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There came morning... usual morning of usual week-day of the middle of winter. In pre-dawn darkness windows of houses lit up, the people began to gather on stops, stations of the subway opened and crowds of proletarians rushed down, hurrying by the beginning of morning shift. There passed an hour more and from entrances muskrat caps of officials seemed. When almost absolutely it is light, the turn of school and university students came. Two girlfriends, eighth-graders, Tanyushka and Katyushka met, as usual, on poldoroge to school. It were the most ordinary little girls who are at that critical stage when the awkward, long-legged teenager turns into the woman when begin kruglet hips and buttocks, boobies are poured, the pubis becomes covered by a gentle hair, the first menstrua-tion and troubled sexual sleeps come. Our girlfriends it is a little understood sexual questions, moreover, they were already able to bring pleasure the friend the friend. As - it was open the day before, in the afternoon. Then Tanyushka came to Katyushka after school, as usual, together to do lessons, but Katka, strange shining eyes, allowed Tanyushka to look through the magazine found her at star- the shy brother in a table. The magazine is foreign, the text is unclear, but ftografii spoke for themselves. Nude men and women intertwined in various, at times inconceivable poses, intense dicks rose everywhere and gaped openings vla- galishcha. Women on a photo blissfully rolled up eyes, voluptuously grinned, clasped with the lips damp heads of dicks, and men's languages, flexible and long, licked a small pink clitoris and...-generally, a lot of things was on those ftografiyakh. Girlfriends took seat near on a sofa, embraced and greedily thumbed through the fat magazine. Having reached the middle, Tanyushka suddenly felt slight dizziness, the pleasant shiver ran on a body. Katyushka sitting nearby, convulsively breathing, I began to stroke her on a back, lowering a hand howling below and below. It was pleasant. Having turned the person to the girlfriend, Tanya saw the strained, questioning Katerina's look, understood everything and pooshchryayushche smiled. - Let's lay down, it will be more convenient - for some reason Katya in a whisper told though in the apartment howled nobody. Tanyushka slammed the magazine and was stretched on a sofa. - Do you want, how on a photo? - by a throat voice Katya asked. - Yes, - Tatyanka answered. Katyushka slowly carried out by both hands her on a breast, a stomach, pulled out floors of a shirt from a skirt and, one hand, undoing buttons, the second began to pull down slowly down Tanina a skirt together with warm tights. That it was easier, Tanyushka slightly raised the back and a skirt with tights easily slipped from narrow maiden hips to knees. Her shirt was that time absolutely unbuttoned. Two hands Katya quickly exempted Tanyushka's legs from clothes and threw her in a chair. Soon there the shirt and a brassiere departed. Ha dark боpдовом a sofa background brightly grew white a graceful, flexible body the young girl, small hillocks of boobies provocatively puffed up, small nipples bulked up, and the thinnest panties darkened between legs from moisture. - As it is pleasant when you are undressed here so, - Tanechka whispered, - give further. - Now, - too Katyushka answered with whisper, being quickly exempted from a dressing gown and panties. Улегшись to Tana, Katya palmed off the right hand on her under the head, their lips merged in a kiss, and the left hand of Katya began to caress Tanyushka's body gently. When a hand of the girlfriend, sliding on to all bends of a body, suddenly I touched nipples, Tanya shuddered and more strong was accepted by lips to Bays Katyushki. Katya's hand passed on her stomach and having hesitated a moment at panties, slipped under an elastic band. Now her fingers touched gentle, soft hair of a pubis. At last, having gone down still is slightly lower, Katyushkina a palm covered a warm, damp crack and slightly pressured her. Tanyushka moved, having interrupted a kiss, and published short, sla- dostrastny groan. Having fast pulled off panties from the girlfriend. Katya widely parted her legs in the parties and began to rub gently fingers from a pubis to an anus, strengthening pressing, absolutely weakening it. Tatyana quietly moaned, moved all over below, laid down on a stomach and her face appeared level with with Tanyushka's vagina. That, having understood that the girlfriend wants, I raised legs up and, having bent in knees, I parted them as it is possible more widely. Katyushka fingers moved apart the vulvar lips of Tanya covered with gentle down, bulked up, saw a narrow dark crack, and above, almost at the junction of lips stuck out krasnenky a firm column of flesh which Rolling and began to take care a uvula. Tanyushka coiled all over and in ecstasy groaned in a voice. The uvula of the girlfriend demented her, it seemed to her that unknown waves of passion rise from a basin above and above, flood a stomach, a breast, the head and, having filled all body, bear and bring her to the infinite ocean of pleasure. At last the last, hugest wave which came when it seemed this storm will finally crush consciousness, struck with time - Tanyushka's body was curved by an arch and from the opened vagina the slime stream escaped, irrigating a sofa and the face of the girlfriend. Having felt boundless pleasure of simplification, Tanyushka shortly sobbed and fell in a faint. She regained consciousness from the sharp smell which cleared the head. Over her the scared Katyushka was inclined, bringing to her nose cotton wool with sal ammoniac. - You that, to death I frightened me! - Katenka, what this pleasure, - Tanyushka - well with pleasure stretched, give rather, I to you will make the same. She began to stand up, but Katya, велев to her to lie, jumped on a sofa and got up on all fours over Tanya so that her vagina appeared opposite to the Tanyushkiny person. Slowly lowering a body down, she nestled the wet sexual crack on a mouth of Tanya who began to lick her sexual bodies carefully at once, doing not pass any fold, inside and outside and soon reached a clitoris. Katyushka had a large clitoris, juicy, it far was given from the skin surrounding him. Having licked him, Tanyushka grasped him lips and began to suck. Katyushka that time, having buried a face in a perineum of the girlfriend, I paid a tribute to Tatyana's vagina, having deeply thrust language into a vagina and it is violent him working. Girls were humidified more and more. Tanyushka who was below already just swallowed of continuously current streams of Katyushknny allocations, koto- paradise, in the turn, I didn't manage to remove language from a sofa, an anus and buttocks of the girlfriend plentiful slime. Movements of girls became sharper, the hands embracing buttocks and hips the friend of the friend clenched stronger, languages adjoined more strong. In several seconds both were captured by an orgasm. Their bodies the spasm beat, languages randomly rushed about on sexual bodies, sticky allocations smeared faces. The paroxysm of passion subsided and exhausted little girls failed on a sofa. Having recovered the breath, Katyushka told: - This pleasure. You know, I already tried to satisfy myself with a hand, but it is hundred times more best. - And you had no man yet? - At me isn't present, and you? - At me isn't present too, but now I would like to try potrakhatsya. Let's together something think up. - Listen, I know about someone it is possible trakhnutsya-with our games-master. I ran away from lessons once, wanted to leave home, ours approached clothes, and here towards the director of studies with Svetka, pionervozhatoy. I шмыг in clothes and for a coat hid, thought, by will pass, and they come into clothes too. Well, I think, noticed, now with inquiries will get. And they to me don't have business. I hid, I don't breathe. The director of studies shames Svetka for something, hisses on her, threatens, and Svetka only quietly in a kerchief squelches and the head winds. Quietly spoke, but I understood that our games-master fucked Svetka, directly at school - the cleaner saw, and it appeared, not only her is also a biologichka, and from elementary school teachers someone. Him to the director dragged - that otbrekhalsya, a pier nonsense everything, gossips. Teachers were called, Svetka - all speak was nothing. Here our old women also line young people an uchitelok that those sozna- foxes. And still the director of studies I told that anyway, to the games-master at school the last month to work, in RONO already replacement was found, and all will equally dismiss him. So give with him we will fuck, he is a man beautiful, healthy, not the talker and leaves soon. Well, how? - And that, not bad, - Tanyushka approved, - only how to agree, it is a shame after all. - All right, tomorrow at school we will look that to what. And now give in a shower, mine will come soon and lessons should be made, - and little girls with a laughter, slapping bare feet, ran to wash. When Katina mother came home, girlfriends peacefully sat at a table and solved problems. In the morning, having met, girlfriends walked in school, on the run discussing yesterday's incident and reflecting how to approach the games-master with the offer. Options appeared and were rejected one behind another. At last solved - more bright Katyushka will approach the games-master when he is one, and admits to him directly that she wants from him. If he begins to rest, she will threaten to complain to the director - the pier the games-master stuck to her, at him reputatsiii it promised him big troubles. In a word, girls guessed most accept-ivnogo blackmail. Having stayed four lessons, from the fifth they ran away, hid briefcases in a ladies' room and went on school to look for the games-master. Some boy told them that he saw the games-master at a chemistry office couples minutes ago. Girlfriends rose by the necessary floor and went to chemical class doors, is careful at-ikli ears to a door crack. In an office very quietly told men's and female voices. Having pulled a door, the little girl felt that she is locked from within. Obviously the people who were in a class heard something, and steps began to approach a door. Girls recoiled in the parties, and Katyushka unintentionally pushed with a hand the next door of a himlabora-oriya which was silently opened inside. It was impossible to hesitate, in the lock of a class the key, and little girls skrezhe-is scarlet, having slipped in laboratory, covered for themselves a door. Scales, test tubes and we designate to laboratories where there were cases with acids, bars crowbars, necessary for practical occupations, it was dark as the room had no external window. Having got used to darkness, girls saw the weak light proceeding from a class through transparent walls of the hood located at the end of the wall separating a class from laboratory. Having silently reached a case, girls glanced in a class. In the class shaded by dense curtains there was easy twilight, in the same place was the games-master and a himichka Marina Nikolaevna, thin, low rostochka the young woman. She sat at a school desk sideways, having exposed densely compressed legs fitted by a short skirt in pass and having lifted up the head, listened to the games-master who hung over her, leaning hands on the next school desks and eloquently convinced her of something. Here she agreeing I nodded, I put a hand on-humped the games-master acting мотню and I began to feel her fingers. The games-master became straight and drew near Marina closer. She quickly pulled off sports trousers of the games-master together with pants down and before her face the dick rose the enormous sizes. Marina both hands captured a dick and having delayed extreme flesh, bared a head, is damp begun to shine in twilight of a class. Holding a phallus with hands, the woman began to lick a head, doing by language circular movements, going down to a bridle, being passed on skin folds at the basis of a head and again rising up. The games-master quietly rocked backwards-vpered. Marina released a dick and clasped with hands of a buttock of the games-master who increased amplitude of movements. Now his huge end went as the piston between the teacher's lips which are densely compressed around him. That passionately moved a mouth towards to the dick, swallowing him honor everything, pridushenno rattled from passion. On her chin on a neck and a jacket the saliva mixed with sticky allocations of the dick flowed. The games-master grinned, squeezed Marina Nikolaevna's head palms and holding her on the place, began sharp pushes to thrust a penis in Marina's mouth. Pushes became quicker and more randomly. Marina Nikolaevna, very much rejecting the head back, in ecstasy I seized the partner's buttocks nails, his balls hit her into a chin. Suddenly the games-master stood, convulsions shook his body, and Marina's cheeks were blown out from the cum which rushed in her mouth. The teacher swallowed delicacy, unclenched hands and having licked all drops since the hung sluggish end, blissfully leaned back a back on a bench, having stuffed up hands for the head. Girls watched all this through hood glass, with bated breath. They aren't possible to be noticed from a class, they saw everything as in the TV screen. The games-master that time bypassed around a school desk, and his sexual body hung over the face of the teacher. She stretched a hand and the weakly dick of the partner began to caress. Under skillful influence of her fingers the dick began to be straightened. The games-master was ready to business again. Marina, having risen on elbows, lips I began to catch large balls of the games-master, then language I began to lick a ball sack, a perineum and the back. The games-master was above her, having moved forward and having widely placed legs. Himichka dispersed outright. Having absolutely thrown back the head and having bent the games-master's dick down, she put it in a mouth and began to suck greedy. The games-master interrupted blowjob, breakthrough lifted Marina from a bench and having seated her on a table, immediately, with skill, undressed. Then I put her on a table dog-fashion and low I bent down shoulders and Marina's head so that that a breast laid down on a table-top, and her back was lifted up highly up. Small buttocks of Marina Nikolaevna dispersed, having completely opened her wet vagina and a hard, brown ring of an anus. The games-master, right there I will thrust two fingers into both holes, I began to saw her as a double saw. The teacher, constraining groan, I coiled and I scraped nails a school desk. In about two minutes the games-master took out fingers, moistened with saliva a chocolate eye of Marina and the dick. Having lowered the teacher a stomach on a school desk, he widely moved apart Marina's hips in the parties, pulled her on himself. The intense penis greased with saliva slowly disappeared in Marina Nikolaevna's buttocks. Having driven the end to an emphasis, the games-master began to move a basin measuredly. The teacher spread as a frog seized hands regions of a table and, being afraid to shout, squeezed teeth the panties. Girlfriends, having in the dark made horney from all seen, didn't lose time for nothing. Katyushka, having kneelt, I thrust the head to Tana under a dress, I pulled together from her tights and without restraint I licked a clitoris, in that time as that, having widely placed legs, I made upward movement to the girlfriend, without taking eyes from the events in a class. Measured movements of the games-master passed into small convulsive pushes. A marine as mad, I wound the head with the panties clamped in a mouth. Having felt approach of an orgasm, the Games-master accelerated speed, strong holding Marin by a waist, up to the end driving a dick into her back. At last, having strong pressed a groin to Marina's buttocks, he moved and cast out a hot stream of a cum in her gut. Having come unstuck from a himichka, the games-master iznemozhdenno lay down on the next table. Marina Nikolaevna lay a stomach on a narrow school desk, having powerlessly given on edges of a hand and leg, and quietly groaned. The school desk under it was wet from sweat and slime, in a section of buttocks the spot of the shapeless, ruined anus from which the cum exuded stood out clearly, and her face buried in damp izzhevanny panties. Having a little come to itself, she slowly rose, put on and on the shivering, turning in legs started wandering to a door as blind, adhering to hands for school desks. The games-master stretched to her, but having waved a hand, leaned back back on a table. The teacher left. Little girls, having brought itself into an order and from excitement having become more brave, came into a class. Games-master. having seen them, quickly I pulled trousers and I jumped on legs. - It still what it, you what came?? - terribly he frowned eyebrows. Tanyushka quailed, after all it was the teacher, but brisk Katyushka took out forward. - All of us saw from laboratory, be only not afraid, we won't give you. We in general want to suggest you to fuck with us - it all at once blurted out. - What??!! Yes you in the right mind to offer me it. Soplyachki! Yes I now for ears will drag you to the director, in militia, I don't know where. Young children are nasty, see what udumat. Immediately I will tell everything to parents that flogged you properly. - And here you to us will make nothing. If you don't agree, ourselves will complain to a direk-or that you stuck to us, and about a himichka we will tell also about others, Svetka, for example. All of us know. Give, conduct us to the director, we will look someone will be believed more. The games-master became stupid I stared at Katyushka, and that, having seen that he ceased to threaten and thought, I continued to come: - He should frighten us. And then what bad we offer, to you what, there is no wish to try chains? Everything is equal we the we will achieve, not with you, so with others, but understand, you are pleasant to us, we want you. - Yes, will put for you. And for depravity of young children and rape will attribute - will give such term! About me already and gossips go to RONO, and here you, I am a teacher yours - learns someone, I was gone! - Nobody learns anything. I live here, near school, there is no house anybody and till the evening won't be. We understand everything, scandals and to us aren't necessary. - Here you also teach us, - Katyushka tenderly spoke, approaching the games-master. - Tanya, lock a door. Tanyushka, having locked a door on the key forgotten by a himichka I turned back. Katya lifted up a hem of a dress and, having taken the games-master's hand, thrust her to herself into pants. The games-master suddenly decided and began ostrozhno to caress the girl's vagina. Katyushka twisted his neck with hands and rubbed between - an awn about his palm. The silence of school was blown up by a call, and the corridor was filled with footfall and shouts. - Here now will come here, it is necessary to leave. Remember the address - Sovetskaya 14, apartment 45, it here nearby. At first we leave, in half an hour we wait for you, - Katya told, putting in order a dress, and girlfriends jumped out in a corridor. Having fast reached the house of Katyushki, girls were washed away and, having left on themselves a clothes minimum, got pleasant music and began to wait. There passed nearly forty minutes before the call to a door was distributed. Ha a threshold stood physical-uk, indecisively shifting from one foot to the other from a leg on a leg. Katya dragged him for a sleeve in the apartment and slammed a door. - You pass, undress, a toilet, nearby the bathroom over there, and it is my room. Here it is safe, everything will be good, we are ready. Having told it, she turned and went to the room. Having felt a smell of her young skin and having seen slender legs in a slit of a dressing gown, the Games-master spat all doubts, hung up a coat and went to the bathroom. Girls heard his steps, water noise, and their hearts with pleasure faded - now they will have a real man. Having rinsed, the games-master naked on a belt entered the room and sat down on днван, being confused from singularity of a situation still a little. Katyushka climbed up to him knees and having twisted his neck with hands, stuck we will kiss on his mouth. The games-master, kissing the girl, one hand I opened her easy dressing gown under which nothing was, and I began to caress a pubis, playing curls of fluffy hair. He attracted with other hand to himself Tanyushka, thrust a hand to her for a bosom and began to pinch from time to time gentle nipples. Tanya caressed his powerful breast, lowered a hand below and, having carried out on voskhititel- to ny muscular plates of a stomach, I dived a hand into trousers. Having caught fingers his firm dick, it hasty rumpled this hard, horney flesh. The games-master came off girls, broke clothes from himself and from them and again came to be in embraces of girlfriends. The initial confusion passed, and they indulged in caress freely and neppinuzh-enno. Lying on a back, the games-master both hands jerked off girls whereas they, twirling by buttocks, from two parties licked his sticking-out dick. Then Tanyushka held up the games-master a vagina, and he entirely swallowed him a mouth, having entered е a crack language and reaching him a virgin pleva. Katya, having attached between widely stretched legs of the games-master, selflessly I sucked his mighty end, fingering fingers the clitoris. Feeling that can't constrain desire any more, Katyushka kneelt, was tried on and began to stick carefully herself on a dick. Damp from the allocations and from Katina of saliva, the dick easily entered between wet vulvar lips of the girl. When a half of a dickhead disappeared in her vagina, she sharply lowered a basin. Instantly Katyushka was pierced by sharp pain. However, pain quickly passed and to replace it rolled pleasure. From her vagina several drops of the blood mixed with slime poured out. Katyushka, being kneeling, quickly I moved a body up-down, feeling as in her the huge column of the flaring flesh slides. Hands she reached Tanyushka's boobies and rumpled them, twisted nipples, in that time as from below to Tan I propped up the games-master's language. Katyushka reached an orgasm. Having stuck itself on a dick so that it absolutely disappeared in her sexual purpose, she sobbed, quietly shaking hips. Pleasure fell down, and Katya got down from the dick. Having removed to a wall, she observed how the games-master, having laid Tanya on a back, parted her legs in the parties and up. Dove Katyushke to hold one leg of Tanya, and holding another itself, he, moving apart a slippery dick the wet, swelled up a little skin folds, the fast, but smooth movement the dick drove in a vagina. Tanyushka moved, screamed, but the games-master, without having turned on it attention, began copulation. Passionately oshcheriv teeth, Tanyushka herself began to make upward movement a basin towards to the dick, catching him a vagina to the root. Katyushka pushed a hand between legs of the games-master and penno touched his balls shaking in the big drooped ball sack. The dick of the games-master underwent very big loading, however narrow, virgin holes today girls quite quickly brought him to an orgasm. He wishing to complicate the partner's life, the games-master pulled out a penis from Tanya's vagina and the cum scattered on her body. Katyushk was licked vividly by the dick and began to pound a cum a body of the girlfriend and the person. The games-master, panting, I fell off in the party. Lovers lay on a sofa, pereple-ayas naked bodies. All were overcome by a short dream. Having dozed about a half an hour, all a crowd got into a bathtub. The games-master sat at edge of a bathtub, and girls washed his phallus and a ball sack, careful movements of hands washing away soap under a warm stream of water. Filling in a wide palm of shampoo, the games-master washed away girlfriends, put them nearby, operev on a bathtub and, having pushed hands him between legs, with pleasure jerked off to girls a clitoris. Though mentally the games-master was ready to the intercourse, fizi-again chesky loading was too big. As little girls tried, serially beginning to suck his dick, he remained same soft and pliable, dejectedly hanging down on balls. However, and time already drew in. Having put on, they boiled tea, have a bite and began to say goodbye. The games-master left to girlfriends the home phone number, long thanked and admired them, взасос kissed both and left. Tanyushka and Katyushka returned to the room, laid down on the sofa which so well served to love joys and long were silent, more and more time mentally enduring all that happened to them this usual week-day of the middle of winter. what does casual relationship mean on dating sites date ideas provo site mapMain Page