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— Listen, Dasha, I should run on work now, to give documents. — Took in head to get rid of me? — the girl frowned. — Em... At all not. I the truth need to carry papers... And... I would like to meet you still. — Well of course you want someone as I will believe you and will listen. — ... — Generally so, here to you my business card — the brunette got a rectangular piece of cardboard from a small handbag and stretched it to Petya. — Gather to me hours after 19. The girl rose and turned already to leave, but turned back. — You treated me with coffee, I will treat you later. Call. — I winked and sent an air-kiss to the confused man who perplexedly played with the business card with the phone number. On a faded pink, opaque card glossy black letters and figures were pushed aside: Darya +* (***) ***-**-**. More no information was specified. The man removed a card in a bag, paid for the account and came into the female bathroom. — The man, you look at plates? It is a ladies' room! — the sink had a very young woman and negoduyushche looked at entered. — Опс. Excuse me! — Pyotr jumped out of the female bathroom and came into men's. It was necessary to move away "butterfly", to descend in a toilet and to dry wipe the new body. Though the toy also gave pleasure, however the organism was sated and refused to continue to receive stimulation of an erogenous zone. Pyotr got to a reception without adventures, gave all papers, said goodbye and left back to the subway. Though on the street it was also cold, and people muffled up in the clothes more densely, the man was warmed by feeling of the approaching future changes. Just now he slightly was frightened, having realized that knows nothing about life of girls and moreover, has no idea what to him to begin with. The only thought turned around his new acquaintance to whom he had to phone in the evening and as there was enough time, decided to come back home. On the way I dropped into shop and I bought still female panties and panty hoses as suddenly I felt heat in boobies... — Hallo? — Dasha! Excuse that I call strongly earlier, this is Pyotr, but at me... эм... — deeply I inhaled and I exhaled — at me the breast grows! — the man whispered in a tube. — Petya? So. Approach on the ***** metro station and show me. I have only 30 minutes of free time. Hurry up. — in a tube beeps of a rupture of communication were heard. The man reached the meeting place in 20 minutes and ran out from the subway on the street, Dasha at once approached him. — Followed me. They climbed steps and through glass doors, got to large business the center. — This man with me. — the brunette nodded to the security guard and spent Pyotr through turnstiles to the toilets located round the corner. Together came into women's and passed in the end of the room. One cabin was busy and closed, Dasha applied a finger to lips and pushed the man extreme which was free. — Show — the girl in a whisper told. Pyotr undid a jacket, lifted up a sweater and an undershirt. To a look of the girl the hairless male breast, however nipples and an aura around them appeared, I was much more, than have to, and she was as if is strained. Dasha gave hands and put them on both breasts at once. At first she felt nothing and wanted to release already, however in a moment felt how the skin on the man's breast slightly stretched and pushed away her hands. In palms she began to feel not big weight, but fingers were slightly bent, repeating a shape of slowly growing female breast. A minute later, growth stopped and in palms of the girl there was a female breast, almost first size. Dasha slightly squeezed his breasts, and Pyotr shuddered. Though it was only the first size, but feelings changed. During all process of growth of boobs, the man felt the increasing weight on a thorax. When the girl squeezed his breast, he didn't feel just touch, Petya felt as if his vagina and a breast are tied because the tactile impulse from touch by an echo was given below, having forced the man to squeeze legs, trying to console sudden emotion. — Never would believe in lives if didn't see and I didn't feel. Here at Dasha zapilikat hours. — It is time for me. Surely call me today in the evening. In total it is time for me. Went quicker, I will see off you on the street. Pyotr was thrown out on the street as if a kitten by the scruff. The door was behind closed and was not to open it without special card. Having shrugged shoulders, the man went home as to a call still there were 5 hours, and itself(himself) in the apartment will have him in 40 minutes. Having entered the dwelling, the man closed behind himself a door, was undressed, undressed, changed clothes and took seat in clean panties, tights and a dressing gown in the chair which is in the hall. "What around a mess" Pyotr inspected the room. "I have to bring order". Having wrapped up tails of the robe more densely and having tied him on a thong, I was accepted to clear-out. In the slightest degree the things smelling then, went to a pile of dirty linen. In 5 minutes the washing machine began to wash the first batch of clothes. It isn't important at all that these things any more will never be useful to me, but he wasn't able to afford to store dirt in the house any more. Something in mind of the man switched, and he not just brought order, but looked in each corner cleaning dust together with garbage from there. Pyotr also didn't notice that his breast all grew and grew, every minute increasing in sizes. Only when volumes reached figure 3, the man paid attention to emergence of weight in a thorax. Having lowered a look down, he gasped. Breast hair weren't in general, nipples became more, as well as an areola around them, it was already not the breast, there were boobs, the most real, women's. The thong was untied and together with a dressing gown is hung up in the bathroom on a hook. The man approached in the bedroom a case and glanced in the mirror hanging on a wall. Looked reflection of very womanly guy at him, head hair grew up and it there was already not a hairstyle under the machine, and a full-fledged caret. Shoulders became less in sizes, the breast was already completely women's with the boobs which reached 3.5 sizes, a narrow waist, wide hips, slender legs in tights and a pubis. The automatic movement, without realizing actions, Pyotr corrected the curl of hair which fell on a face and closed to the right eye the review. * Трииинь * * Triiin * the alarm clock on phone Rang out notifying that it is time to call Dasha. "I absolutely forgot!" the man dialed number from the business card and in a moment after a call, the girl answered. — Petya, you are punctual. — it was felt that she was happy. — Dasha. Listen, I now houses also won't be able to leave anywhere because I have no clothes by the size... Generally my breast grew to size 3. 5 and... I look just as the girl now! — at the end at Petya began to tremble a voice whether for joy, whether from grief and fear. — I will arrive to you now, you want? — Yes. Come please quicker I here... — Did you notice? — the girl cut him short. — What noticed? — at this moment Pyotr paid attention to the new soft and gentle female voice. — And I will always speak now so? — at the man the hysterics began. — Calm down, I will bring chocolate, it will be pleasant to you. Having dictated the address, the new girl put phone on a table in the hall and went to the bathroom. She needed to make toilet, to take a shower and to find though something from clothes, Dasha told that she will arrive less than in 2 hours, so time still is. "Now it turns out that I not he... and she?... "Pyotr washed away from head hair foam from shampoo, and his look was directed to the new body. The smart breast twitched in a step of the movement by hands. Water, flowing down on a body, streams I caressed shoulders, a back, boobs, a narrow waist, an equal tummy and I caressed warm streams a pubis, I broke and I fell to the bathroom. From clothes it was necessary to put on lilac panties, tights, the brassiere bought in a sex shop because the breast slightly pulled down and at each step I jumped up, bringing a certain discomfort. Nipples leaned out through not clasped cuts. At this moment the call to a door was distributed, Pyotr grabbed and put on on himself a dressing gown, tied more tightly a belt on a waist and corrected fabric on a breast. Nipples rested through a latex brassiere against a soft dressing gown, and still former man went to an entrance door, the tickling in boobies at him was replaced with pleasant and warm feelings. Later ten more of seconds, a door it was open. — Petya? — the girl interrogatively looked at the hostess and passed to the apartment. — Yes, it I. — the door was closed, the guest took off a jacket and was undressed, then they visited the bathroom, and later passed on kitchen. Dasha got a wine bottle from a package. — It meanwhile will brighten up expectation of chocolate. Petya got glasses and put them on a table. — Did you already decide how now to call you? — Dasha opened and poured wine in glasses, slightly concerned the wine glass with a wine glass of the hostess and drank couple of drinks. — Even it is unusual to me to treat himself in a feminine gender — Petya slightly took a look aside. — Give you now will call Pyotr? How in the movie of the taxi? — Petra means?... And what? — the man inclined the head deliberating. — Though... Parents said to me that if I was born the girl, then would name me Polina. — Polina is glad to acquaintance! — girls clinked glasses with glasses again and drank up to a throat. — Fields, show me the apartment as you live here. — Well — the girl in a dressing gown got up and invited to follow itself. — What interesting collection at you — told Dasha when it in the bedroom saw on a table of a toy, bought once in a sex shop. — I absolutely forgot to remove... — I forgot. You are a girl now. Dasha embraced behind Polina and kissed her on a neck. — Yes. I just can't get used to this thought in any way. — I will help you. The guest developed the girl to herself the person. — As...? Darya slowly moved forward and kissed Polina on a mouth, untied a dressing gown thong, then softly pushed and put the new acquaintance on a bed. — Wow! What interesting brassiere at you — before Polina managed to react, Dasha stuck we will kiss on the left nipple which is sticking out through a cut in a bra. The right hand the girl began to help a uvula, squeezing a breast, and left lowered below and got into panties of the girl lying before her. — Fields, everything that you tested, being a man, isn't comparable with what you will feel, being a woman. — the girl helped to take off all clothes to the girlfriend. — I for a second. — Dasha ran to a corridor, quietly opened locks of an entrance door and returned with massage oil which I bought on the road here and also, the cell phone with earphones. — Here, put on. — the girl stretched them and turned on the weakening music. Polina put on earphones and turned at the request of Dasha on a stomach. Cool massage oil touched a back and it was right there smeared by a free hand, in a moment and the second hand joined the first. Gentle and in too time strong hands of the guest worked wonders with the girl's body. Each centimeter of skin felt warmly and in a couple of minutes heated up, heating under itself muscles. Music flew a never-ending stream, and Darya passed to legs, previously having covered the girlfriend a back with a sheet. The new, not conducted feelings overflowed not only a body, feelings, thoughts, but also excitement rolled differently. There was no that rough men's desire somewhat quicker to thrust the dick in others vagina and to terminate quicker. Emotions rolled consistently, slowly but surely making horney the new hostess. Polina at these moments, opened for herself new erogenous zones of the female body. Dasha touched the girl's side, letting know that it is necessary to turn on a back. A little massage oil and here hands began to caress already a breast, squeezing, sliding on boobs, sometimes touching the sticking-out nipples. Polina didn't feel the body as a set of extremities any more, for her now everything became uniform. In thoughts slipped images which the new girl couldn't realize, kind of I didn't try to concentrate on them. Dasha curtailed a small towel and put on the upper part of the face to the girlfriend. Polina slightly shuddered from surprise, but didn't open an eye. Light ceased to get through the closed eyelids of the girl and feeling of loss of reality only amplified. Massage was displaced below, to legs, rising from knees to a pubis and back. Sometimes Darya's hands touched vulvar lips, and then Polina slightly opened a mouth and in the small portions quickly inhaled air. In the head of the hostess already there was no integral picture at all as suddenly, her legs lifted up and parted in the parties. At first the former Pyotr tried to resist, but the new body itself relaxed, opening free access to a vagina. Damp and wide language walked from an anus hole, to a clitoris, then stopped, made couple of circular motions around him and went down back. There and so already everything was wet from natural lubricant, and saliva made a perineum of even more slippery. "From where interestingly Dasha knows all this and is able?" I slipped a thought in the head of Polina. Something is hotter and firm rested against an elastic hole of the girl, and right there began to aspire inside, increasing pressure force. In a second, Polina felt as walls of her vagina stretched and passed inside something madly pleasant. Gentle palms started over again caressing the girl's breast, I the left nipple was busy with a wet and hot uvula. "Stop... Two hands at me on a breast... and someone holds my legs?!" Polina pulled the head and the towel fell sideways. — ... !!! I sat next having bent completely naked Dasha and I played with her breasts... and here below, in legs, the two-meter Black was kneeling and I smiled a snow-white smile. — It is pleasant, the beauty? — with a light accent the man asked and set a basin exhausting the dick most deeply. Polina couldn't answer, only an open mouth greedy swallowed of air. She felt each push how for the first time. Each centimeter of a huge black penis which was moving apart an elastic and slippery bosom claimed with itself in memoirs the former men's life. The Black strained and having pulled out a dick, quickly moved closer to the person Poli. The girl became puzzled, but Dasha pushed her the head towards to the dick and already she sucked a huge, black penis which was damp from the juice. The uninvited guest moved and Polina's mouth was filled with a hot and viscous cum. At the girl the reflex nearly worked, but Dasha covered her lips with the in time and began to pinch what was on a face. Without having sustained, Polina swallowed a cum and felt... that very much it was pleasant to her. — Well as to you on taste chocolate? It became easier? — The girl it is shameful I smiled. Instead of words, Polina burst into tears. Darya had to embrace her and to press to the boobs. — Well Well... Everything is good? Got an orgasm? Polina negatively pomotat the head, the is stronger утыкаясь in a breast than the girlfriend. Dasha lifted up a look of reproach on the acquaintance. — In what business Frank? — Darya, listen... She has a vagina: it something. I such pleasure, in life didn't test. Give me minutes 20, and I will make everything. — You try. A march in a shower, leave us alone. The Black got up from a sofa and left the room, having covered for himself a door. After a while Polina calmed down and dozed off in an embrace with the girlfriend. Frank, having received the message from Darya, I gathered and I left the apartment, leaving on other call. Closer by the night, Polina woke up near the girlfriend. Feelings, lack of a dick and also excitement from the naked girl lying a row were still not habitual. Having accurately got up and having left the bedroom, Paul came into the bathroom and I sat down on a toilet... — And I didn't even find time to wake me — Dasha came into the room without knock. — I only a bit... — the girl instinctively covered a breast and shifted legs, but in a second took away hands and is guilty looked at the guest. When both girls finished from the bathroom and put on in men's dressing gowns, Dasha took Polina by hand: — We will go to kitchen. I want to talk to you seriously. — Well. Dasha sat down having crossed the legs, and Polina at first exactly, but then too sat down as well as the girlfriend. — You have no documents now, and you aren't registered anywhere. In fact: blank sheet. There is an offer. My husband is the owner large a porn of studio. He can suit you other nationality. I wanted to myself the close girlfriend long ago, and the hubby asks sex three together. Naturally I was against any his communication with other girl... But you... Another matter — Dasha smiled. — In the past you are a boy and I feel that it is ready to let you in our family, to you I will help to accustom to a female body and a new gender role, and you... You will help me to communicate and understand the husband. I love him and I understand that I sometimes behave as the intolerable young child, you will prompt that he wants and you will hint where I behave too... Generally I go too far. — Dasha, I don't know what to tell. A week ago I just lived and worked, and you to me suggest to move to some fairy tale... — tears began to flow on the girl's cheeks again. — I take a huge liking to you... I don't know whether I will cope... — About what you? That is you won't cope? Yes what you would cease to cry, I am ready to rush on the world's end right now and to bring you everything that you will ask! — the girl moved closer with a chair to the girlfriend and very strong pressed her to herself. Hot tears wetted a dressing gown, were absorbed in fabric and burned Dasha's breast. The guest caressed on the head and consoled the so suddenly met girlfriend. Still sobbing, Polina was removed from Darya and looked at her, the eyes, wet from tears. — Yes... Of course I will go with you though to the world's end. — Polina accepted with a shiver in a voice Dasha's proposal. Dasha didn't keep and stuck long we will kiss on a mouth of the girlfriend, hot and salty from tears. There was a hot and gentle sex of girlfriends in love at night. Poses replaced each other, bodies intertwined. They were in the bathroom, in kitchen, in the hall on a floor and a sofa, in the bedroom in a case. Girls tried all toys that were once bought in a sex shop, then Dasha ran to the same shop for adults and brought some more new among which there was a toy with the name Strapless. This flloimitator had no fastenings, and it kept at the expense of internal muscles of a vagina of one of partners. — I thought to you it will be interesting — Dasha stretched a clean toy. The excited Polina already also forgot that she once was a man, the night marathon with the new best friend didn't dismiss any ideas except the aspiration to receive and give pleasure. The girl pulled the girlfriend by a hand to herself on a sofa and snatched out a dildo from hands, slightly greased a vaginal and anal part with gel and being kneeling, spread legs. — Aaakhkhkhkh... — Polina deeply inhaled when both parts entered at all length in her. Vagina as if with years trained, densely clasped a toy. Dasha got up before Polina dog-fashion at this time and invitingly began to wag a bottom, inviting the girlfriend quicker to fill its emptiness in her. Fields greased the sticking-out artificial dick between legs, at the same time I checked that he well and densely keeps. The toy with an easy squelch got in Dasha's vagina at all length, so, that Polina's pubis rested against buttocks of the girl who settled down cancer. These movements, were habitual to the being kneeling girl, but here feelings, cardinally differed. An anal part, created pleasant friction and massed at each movement an anus muscle while vaginal, constantly I stimulated G point, at each movement pressuring her, receding that in a moment again to be near. After a while, Polina began not just to move forward and back, but also still to wag a basin, helping a toy to get a little more deeply and more intensively to press inside on vagina walls. Absolutely exhausted, girls laid down on a bed a breast up, and Dasha began to caress, pull the sticking-out artificial dick which was still in the girlfriend. — Never would think that I can test a hand similarity of an orgasm, just from the fact that I will thrust fingers in a vagina... But your hole — it is real: Something. — Dasha argued lying nearby, then bent and licked a nipple of the girlfriend. In a window I lit dawn and girlfriends urgently began to gather for a visit of shop. Five hours when over Polina's body the sunbed worked as later, by her made manicure, a pedicure, massage, a hairstyle, and Dasha took in expensive boutique, bought a heap of things and forced to dress new things now... The girl could be exposed on a beauty contest now and she would win first place. Darya called the beloved husband and said to him in clear: — Darling you had birthday a week ago and I have a present... Yes... One more. I am ready to let in the girl our relationship, but only unique and I already chose her... Check the messenger, I sent you just the photo... Polina heard as from cellular exclamations of joy and adoration reached, and Dasha at all slightly removed a tube from an ear, then when shouts abated returned back. — Yes road. Only it has no documents, at all. It burned everything and wants to begin new life... What? You in the Emirates? We in Moscow... Well expensive! I love, I kiss. Dasha removed the smartphone in the handbag, and they went by her car to the private airport. In 4 hours, on a strip there was an ordered aircraft and waited for two passengers. The plane dispersed and came off a runway, gaining height. Inside, girlfriends sat side by side and with enthusiasm stirred about knowledge of a make-up. When Dasha left to bar behind drinks, Polina lowered a view of the body: the most beautiful bra, short, above a knee, the fitting blue dress with a deep decollete and open shoes on a high heel. All warm clothes lay in clothes as superfluous. The girl transferred a look to a window... Moscow slowly was removed, people the first became imperceptible, cars to the last shone with headlights, reminding the travelers lost in night. Veins of streets and an artery of avenues of the city, brightly shone in night causing slight grief and grief on a former way of life. The city wasn't able to sleep, and only abnormal weather after frosts forced midnight passersby to be perplexed today concerning weather whims. Gray clouds covered the city and watered it with a frosty dozhdichok... — You that sad? — Yes here... Thundercloud... In the winter... — Polina started and turned the head in Dasha. I accepted from her hands a glass with cocktail. — For us girls! — girlfriends tasted drink and continued to stir cheerfully about pleasures of female life. End. usa dating whatsapp number date today kotlin site mapMain Page