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The first time. An inexhaustible subject, because at everyone it, the most memorable and the most impressive, the most unexpected and defining all further life. But what it is possible to consider by the first time? There is a question. The first occurrence, the first pleasure or the first orgasm? It is clear, that most often these concepts coincide, but I had them separate therefore I consider what I had the three first time. To tell about all three? I will try... I grew at quite constraining guy and it seemed to me that girls don't pay to me attention therefore I was going to be the virgin nearly to senile age. But the young organism demanded the and elements of masturbation were mastered by me long before the first hair on the intimate place. Also a certain literature visited my hands (in the form of photos from each page which to me were left by inheritance by the elder brother). I read it secretly from parents, having hidden under a blanket, but thanks to it I learned, than girls differ from boys and what is a clitoris? Generally, by 17 years theoretically I was grounded, and in practice mastered only a "manual" method of sex. But once I met the schoolmate on the street with the girlfriend who very much was pleasant to me and I to her too probably attracted. That evening walked three together, and then I grew bolder and, having learned the phone number of the girlfriend, to her decided to call and invite to an appointment. Events developed violently. On the second appointment we already kissed and I even touched her breast (the truth, through a blouse, but for me and it was the most delightful erotic experience), and on the third I swore it eternal love. She for me was as the unearthly goddess, I even in imaginations was afraid to present that such beautiful girl can condescend to me and present something bigger, than a kiss. There was a winter and I dreamed that in the summer we will leave with it somewhere, and we will be only together and then, in the clear moonlight night when around there is a silence, bright stars and splash of sea waves, she will become mine. And before I even a hint won't dare to offer her something indecent. There's nothing to be done - I also still remained a romantic and for me the WOMAN will always be a goddess and sublime creation. The interesting piece - the fact that in the beginning it seems impossible and inaccessible is in a flash given by the most unexpected gift. (Cybersex! A video chat with swingers, lesbian couples! - good advice) So it turned out also at me. There was winter vacation and as on the street long you won't be acquired, we from my beloved paid a visit to her senior cousin. She was itself and she hid a small bottle of "fiery" water. Decided not to allow her to be gone and three together to credit her. Time flew quickly, there came evening, dances, kisses, enclasping. Her sister didn't disturb us at all, she even itself offered the room for a privacy, and we at once began to kiss my beloved as mad. Now I guess that she wanted proximity not less than I, but then it seemed to me that many efforts are necessary to persuade the girl on intim. She kissed perfectly, I just lost the head from her kisses. Full, velvet sponges, a gentle and bright uvula - all this brought me to madness! Having been tired of kisses, we lay having embraced and I told her about the desires, how I want to go with her to the sea and there to become closer to her as the man and the woman can only be close. (Here they these such experiences of the main character unlike at each other are an editor's note) She listened to me, and then asked, but whether I want to try it now? I just didn't believe the happiness. Here, now, in a few minutes I will see her bared, I will kiss her and to caress, and then I will enter her, such desired and favourite! But my imaginations were cooled at once - she forced me to turn away and undressed so that I could see nothing. Having hidden under a blanket, she allowed me to turn and undress most. Shivering for nervousness and novel feelings I fast all removed and oh, horror! The drunk vodka and experiences made the business - erections and a trace caught a cold. I all the same dived to her under a blanket, embraced and kissed her, but the effect wasn't any. Having understood that something not so, my desired tried to help, she began to kiss me and I felt her gentle palm on the friend, she began to caress him, to squeeze, but, alas. - And let's try it it, can it will turn out? - she offered. Being burned with shame, I climbed up her and began to remember how I made horney myself, and suddenly will help? Strangely enough, but I managed to enter. I don't know that the girl felt, but for me it was real torture - I felt nothing and after several movements he dropped out also by already any efforts return back I its couldn't. Darling began to calm me, but it didn't help. I ran away to a toilet and began to masturbate strenuously, trying to bring "fellow soldier" round, even finished him, but fiasco was full. Here here my very first time was such. The little girl, it seems, very much took offense at me and our relationship gradually came to naught, but with her cousin we entered the good friendly relations, and thanks to them at me the second "first" time soon turned out. Time went and there came the summer. I often was at the sister and once at her on a visit met the charming brunette, with green eyes and a thin waist. It was her girlfriend who married earlier and went with the husband to other city, and now arrived for a month with the little son to parents. We got acquainted and got to talking. A sit-round gathering dragged on till midnight. The sister at first sight understood that between us there was a sympathy and didn't disturb us, and every other day she left for a week and left keys to the girlfriend. We also couldn't expect the best gift. Parents of my new friend appeared enough strict customs and the little son not really allowed to walk much, but she found time, called me and I rushed quicker than wind. She already knew about my first attempt to lose virginity and suggested to help. Stirred only what time she had a little, and I didn't want to do everything in a rush, considered it very offensive for the girl. But once she could finish parents that they released her on longer and when called me, her voice was such purring and happy that I guessed everything at once. I flew to that evening on wings of the most frank desires. She met me on a threshold and we at once began to kiss. With impatience we moved to the room on a bed and I fast dived hands into her panties. - Take your time, - she suddenly told: - Let me teach you to caress the woman, then it will be even more pleasant to both you and me. I was completely given in her charge. She caressed and kissed my breast, from touch of her fingers to my stomach I was ready to get an orgasm, even without touching my men's center pleasures. Kisses were so weightless that it seemed as if the easy breeze cools my excited body. Caress she brought my body to madness and I was ready to attack for her, but she didn't release me. I could only kiss and caress her breast, slightly turn her nipples and play them. I will hardly be able to describe the feelings words words. It was full euphoria, nirvana, immersion in zero gravity and prompt weeds at the same time. My hands couldn't find any peace, the head rushed about on a pillow, and the lip was bitten through for a long time. I wished already only one - to enter my teacher and to receive release from this intolerably sweet torment! And at this moment the call to a door was distributed. Someone it was, we didn't learn, but the nervous shock was so strong that we couldn't continue. It was necessary to get up and put on and when left at a door, my tutor whispered: - Now you know how it is necessary to caress the woman and remember - I WANT YOU! Alas, at us it didn't turn out to bring our feelings to the logical end. Next day there arrived a hostess of the apartment, parents of my darling probably suspected something and ceased to release in general her without son, and to us, an opportunity to stay alone before her departure didn't drop out. Someone can tell - what it is the first time? But for me it was the very first lesson how to give and take true pleasure. And at last, the third attempt. About it I had not the best impressions. Yes, there was the first orgasm, but standing in the bathroom in front of the mirror, I looked at myself and in the head only one thought knocked: "Why I made it?". And business was so. There passed half a year more, I already left studies to other city in institute, but for New Year's holidays returned to the hometown and celebrated them at the same cousin of the first girl. She was at a party with the new boyfriend too, but I had to her no special feelings any more. At the height of a holiday there arrived one more girl - the fellow worker of our hospitable hostess. Frankly she speaking there were not really nice, but cheerful govorunye and we, having appeared near her at a table, quickly found the general subjects and with enthusiasm stirred under each toast. Then danced, all had fun and retired to the same room where there was my first bad experience. The same bed, the same twilight outside the window, but near me already other girl and other kisses, other feelings. Gradually I began to sober and in the head absolutely unromantic thoughts began to appear: "What do I do? She isn't pleasant to me. Behind a door my first love and she can hear everything" But the organism already demanded the and kisses were followed by undressing. I didn't begin to take off from it a blouse but only a skirt and panties and in complete darkness, without seeing anything but only I by means of her sensitive fingers, got to that place of which so long I dreamed and I dreamed, but which didn't seem to me something sublime and so desired now. My body which got used to manual stimulation demanded bigger friction, and it had wide everything and I almost felt nothing. Several minutes of heavy traffics and I saw that at the girl the orgasm began - she having linked teeth moaned and was curved by an arch, her vagina became harder and I at last felt that I can also have satisfaction. When everything came to an end, at heart there was an emptiness and depression. The girl probably had the same feelings and very quietly lay on my shoulder. After that in the beginning she went to the bathroom, and then and I. Standing in front of the mirror I couldn't forgive myself that so disgustingly and in a disgusting way everything turned out. I wanted that the first time was from favourite and desired, and got only disappointment and shame that just I used the girl, without having to her any feelings... Here such I had "first times". I still often remember first "teacher" and is infinitely grateful to her for the fact that she taught me to the most important law in a relationship: "The more you give, the more you receive". what is the ex dividend date for nrz date ideas michigan site mapMain Page