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- Wife whore! - Artur added. - Daa: - didn't remain to me any more what to tell, I allowed Karina to put on panties which I specially took with myself. Now she though looked as the bride whore, but at least her pussy was covered. So, the wedding continued in the new room, all as usual - guests drank, ate, had fun, danced, we with the wife had to participate in different competitions from which I reddened more often, than was made horney. Karina many without hesitating any more touched and kissed, it and was clear - as still it is possible to treat the bride at which on a wedding dress in front a section almost to a belt, stockings and white panties are visible? Trying not to drink much, I suddenly in the heat of fun noticed that Karina was gone somewhere. Of course, she far didn't leave anywhere, most likely Artur took away her to fuck in one of rooms. In this house of rooms for guests there was not much, and I decided to go to look for them. Unlike my wife guests on me didn't pay a lot of attention, and I soon found what looked for. From one room on the second floor characteristic groans reached, I approached a door which wasn't even closed, and is only covered. Through a crack I saw the person familiar to me is Artur. I was sure that he has my wife, but here I noticed that it is not Karina, but some other naked maid. I looked narrowly and recognized our girlfriend Christina at whom I otlizyvat on that a sit-round gathering at our place. - Well and whore! - I thought, - and our Artur ёбарь real too. Though I wanted to be late and look at sex, I after all went down. For certain somewhere ебётся and the second girlfriend Ilona, I already began to represent about what can me today it is necessary lick at them fragrant pussies again. Here I felt small tension below, at the dick. I remembered a section... "Well, can do it will and it isn't so easy:". I found the wife on the first floor, on a verandah where she stood dog-fashion, and behind her one more our acquaintance Valera pulled. "Already not for the first time" - I thought. Interestingly where there was his wife Ilona? To watch sex of the beloved wife it became intolerable as soon as the dick began to strain. I decided to step aside. Soon we met Karina in a corridor. - The babe, I can't so today! Remove from me please, and tomorrow we will dress back, I promise you, - I prayed to her. - No, Andryusha, you have to get used and learn to constrain yourself, - she answered. - But it too. - Stop! Remove more better from me these panties, all of them are wet! - But, the child, they will see: - Well, stop, all and so everything is known! Give remove already! I helped Karina to remove the panties impregnated with a cum, but couldn't release her in such look. - Take them to yourself, since morning you will wash, - Karina thrust the pants to me into a pocket, - or you want at first them in a mouth to take or it is more best most to put on herself, and? - No, I since morning will wash, I promise, let's come only in the room to have a rest, well? - Well, then find to me with someone there to have a rest! - Karina understood everything in own way. At this moment by there passed one of guests - the young man whose name I already also don't remember. - You see what boy! - she exclaimed. After that he also didn't need to be invited anywhere, Karina spoke loudly, and without hesitating. - Эээ: be a friend, accompany my spouse to that room, and I should descend: э: behind drinks, - I looked awkwardly, but the guy understood a hint and quickly took away Karina as though he all night long only also waited for it, besides he looked it isn't surprised at all. So far he was engaged in my insatiable wife, to communicate I was lucky to Ilona whose husband just fucked Karina on a verandah, in the fresh air. Ilona drunk as I knew well, badly controlled herself. I controlled likely well more precisely, here only very dissolute I became and directly itself was imposed to men, sometimes even at the husband. Also it happened and this time to me and though I was afraid that somewhere with a glass in a hand her husband wanders, soon we retired to the secluded place. It was the room for disguise about a sauna. Ilona one click closed a door and approached me, looking at me the whorish look. Her intentions were to me more than are clear. Whether so far I doubted that to me it is worth contacting her, she already clasped my neck with hands and we kissed взасос. In spite of the fact that I very much wanted her, I knew that I can't change Karina thus. But if to think she learns nothing.: And nobody can not believe drunk Ilona, and in general she usually is silent about the adventures. But here suddenly I remembered that nothing will leave anyway - the fidelity belt is put on my dick! Desire to snuggle up with the woman stepped aside too that will be if she learns or will guess my state. As always on the one hand excitement, with another - shame. - Wait, we can't so, - I began to push away her gradually. - Why we can't? Your wife can, - Ilona began to undo buttons on my shirt. - She can, and it is impossible for me. - It is impossible for you? Why it is impossible for you? I didn't get ready to answer how Ilona lowered a hand to my perineum, but instead of the dick which is sticking out up groped my plastic feature. I was exposed and didn't know what to tell her. - Aaa! Here it that. Therefore you can't, - Ilona continued to feel a section through trousers, - I and knew that she will buy you. And long ago you carry? - No, here only the first day. - Well, clear, then I won't touch. And as you with girls will be now.? Or you only how then to lick will be able? Andryusha, you are a ladies man, huh? - Do you want that I at you licked? - And what you still can? Ha-ha!! Give at least you will lick! Only take off trousers, I want to look how there this feature dangles. I obeyed and took off from myself trousers and pants, showing the advantage in a fidelity belt. - Hakh! Wow! Super! To you very all right! - Ilona arrived in joyful mood from what was seen and sat down on a small sofa bench, spreading legs. I began to remove from her black panties, approaching a pussy which I already processed once language. I didn't bring and this time, having brought Ilona to an orgasm. It wasn't so pleasant to me - the dick couldn't get up, and balls were just inflated from excitement. Actually there was even a wish that this procedure quickly came to an end and this bitch terminated from my language that in a consequence and happened. - Thank you, my good! When so well lick, and the dick isn't necessary the truth? Listen, and Karina to you allows here so to different girls of the pussy to lick? - No, I think what isn't present. At least without her department. - Here you see, and you don't listen to her any more! Let's descend with you still somewhere and I will tell nothing to your wife. - Well we descend, only for a while. - You understand, you at me licked, and I after all want that I was fucked. And I want to substitute the man a clean kisonka. - But I just cleaned it. - Yes, and now give I descend to pee, and you will go with me and after that once again you will clean a uvula. Without having waited for my answer, we went to a toilet where Ilona properly pissed, and I complied with her small request. - Licked everything, she won't stink? - Ilona looked at me from above. - I think, no. - Well, all then. Good girl! Help to put on panties. I began to help to dress Ilona and before that how completely to pull panties, kissed her pussy finally. - What you are gentle! Do you to Karina too always so kiss a pussy? Do you love her, huh? - Yes, I love. - Well. Went from here. We left. During our absence something changed - some guests left, others somewhere retired, and here my wife, as well as it is necessary, it appeared in the center of events. In the hall of rest with the small pool and a sauna she with Christina served several men, and Artur among them wasn't. They exactly served, in a different way you won't call - absolutely naked horney dicks to the different acquaintance and not familiar men sucked away. Christina was in water and sucked to two who sat on the edge of the pool, and Karina worked a mouth sitting and having bent to the lover while the second probably was going to be attached to her behind. Having seen it, I slowed down and slowly went back so far me didn't see. What would be if to me these impudent persons suggested to join entertainments with own wife? And what I would answer them that I can't? And why? No, it is more best to avoid this shame and to wait somewhere. Around a groin there were unpleasant feelings from thoughts again that Karina is used as the prostitute at a party now. I was sure simply that she will allow everyone to fuck herself and also will execute any wishes of insatiable guests. And this her girlfriend Christina the real whore that however wasn't a secret also once again was confirmed. Unexpectedly I remembered separate bar in this institution, went there and on my surprise it was empty. I ate, I spent time with video games, the bartender was very hospitable and understanding, executed all orders, I even managed to have a sleep a couple of hours in the additional room. Late morning I found Karina in the room with Artur. We began to gather home. Karina put on the dress which looked awfully, probably she in it was fucked not once before sent naked to a sauna. And can even forced to dress then back to have fun - not every day happiness has to poyebat the real bride at a wedding. - Well, how spent night? How to you does our belt, not really press? - Artur asked me. - No, thanks, everything is normal, - I answered, having remembered that he is aware of all affairs. - Then I will go likely, and you home so far will bring my girl. - Yes, I will go our driver I will check. Artur obviously scoffed, speaking about "the" girl, and this girl clung to him meanwhile... - And with you it is possible for me? Or you with the husband leave me? He won't be able me: - And it is also not necessary to him! - the lover joked. - Ah, well! That's right! - Karina burst out laughing. what to know when dating someone with bpd dated and related age site mapMain Page