / today at 02:55 — Denis / today in 02: 42 Buy everything and live further and I hope, we will meet)) soon) Without clothes not as... I in general don't represent you without clothes. — Margo / today in 02: 43 АААААААААААААААААААА!!! I can't believe that I am a MAID!!! and I even found articles how to develop a bearing, manners and a voice!!! — Denis / today in 02:56UZhAS!!! — Denis / today in 02: 44 So you clothes surely buy also all the rest, there learn manners, cool will be)) — Margo / today at 02:57 — Margo / today in 02: 45 thanks for support all right) there will be a day and there will be a food) — Denis / today at 02:59 and cool it you what you mean? — Denis / today at 03:04 I mean that you wouldn't leave from the planned purpose... — Margo / today in 02: 55 thanks)) — Margo / today in 03:04pravda as we found out not clearly that then... pancake! I hate myself! you hundred times of the rights! — Denis / today in 03:05ne I will tell that I am interested in men, but women interest me only from that party as they look and that on them is dressed, and definitely not as a sexual object... even the wife became more best to put on under my supervision! — Margo / today at 03:06 — Denis / today in 02: 56 Yes stop you, you are just another... — Denis / today at 03:07 — Margo / today in 02: 57 — Margo / today in 03:08do me began to reach that something doesn't meet when I to you copied definitions... even part of the transvestite removed!!! I was frightened ( — Margo / today at 03:10 — Denis / today in 02: 59 So which of the rights appeared? And you still argued... esteem at a leisure)))) — Denis / today in 03: 04 I here frankly speaking wouldn't like sees you and what you would be as the man, I would always like to see you as the woman dressed, manners and all the rest. Yes not what it wasn't approved, just I already thought, I can something I don't understand. — Denis / today at 03:10 I mean if we with you want to play billiards, you will be dressed as the man, and I don't want it. — Margo / today at 03:11 — Margo / today in 03: 04 probably, and it is necessary... at least, the meeting with the man in male shape (if he is aware and another knows me) awfully irritates me... and if I differ in nothing from other women, you will play billiards? — Denis / today in 03: 05 I will be. — Margo / today in 03: 06 super)) I spoke about it from the very beginning)) — Denis / today in 03: 07 When will you be one I would like to look at you on your dresses? In general I want to look at you... how do you look in a women's clothing, it is possible in the nearest future? — Margo / today in 03: 08 yet I can please you with nothing... most likely, the trip of the spouse will be planned for March — Margo / today in 03: 10 alas... but February not the most successful time to rake boots snow in the village... 917 XXX XX XX — Denis / today in 03: 10 Something we sat up today))) — Margo / today in 03: 11 precisely... good night, MAN! :) the time also to have a rest... good night, MAN! :) * * * And he was right! At least, lately I began to notice that I in increasing frequency think of myself in a feminine gender. Author's E-mail: legkodostupna@mail.ru who is kim kardashian dating from cnn date value calculator site mapMain Page