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This real story happened in August of year before last. I will tell a little about myself and the wife, to me at that time was 28 years old, and the wife 27. The wife at me the slender, beautiful girl with a quite good breast and fine buttocks. Everything began in the early Saturday morning, having woken up to us friends called and invited to go to the country to drink a beer, to fry shish kebabs. We of course agreed, fast gathered and somewhere a watch in 12 were already on the place. The party took place violently, all had fun, drank much. With approach of evening decided to get over to us home. All were already fairly drunk, so, that us there were only four, I, my wife Lena, her girlfriend Katya and our mutual friend Kostya. We on the way home stopped by at shop, took still a box of beer and arrived in itself to the house. Were located in kitchen, turned on the music and continued fun. Then it became boring for us and decided to play cards, women mind men. At first played just like that, and then I suggested to play on undressing, t. to the girl were pyanenky agreed quickly. A game proceeded generally in our advantage when girls remained only in brassieres and pants, Katya began to be indignant that we swindle, got up and left home. We remained three together, left smoked and decided to continue further, the wife was doesn't mind. And here a game began, the wife lost to the first, she had a choice, to take off a brassiere or pants, she long thought and decided to take off pants, reasoning with what boobs is visible, and to a pizd isn't present though they sat next to Kostya, and I sat opposite. Then Kostya lost, he had to take off shorts and to remain in some pants, following my wife Lena lost and she had to take off after all a brassiere, now she remained absolutely naked. Alcohol it is visible I did the part, she sat and gram without being confused, shook the boobs before Kostya. Once again Kostya lost, he took off the pants since how to remove they have more nothing I offered someone the first of us three bowls off, that makes a wish to that someone lost, all agreed. I still sat in clothes, t. to very well I play cards. Following was lost by my wife, I as well as always left the first, I don't know why, but I always wanted to see how foreign man will look at my naked wife. I thought to Lena that it climbed under a table and gave a miaow, it having got up from a sofa got under a table, and we played on a coffee table, he very low and there to climb it should have caved in very much that she also made. And here she such costs with the exposed buttocks and the bared pizdy. The look was just smart, the protruding pizda looked directly at Kostya, I saw his look, he just wanted to take and fuck it directly there. Kostya stared at her sexual sponges and pulled a hand and stroked her pizda, Lena didn't react to it in any way. The wife got out from under a table, looked at Kostya, smiled and suggested to leave to smoke, smoke we naturally went someone, in what was. The wife sat down on a padded stool, having a little placed legs so that it was visible her perineum, we with Kostya just stood and watched it, and she looked at us and smiled. Having smoked, the wife told that she will go will take a shower, and we sat down to drink beer further so far. Lena left also naked a shower and told, well we will continue to play, Kostya lost this time, and I told him that he kissed boobs of Lena, he somehow very carefully kissed them and sat down on the place. Kostya lost again and I knew already what to him to think of, I told him to kiss to a pizd of Lena on what my wife told, same Kostya as I to him will look then in the face, I told that this sacred and start up a gambling-debt kisses. He, without hesitation parted the wife's legs aside and kissed to a pizd. I told that it isn't enough, it is necessary to lick her and he began to lick her pizdenka, the wife began to groan, all to coil, rumple the boobs, he didn't want to stop, got into her the uvula more and more deeply, but Lena removed him aside and told that it will be enough so far. After that I told the wife to spread legs and to show me as he licked her, the pizda looked magically, all shone from the juice emitted to her, I asked her to get up to me the back and to cave in that she also made. I touched her pizdenka, and it just all flowed, such made horney I didn't see the wife yet. After that the wife told that everything will be enough and the t is time to go to sleep. to time was the 5th mornings, she went to the room and even without having put pants laid down on our bed. I went to smoke, and Kostya remained in kitchen on a sofa to drink beer, having smoked I came and saw that Kostya fell asleep, came to the wife that sleeps too and here I decided to transfer Kostya to the wife and to leave two of them. I transferred Kostya and I put him so that the head of Lena, and her pizd had his dick about his face. I went again to smoke, having smoked minutes 20, I came into the room and didn't see any changes, then I decided to take the initiative, I took Lenin a hand and undertook her hand Kostya's dick, he began to rise at once and in some seconds stood in combat readiness. I put his hand on a pizda to Lena, he began to stroke her, Lena began to publish some groans, then opened a mouth and took his dick, began to lick. I stood and watched all events, the dick stood a stake, thought will burst from excitement. All this occurred minutes 10, Kostya rubbed a pizda of Lena, thrust the fingers there and fucked her the hand, and she to him in reply sucked a dick. Here suddenly the wife opens eyes and speaks to me, it is pleasant to look as your wife is touched for a pizda, and I suck a dick to other man, I answered and told that I want that she sat down to him on a dick and sucked at me. Without thinking twice Lena got up, spread legs and villages pizdy to him on a dick and began to jump, I approached to him at this time and put it in a mouth. It began to suck and jump on the dick. The wife began to groan and shout loudly, you vyebit me as the last whore, fuck me I all yours, fuck me in a pizda, in a mouth, from these words I quickly terminated her in a mouth, and Kostya everything continued to pull a pizda of Lena on the dick. I stepped aside and continued to watch this ebly, the wife jumped on the dick and told everything, give vyeb me. My dick began to rise again and I approached the wife and inserted her back into a mouth, Kostya directly in a pizda began to cum here, the wife got nervous all and began to suck even more intensively to me, I told her that too now to her vyeb in a pizda, she got up from Kostya's dick and from her vagina the cum began to flow. I developed it dog-fashion and just began to hollow her pizda with the squelching sounds, she without hesitation took Kostin a dick in a mouth and began to suck passionately, at the same time shouting, tear up my pizda properly, I am drunk and I want to be fucked, vyeb me loved, vyeb me the whore, I want to be fucked with all, but only that you were always nearby. Поебав her minutes 15 I asked where to cum what she answered, I have a pizda, there and cum. I terminated very violently directly inside, and she continued to suck further at Kostya and where in a minute he terminated that to her in a mouth. I suggested to leave to smoke, but Kostya as though didn't hear or pretended that he sleeps. We left with the wife to smoke and I asked her whether it was pleasant to her what she answered with a smile and loud yes. Then we went to bed in kitchen on a sofa, and Kostya remained to sleep in our room, having woken up in the morning I saw the naked lying wife with the spread legs and ruined pizdy nearby, from her pizda the fresh cum followed, probably Kostya before leaving fucked her once again. I fast jumped on the wife and without having encountered anybody resistance began to fuck her, I terminated quickly, Lena didn't even wake up, it is visible was tired for all night long. Here such a ball at us a real story. After that I didn't see Kostya, speak went somewhere to work. usa dating video xl7 launch date in india site mapMain Page