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Chapter twenty fourth The darkness was scattered on pieces, shapeless, with color spots. In the head fog also smoothly dissipated, from ears slowly took out vatu. The uncontrollable yawning which is breaking out jaws attacked. Denis moved, tried to rise, but something strong held him at the earth. Long I thought that it, appeared - legs. They as if were nailed with nails to a floor, not to move; weren't felt at all as if strangers. Along with return of feelings, to the boy also thoughts, especially one - returned what happened?! What is with him where he and whether it is whole in general? In a couple of minutes of a leg pinched, pinned up, in heels stuffed hedgehogs. Denis gritted the teeth, overcoming pain. And here the new misfortune was found - the hand is fastened by a steel ringlet to the battery! And at once everything got up on the places - was remembered how it was stolen from lyceum. Denis scaredly began to blink, ran eyes about the room. Small, dark, almost without furniture. Not made bed, a chair, a small coffee table, a floor lamp in a corner. And cheerful wall-paper in a lilac floret... - E-hey, there is someone here? - by a weak voice Denis called, secretly wishing that didn't respond. - Is, is, - Andrey responded, entering the room. - Regained consciousness? - You someone? - Denis focused on him a look. That I kidnapped him, he recognized the guy not at once - on that there were dark glasses. But other people weren't observed here, the choice was small. - Why did you steal me? - As to tell you, - the guy seriously answered, taking seat on a bed. - I went by, saw that it is boring for you, here and decided to entertain. Pretty cool, huh? Real stealing! You will brag then at school. - In lyceum... - Denis corrected automatically. - I that, small? Repayment you want, huh? - I guessed, I congratulate, - Andrey hemmed. - You in general as, as it should be? Hurts what? - Will you kill me? - Denis turned a numb wrist, taking away a look. - From what did you take? Daddy will pay yours and go away. We need you very much. - Yes? - mistrustfully I squeezed the Bay Denis. - And why then you not in a mask? I know if you don't hide a face, then you will kill... - Ka-akoy at - clever! - with irony the guy stretched. - From where only such undertake. Don't worry, in this respect we have the technique. I will give a brick on a nape, and will strike to you all memory - you will forget someone I saw and someone I didn't see! Denis not too believed in such prospect, but someone knows them... The father told terrible stories and the TV didn't lag behind him. Though the guy also looked good-natured, but as easily he will exchange when something goes not so. - Give waters... - the boy asked. In a mouth everything shrank, even to swallow it was sick. Andrey with astonishment blinked - he absolutely lost sight that the captive can have some desires. - Now... - he muttered. - beer you will be? - No, - Denis was twisted. He hated this kislyatina though guys from a class also tried to treat and more than once. - Just waters... Andrey disappeared for some time and returned with a mineral water bottle in hands, and also having taken a package of chips. I put near Denis: - Be treated. Denis grabbed a bottle and nestled to a neck. Long I couldn't come off until thirst released him. - When do you release me? - he asked. - I told how we will receive money, and we will release, - Andrey patiently repeated. - You, the main thing, don't twitch. Sidi it is quiet, breathe air. Denis attentively looked at him, but having remembered that thieves can't be irritated, inclined the head. - Now I will bring phone, you will talk to the father, - Andrey told efficiently. - Only don't take in head to blurt out superfluous! The boy was delighted, quickened. Hardly I waited three minutes until Andrey returned. By an example of the workmate, he wrapped up a scarf around a tube too. - Gotov? I call... - buttons began to squeak under slender long fingers. - It again I... Did you think? Here and nicely. Write the address... You will approach one there. And any militia, detectives and other citizens in shoulder straps, clear? He put a tube to Denis: - Speak! The boy didn't need to be persuaded. Having hardly caught a familiar voice, he cried: - Father! I was stolen! I here... He didn't manage to finish speaking, Andrey took away phone and finished: - He still live as I also promised. I wait for you tomorrow at nine in the morning in the specified place. Otherwise the first parcel will come the day after tomorrow. I smiled, switching-off the mobile phone and I told the upset boy: - You see, nothing terrible. Your father the clever person, understood everything at once. And loves you, to all appearances. - Loves... - Denis confirmed gloomy. - How many do I though stand? - It is so interesting to you? Two hundred fifty thousand. Dollars, of course. - So it isn't enough? - Denis hemmed involuntarily. - I thought, at least million. - Anything, anything. Four boys - here and one million, - burst out laughing Andrey. - You are the first! Well everything, have a rest, later still I will glance. He rummaged around on a table, povoroshit newspapers and threw to Denis the magazine. - Esteem so far that it wasn't boring. - And you will definitely not kill me? - sad thoughts didn't release Denis, the voice began to tremble. - You still give start howling here, - Andrey derisively answered and I left. The boy sobbed, but it is rather with despair, than for fear. He didn't get into similar troubles yet and wasn't ready to such shake-up at all. To run away... The thought of escape encouraged him, Denis was engaged in the handcuff. Unfortunately, the ring was not such wide that the narrow children's brush slipped. At cinema very much dexterously undid the lock a hairpin or a pin, but near at hand nothing similar appeared. Denis tinkered several minutes, ripped skin off a wrist and stopped trying, giving up. It is necessary to wait... * * * The long road in the close "suitcase" which became permeated with the smell of gasoline - it with interest there dropped down Sashke to feel taken out from the washing machine crossed to gas station. Long ago stirred up it, but he couldn't get out, voices behind iron walls didn't abate yet. Having waited for fidelity still, he praised himself that didn't rush on freedom rashly - someone came back and began to gnash iron up to gland. What he did there, Sashka didn't understand, only built guesses about repair, a jack and wrenches. At last and this type disappeared, having left behind long-awaited silence. Time! - the boy solved and pushed a trunk lid. Far from it... It was necessary to tinker still, to the touch finding the lock. Of course, the handle from within - a thing convenient and useful, but it would be advisable to handle this issue still. Having pulled the socks up, Sashka nevertheless coped and in a crack cool, very tasty, vivifying air rushed. Sashka breathed and couldn't inhale, greedy swallowed him the opened mouth. Having recovered, he got out of the car and with pleasure got up on the firm earth as the seaman after a storm. Having turned a few hands and подрыгав legs, Sashka put numb muscles in order and considered that he is completely ready to fight for freedom of the friend. In a garage it was dark, but not so, as in a luggage carrier. Besides, the door was slightly opened - the careless owner forgot to lock a garage. Sashka began to consider the room. Weapon some... Screw-drivers, flat-nose pliers, hammers and other iron utensils lay on wooden shelves in a picturesque disorder. Having touched her, the boy stopped on a heavy cast pig about a finger thickness - to kill won't kill, but if to hit on the head, then it is possible to disconnect. With this bludgeon atilt, the boy in a girlish dress looked out of a garage... what are some dating questions date today written site mapMain Page