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People around kept silence. Also didn't move as if hardened. At last from the next bed Marinka gave the shy stammering vote: – Alyon! What э … it was? – What? The lewd puppy begins to meet with the deserts. At me for him a lot more caress is laid up! – And … and how it at you turned out? – Easily! A little bit sharpnesses, a little bit charm, a little bit determination … And the businessman in a hat! – And if … if he complains? – Someone? This schnook? The gut at it is thin! And a snout in down! Will take in head to complain – the administration learns about it a lot of new and curious. – And what you will do with him further? – I don't know, I didn't solve yet … Somehow yes I use. Again the shy knock at a door was heard. – Creep, the freak! – Alyona bellowed. "Freak" obediently crept to the room with a tray in hands. – Behind death to send you, drop! The louse beaten quicker creeps! What do you potter? Vividly here! Earring obediently I put a tray on a table and it was already habitually spread face downwards before Madam. And she captiously examined the brought breakfast. – I to you now on a head will pour out this porridge, the jerk! No, more better in a toilet bowl I will merge and I will force to lick, and then to kiss this point! Ha – ha – ha! Cool, and? – Yes, Madam, – the shivering voice he mumbled. – Ana, muzzle on one side! – she ordered. – My fine leg needs a support. Though your nasty ugly face is also unworthy similar honor, but I have rather poor choice so far. And, without delaying, I put the left leg on his face, having coquettishly pressed on a nose dirty foot and having poked fingers in eyes. And I put the right leg on left. And again with a force I pressured the person of humiliated. – Well, how to you sweet burden of my divine power? From under foot only unintelligible low was heard. But the shiver which ran on all Seryozhkiny body became the best answer. It was visible that he feels unknown pleasure now, reveling in own position of the slave, power of the sovereign, contact with foot of this beauty, unique aroma of her leg … – You will lie so until I deign to end the morning meal. You can even kiss my foot furtively. I won't be angry. Can be. And slowly I took from a tray a glass of coffee with milk and toasted crisp roll. – Oh, too it is time for us to have breakfast! And we still didn't even wash! – little girls began to fuss. – And all because of it … your slave. – Nothing, he will beg at you for forgiveness yet. Truth? – Alyona, chewing sweet roll, I raised foot over the person of prostrate. He quickly and often began to breathe. And then I started showering her with kisses, crying with a surplus of emotions. – See you, began to enjoy! – Alyona again densely pressed a leg to his physiognomy. – I will accustom you soon that to kiss my charming feet is a great honor which it is necessary to deserve honestly. And for all favor sent by me, you, cattle, it is necessary to fulfill wholly! Again in reply – a delightful shiver. She smiled enough. Playfully I pressed a leg his face. I pressed and released. And so several times. And it too – manifestation of favor and favor for which the slave from now on is in debt to Madam. Meanwhile in the dining room it is silent, but actively discussed the events. – No, and why she? – Marinka was indignant. – I, maybe, too so want! Than I am worse than her? What am not I a Madam? – Yes be appeased you! There is a lot of us, and the slave – one. – Why one? How many boys! Choose any and bend him! – And how to make it? – It is necessary to think. And to consult to Alyona. – Correctly! Let's rather a breakfast finish! And to start business. When girls returned to the bedroom, Alyona already ended a meal and exempted the face of the slave from a delightful burden of the foot, having left under her only his mouth which is incessantly kissing a dirty heel of the Empress. She thoughtfully looked out of the window and reflected how further to use the captive and how to get new obedient slaves. Neighbors a couple of minutes stood in the doorway, without knowing how to tell about conceived. Shock from humiliating scenes and ardent desire to turn into sovereigns confused their thoughts. At last Marinka ventured to give a vote: – Alyonushka! We here … it … consulted, thought … Alyona, slowly, without dropping the new high advantage, I turned a look towards the quailed girlfriends facing her with a type of obedient petitioners. – Well … generally … we want too as you! We want to become madams! – at last Marinka blurted out. – Very much you want? – with an easy sneer the skilled girlfriend asked. – Very much! ы only prompt t to us as to make it! Well please! – I will prompt. Also I will help. But it isn't free … – she waved a dirty leg. – The slave, shoo under a bed! You aren't necessary to me yet! Earring obediently I crept away under a bed. And Marinka stared at the girlfriend the look begging, eager for unknown pleasures: – And … and for how many? – For a real kickshaw. Alyona beckoned the neighbor a finger. And when that approached closer, majestic gesture stretched in her party the gentle handle with brightly made up marigold, having slightly bent her in a wrist. – You … How it?. Why? – It is also a payment for the hint. You very much want it? – Well … well! – So in what a delay? She held the stretched handle low, at the level of a bed. And Marinke willy-nilly was necessary to kneel to touch her lips. – I didn't feel a kiss! – discontentedly Alyona said. – Once again! More diligently! The marine bent to the handle of the girlfriend again, strong nestled on her lips and even loudly smacked the lips, trying to prove thereby that now – that term of the contract is satisfied honestly. – Well, here, it is already more best! – that praised. – Continue! Marinka in embarrassment raised on her eyes and met a severe, cold, ruthless look of the sovereign whose orders have to be executed immediately and implicitly. In indecision I looked back to the little girls standing at a door. Those often began to nod. I heaved a deep sigh. And then again I clung to the handle and I undertook to cover it with kisses. – More gently! – Alyona ordered. – I have to feel your sincere devotion and humility! Understood? – Aha! – I should answer: "Yes, Madam"! And in any way differently! – Д – yes, State … Madam, – uttered indistinctly the shaken girlfriend, without interrupting a solemn ritual of worship. – All right, enough! – Madam told at last. – Crawl away! Following! Also I waved the handle towards the girls standing at a door. Valya was following. She indecisively approached a bed of the Princess, kneeled down before her and dropped to the stretched handle, hardly thinking that does. But gradually I quickened and carefully I walked lips from a marigold to a wrist. The princess allowed the second maid of honor to natselovatsya thoroughly and negligent gesture ordered to clean up her back. – Further! – haughty she said, having clicked fingers. Vika, Sveta, Violetta … All five "court ladies" took the secret oath to the princess, in turn having carefully kissed her fertile hand. Also stood, expecting further orders. Alyona sent him a mercy smile. Also I started statement of the plan of further actions: – Yes, in this life it is necessary to pay for everything. Including for pleasures. You honestly satisfied my condition and be now convinced that I don't waste the words. Slave! Kiss legs to my court ladies! Earring instantly I got out from under her bed and I rushed to legs of girls. Shoes, sandals, bedroom-slippers, Vietnamese were in turn carefully covered with kisses. Then it was ordered to slave to clean up under a bed again. And the happy Princess continued the throne speech: – It I to you only issued advance payment. And salary still ahead. Already today your legs will have all boys. Also you will be able to choose to yourself in servants of any of them. But from you I need implicit, implicit, blind obedience, your most gracious Monarchess! From now on none of you dare to sit at my presence – before receiving a special permission. Nobody has the right to address me on "you" and by name – only "Madam" or "your Highness". It is more than compliments in my address – for an uslazhdeniye of regal hearing of your Benefactor. What I ordered you – though to jump from a roof headfirst though to kill the friend to the friend – has to be executed quickly, precisely and unconditionally. I will demand the same from boys – slaves concerning you, their future empresses. For faithful service I will award you – to allow to the fine handle or to the not less fine knee. I promise in addition to it and other awards. Serve me sincerely and honestly, and I won't leave you by the highest favor! Little girls exchanged glances. How to them to explain the consent, the joy of the coming true desires, the devotion to the newly appeared Sovereign? After second reflection all five maids of honor in a uniform rush kneeled. And amicably spread to a bed of the Princess, eliciting permissions once again to kiss her charming handle. what is the ex-dividend price of a share in a perfect capital market dateline youtube new site mapMain Page