what episode does cully get married
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Next day we woke up as always and began to gather for work. - It was pleasant to you? - the wife at breakfast asked. - Yes, and you? - To me too. All right, we will continue our games on Monday, - the wife told and went for work. In the evening I returned after work, the wife behaved as usual as though yesterday nothing was, I decided not to touch yesterday's too, suddenly the wife for all day considered everything and decided to forget everything. On Friday evening, having come back home I was taken aback a little. The wife was at home, she was dressed in a black brassiere, black, transparent panties, black stockings with a belt and black stiletto shoes, on a face there was a bright make-up. - Well that Mashunya got up? - the wife asked, having approached me and began to pull together with me clothes, - Thought what I forgot? No, I didn't guess, I just waited for days off, - the wife continued to speak, having taken off from me a jacket and a shirt. - Yes, isn't present, I didn't think, - I answered, - I it is simple.... - Not correctly, - the wife interrupted me, having taken off from me an undershirt, and undid a belt on trousers, - I didn't think, and it is necessary to speak, I didn't think, you at us Masha. Trousers from me fell and the wife ran a hand over my leg. - Faugh prickly, - the wife told, - to You it isn't pricked? - Yes, - I answered. From that day as the wife shaved to me legs, there passed three days and was strongly pricked. - So, give in a bathtub and shave everything, I am not going to shave constantly you, showed once as well as will be enough, - the wife told. I got out of trousers, took off pants and passed in a bathtub. At first I shaved properly the person, then I got into a bathtub and I began to shave legs. Having finished, I began to wash away everything from myself, and the wife entered here, in hands she had a big enema. - Turn an ass, - the wife told, having approached a bathtub. - What for? - I asked. - You at such age and still the girl-tselochka, are time to break to you a tselochka. Quickly turn, - the wife shouted. She never ordered me and I for some reason was afraid to disobey and turned. - Bend down and hands move apart the rolls, - the wife told. I executed and felt as she greased with something my hole. And here I felt as the tip of an enema enters my bottom and water begins to join me. - Give on a pot, - the wife told, having poured out in me all water of an enema and pulled out a tip. I hardly suffered and therefore quickly I sat down on a toilet bowl. Earlier I would be ashamed to crap at the wife and would ask to leave her, but this time water strongly held apart me and I began to pour out bum contents. And the wife laughed listening to my sounds made by a bum and filled once again an enema with water. After I poured out everything, the procedure repeated once again. - There now you are also ready, - the wife when from my ass clear water began to flow told, - Went to the room. I went after her and thought, I wanted not so long ago that I was fucked in a bottom, but not the man, I am not a gay and doesn't pull me to men, but than she decided to fuck me, I don't know, I at her never saw sex of toys. - Sit down, Mashka, we will do a make-up, - the wife when entered the room told. I sat down. And everything repeated as for the first time, but this time slightly longer. I wanted to be looked in a mirror when she finished a make-up, but the wife forbade. - No, early still, here I will finish, then, - she told, and took nail varnish. She began to paint to me nails standing, and in minutes five at me nails were standing painted red color. Then the wife took false nails and pasted to me them on hands, and too painted with varnish red color. The wife approached a case and got a wig with a fair hair from there, average are long. - You will be at us a blonde, - the wife told, having stretched it to me, - Dress. - Where did you take him? - I asked, having taken a wig. - Where where, I bought. Dress, give. I dressed, it isn't convenient a little, I never had such long nails. The wife got into a case again. - Now dress this, - she told, and stretched me a black brassiere, black, openwork panties and black stockings, - And you will put on sandals on which I put last time. I dressed everything, descended in a corridor and put on sandals. When I returned, the wife approached me and pushed some rags in brassieres, then stretched me a miniskirt and a blouse. I dressed, the blouse was fitting, and the skirt was free. - Now be looked in a mirror, and I now, - the wife told, and I left to other room. I approached a mirror, from what was seen my dick got up, having nearly torn pants, in a mirror the beautiful girl, the blonde with a lovely face, a small breast, thin, almost slender legs. - It is pleasant how you look? To me personally and, you are a beautiful girl, - I heard the wife's voice behind the back. - Yes, - I answered and I turned on her voice and was stupefied. The wife stood in couple meters from me. She was dressed still in what I met me, only without panties, instead of them there were others, it were black panties from latex to which the dick of the small size was attached. - Well you stand, dear, - the wife told and clapped me on a bottom, - we won't pull a cat for balls and at once we will start business, give become a crustacean on a sofa, a crumb. - The sun, can it isn't necessary? - I asked. - What? I don't ask, and I order, - the wife terribly told and strongly I slapped me in a bottom, - Now I will be your Madam, but you won't want to become my slave, I won't give the whole year you and that didn't decide to fuck someone on the party, I so far you will sleep, on your dick I will dress like a fidelity belt, I on the Internet already looked, there such is and much, and I will hide a key. I knew the wife well and understood what doesn't joke, I about such belts of fidelity didn't hear, and she means specially learned, means can make it therefore decided to obey and got up dog-fashion on a sofa. - Here and good girl, - the wife told, climbing on a sofa behind me. She threw a skirt to me on a back and lowered panties. I felt as she smeared with something to me an anal hole and then the dickhead rested against a hole. - Relax the babe, - the wife told and I undertook hands my hips. I tried to relax and here I felt as she began to press and here the head enters a bum and begins to enter more deeply. To me it becomes sore. - Will be enough, to me it is painful, - I when became very painfully begged and I moved forward to get down from this dick. - Suffer! - the wife shouted and hands I pulled me on myself, thereby having driven a dick in me is even deeper, - I suffer when you fuck me in a bum. I have a snack a lip, there was a feeling that my hole will tear now, and the dick enters my bum more and more deeply, it seemed to me that it is a little more and the head of this dick will touch heart, but here I felt as balls of this strap-on rested against my bum and the wife nestled on my bum. - Now you and not the girl. Pain will pass soon so suffer, - the wife told and the dick from me began to pull out. Having pulled out almost all dick, there was no head in me yet and began to enter me back. And it is valid, pain began to cease, and my dick got up as a stake. The wife again completely entered me. - Here you see, it is pleasant to you, - the wife told, having taken my dick in a hand. The wife began to fuck me, at the same time jerking off my dick. And it is valid, pain passed and became it is pleasant, such not clear feeling of the rubber dick moving in my ass and what the wife to me jerks off. And the wife became faster each time to fuck me. And here later a couple of minutes she already furiously hollowed my hole. And I hated more and having begun to roar began to cum, filling in a sofa with a cum. Here the wife stuck a dick into me at all length, moaned and stood. So we staid several minutes, silently and not moving. - It was pleasant to you? - the wife asked, and having pulled out a dick from me and was discharged. - Yes, only at first it is very sick, - I answered, having tumbled down sideways, - And you? - Yes, very much, I terminated too. Oho how many I naspuskat a lot of cum! - the wife told, having looked at a big pool of a cum. - And you for some reason terminated? - I asked, without understanding. - And here, look why, - the wife answered and undid strap-on fasteners, and lowered it, and I saw that the strap-on was a bilateral and second dick, slightly less by the sizes was inserted into the wife's pussy. - Super, - I told, looking as this dick, all in her lubricant, slipped out her vagina. - We have ahead two days of days off, all these days off will be so always as now, get used to be the girl. And your hole for these days should work well, - the wife with a smile told. what episode does cully get married date today urdu site mapMain Page