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Before, Illarion Stepanovich — my neighbor in a garden — threw out the penis before my lips to push him to me in a mouth... Even before, he the hungry hands greedy squeezed under a t-shirt my young breast with the sticking-out sosets... And, of course, before, he tormented with a greedy mouth my pussy, kissed my vulvar lips and unshaven cheeks rubbed about my buttocks... My husband, laughing, I spoke to me: "Oh, look, again the neighbor was drawn, now will begin to spy upon you as if in the museum!" I indignantly pushed the husband sideways, but as soon as the husband went to a business trip... The infinite squall of delight covered me while the neighbor pulled together from me panties and bared my bottom. The pussy, in a moment, flared damp heat, and on skin goosebumps ran — the man touched my buttocks — I, more without realizing the events any more — delayed a bottom towards to his greedy caress! But, why, suddenly, such turn of events, I to it didn't test sexual draft!? (Still! He is 60 years old, and me — only nineteen!) And I wasn't going to fool around... But, while we were some, the neighbor, suddenly, asked me: — Natasha, you love cherry? — Yes. — Will you help me to bring together her? I felt that — all this is wrong! If I — get on a step-ladder, my t-shirt — will already hide nothing, and the man — standing below — will see everything! He will see my juicy places, will examine my naked legs, my bottom in thongs, my perineum. Unless I could act this way? No! Why then — I acted this way? Why I got on a step-ladder, showing to the neighbor all the delights? And so shameful demonstration of the delights caused in me so many emotions?! Why when I was indignant: "What are you doing!? Stop now!", Illarion Stepanovich not only didn't listen to me, but also continued to hold strong me by hips and to kiss my buttocks? Why I so quickly gave up, and ceased to resist? Why allowed him — to remove from me panties? And when I got down from a step-ladder, Illarion Stepanovich attracted me to himself, and began to kiss me. Directly there, under cherry. I stood in only one t-shirt, and from below naked — and it made horney me. Probably, for this reason I answered passionate kisses of the man, and allowed him to touch me everywhere where he wants. I looked at his person shining a high, and it became pleasant to me because that I give it this pleasure. I wanted to make for him — something else. I looked round, and saw currant bushes. "We will go there" — I whispered. And the neighbor, in an anticipation of what now will be engaged with me in a fucking hurried in bushes. He didn't come unstuck from me as if I could escape, disappear, thaw as a cloud, as a mirage, as a dream: wonderful, long-awaited, pleasant, sensual, passionate... In bushes I, right there, kneeled, and began to undo trousers at the man. But, when before my person there was his hairy peeled-off thingummy, to me, for some reason, was ceased to want to take it in a mouth. Well here you will do? Anything. But, I understood that I — itself encouraged the man and that not to disappoint him, I took in a hand his dick and, moving on him skin, began to jerk off him diligently. The man began to wheeze from pleasure and began to bring closer the banana to my lips, with painful hope and an anticipation that I, after all, will take him in a mouth. Illarion Stepanovich so trustfully looked at me, from top to down, sitting on a lap, with a flowing hair, the tempted young maiden that I didn't want to disappoint him. I clasped with lips his slightly zaluplyonny genital, and began to minyetit it diligently. To the surprise: I right there began to derive pleasure! Vigorously nodding, I filled a mouth with men's body, swallowed him deeply, very deeply. Illarion Stepanovich took off from me a t-shirt. I remained naked, with banana in a mouth. The husband was in a business trip and hardly thought that now, at this moment, his spouse — naked on a lap before the neighbor, humours his loins, does a blowjob, diligently rubs a throat with men's banana, licks balls, delays a lace curtain, grinds lips a men's eggplant. Illarion Stepanovich laid me on a grass. I widely spread legs. The man undressed. Naked he looked very ridiculously. And in general, the fact that I was going to be given it directly here, in currant bushes was ridiculous. But the stomach bottom at me persistently hooted. The pussy inflated. On all organism the blissful weakness spread. Preparation. Languor. Passion. Anticipation. I lifted up legs up. I opened a pussy even more widely. The man laid down on me from above. I felt its weight. Itself his dick sent to the damp itching peshcherka. The dick got into me, and filled my bosom. I felt awe and delight, and undisguised joy! Even to goosebumps! I moaned. Illarion Stepanovich, rattling, I rammed me the dick. I groaned, and moved to him towards. I put a leg to the man on Rameau. I enjoyed the champing fullness of the vagina. It isn't represented! Illegally! It isn't necessary to stop! The dick got into me very deeply, rested against my lozhesna. I, Bol without restraining, I began to shout. Whether saw us which of neighbors, or heard my heart-rending shouts: I don't know, probably, to spit. At least, at that moment it was absolute to spit... Dog-fashion I stood. Groans. Sin? Intim! Love!! My bum was lifted up up. The back is bent. The neighbor — behind, hands — on my hips, the dick — in my vagina. Movement, puffing, puffing, chlenonasazhivaniye. Joy, delights, loud slaps, my person below, on my wrists, eyes are closed... To what it is pleasant!... And from where there is so much blissful pleasure?! Hot pairing! Fucking! That is ra-rakhkh!! My pussy on the squelching fire! I am subordinated to the pussy. Without constraining itself, Illarion Stepanovich tore up me in currant bushes... And then he collapsed, happy, on a grass. I took seat on him from above, the equestrian, his dick entered into the vagina. Hands the man squeezed my back. I, gradually, from measured speed passed to gallop. It was stuck, I jumped up, jumped, worked with a basin — wildly, diligently, it is unrestrained — mad, obsessed, happy! Percy mine jumped up, the man assigned to them the hands. The dick crawled in me, and brought closer me to the last sensual limit! I fucked, without reducing either the speed, or amplitude... Still! Still! It is a little more!... Still! A-and, A-and, A-a-a-a-a-a!!! Also my flower mezhdunozhny blossomed!... Also the world on the shining orbit twirled!... Also the pleasure — from a uterus on all body — to each cage was spilled, forcing to shiver, konvulsirovat, fight convulsively in an orgasm, to vibrate... and mad happiness!!!... When I calmed down: I got down from Illarion Stepanovich. I took in a mouth his dick and, diligently a minyech, helped him to terminate. Read continuation: So far the husband in a business trip. Episode 2. Tourist. 3. Distant relative. 4. Sauna. 5. In a window. 6. In shop. 7. Spiteful old man. 8. In the park. 9. Photoshoot. website of the author of WWW. MillaJ. com. ru us online dating apps date varieties site mapMain Page