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- It is a pity the aunt Marina that I am released soon. - So there is a wish to stay longer with you "banker"? - Inga spoke, the girl sat at me on a lap, kissed my person, caressed boobies and fed, a bed in my mouth, boiled pork pieces with bread. - Well on unless light a wedge agreed on me the daughter? - Will you find to yourself at liberty the girlfriend, on love but not on coercion as here? I embraced the girl and began to caress the young Kazakh woman, to rumple her soft breasts and to kiss, a gentle maiden neck. After a nourishing meal I wanted sex, the pussy began to ache again. I sat naked and on a lap at me was which has a naked twenty-year-old girl such long tongue. Though I told Inge that she having released will find to itself the girlfriend at liberty. To me it was felt that this sheep, will sit down again, at theft to lick many female pussies. In the village where there lived Inga, lesbians with fire won't be found in the afternoon. - Yes such as you "banker" to me not to find. - I only with you terminated without touching a pussy. - Kovyryalka got down from my knees, lit the extinguished "jamb". And we again with it took seat on a bed, began to watch a leysbiysky sex magazine and to be caught up by hemp, giving the stub burning lips, the friend the friend. - You lay down on a back the aunt Marina I will caress you. I laid down on a bed and Inga from above on me, and began to caress, rumple passionately boobies, to suck my nipples and to fidget on me. Imitating sexual intercourse that was very pleasant when on you the young girl lies. - "Banker", the darling, as to me it is good with you. - Inga whispered to me, covering my body with kisses, having gently passed by sponges on a tummy. "Kovyryalka" habitually settled at me between legs, and is passionate, dropped lips, to a chink, the adult woman. - As well the daughter as with pleasure you do. стиратьоо, ааааа, оооооо. - I when the girl's language, was included into my vagina raised a howl and I began to go on his walls. It was pleasantly mad, isn't present definitely, I was right "collective farm" that won't pull me on men after "kovyryalok". I any more will never go to bed with the man, with the woman it is much more pleasant and I cum with her more better than from the dick with the man. I will be released and will find to myself the young girl with the same long tongue as at Inga. And two very young beautiful "kovyryalok" to itself can I will get, with my money I a lot of things can. Or here to Mordovia I will arrive, to this blue-eyed snake, Elena Viktorovna. With her to me it is even more best than with young and how it is pleasant to suck at her a clitoris? With pleasure I remembered the evening spent in an intimate office at the chief of colony and terminated to "kovyryalka" in a mouth. Inga again fast finished me the language, whatever you may say and she was a professional in this case. - And you here on a zone became a lesbian Inga? - I asked the girl when we lay with her in the dark on a bed mattresses, having embraced departing after an orgasm. Inga terminated but this time too, was fast caught up by a finger, lying near me, having plaintively raised a howl, facing me, black, slanting eyes. - Yes there is no aunt Marina, I this pleasant business to lick pussies at school learned from women. - In the ninth class, to us then the young teacher after institute came. - And she began to bring up me on mathematics. - I dvoyechnetsy was, often with her after lessons some in a class remained. - Well and once she also suggested me to lick at her a pussy, in exchange for good marks in her objects. - I didn't refuse and very much it was pleasant to me, and was with her so far didn't graduate from school. - And then in school at girlfriends I licked. - The Ignga in a thoughtful smile, lifted up the slanting eyes, it is visible remembering time spent at liberty. Where nobody beat her and humiliated and there she was free in the acts and affairs. But on the other hand, this sheep, a sin to take offense at the fact that she is oppressed here? Where will this Inga still find, such set of female pussies which can be licked voluntarily or on coercion and to derive from it pleasure? Only here perhaps in Potm, in women's corrective labor colony, it is possible but not in the province where this "kovyryalka" lived earlier. There treat lesbians ambiguously, unfriendly if it is possible so to speak. - The aunt Marina, I in three months am released, let's all this time live together. - How "husband" and "wife"? - I will ask Luda - the supply manager that she allocated two beds in a prokhodnyaka on the lower tier to us. - I will become your "wife" you I will obstiryvat and to prepare. - Inga Prositelno looked at me, faithfully like a dog looking in my face. And at me from her offer to start with her lesbian "family", slightly the stupor didn't happen. "Husband", what of me? I am not similar to "koblikha" at all, one "wife" more. Womanly, gentle, I wanted caress from other woman. If to start "family" here on a zone, with the convict, then I would choose Verka, the strong, strong-willed girl "posing" as the boy. Verka the poured-out "koblikha" which will caress and will protect if something happens. Not that this flabby Inga, got used to erase foreign dirty cowards and to lick ssany pussies at convicts. - About there is no daughter, only not it. - And then you pass from hand to hand. - And I will be jealous you of other convicts, and I will begin to beat. - Well you need it? - I embraced Inga, in the dark nestling on her young hot body. Remembering what sometimes Shakespearean passions boil at us in group, between "husbands" and "wives" in leysbiysky families. "Koblikh" constantly are jealous "wives" of other convicts, beat them and row. There is everything most as at liberty in ordinary families, between the husband and the wife, only here in the perverted look too. One tragicomic case at which all zone laughed was remembered. To one such "kovyryalka" living in "marriage" from "koblikhy" at us in group. I arrived on a long svidanka, three days put under the law, the real husband, even from Moscow. And "koblikha" having been jealous of "wife", I didn't let her to a svidanka to the lawful husband. This poor creature in hotel at a zone sits, waits when to him his wife comes. And the dnevalny zechka which washed the floors in a brothel and speaks to him. - In vain you wait the man, your Tanya won't come to you. - Her "husband" doesn't let on a svidanka. - The man directly also became stupid from heard what pier such "husband"? - I am her lawful husband by the passport, and straight in administration of colony. And there only made a helpless gesture, the appointment put voluntary. And if condemned doesn't want to go on him, employees of colony have no right to force her violently. Here also there went the husband to Moscow without having seen the wife whom I didn't let to an appointment to him, her other "husband" of a koblikh. And the wife of that poor creature, resignedly obeyed, as well as it is necessary to prison "husband" in leysbisky families on a zone. Generally laughter and a grief, I presented a condition of that man who was secured from Moscow to Mordovia. To see the beloved and to potrakhatsya with her three days in hotel. And at her it appears there is "husband" the woman who didn't let his legal wife, to him to an appointment. Silent horror, in a word. - Well "banker", but I all the same will be, to care for you as your "wife". - From this day, I will begin to wash your clothes and to carry to you food from the dining room. - Inga Prositelno looked at me, and I was unable to refuse to her. Let erases, to me bothered to obstiryvat itself and to the dining room to go too. - Well the daughter, I agree. - I answered Inge, only in order that this importunate "kovyryalka" got rid. I from the very beginning, tried to live on a zone, in itself, following prison concepts, to allow and most not to take anything to anybody from others. But to refuse to this natsmenka, the owner of long tongue to which she brought me to an orgasm I couldn't. Let washes my dirty pants, and carries to me food from the dining room. And in exchange will get unlimited access to my pussy, time it so to be pleasant to it. It will be a peculiar barter, I to it allow to lick free of charge and it to me carries food from the dining room and obstiryvat me. At liberty, it is difficult to present a similar relationship and here behind a prickly provolka everything is possible. For example for a pack of good cigarettes, it is possible to receive at the cook in the dining room, a big piece of white loaf with oil. And for ten packs of usual cigarettes, the whole cup, boiled meat. - Only Inga, you especially don't advertize our affairs. - It isn't necessary that others knew that we make love to you on the quiet in a kapterka? - And now it is time for us to disperse, and that soon rise and me it is necessary to lay down on the shkonka. - I told "shnyrikha" in which embraces it was so good. - Yes be not afraid the aunt Marina, I will tell nobody about it. - Only you don't offend me, and allow to lick your "girl" more often. - She at you such sweet. - Inga covered with kisses my stomach and a pubis, with regret opening the embraces. I got up, having fast put on a dressing gown, having left to "kovyryalka" pants on washing, the payment for sex with her and left a kapterka in sleepy group. In an hour rise, and I didn't want that "collective farm" over which I slept, I marked me. From this day, Inga became, to wash my dirty things and to carry food from the dining room. And "kovyryalka" tried to bring me a piece more tasty, it drove friendship with cooks and can and otlizyvat at them, but I always had now white loaf with oil and meat. In exchange Inga, asked from me, only one, to allow her to drop lips to my vagina. And I gave to a shnyrikha, to lick the pussy and why not? But only in a kapterka, it was impossible more. Luda supply manager left from a svidanka and itself slept on the mattresses beds, and we retired with Inga to other kapterka of men on duty in that where "kovyryalka" otlizyvat at us three, Matvevna, Verka and at me. The truth there everything needed to be done on fast. I sat down on a table near the titan with hot water, spread legs, without taking off a dressing gown. And Inga having sat down on hunkers, I began to lick at me a pussy, trying to thrust more deeply, the long tongue into my vagina. It was sex "with fear" from which both of us, quickly cumed. Surprisingly but "kovyryalka" got an orgasm together with me, without touching with hands the perineum. To me was кайфово with Inga as as, "discharge" was more best than that, than I was caught up itself by a finger at night under a blanket. As to me was it is good with Inga, with my second woman after Elena Viktorovna. With which I had same-sex sex, in women's corrective labor colony in Potm. But nevertheless I waited for a meeting with Verka. The beautiful thief, with not warmed up breasts, attracted me to herself as a magnet. Happened to me most too that happens to the woman who tried sex with not the really handsome man. Looks for the man more better, more nicely, and with good data belts are lower. Similar now, happened also to me, Inga was, weak-willed, a rag over which all walked. And I wanted intimate relations, with the strong, strong-willed woman, can because I was, very womanly and gentle. If a year ago at liberty, somebody told me that I will look for the girlfriend more beautifully and with standing a stake tits, for occupations sex? That I would consider that person for the madman and would twist a finger at a temple. And now, what happens to me here in women's penal colony. I perceive as the normal phenomenon. And for myself I resolved that it is more, I with the man won't go to bed. And why, when to me it is good with women and I feel with them a great satisfaction which I didn't receive in a bed with men earlier. I with horror remember now that I there in antecedents am free. Once because of break in relations with one married man whom I met half a year and he didn't decide to marry me. I am the silly woman filled, I nearly swallowed tablets, was even going to be hung up because of him. And one of my friends, after the divorce with the husband, just decided to commit suicide, in time pumped out. Also it would be from zachy to be hung up or be poisoned? Because of this biped being, with balls and the dick, it is constant them shaking. As if at him between legs to be such "wealth". Without which we are women and we can't live day? And it turns out that we can, and very not bad we can do without men. Being engaged in sweet "pink" love the friend with a druzhka. Isn't present if I and in the future I will be poisoned because of one-way love. Just because of the woman, for example because of such as Elena Viktorovna. Beautiful, clean with gentle, velvety skin from which so pleasantly smells and in a bed with her it is madly good. - Listen carefully "banker" here? - Today we with you leave in the third change. - I agreed with the girlfriend, and her kapterka, will be at our disposal. - But only I warn you. - You will peep a sheep, about our relationship to somebody though a word. - I will kill you. Verka, spoke to me quietly in undertones that didn't hear other zechka, hanging out in the evening with me in the group yard. The thief, was afraid, if criminal over which she bossed. Learn that she licked a pussy at "worker" that her unambiguously can, "sew". To thrust "sharpening" sideways, somewhere in a dark corner, the work area. - The daughter, don't frighten you me. - I am "lock" and you can rely on "banker". I spoke to the thief, calming her, it in appearance I such soft, and in soul strong in spirit. Cops, twisted me during the investigation, dopytyvy where I put, millions stolen by me in bank. But I so also didn't tell them the truth. - Oh, it is rather a Verochka to leave at night, I want you forces isn't present. I said to the thief in low tones and it is imperceptible for other convicts, I stroked criminal on a hand. Verka right there drew aside a hand as she from fire, and angrily зыркнув on me, went to group. what to expect dating a latina date today excel vba site mapMain Page