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All hello, my name is Nikolay. There is my history. At the time of the action described in the story, all his heroes were 18 years old. I was born in Yekaterinburg. It was brought up in a safe, wealthy family. Always I was an active, cheerful and cheerful boy. Parents loved me and I since small years got used to attention. At school I always tried to be allocated, attract somehow attention, participated in sketches on various actions. In the 9th class I started going to a theatrical circle, participated in performances and statements. Our collective was small, only 8 people and Apollo was called, only guys played there. Why? I don't know. It was so initially conceived, can the personal bias of our head to female actor's ability affected? But the fact remains: girls weren't. And here female roles in scenarios flashed quite often. Here then I also began to change clothes in women's when it was necessary for a performance. Before I came to collective, all in turn took female roles, but after I few times played girls, the head defined that at us (it I and one more guy — Sergey) it is more best, than at the others, female roles turn out. And we will always play girls now. I can't tell that I liked this idea, but the fact that in image in us it was difficult to recognize guys — an honest truth. Both of us were slender, with beautiful faces and a little womanly figures. First the make-up and disguise irritated, but eventually I got used. Mother, having learned, I supported me, I told that in the ancient time in theaters all roles were played only by men. She taught me to be painted, wear beautifully heels and skirts, to gait, movements, a mimicry and plasticity. I and so had a soft voice, and with constant trainings became as at the woman (the smoking woman). Generally to the 11th class the unsophisticated viewer wouldn't define for anything that before him the boy, but not the cute beauty. With Seryoga we made friends, helped to change clothes and be painted each other. We played daughters, mothers, aunts and even grandmothers. We often began to flash on the stage in image. Together with Seryoga decided to dress female plavochka under skirts, and that was silly if the skirt was lifted up, and under it there were semeynik. In lingerie the dick and balls disturbed, I lifted them up and sideways and dexterously pressed an elastic band плавочек. Sometimes I began to put on thongs, it was pleasant to me how they divided buttocks. And the buttocks in them looked more womanly, especially on heels, and heels I carried always high. That was heaps, ь we bought bras, on rehearsals put in them wool balls, and on statements balloons with water. And the breast was as real. I ceased to be ashamed and hesitate of the image, shaved body hair, was smeared with creams. My school friends understood me. The head suggested us to choose scenic names. I was called Nichole and Seryozha told that it is necessary to be the patriot of the Russian names and chose a name Inga. Guys from troupe didn't mock at us, joked friendly. Called us girlfriends and slapped in buttocks. I already then traced a difference in the attitude towards myself. When I was in usual clothes, everything was normal, usual subjects for a conversation, the usual address. But it was worth changing clothes and entering an image, the relation of guys changed at once: they became affable, polite, grease gloss in eyes appeared, embraced for a waist, whispered something on an ear. Hardly they then gave themselves in it the report. And one more! They constantly strove to get into the knickers of me and to polapat or pinch for buttocks. At first it enraged me, then ceased to pay attention to it, sometimes it was even pleasant. And once Danil, the guy from troupe, (he was more senior and I already studied in school) after another performance approached me with a playful smile, dexterously zanyrnut a hand under a skirt and with a force squeezed to me buttocks so that the middle finger got directly to me into buttocks. (I just was in thongs). To me it became sick, very sore!!! I screamed, I drove tears. Here he understood that made and began to apologize. I translated everything for fun, I embraced, I pressed to myself, I promised to be always gentle from now on and, probably having decided to show it in practice, again I got into the knickers and a finger I began to caress an anus ringlet. I pushed away him, sent far away and ran away into the make-up room. Since then, as ill luck would have it he was constantly put with me in scenes. He apologized still more than once. Over time the offense passed, probably also because I began to notice at him a hillock in trousers which increased when we in statements danced, having nestled to each other or I sat at him on a lap. It amused me, I even sometimes specially sat down a bottom to him on a dick and fidgeted, pretending that I notice nothing. Or, kind of accidentally, when he was near I held up him buttocks and when he climbed under a dress, bulged it and not at once took away his hand. I understood that he wants not me, and my image. When I changed clothes, I became a girl, the plasticity changed, the voice changed, I even spoke about myself always only in a feminine gender. And he wanted Nicole, but I Don't prick, and it amused me. I intentionally teased him as then it appeared — in vain! By the way, I was never seduced by sex with the guy. I was negative to it. I was popular! At me was many friends and girlfriends, it is a lot of mistresses. I had enough sex. But keep to the point... At our class I had to be final soon and the principal asked our head to put a performance about student's years. With Seryozha, of course, parts of schoolgirls were assigned to us. We decided to prepare carefully the image and went on shops: began with wigs, I chose блонд up to shovels, Seryoga — as black a caret, bought bows as dresses were ordinary schoolgirls: a skirt, an apron, a blouse — Alya white top, a black bottom. Bought false nails and eyelashes, linen. We long chose linen, even began to look at us slantwise... And here long-awaited day of a performance. I got up a bit earlier, smoothly shaved all body and was smeared with mother's lotion. For a long time it became pleasant to me to enter an image. At school there was no special make-up room therefore we with Seryozha decided that we will put on at home, and to school will reach by the taxi. Yet mother didn't wake up, I began to dress up. I got the things bought the day before: black stockings on a wide elastic band, a black belt for Chulkov and a set — openwork thongs and a bra, I filled cups with balls with water under the second size, I put on a school uniform, an apron and black varnish shoes on a high heel. I looked at myself in a mirror: I was irresistible, equal legs in stockings, the short skirt just closes an elastic band of stockings, the round attracting buttocks, a slender waist and a breast of the second size. Shoulders on me the guy saw only above. It was necessary to correct this misunderstanding and I went to awake mother. She helped me with a make-up, nails, eyelashes and a wig. Clip-on earrings, couple of drops of perfume and a clutch with cosmetics and a pocket mirror finished my image. Mother kissed me, wished good luck and called the taxi. Leaving an entrance I was nervous a little, the first time I go outside in such look. Having opened a taxi door I by a maiden voice called the address and awkwardly smiled, expecting exposure. But the driver didn't even guess! Somewhere on a floor of a way it began a conversation: I told something, I asked something, I began to give compliments, and itself looks not at the road any more, and at my legs in stockings and at an elastic band of stockings which seemed when I sat down. I decided to play pranks a little, was sharply developed all over towards a window as if saw the acquaintance, and a hand pulled a skirt so that all buttocks became bare. Several seconds having sat in such pose, I sat down exactly and corrected a skirt. The driver was пунцово red! Undoubtedly he looked all this time only at me. It became cheerful and pleasant to me. Here then I also understood what after all Nicole of a knot! When we approached, the driver asked to write down the number, with a radiant smile, told to call at any time, will take though where and is free. I was already met by Danil with the lewd look, I took him by an arm and we went to the assembly hall. The hall was full of the people, there was all school!!! But me was not to get used also all the program went off with a bang. After statement, behind the scenes Danil approached me, embraced, kissed on a cheek, and the left hand got into the knickers again and began to caress buttocks, kind of accidentally touching with a middle finger a hole. I didn't resist, already got used to his tricks. — Don't hurry to leave, let's note all troupe a successful exit — he told me, taking away a hand. That I have nothing to change clothes he I told that there will be only ours, and not to confuse them with it, and then he will bring me home. I decided to remain. — Only чур not to stick — I joked. We noted at the dacha at Vova, the guy from a parallel class, he was a participant of our troupe too. Seryoga it changed clothes and turned out by then that I was only "girl" among seven guys and the majority of attention was paid to me. Looked after me, enclosed salads, poured some wine, gave compliments. Generally, we had a good time in all — drank, had fun, danced. When began to darken, guys started to hurry home. I wanted to leave too, will be final tomorrow. But Danil asked to remain, a pier let's have fun a little more, and then I will carry all remained on houses that to him not to get used both not such he and drunk. Other guys began to persuade too, said that they don't want to lose the main decoration of a table. It flattered me and I remained. We began to drink again, wine reached a limit long ago and I passed to vodka together with all. Us remained four: I, Danil, Vova and Pashka. With me all danced in turn, caressed legs, touched for buttocks, I allowed all. What I was a silly woman! Once again I invited me to the slow dance Danil. We danced, and put the head to it on a shoulder, he whispered to me on an ear what I after all beautiful, and the hand walked under a skirt. I was drunk and it was pleasant to me, goosebumps, pulse became frequent. Danil tried to get a finger to me into buttocks again, I, having been indignant, raised his hand against a waist and we continued to dance. Behind clicks of the cam on phone were heard, I thought in what business not at once. It turns out when I raised his hand to myself against a waist, I completely lifted up a skirt and all the look in all beauty opened: a wide elastic band of stockings, the buttocks fitted by the thongs and braces from a belt supporting stockings. And so we danced a couple of minutes, and I also didn't suspect!!! Dance ended and we began to watch photos. Guys were struck! "Any girl will envy such bum" — they said. And in trousers they had dicks up in arm. — Nicole, give pofotay you in erotic poses — I offered Pashk. All supported him and I thought that it will be cheerful. I began to imagine in front of the cam, lifting up a skirt, became in frank poses, caressed to myself a breast, a perineum, did a passionate face, sucked a finger. Guys helped me, chose poses. On a table, on a floor, on a sofa, dog-fashion, sideways. The skirt already also didn't fall. Vova put me on all fours, lifted up a dress to shovels and told to creep to Pashka, caving in as a panther, and he will remove. And in such spirit about an hour. The photoshoot ended, Danil suggested to come to a balcony — to him to smoke, and to me to breathe fresh air. We left, I leaned the elbows on a handrail, Danil embraced me behind and nestled a standing dick on my bottom. I was developed, wanted to tell that I it already too, but wasn't in time. He seized me, put a palm on a nape and stuck into me lips, and a hand removed a strip плавочек and thrust already wet finger to me into buttocks. To me it was sore, I resisted, but he was stronger. He got a finger more and more deeply into an anus, and language to me a mouth. I was afraid to bite to him tongue, I was afraid of him! He thrust the second finger and here I decided, I struck with a knee to him between legs, escaped and ran off him on so many on how many the balcony allowed. He was bent to Me it was terrible, I cried and asked him to calm down, said that he crossed the border, and I don't want sex with him. I am after all a guy!!! But I told all this a female voice, probably strong I got into the role. stories erotic It became straight and sharply struck to me in a stomach. — What you are a guy? You are a whore who wants that she was fucked! You all shiver from a high when I touch you. On knees! — he was as though not in himself. I thought if I start talking a firm male voice, he will think again. — Danil, think again, what are you doing? — Shut up! You, the bitch if you now again don't get into the role if you don't obey and carry out everything that I will tell, I will break to you everything fucked! I will break to you a nose, a jaw and all the same a vyeba. Think how you will go to final tomorrow? And whether you will go in general? I presented that I won't be able to play so in theater and again began to cry. — Did you understand me? — he began to calm down. — Please, Danil, it isn't necessary — I weepingly uttered. — Did you understand me? — Yes. — What you understood? — I will obey you in everything. — I understood that there is no other way out, he all the same will prevail. Will take me! I felt devoted and helpless. — On knees! I slowly kneeled before him. — Undo a fly, produce the lollipop. — the shivering hand I undid to him a fly, two fingers his dick pulled out. He was almost instantly corrected in all growth and hanged before my person. — Bare a head and his kiss — I took his dick in a hand and kissed, he was big, centimeters 20 in length. — Still! I kissed once again, more and more. — Now lick him, the whore! I began to lick a head, the head basis, then all dick, it substituted a ball sack and I began to lick his balls. About isn't present what I do? I am kneeling to the guy, I kiss his dick, I lick to him balls. I! Boy! I touch with lips and language the dick of other boy, and he calls me and humiliates, soon also to take in a mouth will tell. — Now suck, my baby — as though having overheard my thoughts, he told. I took a dick in a mouth and began to suck slowly. What do I do? I am fucked in a mouth, and I am kneeling and obediently I carry out everything that I will be told. I was ready to burst into tears from helplessness again and suddenly thought that it is just new performance, and I have a new role. To suck a role the dick and to give him pleasure. Role of the whore, huyesoski. I calmed down and began to suck, lick more actively a head and to podrachivat a trunk a hand. — Oh, yes. My sun, you super, suck, is deeper — my tyrant covered eyes from pleasure and put a hand to me on the head. I began to swallow more deeply, his dick began to reach to me tonsils, and it began to press a hand on a nape, sticking my mouth on the unit. Began to feel sick me, I rested hands to him against hips, trying to resist. — Take away hands. Put to me them on a bum. — I reacted not at once and received easy slap in the face. — Take away hands, a blyadin! — I put hands to him on buttocks and nearly choked. Danil took my head two hands and began to fuck me in a mouth. His head almost reached to me a throat, didn't gasp, from emetic desires ached in boobies, and the dick came only on a half! In minutes three executions he released the head. I began not deeply, but quickly to stick the mouth on a dick if only he didn't begin again. He discharged me, I looked to him in eyes. He smiled. — It is pleasant to suck a dick, the whore? Of course it wasn't pleasant to me, but I knew that it wants to hear. — Yes. — That yes? — I like to suck at you a dick. — and itself I repeated about myself: "so all is necessary according to the scenario, according to the scenario". — You are a huyesoska? — Yes, I am a huyesoska. — Still you want? —... — I don't hear. — Yes — I whispered — Smile. — I tried to smile, but left unnaturally. — Give, Nicole, you are an actress, smile passionately, you are a whore — he mocked over me. I cast away the gloomy thoughts and smiled as the skank who wants that she was fucked. Danil departed in other party of a balcony, sat down in a chair. — Creep to me a panther, my girl and smile. — and I spread, sticking out buttocks with a look Alya "fuck me". I crept up, without words his dick took in a mouth and began to suck. — And the girl studies, the clear head! — He caressed me on the head, and I sucked and wished one! That he terminated quicker. In a few minutes Danil told to wet a finger, to cave in and fuck himself him so that he saw, then two. Still I had to groan as the skank and to speak about what I am a zashchekanka and a huyesoska and as I like to suck a dick. I rested one hand against a chair that it was more convenient to balance, other hand Sebha in an anal fucked. It was sick and unpleasant, but it was more best, than this pervert would thrust to me into the back the dick for now he just sat and looked as I am humiliated and occasionally helped me a hand, pressing on a nape. Behind a door music played, and I prayed that only other guys didn't come and didn't see me in such look. And to look was on what: the slender, beautiful blonde in stockings and with a naked bum is kneeling to the yobary, his dick almost completely and with groans ебёт swallows himself a hand in a bum already three fingers. Suddenly I felt that the dick began to grow in a mouth still, Danil sharply got up, seized me by the head, pulled on a dick against the stop and began to fuck rhythmically me directly in a throat. I choked, my nose rested against a pubis, and the chin was beaten by his balls. The cum began to be thrown up by the fountain to me in a mouth and in a throat, me nearly pulled out. Swallow, swallow, swallow — my first man repeated. Once I so spoke to the fellationists. And they swallowed... Now I swallowed... From this thought at me tears swept again. He cumed about a minute, I swallowed everything, I played a role of a spermoglotka, then I still a couple of minutes itself swallowed his falling-down dick, being afraid to stop and licked the spilled cum from balls. Danil sat down in a chair, called me to himself. I climbed to him on knees, clasped with legs his hips, embraced the torturer, put the head to him on a shoulder and silently began to cry. Tears slid from eyes. And my former friend spoke to me about what I beautiful and gentle as I in a fantastic way suck and as to him it was good with me. His hands caressed my body, a back, buttocks. Two fingers came into my hole without resistance, neither physical, nor moral. I couldn't forbid it any more, I was his obedient whore. — Go to the bathroom and make toilet, and that children were already tired of waiting. I quickly slipped by mysteriously smiling guys, grabbed the handbag and ran to the bathroom and looked in a mirror. Everything wasn't so bad. Mother's waterproof ink well kept on my tear-stained eyes. I sat down on a toilet bowl, was extinguished, smeared the aching buttocks with some local cream, wiped the smeared lipstick, made up lips, was reddened and straightened the rumpled clothes. On phone there was a little passed from mother. I didn't begin to call back, wanted to call militia, but too didn't become. What will I tell them? Children have photos where I stand in various whorish poses and very clearly say: you otjebit me in all holes. Once again I looked at myself in a mirror and I went to a group eblyu. And the fact that I will be fucked I didn't doubt. In state muddy I stopped and looked round. Three pairs of vozhdelyayushchy eyes are tenacious stuck into me. Quietly the pleasant music not suitable to that hell in which I ended up played. The first Danil gave a vote. — Nicole, my baby, show to men what you learned... who is dating by blaine date calculator linux site mapMain Page