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Hello dear readers, it is my first story in which I want to bare before you events which still force my heart to fight strenuously. My name is Elena, I am 41 years old, I have two beautiful children and the wonderful husband, work which I love very much also life which I considered ideal. I will describe myself: the blonde, blue eyes, height is 169 cm. In the years I kept a good figure, the benefit in youth I played volleyball and it affected my appearance: elastic buttocks, slender waist, flat tummy. As the volleyball will show time and will change my idea of life, rather than a back traumatized at occupation by this sport. In one of the working days when at office work is humming, having bent down behind the folder with documents, I felt sharp waist pain. The old trauma decided to prove, hardly I waited for the termination of the working day. Pain haunted me and at home. Having made a dinner and having made lessons with children, I began to ransack on the Internet searching of "antidote" of this intolerable pain. Numerous national recipes were replaced by announcements of courses of curative massage, on one of such announcements I also stopped. My choice fell on the next address, on the girl with a fine name Diana, promising disposal of an illness by painless massage. Very pleasant voice answered my call, having agreed about time I quietly went to bed strong having embraced the husband. And here in the appointed hour I already stand at a door of the apartment in which there will be my healing. Doors were opened by the young, effective girl: by sight years 25, a black straight hair, a pretty face with chubby sponges and huge brown eyes. She friendly invited me to pass, helping me to take off outerwear. Never before I noted for myself female beauty, but it forced to look with admiration at itself, her swarty skin seemed chocolate. She was short, with a faultless figure, I also didn't notice as impudently I considered her, having forgotten about pain and an occasion of our meeting. But it was noticed by her crafty having smiled and having returned me a word in reality. She left to the neighboring room, having suggested me to undress and lie down on a massage table. The easy shiver ran on my skin, nervousness unknown earlier. I undressed having remained in panties and a brassiere. And here I already lie on a tummy, hearing her coming steps, I see her in a short silk dressing gown with a lovely smile on lips. Her fingers undo the brassiere lock. I he think to us will disturb. She says. Her hand touches my back, forcing heart to fight even stronger. In my thoughts a full mess, I am an adult woman, with the husband, with children now shamefully I flow, from touches of the girl. The girl who suits me in the daughter. I am sure that she feels it. Shame and wild desire accumulated somewhere in the bottom of a tummy, her fingers investigate my body so gently that my lips dried up from desire. At that moment I for the first time felt desire to the woman, wild desire. I lay and madly wanted her. Videla her panties under a short dressing gown, her body which attracted felt her power over herself, but the most terrible as she felt this power. Her palms already impudently caressed my buttocks and my groans only emboldened to her. She moved apart my legs, pulled together panties. I as under hypnosis raised buttocks helping it, without shame shadow. Her fingers slipped on the pussy, the groan escaped from my breast, I heard as she licks them for the first time having tasted me. The body burned, I went crazy. She approached me in front, having gently touched a face approached me, her uvula touched my lips. Her smell turned the head, a greedy kiss, at that moment I forgot about everything, about the husband, about children about all decencies. It put me on a back, having carried out by language on firm to nipples, licking them, biting. Her palm slipped on a tummy to the pussy, caressing her, getting into me fingers. Kisses are lower and lower, her uvula slides on a sponge. I flow as the last whore, from her caress. The body aches from desire, the reason left. She sits down from above over my person, I remove panties and for the first time I caress the woman. My lips stick into the pussy, her taste attracts, I get into her, feeling her caress. Feeling as her juice flows down on my lips. She is discharged sitting down in a chair opposite, having parted legs in the parties licks lips, attracting me a finger. I feel her power again, on a lap I creep to it, I madly want to lick her pussy. At this moment I madly liked to be her thing. I wanted to be her whore. She took me for hair and pressed to a wet pussy which I with pleasure licked her body so far didn't pierce an orgasm. In 41 year, I was kneeling to her and over and over again cumed from caress of the 20th summer girl and it madly was pleasant to me. Having recovered, I couldn't believe that all this reality, she kissed me and having squeezed my panties in a hand, told - Get used, to go without them. Having come back home, I also didn't remember back pains. But still I go to Diana, to improving massage. It is a shame to me to write about it. But when I represent every time how her hands press me to the wet pussy, in my panties becomes madly wet. I like her power over me, it is pleasant to be her whore. what dating site is best for seniors date today holiday site mapMain Page