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Robert, the modest business card of the black giant on which there was only a name and phone so said, I picked up the phone on the second beep and its steady voice instead of a greeting said, distorting the Russian vowels a little: "I waited for a tvoiy call. Подиезжяй to university an obshchiyezhitiya for foreigners to nazyivat the address?" "I by the taxi and kind of local so I will understand", ‑ Alina called a final point of a route to the taxi driver and plunged into imaginations. "Very long ago I didn't somersault on obshchazhny beds. Eh, the old woman where only the lust doesn't get came. To change magnificent luxury with presentable businessmen and expensive gifts, for the zadrypanny room in halls and the dick in trousers. But this dick is worth it", ‑ the last remark in an internal dispute returned Alina by yesterday again and on a body goosebumps which began to gather in the bottom of a stomach so to the end of a trip panties were wet ran, nipples hardened, and on cheeks the excitement flush appeared if not the memory of sure and tender fingers of Robert, then Alina would satisfy herself directly in the taxi, and so ‑ it is more best to wait. Robert waited for her on a hostel porch, all in the same fitting jeans and a light white tennis shirt which emphasized his reliefs and perfectly contrasted with black skin of the owner under which the trained muscles involuntarily walked. Having paid off the taxi driver and having passed by his accusatory look, Alina seldom paid attention to opinion of others, the white beauty rolled in embraces of the black giant which at a kiss without hesitating walked on her breasts, gently pinched fingers one of nipples then covered with the huge hand buttocks and a forefinger got into the vagina squelching from lubricant. "You сиегодня ещиё are more horney" — Robert told having interrupted a kiss, at the same time considered the forefinger on which moisture shone, playing in beams of the sun. "Itself I don't know how it was got", ‑ Alina forcedly was confused. "Well that — conduct me in monastery of debauchery" — Alina joked and I went to an entrance. Robert gallantly picked up her suitcase which in his hands seemed a ladies' handbag and led Alina to itself(himself). On a checkpoint got used for a long time to similar visits therefore Alina wasn't even asked someone is she such, but a surprise waited for her already in Robert's room when having passed along usual corridors of the dormitory with the immemorial smells of variegated kitchen spat by ladders and ragged doors, Robert showed her room. The room also contrasted with ideas of the hostel as a white tennis shirt of Robert with his skin. Behind a usual door to the room the territory from another dimension and time began. Expensive carpets which covered walls and all floor is covered, elegantly emphasized heavy curtains through which sunlight practically didn't get. At the same time carpets were so thick that muffled sounds as outside world, and obviously didn't allow to leave to sounds the room. In the center of the room there was a huge bed with silk red linen, and in the room the lamps stylized under candles gave light. To Robert obviously cost considerable money to create such nest as the room was at least twice more than usual and the person needed to live in her not alone. "I to a vyizh that to a tyeba nravyitsya. I didn't hotyet to otryivatsya from collective and привьик I to an obshchyezhitiya. I thought the apartment сньять, but the mnye so big nravyitsya. The shower could organyizovat Dazhye". Robert was obviously proud of the room therefore he with obvious pleasure showed how he could turn the ordinary room into a masterpiece with all conveniences. But Alina had absolutely other plans: "Then you will show everything" — one movement of Alyn slammed a door, and, on snake having drawn a way the bulked-up nipples from Robert's groin to his breast, I stuck kiss on the lips, having clasped at the same time the black giant with the legs at the level of hips. For this purpose Aline was necessary to show a maximum of skill and ability (it is heavy to climb up the two-meter giant, keeping at the same time grace and not causing to the partner of inconveniences), but it rendered lightning effect on Robert — his dick instantly bulked up and obviously ceased to be located in the owner's trousers — Alina felt it as the buttocks as she during a long kiss didn't cease to crawl according to Robert, sitting specially down on the "monster" who is holding apart trousers. Robert smoothly moved to a bed and, without breaking off a kiss, laid the burden on silk covers. He uncoupled capture around the hips and Alina literally rolled in lots of expensive bed linen. Now Robert the huge black rock hung over the white island of the body trembling with desire. A body of the black giant I was in power of sexual tension too and, having decided not to tighten with preludes, he released the monster from captivity of jeans then, without taking off pants from Alina (just I removed a narrow strip of the got wet fabric aside), sharply I entered on all depth of a lewd abyss. Alina sighed and leaned back on pillows, she was carried away again on pleasure wings by so expected orgasm. There was neither pain, nor any inconvenience — the body still remembered yesterday's penetration and Alina not for nothing spent the last hours of preparations. Several more progress and full relaxation of internal muscles she allowed Robert to place completely a dick in the body then from her throat I was distributed lingering, but hardly heard, howl and Alina was disconnected — the orgasm completely covered her. Alina from feeling of emptiness — emptiness between the legs regained consciousness, having completely opened eyes, she saw Robert lying a row who with slight interest considered her body, from time to time reminding of herself easy strokings. Fingers will be run along a nipple, suddenly the palm will outline a relief of hips, and Alina at the moment when Robert took away her hair which stuck to a forehead regained consciousness and gently I stroked a neck. "I увьерен, чьтьо to a tyebya want to pyit" — Alina with gratitude in a look dropped to the stretched glass with juice — hands didn't obey, even the head managed to be torn off from a pillow with great difficulty. "Eka, covered me" — Alina told, having moistened the dried-up throat. "But I precisely remember that someone still remained isn't satisfied" — and velvet fingers were run on the dick standing a stake, Robert managed to undress while Alina was unconscious. It was possible to call the member Roberta a stake with big underestimation — rather a tower with the patrol room under the roof. "Otdyikhay, at us ещьё is a lot of vremyena..." — Robert will finish wasn't in time as Alina with grace of a cat dodged in a bed and put on the mouth the reared black flesh. A third of the dick managed to be swallowed at once, and after relaxation of muscles of a throat ten more centimeters entered. Completely the dick as without preparation it can lead to dangerous injuries was also not going to zaglotnut Alyn, but the skilled worker of a blowjob knew that the main not full immersion and the correct caress — a head, a bridle, slipping in a throat, a bridle, a head, an urethra hole, and again back. One hand massages the basis of the dick, another rolls elastic balls. The black giant kept with ability of the professional, but also Alina was not a beginner so in 3 — 4 minutes of caress Robert moaned, his muscles of a press and a basin strained, and viscous drops with a tremendous speed disappeared in throat depths. Lovers leaned back on pillows and stirred about any trifles. Robert told that he dreams to remain in this city and to start the business as in the homeland of him waits for nothing. Abroad he won money for training in a grant of one of the American firms with branch in Africa, but return assumes to be engaged in tiresome work for the rest of the life, according to almost slaveholding contract. Alina told about herself, the addictions, the experience and here Robert somehow appropriate moved down and began to collect moisture which appeared at Alina during the story about own adventures. Oh, YES!!! Robert was a master and there is nothing to do to him in Africa. There such diamond will remain unnoticed soon will grow dull. Language flitted on sponges and smoothly touched a clitoris. Hands massed a body and obviously strolled on erogenous zones about which Robert knew in perfection. I was thrilled and departed further and further until at the peak Robert suddenly replaced tactics and having made language firm as the peg, began to be played with the second hole. Language dived into an anus on several centimeters, then Robert began the movement with the head up, leaving language in an anus while that didn't escape from captivity of a sphincter and didn't fly between vulvar lips, and then almost without stopping to a clitoris. In a vagina language relaxed a little and massed sponges from within, and at pass back again became rigid as a peg and rushed into weakened the daddy. The perineum was under a constant pressure from what I bulked up and the touch to it was already given by pleasant pricking in all body. I didn't even understand when the finger joined language. Obviously while Robert decided that one language for the daddy isn't enough. Now the finger always remained in the daddy, and language continued the dancing. There, back, there, back. Though I also prepared the daddy for such joys, but at first to a finger with language was rather small in a bunghole, and after addition of the second finger Robert began to develop in all a sphincter, language having focused on a clitoris. At the moment when it pulled out fingers I felt such gaping emptiness that nearly I howled with the requirement to return into place that removed, and, maybe, and with addition still something. Though Robert's fingers and so not small and he parted them with a fork of the sign of a victory for a long time. But fingers were absent literally several seconds, and then returned back, but on them something else was obvious, except my allocations. Some gel or lubricant went to dark depth on what the body responded in one thousand small needles of pleasure, and at some point I felt as a continuous exacting bottom which goes crazy in desire of a huge dick. I practice anal sex long ago, but Robert was right at the first meeting when he worried about my health after the meeting with his dick of mine of the daddy. What he careful and attentive, precisely — to him nothing to do in Africa, I will recommend him to some familiar young ladies, so he for one night will lift one thousand 2 dollars. Thoughts jumped as proteins, I was thrilled with pleasure, and in buttocks three fingers already managed. Robert several times added lubricant which left more and more deeply on a rectum. When the fourth finger was added, I accepted it as native, and already "boat" goes to depth. Robert ceased to caress me language, and the clitoris caressed a thumb when the boat from four fingers entered against the stop. ‑ Robert, I am ready. Don't torment me, enter already! — the last words broke on shout as Robert added the fifth to four fingers and drove a hand on the bone of a thumb. The hand was taken slowly and accurately, and Robert looked to me in the face and friendly smiled, as after well performed work. I am pleasant to accept the dick in buttocks lying on a back then it is simpler to operate the partner and mutilations can be avoided as the black lover guessed it I don't know, but today he guessed all my desires. I heard a sound of the torn packing and understood what Robert the superprofessional, and therefore the first penetration will obviously do in condom and won't regret lubricant so there is a chance to do without gaps. Though I also wanted an anal, but the fear of such giant was though skillful caress minimized him. Подмостив under pillow buttocks, he parted to me legs exactly so that the hole revealed in the way best in his opinion. I so trusted in this black giant that carried out all his mute gestures without objections. He put my hands on legs there where I had to hold them, specified by gentle pats what muscles to weaken, and after the plentiful wetting dressed in rubber armor of the monster by gel from an impressive jar I leaned back on a bed in full readiness to accept him. I will remember pass of a huge dick through a sphincter for a long time. Let weakened by caress and lubricant, let stretched and trained, but for such dick there is only one preparation — the same dick. But a sphincter — it was half the problem, the most interesting began after it. Kind of Robert didn't train the daddy by a hand how many he wouldn't fill in lubricant, kind of didn't grease condom, but after pass of 10 — 15 centimeters (it was difficult for me to estimate as rather it reminded insertion of a cross tie and was hard estimated, it is a cross tie all or only the middle) the wild discomfort began. Yes, what to tell there, it became really sick. I was obviously twisted and lowed, and tears scattered a hail from eyes. But Robert was attentive, at the first shows of flour on my face, he stopped and began the movement back. When the last centimeters of the dick left buttocks I burst out crying as the little girl. ‑ I to a byyud very much аккьюратен, ‑ with these words Robert bent over my person and collected by lips dew of my tears, and at this time the hand already in all managed in the daddy, adding new portions of helium lubricant (Robert was prepared thoroughly — this lubricant it was obvious about a liter, she was corporal temperature and I caused only electric prickings which are obviously anesthetizing with stretcher of muscles). The second calling where the sphincter didn't even strain went passing the guest inside, and plentifully moistened intestines were accepted in himself by almost all dick, but again a nagging pain and again Robert noticed it in time. Again the campaign back, but I is farther I remember vaguely as I turned into a continuous hole of pleasure, gel obviously began to work, I don't know what Robert added in him, and the feeling of penetration so inflamed me that from a vagina the whole flood went. I was carried away on waves of pleasure and only at the time of full immersion when Robert's pubis concerned my squelching girl I terminated, terminated so that splashes reached my person. Such feeling that someone covered with a hand the crane with water against the stop and sprinkled all around. I cumed and cumed, eyes saw nothing, the throat reduced from a spasm and except low nothing escaped outside. Most likely I cumed the whole minute, and then a failure and I was carried away in an embrace of Morpheus. I woke up from caress and penetration into a vagina. I lay a stomach on a heap of pillows and the dick gently massed me from within. I started over again rushing to the next orgasm, but at some point something went wrong. And not at the partner, and it is obvious at me. And any more there is no that animal pleasure, and just listening to internal feelings. What not so? Why there is no business to an orgasm? Each new muscleman brought understanding — behind me not Robert was attached. I squinted eyes back and saw that it is the Black, with rather big advantage too too, but movements its not such graceful and a smell another, and just he does everything not so. I would be less skilled in sexual adventures, wouldn't guess. Besides night, multiple orgasms what to me would be a difference someone there on me got out. But I am not just a lover of this business, I am a pro. Therefore as the professional I squeezed vagina muscles why the partner literally howled from delight and through ten frictions violently terminated. I prookhat with imitation of an orgasm too. Though to me it was also good, but it is heavy to derive full pleasure when the head is stuffed by any reflections. And I reflected on one, to leave the unexpected guest to the third or to make row. As a result having decided, I pretended that the orgasm tired me and having buried in a pillow gradually breathed heavily. The guest twitched in me a little more until the semi-fallen-down dick itself took off and having muttered something like "I now", went to a door. He didn't manage to close a door as I deliberately loudly and distinctly told: ‑ Call Robert and itself come back, we tried not all. The guest even jumped up and scaredly looked at me. On his black face white scared eyes so brightly looked. I added a lewd smile to the whorish look and sparkled eyes. And the look obviously was still that — on the torn to pieces bed, in the middle of red lots of covers, in the light of the smoldering lamps the pale goddess with rounded shapes and a wild hair lies (it not I so represent myself, gentlemen so spoke of me so it was necessary to believe). All body radiates with undisguised lust and desire to continue entertainments. At the same time rules of this entertainment will obviously remain for the goddess, and lovers for her no more, than toys. The guest in embarrassment looked round on the parties, saw someone behind a door, once again shuddered and hasty covered a door. Behind a door the furious skirmish in French which was tried to be conducted in a whisper was heard, but the left chink removed at all all sound insulation which was made in the room by Robert. Didn't pass and 5 minutes as the door it was opened and Robert with slightly confused smile entered, and behind him one more Black — approximately is one head lower, narrower in shoulders and not with such relief torso. ‑ It is Michael, ‑ already without accent of the narration Robert. — My acquaintance and the sponsor, though it is more best to call him the investor, ‑ Robert wasn't confused, but Michael turned pale, and became gray more true, and constantly darted the fearful glances at Robert. Robert marched to a bed and took seat near me. — He invests money in me and my nest, and I teach him to knowledge of the address with a female. ‑ Something is badly noticeable your training, he such timid though in sexual caress it is quite good and the dick is able to work, almost like you, ‑ I lay down on Robert's knees and ironically considered Michael who still rubbed at a door. ‑ You just weren't familiar with him earlier, he was even afraid to approach the girl, not to mention sex. Michael, don't hesitate. Sit down to us. Alina the correct and liberated girl, she will teach you to it that in one book won't write. Especially, if to be with her frank. I correctly understood you, Alyn? — with the last words Robert, kind of accidentally ran a hand over still hitched up and wooden nipples and drowned my breast in the hand, smoothly shaking it. These movements began to carry away me, but a role of the Fury teacher needed to be played up to the end: ‑ What you are a prankish, Robert! ‑ I playfully struck with a cam it in a breast and was released from fetters of the hand indulging me. — Yes, you correctly understood everything. I love sex in all manifestations, and especially when I have sex with the understanding and careful partners. With these words I rose from a bed and light step went to Michael. () Michael still was in a little shock and couldn't leave him in any way. ‑ Michael, really very much it was pleasant to me. But I for the life tried so many dicks and partners that I can distinguish even difference half-centimeter in length and several millimeters in thickness, and on the speed of the movement, it as music where it is easy to guess style of any musician, and when he gets off even on the eighth part of a step, even laymen in music can hear. And in sex I am not a layman — not the layman, ‑ with these words I closely approached Michael and stuck we will kiss on his mouth. He delayed several seconds, and then in him the animal woke up. Michael picked up me, threw legs on hips and really seated on the dick. I didn't spread, and I seated. I didn't meet such muscle long ago, even Robert, most likely, isn't capable of it. I accommodated on the dick more conveniently and began to crawl smoothly on him. This very original feeling when, without breaking off a kiss, you the daddy climb up a top of the dick so that the head appears directly opposite to a back opening. The daddy from Robert's efforts still it wasn't closed, and therefore Michael's head on a half failed inside. Then is a little more higher to moisten a head with juice from a vagina, and, as from the hill, down. For 5 such descents rises the dick was so slippery that each time I failed more and more, in the daddy, in a vagina. At the same time it so hardened and tried to reach vertical position that each rise became harder and harder, and for a nasazhivaniye of the daddy on a dick had to carry out acrobatics miracles. I was so brought that I didn't even notice how Michael together with me moved to a bed and smoothly lowered me in Robert's embraces (after all not for nothing there passed lessons). (to be continued) History is an invention and flight of my imagination from the first and to the last word, the similarity to real characters is absolutely accidental. Still a year ago I quickly gathered positive responses on E_B_A@ukr.net, but time for continuation of this story wasn't. Comment, abuse or you praise — it is possible this website, it is possible on mail, only it can accelerate an exit of Parts 7 and 8 (so far it is supposed, how final). If someone noticed any inaccuracies (spelling, semantic, physiological, etc.) or wants that also their history was described in similar spirit, write — the anonymity is guaranteed. what should you include in a dating profile date in html site mapMain Page