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In the evening Tanya called and told that she goes to the girlfriend and she should be taken away from there, she will call later and will tell where to arrive. Later she sent to sms the address and told to be there, in an hour, I approached in time called Tana but nobody answered. In about ten minutes I called back but instead of Tanya the male voice answered and told that I would sit in the car and waited on my question where Tanya he answered that he to sucks this hour and will come. Tanya left in half an hour silently got into the car and kissed me on a hickey, I felt that - that sticky joins me. After a kiss she told, you wanted, to try a cum, here I you also brought hawt. On the way home she told how she was fucked by Andrey and his friend as used her as the whore and as I made horney her when her phone call was answered by Andrey and I told me that she sucks a dick. On arrival home I began to stick to her, she told at once that she will allow me today it to lick, and for the morning I am waited by a surprise. I made her to kuna, she thanked and fell asleep. In the morning she called me to the bedroom, got a fidelity belt from a handbag, and hooked on it at me on the dick, told here so more better, try to jerk off. I tried left on nothing. Tanya gathered and left for work, all day at work I felt inconveniently. In the evening SMS from Tanya came that she with Andrey and his friends left on the nature for two days and what I missed. I right there tried will phone to her, but her phone was switched-off. At night to me I came a MMS from her phone to a photo my Tanya with a dick in a mouth melted, on the second it was visible how she is fucked in a pizdenka and buttocks, there was also a signature, here so your whore has a rest while you sit, and you can't even with drochnut houses. In two days to me more than hundred MMS came and on all had Tanya as could, and to exchange got only to watch how she is fucked and to read messages with offensive inscriptions. On the last photo of Tan I was kneeling with an inscription a forehead the whore she held the glass up to the top filled with a cum, the signature to a fotoglasil, it in hand she collected for you. She arrived home very late on Saturday, on her was only, her plaid on a forehead there was an inscription I the whore, on chic there were inscriptions I a huyesoska, and a spermopriyemnik when she with not la a shawl I saw that her all body is painted in humiliating inscriptions, on a bottom on was written, there were also names of five boys. Tanya stretched me a glass with a cum and told that I would drink everything, she responded to my refusal, I wanted that you terminated tomorrow, but if you don't want to drink a cum of mine ebyry then and you will go with the locked chlenik. Nothing remained to me how to execute her order. In the morning Tanya offered, to lick her so far she will tell how she has a rest. After she was taken away from work by Andrey and they left from the city he ordered to get on back seat and to undress allowed to leave only stockings. He removed a cottage in the countryside where she was fucked how many precisely she didn't remember boys, only I told that they constantly changed, almost constantly in her there was a dick or at once three. She told what slightly interested them that she wants they, just inserted a dick to her into a mouth, and then into a free hole. They cumed in always her in a mouth. When she terminated, I asked whether it is possible to fuck also to me her, in reply I received slap in the face with words you that I am married on the whore so to speak, then she smiled and added, I promised that you will receive today, pleasure and as I didn't speak to you. Tanya suggested to descend with her in a shower there she got a tube with cream and smeared with him me completely then told vyt from the bathroom and to wait so far she will take a shower I and melted and through a blind enjoyed her fine forms. When she left a shower gave me a rigid bast and told that I properly would wash myself. When I began to wash I noticed that together with cream all body hair are washed away. After Tan's shower I examined me and I was glad what she bought good cream. Further we went to the room she long rummaged in the things, having got from there stockings, she told that, I dressed, thongs and a bra were farther. Then she put me on a padded stool and began to do a make-up. When she finished, told, look what beautiful girl, from a mirror the beautiful girl, in beautiful gentle linen looked at me. Tanya got up and told so we will continue to prepare, you as the decent girl have to know that before an appointment you should put your hole in order. Tanya spoke as as if she is a mother from brothel and as talk to whores but not as to the husband. After that she brought me to a bathtub and inserted an enema, slapped me in a bottom and told that constantly would wash to himself an ass. When the procedure was complete, Tanya sent me to kitchen to make a dinner. The most interesting that after all these humiliation I didn't want, stops to me there was a wish for continuation and very strongly there was a wish to jerk off. Tanya told to cover in the hall on three people, I asked and that we will have a guest, she answered that not the guest and guests and that I will be their servants, at the same time she gave me the maid's suit with very short dress an apron and to rims on the head I obediently dressed. Called a door Tanya told that I would descend, I opened. It was Andrey I recognized him by a photo and one more guy. Andrey told at once that I well look in women's and added that he will call me the bitch for today, they loudly with the guest laughed. There was Tanya the room and with the offended face told that she named me Sveta on what Andrey right there told that the whore can name me Sveta and he will call the bitch, at the same time he approached the wife and just thrust hands to her under a skirt, and touched her there. The spouse suggested to go to have dinner on what Andrey told about the beginning you we will use and the dalena to food. We passed into Tan's bedroom forced me to the knees undid Andrey's trousers and got him the dick told that I would begin to suck, I broke, Tanya began to suck to his friend meanwhile. In about two minutes Andrey pulled out a dick from my mouth tastefully there spat, lifted Tanya from a floor bended over her and without any preparation began to fuck her, keeping saying what she is a good whore. His friend approached me and the dick to me inserted into a mouth, I began to suck obediently. Through some time of Tan already I fought in an orgasm, Andrey decided to take rest, he just sat down on a chair, told that I crept up to him and his friend of the beginnings began to suck it is attached in fine the wife's holes. So proceeded all evening they fucked her had a rest when they had a rest that I had to them suck away, bring to drink when they wanted. When they in enough on fucked and Andrey's friend left, Tanya lay all in pleasure, Andrey asked how many I already in a belt I answered that four days, he laughed and added, you want to terminate, I answered that very much. He looked at Tanya and asked whether she wants to look as I will terminate what she answered that yes, but only if I terminate as the girl through a hole. He laughed and told that all will arrange, got phone, and asked unwillingly plant louses they to fuck the boy dressed in lingerie which, according to him, not badly, to suck away. He continued by something a conversation, leaving, the room, Tanya approached me embraced me and you told the main thing наволнуйся the girl today you will lose the tselochka. In half an hour called a door, two guys they without excess talk came dicks to me inserted into a mouth and when one of them got up, they bended over me and he began to stick me on a dick in a Torah at the same time tried to get deeply to me into a mouth. Tanya with Andrey at the same time just sat and took a detached view of it and commented, give the whore you will be more courageous soon to look for boys. I was overflowed feeling on the one hand to me it was pleasant to suck a dick, but on the other hand the dick in a bottom caused discomfort. Having a little got used to the dick, I already began to make upward movement to him towards. A little later they traded places and continued with new forces, and here I felt as the boy who fucked me in buttocks began to strain and right there terminated directly in me, incorrectly he was strongly made horney from my suction, I felt as his hot cum fills me, and here the second terminated to me in a mouth. They mudflows will have a rest, I stood dog-fashion from a bottom and on lips the cum flowed. Tanya approached and told what beautiful whore, descend, be washed away and you will continue to give to guests pleasures. That evening I was fucked and cumed several times and always they tried on to cum me a cum on full. When guests dispersed Tanya told that I am an excellent whore, ordered to collect all condoms and was tidied up in the room and itself went to a shower. In the morning I asked I can take off a belt of fidelity and that I want it. Tanya looked at me and told that she has no key that she gave him to Andrey. urban dictionary qv date ideas upper east side site mapMain Page