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We with my wife Lena are married five years. We have no children as we got married students, and we had no permanent residence. We were interrupted, in halls, at friends at the dacha. Sexual life was diversified as two young and healthy organisms could. Everything that happened, occurred after at Lena the grandmother died and left her in inheritance the house in the private sector consisting of four rooms. In the childhood and youth Lena often stayed with the grandmother, and well knew this house. After end of all formalities we moved to the new housing. Got a job in the area. Lena worked in one of large banks and was now transferred to one of branches which was nearby. I continued to work at the former firm. We were engaged as it is told "all" now. I had periodic earnings, and here it is more than enough of time. In the house we made repair and as there is a lot of rooms, and we aren't enough, we thought up to each room the purpose. So we had a living room, the bedroom and on one room on everyone. At the same time we agreed that everyone equips the room in own way. I in the room put the TV, the computer, a sofa and rather capacious case. Lena the room equipped in typically feminine style — mirrors, a table for a make-up, different pictures, a table for female magazines, a soft padded stool and a small case for clothes. The living room and the bedroom completely corresponded to the purpose. In the bathroom we hung up two shelves — one for Lena, another for me. On Lenina to the shelf there was a set of jars, tubes and other female gadgets. On my shelf shaving accessories and a toothbrush with paste were located, other place was empty. So we lived about half a year. Lena worked every day, and I on a bigger measure stayed at home. From an inactive way of life I began to recover. I and so was never a sporty guy. Always I was chubby. The school of the boy liked to pinch me for boobies because I had them always resembled devchach. And here, from nothing they began to be poured not making at me. Lena laughs and says that you though play sports, and that a brassiere should be carried soon, and joking began to caress me up to a breast. From this caress my breast became elastic, nipples rose as at the girl. I reddened a little. And she attentively looked at me, smiled and told that if I don't take care of the own life, then she will be engaged in me. But I absolutely grew very lazy and continued to enjoy an idleness. And Lena every day coming home, I loved very much to caress me up to a breast and I began to rumple in increasing frequency it, to smile at the same time and to speak "soon instead of undershirts to you it will be necessary to wear brassieres and topics". I laughed to this game, but it was pleasant to me, and I didn't stop it. Once in the summer during capital cleaning Lena complained that at her a lot of clothes which she doesn't carry any more accumulated and in a case she isn't located any more, and it is a pity to throw out. Also I asked that I allocated her a little place in my case. I apprehended it as infringement of my territory. But it so compassionately looked at me that my heart didn't sustain, and I agreed. Having joyfully begun to squeal, she started packing things which she was going to transfer to me. When I saw this mountain of lingerie, I felt ill at ease, and I already regretted about the compliance. However to recede was late. What there was only not both short skirts, and a jacket, and a blouse, and dresses, and tights, and panties, and brassieres and there are a lot of other female trifles. — Here — Lena told - it is all so far. I looked at all these clothes, and thought where to place all this. However there is nothing to do I opened a case and I began to shift the things, making room for prophetic Lena. It took a lot of time, and Lena left on kitchen to make a dinner. I began to put her things in a case. However when I touched them, something moved in me. I remembered how I several times in the childhood tried on mother's dresses and brassieres. When I took a brassiere of Lena in hand, I just in trousers didn't have place, so I was made horney from desire to try on all this. However I accurately displayed all this on shelves. I put some things to myself. And as business was in the summer, and I was in some swimming trunks, the body was caressed pleasantly by tenderness of her things. Having put to itself a print dress in peas, I paid attention that it practically my size. In due time Lena very much loved him. I quickly put it and undertook underwear. Diligently I put it, at the same time accurately smoothing. Having taken the next brassiere in hand, I felt tenderness of fabric and involuntarily applied it to the breast. I didn't notice that Lena attentively watched several minutes me standing in the doorway. Having heard rustle, I both was with a brassiere in hands, and turned back. Uvidev Lena, I was confused, but she knowingly smiled: — It is pleasant? I didn't find what to answer but only I densely reddened. Lena approached me stroked my breast, gently kissed nipples and told: — And you try on — Lena told and put on brassiere shoulder-straps my hands. Confused I laughed, got off, some joke, picked up Lena on hands, and incurred on a sofa. We had no such rough sex yet. I was horney to a limit. Lena was surprised to so impassioned reaction, and laughing told that it is for this purpose ready every day to allow me to put and try on the things. I once again was confused, and Lena stared at me again, stroked my convex breast and crafty told: — And if you really don't take care of the own life, then soon at you it will be valid a breast which it won't be a shame to put on a brassiere! I took her words as a joke, and having cheerfully laughed, told that I always with pleasure am ready to be sent to her power. Lena very gently continued to caress and rumple my breast, I was simply too much luxuriated her caress and quickly fell asleep. Further life went the turn. The only thing that saddened it, is that our already sickly business died finally. Lena received enough money, and we decided that I to work will go only after we find decent, well paid work. For now I spent at home the whole days, generally at the computer. Lena came tired from work, and I had to help her about the house. Once, leaving for work, she asked me to tide up the apartment not simply, and capital cleaning. I decided to make everything since morning then to sit down at the computer. I began with the room. At first I put the scattered things and when decided to put them in a case, I saw lingerie on shelves. Me as if current прошиб, so there was a wish to try on it. For a start I took Lenin panties and a lacy brassiere. With panties of problems didn't arise, and here with a brassiere it was necessary to suffer. It didn't want to be buttoned in any way. When I nevertheless with it coped and put on, decided to look at myself in a mirror. For this purpose it was required to go to Lenina the room. Having looked at itself, I was a little surprised that my breast completely filled brassiere cups. Stones raised it a little and made even womanly. I was very horney. I very much wanted to look and as I will look in a dress. I quickly passed to the room and got that dress in peas which to me so attracted last time. It was necessary to suffer long to understand how it puts on and buttoned. When the dress was put on, I went to a mirror again. Also I gasped, looked a man's face at me, but it was attached to almost maiden figure. In any case, my breast stood out very clearly. The dress fitted it without any folds, only hips were obviously not women's. While I examined myself in a mirror, my look fell to a table of Lena with cosmetics. Worrying a little, I took lipstick and ineptly smeared to myself lips, then took mascara and tried to make up eyelashes. Occupation heavy and demanding skill. By this time my excitement reached apogee and I having lifted up a dress hem directly in front of the mirror began to jerk off. I terminated almost instantly. After that I took off a dress, threw it on a bed, and here decided not to remove panties and a brassiere. Time I am engaged in women's work, let I resemble in lingerie. So I also passed the whole day. By the evening I decided to wash and wait for Lena. However, it appeared to be made not so simply. The flourish and lipstick were some superresistant. I both soap and a bast of the terr, and completely couldn't remove everything. I so was fond of washing that I didn't notice how Lena returned. It called to me, and I in panic as could quickly took off a brassiere, threw it directly on a bathtub. To put and hide, just there was no time. I threw with a t-shirt and I jumped out it to meet. I approached it to kiss, she embraced me and told: — The road congratulate me. I was raised! Lena was a little drunk, it kissed me, licked lips and attentively looked at my person. — You beautifully look today. I blushed with shame. However she didn't give any sign and asked me to help her to undress. Having undressed, she at once went to the bathroom. Opportunities at me to hide a brassiere which hung just on the bathroom at me just wasn't. When Lena left the bathroom she cheerfully looked at me and went to herself to the room to change clothes, having thrown on the run that things should be cleaned up. I headlong rushed to the bathroom. The first that was evident - it is the folded brassiere which accurately lay on my shelf. I sat down and thought what to think up for Lena in the justification. So I stayed about 10 minutes. Then I decided that be that will be, and having taken a brassiere I went to the room. And again I felt small shock. The dress which I threw on a bed was accurately folded too and hung on a chair. I stood stock-still. Out of catalepsy I was brought by a voice of Lena which cheerfully called me to have supper. Lena made a festive dinner, put two glasses and a bottle of wine. I told that I will more better drink vodka, but Lena strictly looked at me and told that today it has a holiday and it announces in family "women's" day. And women drink wine, but not vodka. I told that I am not a woman. Lena smiled and told that it so far, and time I am at home and I do women household chores, we can quite make to celebrate today family "women's" day. I was forced to agree. Having drunk on several glasses of wine, we went to the bedroom. On a bed Lena took the initiative and began to caress me language on all body, special attention, giving to my breast. It was a little a shame to me since on a body traces from wearing a brassiere were obviously visible. I hoped that Lena is drunk and won't notice it. I was horney and didn't pay attention that Lena carries accurately out by a uvula in the wake of a brassiere, at the same time tenderly stroked and rumpled my chubby breast. Then she passed to my buttocks and kind of accidentally touched my hole. I shuddered, but didn't take away her hand. It began to mass quietly my hole and to get accurately into her a finger. I felt how in me excitement accrues, and didn't begin it to oppose. Lena continued to caress me a uvula and hands, at the same time one hand caressed my strained breast, and the finger of other hand accurately continued to get into my virgin hole. The dick already stood as driven. Lena continued, and at some point turned me on a stomach and asked to kneel. I obeyed, and it already completely thrust the finger to me into a bottom. She began to make circular motions and several times touched my dick. I was ready to terminate any minute, but she didn't give it to make, and continued to caress my hole. And suddenly became me very pleasant and I, unexpectedly for myself violently I terminated. Lenochka laughed and told: — As my girl in "women's" day quickly terminated. I was confused because I didn't expect it from myself and never got SUCH orgasm. And I terminated without touching the dick, t. е terminated "in a feminine way" — I thought. Lenochka gently kissed me, and we happy fell asleep. Next day I woke up when Lena already left for work. I came on kitchen and read a note: "Darling please, prepare for yourself today. Then take a shower and tidy up in rooms a little. I prepared clothes for you". I was surprised a little that she addressed me in a feminine gender, but didn't attach particular importance to it. Stretching, I went to have a shave. Having come into the bathroom, at once I paid attention to a bra which lay at me on the shelf, lipstick and the flourish for eyelashes stood nearby. All this had an appearance as though Lena just forgot them to remove. In kitchen the apron accurately hung on a chair. I worrying I put on a brassiere a little, I tinted lips I put on a wide t-shirt and an apron. So I passed the whole day. Before arrival of Lena, I wanted to change clothes, but it came earlier, and I wasn't in time. And I met it in a brassiere and an apron. I had a wide t-shirt, and I hoped that Lena won't notice on me a brassiere. For now she changes clothes, I will manage to remove him. Lena came in mood. Having seen me in an apron, it cheerfully told: — Hi expensive domokhozyaechka whether everything chores are made? — Yes. — Well for it I brought a gift to you! It will be pleasant to you. And she stretched me a box. I opened her. There were house-shoes. They were on a small heel and resembled women's more. — Same women's. They a heel, though small — I told. — And you what you want that I bought you on big at once? — Lena — They very convenient asked, you will quickly get used. It calmed me. Try on. After that I took my old, worldly-wise slippers, and I threw out in a bucket. To give pleasure to Lena, I dressed her gift and walked about the room. Though the heel was also small, but a little time was required to get used. Walking on a heel changes a walking manner a little. It is necessary to lean back a little back to hold balance. At the same time the breast moves forward. I walked near a mirror and saw that the t-shirt on a breast stretched, and it became obviously visible that I in a brassiere. Lena looked at me. Crafty sparks jumped at it in eyes: — And it was pleasant to my girl. At the same time I approached me I kissed and I lifted a t-shirt and I saw on me a brassiere. — I said that if you don't take care of the own life, then it will be necessary to wear brassieres soon. I was right, and you see that you need already it — she told and smiling corrected on me a brassiere. I stood red as cancer. — Is more red than Olenyok. It will be possible to name I you Olen'ka? Here and perfectly. Also don't worry so, all girls sometime the first time try on brassieres. Then get used and further can't do without them, here and you will get used. Look, a brassiere to you just right. Lena told me that I didn't change clothes, more definitely didn't change clothes and went to the bathroom. Then we sat down to have supper. During a dinner we drank a bottle of wine and became tipsy a little. After a dinner we with Lena went to my room. She began to reconsider the things, then took a dress in peas and stretched to me: — Dress! I and automatically took a dress in hand and stood in indecision. Lena turned back and asked: — What happened? Not to be pleasant to you this brassiere under this dress? Take another. Also I stretched me a brassiere under color of a dress. He was with the supporting effect. I stood as driven. Lena approached me: — Don't hesitate of an antelope beetle, time you already began to try on my things, means to you it is most to be pleasant, and we will be lost in girls today. At the same time she took off from me an old brassiere and put on new. The breast rose and became real maiden. After that the dress and tights followed especially as panties on me already were women's. Further Lena put me on a chair and I began to direct a make-up. Lipstick, ink, blush and still some tubes and jars. When she finished, looked at me and says: — Sit a little, I now. Also I ran for some reason to the storeroom. Minutes, through 5 I came running, in hands it had the real female wig. — It remained from the grandmother. She liked to wear wigs, and at her them remained much. Then I began to adapt a wig to me on the head. When everything was finished, she stretched me shoes on a heel. — I took them from the grandmother too, she was a large woman and you have to be suited. Really shoes had by the size. And I uncertainly got up. Feeling a little uncertainly, I approached a mirror... To tell that I was struck, it not to tell anything. The astounding girl, with very sexual breast and a little bulged buttocks looked at me from a mirror. I couldn't believe that it I. The hairstyle resembled that that Lena, unless carries, what is a little shorter. — Well as? — I asked Len. I didn't find what to answer, just made a helpless gesture. I couldn't depart from shock that my wife the hands changed clothes of me for a women's clothing. Lena forced me to pace about the room to get used to a heel. And I felt more and more surely. Somehow to brighten up my confusion Lena accompanied all my metamorphoses with glasses of champagne. And in about two hours it absolutely became tipsy. She just was ready to drop. I accurately led her to the bedroom. — I think that you will undress — Lena told and it was right there chopped off. I wandered a little about the room, then went to the yard. There I sat down on a bench and thought, comprehending the events. At the same time I twisted in hands a box with some cream which appeared in a dress pocket. The bench stood in the depth of the yard, and light on it didn't fall. Therefore I wasn't afraid that somebody will see me in a women's clothing. Yes if sees, then all the same hardly learns. And it happened. Suddenly I heard rustle behind the back. I didn't manage to turn as my eyes were closed by hands, and over an ear whisper sounded: — Lena hi, I am Sergey. Do you remember me? Do you remember how we spent time when you came to visit the grandmother with you? I was silent not in forces, to say something. At this time his hands fell to me by a breast and began to caress greedy it and to rumple. The breast strained at once and on a body the excitement wave swept. That it — I am caressed by the foreign man, and I from it am made horney! — Yours already fell asleep? Give suck to me as earlier. And he, having jumped through a bench, it appeared before me. It was the high slender guy. And I suddenly wanted to try that is tested by women when do blowjob. I without thinking that I do, I began to undo his trousers silently. When I undid trousers, before me the picture of the standing penis appeared. I kneeled and ineptly took it in a hand and quietly licked. — Well it is more courageous, you what forgot as it becomes? — he asked, and having brought closer a dick to my mouth began to press. My mouth involuntarily opened and was right there filled. I began to suck it a little podrachivy one hand, and another began to caress his balls. Sergey moaned and began to do progress. He began to poyebyvat me in a mouth. From this thought at me slightly tights didn't tear, my dick outside so sought. But female panties and dense tights didn't allow him it to make. Unusual feelings began to be pleasant to me, I began to understand why girls seldom refuse blowjob. Singularity firm, but soft to the touch a uvula of the dick just bewitched. I began to accelerate movements and more actively to do sosatelny movements. Sergey reached an orgasm soon, and the stream of warm liquid shot to me at a mouth. It was a little saltish, but a thought that I was fucked in a mouth me very much made horney, and I continued it to swallow greedy. Most likely Sergey received a powerful orgasm as he loudly moaned and seized hands to me hair and pulled on himself. From it my wig moved down from the head and remained with it in hands. — You aren't Lena. Someone are you? — with surprise he asked. At this time because of clouds there was the moon and lit me. — Wait, I somewhere met you. Yes you are Lenin the husband! I saw you with her — he — And why you in such look suddenly exclaimed? You so cool sucked away, I also didn't think that it is the guy! And a breast at you maiden. I felt that it real — at the same time he climbed to me under a brassiere. — Bloody hell! This boobies! You that "blue"? — No. It at me the first time. — in embarrassment I said — You will tell nobody? — Well I don't know — he told — my silence should be earned. — As it. — I want to fuck you! — No, I can't, I never did it. — But you already sucked away — he passed to the address to me in a feminine gender — you mean the girl, and all girls are fucked — he drew a conclusion — and if you don't want, then all learn that you are a nipple. Also I don't know how you will live further on our street. I understood that I got, and I have no exit. — But I never tried. — Nothing I will teach you. Turn to me a back. Bend down. At the same time he lower from me tights with panties. — Relax a little, don't worry, it to be pleasant to you. At first it will be a little sore, and then you will ask still. Do you some have cream? I remembered, for a jar with cream which somewhere dropped out. I bent down even below and groped it near a bench. — Here, take. Sergey took a little cream and greased my hole and the dick. Then he strong embraced me. I took for a breast and I rested the dick to me against a hole. The hole was small, and the dick didn't want to come in any way. Sergey is stronger to press a camp and the dick centimeter behind centimeter began to plunge. He began to do slow progress. And I, began to be made horney! It was a little sick, and then I was pierced by an acute pain, and I screamed. Sergey sharply drove in me all the dick and stopped to allow to get used to my bottom to his dick. I stood having rested hands against a bench, and pain gradually passed. Sergey began slow movements. Slowly my bottom began to get used to the dick which was in it. Having a little got used, I began to listen to the feelings. Also I understood that feelings very are pleasant to me. I began movements towards to Sergey, at the same time squeezed and unclenched buttocks. — About... yes... good fellow... — Sergey groaned. And I stood with the lowered tights, the lifted-up dress, already sucked away and now I am fucked. It is pleasant to me. And someone I am after that. I began to groan loudly from pleasure as the real woman. Sergey began to increase the speed of movements and suddenly I was pierced by the strongest orgasm. I terminated. At the same time nobody even touched my dick. I terminated from the fact that I am fucked. I terminated as all women cum!!! I terminated in a feminine way!!! After that I tried to be discharged, but it didn't turn out. The girl can't leave just like that so far the guy won't derive pleasure. I understood it very quickly. Also I began to make all efforts that Sergey terminated. Suddenly he moaned, and the powerful stream of a cum joined to me inside. Sergey stood and violently cumed several seconds in me. Then it was discharged and having clapped on a bottom I told: — All now you became the real woman. And the mouth at you is developed also buttocks. I think, it was pleasant to you. — I think too what was pleasant to her — the voice of Lena suddenly was distributed. She faced directly me and caressed me on the head. — Nothing the darling, nothing my good, to all girls sometime break the virgin. Here and you became the real woman. You so loudly groaned that I woke up and went to the yard to look that you happened. Also I saw that my husband is fucked, and he as the last whore is wild about it. I couldn't take out this new shock and in exhaustion sat down on a bench and began to cry. And Lena took Sergey by an arm, took a little aside and about something talked to him. After that I kneelt before him and with ecstasy I sucked away to him. This picture for some reason very much made horney me, and my dick got up as driven. Lena noticed it and told Sergey — Here you see, I said that new life began to be pleasant to her. Well everything, we agreed about everything. Yes? I understood nothing what they agreed about. And Sergey approached to, took me for a breast and told: — Well girls so far. He buttoned trousers and disappeared in the dark. I continued to sit with the lowered tights, on my legs the cum flew down, the person was smeared with lipstick and a cum. The dick stood. Lena sat down near me and tenderly embraced: — Went home expensive, you should be washed away and we will go to bed. Though you deserve on bigger. And she having taken me for a dick she brought me to an orgasm. Though not such strong as I received when I was fucked by Sergey. Then we went home. When I left a shower Lena stretched me a nightgown: — Dress expensive and get used to sleep in a night dress as all girls. I obediently took a shirt and her plot. She pleasantly caressed a body and I again thought what all female things gentle. Morning began with the fact that I was told to take a shower and to shave all body hair, then there was a clothing: panties, brassiere, tights, short skirt, blouse, wig, make-up and whole day of training in female manners. And in the evening Sergey with the friend came... Author's E-mail: lifh@rambler.ru what does dividend ex date mean date calculator hours site mapMain Page