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- Where do you head the beauty? Along the road there was a tall girl in a miniskirt and a light summer T-shirt. On her legs there were sandals on high heels. It was necessary to stick to this charming creation. And she it is proud I went forward, without noticing me. I lowered glass of the car and continued. - After all it is possible to learn how to find such long and beautiful legs? She искося looked at me, and, I noticed a faint smile on her face. "Aha, apparently, it is conducted". - I will be sorry if such slender legs, having done a long way, are tired, and I didn't even try to help them. - I am nearby. – She already turned in my party. The interesting face shone in a smile. - Especially. I am sure that we are simply obliged to carry out this short way together as the vital road is already short, and on it really so it isn't enough, such unusual creations as bright flash which are lighting up short summer days for short summer days like today's. - You are sure? - Completely. – I left and opened a door before the girl. – May I introduce myself, Vasily. - I am flattered with your words Vasily. But I am really unusual girl. - So it only to the best. How to call? - Lena. Watch that you should I am glad to our acquaintance. - About! Such turn very intrigues me. But I am not a coward and if really thinking waits, something extraordinary, I am ready to rush to this terrible secret to fight. - Talker. – The girl gracefully took seat on a front seat. - That also we live. – With a smile of a predator I looked at Lena and started at way. – I want to show you one small restaurant where it is possible to have dinner. - Unless we so agreed? - And we agreed? – And we amicably burst out laughing. - I won't describe a lunch and as I managed to drag the girl to myself to the apartment, the story not about my abilities. Generally, we came to me. Lena was arranged on a sofa, and I, having opened a bottle of wine and having filled two glasses, sat down near her. We drank for acquaintance. Having put glasses on a table, and having turned to her, I one hand began to caress her a shoulder, and put the second on a hip and began to stroke him and a knee. The girl from a high closed eyes, and I having used it kissed her on a mouth. She answered, and our kiss began to turn into passionate. We were strongly sucked and got languages deeply into each other mouths. I already caressed one hand a neck and an ear of Lena, and the second rumpled elastic hips. My lips fell, and I began to kiss her a neck. A hand I climbed it under an undershirt and began to caress her breasts. Lena helped me, having quickly pulled together an undershirt through the head. Her breasts looked unusually, obviously she increased artificially to herself the size. "But so now many do", I thought, and I began to kiss and to slightly squeeze fingers her nipples. It was pleasant to the girl. I felt it on the become frequent breath at my ear. She took a palm of my free hand, and having implanted a forefinger to herself into a mouth began to suck it. I meanwhile, continuing to lick nipples and to kiss a breast, I lowered a hand and I thrust her under a skirt. Lena held breath. Having slowly made the way to her panties, I pushed a palm under a bottom. "What is it?" - instantly rushed in my head. I got used to feel a clean-shaven pubis under maiden panties. And here my hand groped a hairy penis. My confusion lasted several seconds. I was discharged of a breast and began to consider what stuck out from under a skirt and panties. For some reason it wasn't opposite to me though still I hated gays. Lena had a beautiful dick of centimeters of fifteen, with the large head and a beautiful head of hear framing it on a pubis. - I warned that the meeting with the unusual girl is necessary to you. - But not so. Though, you know, it even brings me. I very much want you. With these words I began to jerk off carefully already strengthened dick of Lena. Desire of novel captivated my mind and I, having bent, I licked a head of her advantage. - Continue! – The low moan was heard. Lena, having rolled up eyes and having thrown the head, I put to me a hand on the top. And I, having already absorbed a head lips, greedy I sucked. I madly liked taste of the secretions allocated by it. I never thought that to suck and jerk off a dick gives to other man such pleasure. Заглотнув at all length and continuing to suck it greedy, I began a hand to caress to Lena balls. It already loudly groaned, and, pressing on my head, stuck on itself. The second hand she, at first having stroked me on a back, I got behind under jeans and I began to caress between buttocks. I weakened a belt. Lena was close to an orgasm that I understood how it began to move hips, driving the good fellow to me in a throat. I strongly squeezed a palm her balls, and right there felt as the stream of a warm cum hit to me in a mouth. I wasn't discharged, and on the contrary began to suck even stronger, trying to don't pass a droplet of this precious liquid which saltish and slightly bitterish taste, very much was pleasant to me. I sucked, and Lena twitched, cuming and groaning. - Great. – I released an obmyakayushchy dick from a mouth, gave smacking kiss few times a head, and, having unbent, stuck into the bays of Lena. - You are super! – Her hand already jerked off a dick in my pants. – Fuck me. With these words Lena highly raised legs and moved apart buttock hands. I, having jumped off from a sofa and having thrown off from itself all clothes, quickly I was arranged at her bottom. Having spat few times a hole of her bottom, I applied a dickhead to a brown ringlet. It with ease gave in and here I already slowly move the friend into a rectum, trying to drive it as it is possible more deeply in embraces of gentle muscles of a bottom. Excitement and slight pain slowly grow, and it becomes wildly pleasant to me. Lena already threw legs far back, and, holding them with elbows, gave me a scope over her bottom. She one hand jerked off the soft dick, trying to lift it. I already began to be moved smoothly in her bottom, at the same time holding her by a breast. About! As I love anal sex as it is pleasant to me close holes as I go bananas from slight pain. My movements amplify, their force and amplitude reach a maximum. And Lena delighted with such intercourse. - Fuck me! Fuck, the devil you a pobera! Still! More deeply! From sweet torments I want to terminate. I get a dick from a bottom of Lena and having got up I begin to jerk off. At the same moment the orgasm is rolled on me, and I cum, splashing her face and a breast. My shout and splashes admire Lena. - Good girl! Well done! – She continues to jerk off furiously to herself yet not strengthened dick. I fall near her on a sofa. She with a smile looks at me. I light. "Here I also became a gay. And what in it bad? Not too bad at all." - Thoughts quickly turn in my head. And Lena slowly smeared meanwhile my cum to itself on a tummy and breasts. She took a forefinger a big drop and brought to a mouth. She licked him. - Vkusnenko! Then she implanted a finger completely into a mouth and began to suck it. Lena already moved the second hand a thin skin on my dick, and I felt that it gets up again. I finished smoking. And Lena two hands jerked off our dicks. - And you don't want to try? - What to try? To jerk off? I already jerk off all life. - No. In buttocks you don't want to try? – Here what she offers. The conflict of thoughts took place in a brain again. But the prospect to be fucked me captured. - Still as I want. - Then become "cancer". I obediently got up knees on a sofa and rested hands against a back. Lena sat down behind me and moved apart hands of a half of my bottom. I turned to look how she will do it, and saw that she approaches my hole language. Having right there felt as the tip of warm language concerned an anus, I felt fantastic pleasure. Lena licked a bottom was able. I felt each movement of her rough language, each kiss of her lips on my hole. I went bananas when she, having felt that I softened, tried to enter a language tip my hole. At her it didn't turn out, and she slowly implanted a forefinger there. The wave of new feelings was rolled on my brain. When I recovered, Lena already vigorously worked a finger in my bottom. It was so pleasant that I already moved the back on a meeting to her. Lena added average to a forefinger, and began to fuck me already two fingers. Sweet pain at the basis of a bottom spread on my body. The second hand Lena jerked off to me a dick and licked egg language. I fyrchat from pleasure. Suddenly everything stopped. I regained consciousness and looked back. - You that? Why stopped? - Now it will be more best. – I saw how Lena gets up and is attached by the standing stake to my bottom. It spitted out saliva on a palm and rubbed with her a head. The sharp movement she flew in my excited hole. I didn't even manage to be frightened. About! Yes! Now I understand that it to feel a penis in a bottom. This pulsing fatty obviously brings unearthly pleasures. I felt how he gets into me, moving apart flesh. I felt at the same time his rigid hardness and gentle flexibility. Lena began to fuck me, at first slowly, then quicker. I went bananas, I tried to receive as much as possible, and at the same time to give it pleasure. And she violently fucked and fucked. Suddenly she stopped. - You what. – I already shivered from wild desire and excitement. - It is pleasant? - Very much. I beg, continue. - I seized her by hips and attracted to myself, having right there felt as the head of her dick forces the way in me. Lena began to fuck me again, but was already close to an orgasm that I understood, how began to tremble her tool. Right there I felt as the charge of a cum streamed a powerful stream in my interiors, and Lena with loud shout was pushed to the floor. I still stood "dog-fashion" and enjoyed how the warm cum flows from a razdrochenny hole on my balls when Lena having regained consciousness and sowing under me, began to insert the long tongue deeply to me into a bottom, licking the remains of a cum and caressing his tip rectum walls. And again new and delightful feelings. Having licked and having treated kindly my tormented to the priest Lena, I was accepted to a new execution. While my bottom wasn't closed and was greased with saliva and a cum, it, having put a palm a tubule, tried to implant all fingers there. She strongly pressed, at the same time jerking off the second hand to me a dick. Pain was already very severe, but today I wanted it. I felt as pain slightly weakened, and understood that the palm already entered me. I turned back – it was valid so. Lena without pulling out from me a hand, I squeezed under me and I took a dickhead in a mouth, without ceasing to jerk off it. It became a last straw. I never got such delightful and long orgasm in life yet. I growled as a bear, I lowered infinitely long in the opened mouth of Lena, I shivered in ecstasy, I failed in a chasm …. I regained consciousness sitting on a sofa. All body hurt. But especially the bottom hurt. Just the horror as hurt. Aha, I remembered from what. I got up. Being unsteady, I went to a toilet. On the way, passing by a corridor, I saw the heart drawn with lipstick on a mirror. Lower phone, and a name – Lyonya. Well. It is good that not Trezor. Though, you never can tell? Can try? Author: Slava Pushkin video call dating app date today power query site mapMain Page