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Hello, it again I am Alexander. To me — 35 years. I continue a cycle of stories "ELDERLY" of the life. In the last story "Elderly (technology of seduction) ", I wrote o the fact that several years ago, I opened for myself the world of sex with beautiful women "for forty". Today, I want to tell you about one girlfriend — Elizabeth, her 62. In the principle, she also looks "for fifty", but with an average growth and a thin sports constitution, with lovely lines of the person — looks very effectively! I met her in theater. As usually, being unsteady in a lobby, I noticed what from me doesn't cramp eyes one person, years so 55. At once rushed to eyes and struck me — her naked legs! Such swarty, smooth, well-groomed, with a red pedicure. Na to the left leg there was a gold chain. The expressed calves, spoke, her extraordinary mobile image lives also did o this lady — extremely sexual. Na legs there were sandals on an average heel. She was dressed in a dress "lastochkin a tail" (it when in front above a knee, an is behind lower). A graceful waist, roundish hips and wide buttocks - grushka. The person — countesses (as if Stella Vilema): deeply put gray-green thoughtful eyes, eyelids in shadows, high arches of eyebrows, a hairstyle "bean", chubby lips in red lipstick, a strict chin and a small nose. Thin hands with fingers of the pianist and the French manicure, all of that is red color, covered with gold rings. Time are interested in me, of course, I approached. — Hello, you in me someone-to learned? — I began. — No, forgive, just on you the look and I got that-to was lost in contemplation. Excuse me for the caused concern — she began to chirp. Just so aren't lost in contemplation, I know it precisely therefore I decided to continue dialogue: — I today too in full confusion... recently left the girl, here, I came to vanish though I feel myself bad — I "complained". — By the way, I am called Alexander. — Very pleasantly, Elizabeth! — she stretched me the hand. To ladies the hands aren't shaken, but I, reaped. — A you what one? It seemed to me that you long — I got into soul. — Yes, you are right, at me in the last time too "cats scrape". — Do you know that? Give after theater just we will drink on coffee? — I went for broke. I so sometimes do if obviously someone-to is interested in me since you risk nothing. In a refusal case, it is possible to accept a neutral position again and to suggest to bring to the house or, on the thin end, to be engaged in other candidate. — Under other circumstances, I would refuse, but today — perhaps... I will support your offer: to drink... on coffee! — she smiled. — So there is a wish to be uttered! — Perfectly! We meet here! — I summed up. In an interval I didn't bother her since already I received the main — I will meet! After the performance, we were there where left. Having come to the street, went to the parking, it got keys from a handbag... and we appeared about her Volvo! — Oh, you know, washing a costs slightly further yours... — I was struck dumb. — It is excluded! — she cut off. — I, in the general-to, was imposed, I also will carry you! Ne worry, I will bring back. — Well — I agreed. — Where will we go? She called the place. ... She conducted professionally! In minutes 10, we were on the place. The small restaurant was small and very cozy. She sat down in a chair and began to study the menu. Having ordered coffee, I began to tell o of the life (I usually tell, but she, probably, really wanted to share). She told o of the daughter which left in marriage and lives in Germany. O to itself that it is the owner of salon of beauty that one lives. Though she has "boyfriend" who is 45 years old. I in the turn, told it "legend" o the fact that we left the girl and that I live too so far one, a parents are occupied with work to penetrate into my questions. — A of what didn't suit-to it? — she asked about "my girl". — Yes, so. Very much I demanded a lot of things — I answered. — Alexander, an if secret, how many to you years? — suddenly she took an interest. — Twenty six — I since in my case, it rolls told lies — I really look "to thirty". In her eyes the kite look was lit. — Let's pass on "you" — she asked. — Davay-te, we will pass. She became more courageous in the statements, more freely... —... Here and I always say to the daughter: it isn't necessary eb... ть the head to the husband, excuse for expression, a that will leave and Germany and all the rest will be covered her! I chose to myself the man, I left in marriage and rejoice — to walk all over not some horse-radish him! — she was brought. — A that slightly that, threatens to leave! Here will distil it and what further?! Will come running to mummy? To mummy, glory to God, already for... it is a lot of years. O what only thinks? Would give rise already, at last! So not! And so I devoted the best years to her, so still and now "will pull hard" on me! I till this time can't arrange private life to A though everything it seems is! What else is necessary? — she was indignant. Elizabeth, having thrown, one leg on another, periodically I patted sandal o a heel, playing leg fingers. It made horney me as — a bison! Looking at her and listening, I all am more and more intuitively understood: "Yes, this woman will — be fucked!! Ne to be engaged in love, caress, a — to be fucked!!" ... After coffee, she brought me to theater again, we said goodbye and I asked: — Elizabeth, it is so easy to communicate with you! At me as if a stone from soul! Allow, somehow to invite you in the museum, a that to me is inconvenient — you paid for me, I can't go in debtors! — Yes doesn't cost! Trifles! — she answered. — Well, then though would tell where your salon, can, zaskachu when — on a hairstyle. She told the name and the address. — Na don't endure the account of the girl! Everything will be good! — she winked at me, leaving. In a week, I went to her salon — to look round. Having come, I sat down to have hair cut. The pretty little girl cut me, dexterously being active scissors. After a hairstyle having called the price, it got what-to form and asked me: — A as you o recognized us? — From Elizabeth — I said. — From Elizabeth?... — the little girl was confused. — From Elizabeth Petrovna? — she specified. — Yes - yes, from Elizabeth Petrovna — I calmed the girl. — I want to thank her, a when she happens? — On Thursdays, is closer to evening — the girl answered. ... Next Thursday, in the evening, having passed by salon, I was convinced that Elizabeth — on the place: her clean Volvo stood opposite to an entrance. In Thursday, I with a box of expensive candies, taxied up to salon of beauty again. Volvo was there. I came and asked: — Hello, don't prompt how to me to see Elizabeth Petrovna? — Hello, how to present you? — the Administrator told. — Alexander... "from theater". — Well — the girl told and left. I heard knock of heels and before me the magnificent woman in fitting a leopard dress above knees, in new sandals on naked legs and with a hairstyle in style of "the French hairstyle" appeared. The dress was with a collar and fitted her body tightly, boobies were pressed to each other — raised and stuck out forward. I madly adore such women! Below pleasantly zazudelo. — O! Old friend! — she began to shine. — Come, you want to have hair cut? — No, thanks! I already was at you, here actually, came around to thank — all at the highest level! — I grew stout in a smile. — Thanks! — with pleasure it accepted a gift. — Elizabeth Petrovna, I hurry a little now, can you will give the business card, suddenly it is required. She gave the business card!! There passed a week more, before than I called... Total there passed month since the acquaintance moment! I want to notice that, nesmotrya on my experience in acquaintances and development of a relationship, women at once in a week aren't given (for several years at me it occurred only several time), usually it is necessary to work a little as shows this example. In practice, it in an average 1, 5... 2 months to which current you systemically "disarm" the lady, methodically removing all bans, filters and internal contradictions. IT COSTS to HO THAT!!! It is necessary to move according to the following scheme: 1. Story-teller / Slushatel (or on the contrary) 2. Applicant of "help" of her council * 3. Friend / Пoмoщник 4. Lover * — it is obligatory since having given you council, she bears for you responsibility, a pulls together it — psychology!!! So here, I called, and invited in restaurant, to have supper, told that I have news and that I want with her posekretnichat since I got acquainted with the new girl (I told lies to her), but there are nuances, a to parents there is no time, a she as the adult woman, could help me council. Elizabeth agreed. Having supper I "admitted" to her the nuance: — Elizabeth, you will laugh, but I am not able to dance at all! It isn't enough of that — fast dances, so still and slow!! I roll over from a leg on a leg, causing only laughter! — Akha-хa-хa-хa — laughed it — you me part on dance what whether? — Yes I and so, without it, can invite you what here it-to? — with a serious face I began to explain to her. — I don't ask you me to learn!! Just I say that there is such problem!! — Well a that, it is possible and to teach — she told — we will go! And she got up because of a table. — Now, you, are kidding what whether? I say that I am not able! — Vstavaaaay! The woman waits!! — she stretched, having exposed me the hand. We approached di - dzheyu, and she asked the ballad. Having left to the hall, she got up in a rack. I, one hand took her hand, for a waist and we began to dance the second. — Akh, deceiver! Well you give!! — again she laughed. — No, the truth, you are pleasant to me!! I parted as the girl! Dance ended, and we sat down again. Elizabeth was in the raised mood. — Elizabeth, if it is serious, then a problem that... — and I told her "situation". Elizabeth listened attentively, peering into my eyes. Later, I told that she made on my place and on the place of "my girl". Further, I transferred a conversation to the course of jokes. To her it was cheerful! We perfectly spent this evening. And not only this! She diligently gave me councils on my "problems" invented by me. We — became friends! The main thing — the woman to be pleasant! Your role — the harmless, cool youth! That she laughed, smiled more! Then you will pass all filters — preventing to lay her in a bed!! So there passed a month more. Na her question "What There with My New Girl?". I spoke, o new "difficulties", a still at another meeting with Elizabeth, told that we ran up since to us it is boring and uninteresting together. At last, I invited Elizabeth Petrovna in a lodge for the city — to shish kebabs. — Elizabeth, I want to invite you to the nature, to tasty meat or fish! I will prepare itself, specially for you!! Literally for day, an I will bring you back in the evening. — Well, if specially for me, then went — she playfully agreed. Having arrived and having kindled a brazier, I got a small bottle of wine and... together I drank it with it!! In the evening, at a table, savouring foods and singing the second small bottle, she told: — Listen, all I want to ask you? Well, it is only honest... did you have female? — Of course, were! — I was surprised. — Nee, I have in a look these dil-letantok, a real — the adult woman?! — she wasn't appeased. — No, wasn't — I answered, having told lies. — Tell, an of a thought such never arose? — with the become tipsy, but burning eyes, she looked at me. — Theoretically, probably... I allow it, but that here it is so obvious... — I was very cautious. — Theoretically, means? — she put a glass of wine. — A here me, too teore-ticheski brought? Do you think, I understand nothing? Ne I see how you look at me? — You the beautiful woman, here also I look — I held blow. — All right, "I will come" in a different way — she having again thrown a leg on a leg, nodding her, I began to clap туфлёй o a heel. — Do you tell you 26? A to me... well you understood in the general. And we begin to meet. 2 months!! "To be on friendly terms", to tell so — it is right? — Yes, also I don't see in it anything bad — I accepted new blow. — I don't see in it too anything bad, but where logic? To what all it? — she stuck. — Elizabeth, you very attractive woman also excite my blood — I gave up. — Хм, good fellow! I love frankness! — happy with a conversation, she leaned back on a back of a sofa and started both hands to herself in hair. I poured on a glass of wine. She his move devastated. — Sash, I to you admit, I had in the principle many men, not — you think nothing it, but for so many years... him all — for forty five, a with you... — she laughed —... with you, I even worry how the girl, you are such very young... here, I allowed to give to drink myself... My dick broke off jeans. She vulgarly got up, having thrown off one leg with another is so wide that I managed to see her transparent pants, passing by — a palm, carried out on my person. I approached the handbag lying at an entrance to kitchen and, I got a bottle... whisky! — Wu - alya! Do you think, it you brought me here?! Nea! It — I "brought" you! — she rejoiced. "Yes — I think — the girl, you — were stuck!!" — I am rather independent woman! — she put a bottle on a table. — Open! I opened. She flopped on a sofa and stretched me a glass. — Davaaay! More safely! I poured her a little... and too. Having drunk and having put a glass, she continued: — I was visited too by such thoughts and, will tell you, at me "there" — is restless! — she a mysterious look showed somewhere down and... having thrown off shoes, I put to me on knees the legs. — Give so — today we sleep together?! My God! I have even goosebumps! I was disturbed too by one big "murashka" — at me between legs! — Business, thing difficult... sometimes it is necessary to move apart legs before those someone aren't pleasant to you at all... — she told it as in space. — No when I saw you, couldn't tear off eyes, yes you and noticed it! Her warm legs at me on knees, lifted to me degree to a limit, and I began to stroke them. She relaxed them that allowed me to enjoy long everyone in separateness: such gentle, hot... Now, I call her — Ellie, I think, this woman — at me for a long time! what dating apps do korean use date palm site mapMain Page