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Mikhail. Hunter. It would be possible to write down also the 5th point — to throw to Sasha a wallet, a then to accuse him of theft, an is farther blackmail to incline to sex that he sucked forgiveness, but Mikhail resolutely rejected such point as obviously unworthy. Only the caress, only arrangements can be made of the young man the girl. "And then, women of courageous love" — with these thoughts Mikhail decided to have a talk with Sasha today. Having met him in a locker room, Mikhail decided to come from far away: — You know, you remind me me in youth, I such was as — you are a romantic deer — Mischa decided to come from trumps. — Why I am a deer? — Sasha was surprised — Yes, therefore that young also you trust women, all were such, he-he. When you trust A, and horns imperceptibly grow, a then women throw you — Mischa continued the speech. — Here you have a girl? A? — No. We left. — Left... Well-well... of course. She threw you, found someone-to pobogache, postarshe and pointeresnee. So? — I put blow below a belt Mikhail Anatolyevich. — It doesn't concern you — Sasha through teeth threw — Yes stand you, I want to help you. Do you want to revenge this bitch? I can organize to you sex with the best models of the city. Watch a photo on phone — Mikhail opened a photo album where there were photos of half-naked figuristy maidens on the iPhone. — Are pleasant? — Anything so. — Anything... Yes, you, know, skoka they stand? Do you know A how they suck? Eh..., brother. Would like to prisunut him? — Well, it is possible. — Give, in the car we will discuss, I will give a ride to you to the house. — Well. In the car it was very comfortable, Sasha practically rolled in leather inside of Lexus, — Where to go, Sasha? — Na Vyazovuyu Street, 33. — Ok. Look what deal, I want to be your senior friend, the patron, at everyone the whims, I here decided to help you on life, to be your angel - the keeper, to tell so. In the general, I solved, Sasha to be engaged in charity. — I understand. A from me what is required? — Your friendship also to be an obedient boy. If you want to fuck after the next training model, I advise to shave hair in a groin and on legs. Girls like to lick shaven legs and to suck a smooth dick without volosni. — Well I will shave. — Here and the clear head — Mischa as accidentally would put a palm to Sashinu a knee. — Give run home, already arrived to Elm Street. — So far. Sasha of the house. Houses Sasha thought of this meeting much, to a word to tell, he was going to shave at himself legs and a pubis long ago, an appeared here an opportunity to combine pleasant with pleasant. Having taken a shower, Sasha took the machine and foam for shaving, soaped legs and shaved all unnecessary hair, having looked at himself in a mirror Sasha felt himself what-to womanly and defenseless, having looked in a mirror at itself behind he understood that he is similar to the girl, having moved apart rolls he saw hair near an anus ringlet which spoiled all picture. Having taken mother's cream for an epilation, Sasha greased the anus socket, there was a small burning, but were easily depilated, and the hole became sexually-privlekatelnoy. Having put on the favourite stockings and a combination, Sasha understood that what that isn't enough for him, he remembered that he in the mother's bedroom when he rummaged in ee to a case found sex of a toy, yes precisely, having taken a small anal stopper from a case, Sasha inserted ee into just shaved buttocks, after it began to jerk off furiously, observing himself in a big mirror of the bathroom, the strongest orgasm shook him to the basis. Sasha obesillenny fell by a tile and began to cry as the girl which dating app quiz date calculator bc site mapMain Page