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For obvious reasons, I also didn't remember the road. By the way, before, on a visit at him I wasn't yet. I don't know what I expected, but we arrived to one of skyscrapers. There was floors n, it isn't less. It is good that it was necessary to go on the elevator not to the top floor. I don't love height unless height of hairpins on which I now also was higher on the whole 15 centimeters. But even taking into account it, all the same, growth was slightly lower than the guy. He with attention, held me by a hand, having been surprised my improbable hairpins. Thanks to him. I though got used already to heels, but such height, still, caused in me some fear. To go, to smaller, I couldn't. I have to be at the best only. For some reason it was vital. Doors of the elevator let out us to quite clean platform. It was visible that here keep order. Even usual "jewelry" in the form of chewing gum and inscriptions, on walls there was a little though sometimes and came across. Clatter of heels, our with Marina, were carried far along the corridor, awaking in me claustrophobia. Generally, I suffered from nothing of that kind, but the fear of this visit, prevailed. Small hitch in a step, Anton regarded as he inconvenience of heels, and embraced me, allowing to rely on himself. With hairpins no problems existed, and here psychological support very much was necessary. I approached to the iron door already quiet and self-assured. Eventually, where he still such girl as I, will find?! I won't distract you lunch details. They are boring. I expected much more much more. Unless, It should be noted the apartment of his parents and their. The father and mother had very cultural and even intellectual appearance. As it became clear later, I wasn't mistaken. His father taught some abstruse subject at institute where I was going to study! This there was a surprise, and Anton was silent about it, a reptile all the time. The marine somehow very maliciously smiled even. It is clear, that the smile intended to me, only it became easier from it not. Mother worked as the technologist at weaving mill. Actually, more no significant and knowledge-intensive productions in the city existed. We were invited to a table. Several words about the apartment. It was big. At least, besides the hall, I saw two bedrooms. The situation was picked up with taste too. First it strongly confused me though the girl Ania who was reflected in a mirror near the tall guy very suited an environment. We with mother and the grandmother lived much more poorly. Anton, once again, saved me, drawing to himself attention and carrying out to the hall. The table wasn't less smart and now I understood why I was so sent on etiquette. To belch at such table would be sacrilege. About an hour I quite successfully showed the culture of food, than and caused approving looks of his father and mother. They constantly watched me and, I think, understood me enough. It was expressed in a toast. — For the beauty Ania! — estimated me adequately, but to relax was early. There were still toasts. One even sounded for "beautiful couple". Everything would be good, but nobody also mentioned a word about a wedding or, at least, an engagement. Only the general, not binding subjects. The lunch already came to an end and all of them were silent, quietly looking at me. Do you scoff? Inside everything boiled, but it was impossible to show it. At last, this hell ended. Anton's mother, she was called Natalya, I went to clear everything the table. Of course, I was coordinated behind her, helping, than could. The dress gave not so a lot of freedom for this purpose. — Do you love my son? — at last, I waited though for something when we with mother Natasha remained alone. — Very much, also I want to be with him always. — I could be mistaken, but on a beautiful face not of the young woman, some strange expression flew. — It is good. Our boy is worthy the best. — she looked at again estimating on me. Yes, estimate, as much as necessary, only answer, at last! His parents, as though, lived in some fairy tale and now estimated whether I am suitable for it. Something at them didn't develop, here and pulled. — Take a tea service in a case in the hall, and I will make tea. — I was irritated by this silence, but what I could do? Of course, I went to place ware. For some time, I was distracted by ware. It was very beautiful and too found. I doubt that it can be bought round the corner in shop. The marine before talking to Dmitry Alekseyevich began me to help. I perfectly saw in the opinion of her unexpressed question, but it and for me remained a riddle. The girlfriend understood everything and began to ask on a service. Probably, it was "the favourite callosity" of the father Anton because he, with pleasure, began to tell a story as he trained in the Czech Republic. Natalya, when came with the smoking teapot, only the head shook. It seems that it is one of his favourite stories. Desire of the host — the law, and to us was necessary to listen to everything, up to the end. Though if to think, it was one of the most interesting moments of evening. Discussion of the future, our with Anton, became other such long-awaited event. With the first there began Dmitry Alekseyevich after tea was drunk safely up, and the tasty and beautiful cake reached the position the place at us in stomachs. — Ania, it is visible that you are a girl good and well-mannered. — Still, you know how many I had to bear to approach this conversation! — Unfortunately, Anton to study now and we can't allow that he was distracted by you now when he had only three years until the end of study. And suddenly at you babes will go. — Natalya supported that. And here I as a balloon, suddenly it began to be blown off. Fortunately, my best friend was near. Her palm covered mine and it gave me forces. Nobody forbade to fight for Anton to me. I smiled again, showing understanding. — But we with the father see that you are a girl good and that you waited, doesn't mind. — mother Natasha perfectly understood my spirit and now tried even to brighten up the refusal. — Besides, you go to study to us in institute too. Do you want to be able more? — a question with a dirty trick, but I was ready to him. — Yes, very much. — the happy smile I showed positive top in spite of the fact that in soul cats with might and main gnawed. — I too there studied. — mother Natasha added. — Moreover as! Honors pupil! — with pride Anton's father added. It seems, the contact begins to be come also I for the first time, in an evening, felt hope. Easy handshake of my hand by Marina was shown that she understood it too. Well that, it is quite good too. It can turn out. Only, the got stuck thought" And suddenly babes will go? "I got stuck in the head tightly. Where am I going to take children? In general, evening ended well. I was accepted and even began to treat, as native. There was, of course, still a regret that not absolutely the girl, but I will solve it then. Interestingly, and what would be if learned? I hope, nobody to blab out. Kind of I from myself didn't hide it, but without Anton's love I won't survive. Said goodbye already almost dear people. The clatter of my hairpins and light inconvenience of walking brought me into themselves. Well and that that the fast wedding won't be. It is even more best. And Marina, for a second, not making me in difficult situations, and Anton, my favourite person, were full of a positive too. Suddenly something rolled on me, possibly, the big red heart drawn on a wall. Having stopped, I strong embraced the close people, being given to this marvelous feeling of love. And let we will have a love triangle, but I know that all of us love each other. — Will you present to me the baby? — I asked to Marin. The question was so wild that at first that, understood not at once what it there is a speech about. The girlfriend, widely open eyes, looked at me, then on Anton and told nothing. However, I also didn't insist on the immediate answer. Just there was a wish that the child was from Anton, but not someone else. Until the girlfriend recovered, I covered her sponges with the. At first she I kissed reluctantly, but desire came soon and not to tear off it from me any more was. On a face of the Marine strange expression after a kiss wandered. — I will always love you. — I told for fixing of effect. All this occurred literally for five — ten minutes, and changed our life forever. I understood already then it, in years, holding on hands "the" kid Dima, in honor of his grandfather for now we were young and full of hopes. To mine we arrived and already met us. Naturally, Anton was detained too. Now interrogation of my family was coming him. The marine, by this time, already departed from my shocking question and, apparently, made, for itself conclusions. What I offered it wasn't so bad. The girlfriend could be with a subject of the love and not lose a fruit the touch. I firmly promised her that the baby will have two mothers. Anton, probably, didn't understand all depth of a problem yet and treated it calmly. Everything depended on Marina, but something prompts to me that she to agree. Chapter 18. Died down the first of September. Difficult first weeks of study went. I already also forgot about this conversation when of it I was reminded by Marina once. Having passed greetings from all little girls in group, school I threw, she took an interest suddenly. — And you seriously then told it? — Of course, girlfriend. You me sorry, I understand what is a painful question. Just there was a wish to present something worthy to Anton. — Don't apologize. I agree. — and now my turn to be surprised came. Frankly speaking, I also didn't hope for such good luck. — I love you. Also give Anton the biggest gift in his life. — we embraced, understanding the friend to the friend to the latest section. — Together we will make. — she cunning winked. However, I also didn't doubt the best friend. Life got better. Our trio was completely issued. Everything it was good. Anton received two girls at once who, without sparing the tenderness and love, battled for him, and we received an incentive to live. It didn't allow to stand to our relationship and feelings always were at peak. In a year Marina incurred from Anton. It was the boy. I pottered with the girlfriend as the madwoman, giving all the time and attention. If Marina also had earlier any doubts about this reckless plan, then now they completely thawed as if ice under the hot summer sun. I didn't depart from her for a minute. About a dream I am silent. I forgot, what is it. Mother and the grandmother sometimes violently sent me to sleep. I don't understand why to me it, but I can't stop. Mother, huge thanks to her, undertook hospital. According to documents, I was pregnant and even successfully imitated it. In any case, in my medical card it was. Patrimonial pains and unpleasant feelings pursued me constantly. We, with Marina, divided this fate for two. The most important, Anton didn't leave us, and fell in love even stronger, as well as his parents. It was necessary to grant permission to them for our marriage, reluctantly. With childbirth too everything developed normally. I "gave birth" to the beautiful boy, by the way, absolutely red, and Marina had an abortion. Of course, it wasn't without bribes, but the child was in family and we love two mothers at once. It appeared so touchingly. For the sake of it, I was even ready to pass through hell again. However, while the child grows, I will have enough time for this purpose. There was still something surprising. We, so got to like Marina that even went together and for the child it is easier to look was. Anton didn't object. Still. The wife and the mistress were always near. — I love you. — his voice got into each section of my body, such close and desired. I was curved towards to a greedy hand of the husband. I already all him what else it is necessary? Velvet skin of hips was too gentle to sustain this torture by caress. I moaned and even stronger opened legs, opening for darling. Somewhere, in the neighboring room our kid cried. — Calm down. Now your mother will feed you and will go will show to these two as it is necessary to love. Yes, kid? — The marine was always on call. It was her blood. And she gave rise from darling. Judging by an ugukanye of the kid, he agreed with it. We too. At this time Anton's hand reached my breast. It was good, very good and moved forward, towards to his palms. However that didn't hurry. Anton too well knew me so simply to allow here to terminate. He tormented me with caress and I, of course, was grateful for it. When Marina I joined us and I didn't notice. Just there were more hands on me, but after a certain level of excitement, I didn't control myself and noticed nothing. — Give, Anechka, work the love. You love him. Show as, don't hesitate. — The marine could bring me and so, and now, especially. I clung to the husband and at once felt in myself his magnificent device. After so many time together, he knew me and I was ready. The skilled man found that magic point at once in me after which to you already on everything to spit, besides. I don't know how there Marina, but I was in the seventh heaven. Anton already was ready long ago and at once with me streamed in me, forcing to feel like darling. On a body there took place electric discharges and I was switched off. Having recovered, I found, lying Anton's number and to Marin. They kissed, without forgetting also about other important parts of a body. I even stood, enjoying this picture. What to lie to itself, I loved both of them. The marine turned back on me as if having felt my look. Her hand invitingly stretched to me. I wasn't going to ignore. Eventually, the wife it I and, respectively, has to be the best. Let I didn't have that sweet hole that at Marina, but also such Anton loved me. Sometimes I asked him about it, but he laughed the matter off, saying that "You the best and favourite". I trusted him. I know that the silly woman, but all of us, women, such when we are loved. Anton zamurchat only enough, having appeared in an environment of two beautiful nymphs moreover so loving him. In love there are no taboo subjects. We now also proved it visually. Moreover this romantic moonlight turning us into a live monument to love. Caress became more persistent and more persistent until went down on desired body of our man at all. That showed signs of life again and we with Marina, of course, helped him the handles. Red and violet varnish on nails were weaved in uniform dance, trying to lift a symbol of our love in the working condition. I don't know anybody, it wouldn't be pleasant to someone how his dick caress two girls at once. It was pleasant to Anton and soon his device was ready to give happiness again. Now there was Marina's turn and she wasn't slow to use it. Having turned over on a back and having widely opened legs, she began to bring up Anton on herself from above. I helped her sideways. And here Anton in her. Looking at this exciting picture, I began to flow too, so wanted him, but the only thing that could receive now, it energy of their passion. I with such force stuck into the girl's lips that caused in her a desire attack. Having clasped me with both hands, she began to exhaust me literally. It was divine. It seemed, I feel a dick of my husband who is actively moving in the girlfriend. And the quicker he moved, the quicker she worked a uvula and the attraction between us became stronger. As if, I was a full-fledged girl and I was loved. As a result, the orgasm which overflowed to Marin was thrown also to me. We didn't cease to kiss, even twitching in mad lust. Only the full obezsilenost allowed us to fall off the friend from friends. However, it for a while. Having hardly come off, we snatched on Anton. To argue with two women it is useless and he fell to a bed, rained kisses by us from all directions. After all, girlfriend, cool at me, and sister! At last, we absolutely exhausted and just lay nearby, reveling with each other. The child again exactingly shouted and it was necessary to get up. This time, I went. Love to our kid, at me was not less than at Marina, and maybe it is more. He as if proved that there is nothing impossible and even such girl as I, can have children. And got used together, meanwhile on the rental apartment. The marine to itself so found nobody and didn't want to lose touch with the baby. Sometimes and mine and Anton parents ask how we get on, but we say that we love each other that there is a full truth. By the way, all graduated from the institute and now we work at weaving mill as engineers and administrators. Personally I adore working with fabrics and even created a new fashion line what to be made at us in large quantities. All my models convenient and beautiful. Very much pleases me when I see fruits the of work on other people. Thus, there was the whole labor dynasty, than and are proud. We love, we live and so will be always. us timing zone date yakuza site mapMain Page