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After the events described by me in the previous stories about meetings with you Yura and Zhenya there passed 10 years. At me family life flowed the turn. My husband stopped drinking, and I almost didn't change him. Well only this way, sometimes in business trips. I didn't communicate with you, and heard nothing. But once I met you in shop. We talked a little. You told about the life, I about the. You told that Yura now in the city also invited me to the beach. From the gushed memoirs at me pleasantly became warmer in the bottom of a stomach, and I agreed almost without thoughts. For this reason in hot July day I went one together with you to the desert coast of our small lake. Weather stood fine and solar. You approached for me in the morning. You were driving. I sat down to Yura back, having smoothed on a lap folds of the short sundress. He not really was suitable for outdoor recreation, but I dressed him for the sake of other purposes. It was already clear to me that on this picnic will occur today. It was clearly read in your hungry looks which you darted at my legs and a cut. It couldn't leave me indifferent, and I felt an anticipation. And I wanted it. As any healthy and young woman I loved high-quality sex. Rocked me on turn, and I an elbow pressed on Jure's groin. It is guilty I smiled to him and it was discharged, having sat down exactly. He grinned enough, and put a hand to me on a hip. I parted knees in the parties a little. His hand right there slipped to me in a perineum, shifting a sundress. I have everything in an anticipation заныло there. The finger reached pants and pressed fabric between sponges, having forced me to shudder. I covered from pleasure of an eye, spreading legs even more widely. Yura's fingers got under panties, shifting them aside, and touching naked skin and short hairs. He pulled out a finger outside, immersed him in me, expecting until I am humidified. Long he hadn't to wait, and soon I already hardly hid the become frequent breath, accepting in myself his long middle finger. A thumb he slightly pressed and fingered a clitoris, forcing me to constrain groans. At a speed shook the car a little. I was already ready to stick to Yura a kiss when the car began to slow down sharply: we drove up to a congress on the forest road. I even regretted that so quickly arrived. I softly discharged a hand, brought it to lips and gently kissed his wet finger, having felt the taste. Yura's face reddened too, eyes shone from excitement, and I understood that not only me it is difficult to restrain now. We left on a big glade directly to the lake … I loved this place for its remoteness from favourite city vacation spots. Our camp was ready soon: a small tent, a marching table with chairs, a hammock and a basket with food. On the opposite coast on the bridge as ill luck would have it there was a lonely fisherman, and I thought that a tent very opportunely. The closer we were selected to "the most interesting", the I noticed more constraint in your behavior! To remove stress, I got a bottle of cherry tincture, and filled three glasses. Soon we already relaxed and stirred about different nonsense. I leaned back on a stool back a leg for a leg, allowing you to stare at the hips. To it the strange awkward and pleasant feeling was added, from the fact that I in the company of two men who want me. I was already in such situation more than once, but the feature was that I was wanted by men who already possessed me both. It liberated me even more. But time went, I was tired to wait and began to be disappointed a little. And the fisherman continued to sit on other coast. I told what me exhausted, and I want to be bought, and then to have a rest in a tent. Can though the type of my body in a bathing suit somehow influences you. The fisherman on other coast continued to catch fish. I got into a tent and changed clothes in a bathing suit. Yura turned near a tent, but didn't decide on anything though I even pulled time a little, having retied all the zavyazochka on a bathing suit. When I left, he gallantly offered me a hand and saw off to water. Yura slipped a hand on my waist on a bottom and squeezed a buttock. I felt as at once in a stomach excitement broke out, and fell to a perineum. On nipples under fabric goosebumps ran. I took Yura by hand and led to water. From the opposite coast the fisherman looked at us. Water was warm. Swimming trunks at Yura puffed up already a little from what at me dried up in a throat. Having plunged into water I floated. Yura floated in my party, and concerned me under water. Here it was already deep, and I didn't get legs to the bottom. I rested a hand against a naked breast of the guy, trying to behave on a surface and to get at the same time out of his hand trying to get to me into pants. He smiled, trying to grasp me by a bottom under water. I was forced to grasp his shoulders to recover the breath. Yura right there used my situation, having pushed one hand to me in front in a perineum, another holding me for a waist, not giving the chance, will be discharged. His fingers persistently fingered below my sponges, delaying bathing suit panties. Having understood that not to get off it, I gave up and only looked on the parties to be convinced that nobody sees us. But the fisherman stared at us in all eyes, having forgotten about the rod. Without having kept, I nestled on cool Bays Yury the, feeling caress of his hand at myself in a perineum. He answered a kiss, having entered into me two fingers at once. The fisherman couldn't observe what occurs under water, but everything was so obvious that didn't leave doubts. Feeling as if I make love in the face of strangers (in effect, so it and was) I embraced legs Yura, having densely nestled on his stomach, having felt his dick. His fingers scurried about in me to and fro the rotating movements, forcing me to relish literally. Having once again kissed him I turned to the fisherman who was sitting now absolutely directly and keeping eyes glued from us. Divided us meters thirty, but it seemed to me that he looks directly to me in the face. Under water Yura's hand squeezed to me a naked buttock and I, looking in eyes of the person unfamiliar to me, tested something similar for an orgasm. The trembling wave swept on a body, having responded somewhere in the bottom of a stomach where Yura was active fingers. I whispered to him "will be enough" and got down from his hand. Having easily kissed him on a mouth, I was discharged and floated to the coast, feeling on myself views of Yura and fisherman. Yura floated for me. Having come to the coast, I wrung out the become wet hair, and went towards a tent. I crept in a tent. Here it was stuffy. I laid down on a back on a cover, wiped a moist body a towel and covered eyes. I lay in one bathing suit. Yura crept in a tent, without having begun to close behind himself shutters. I felt how I am made horney. I lie here before the man who got with one purpose here – to seize me. And the fact that it is not my lawful husband has no value. I know that after him there will be also another. I don't know as, but I know what will be. "I missed" — Yura left on himself some melting, laid down nearby sideways and led on my body a palm. Then I pulled together a cup of a bathing suit from my breast and I nestled to a nipple lips. The feeling in a hand of a horney penis, banished from me confusion, having left only pleasure and an anticipation. He kissed me on a mouth. Language got into my mouth and began to caress. The second cup of a bathing suit also slipped down and on my naked boobies slid his gentle fingers. Having moaned from impatience, I pulled down from it swimming trunks. Having spread a knee to me legs, he fell by me, and the dick entered into me at once. My sponges moistened with preliminary games were given without resistance. Having felt his dick deeply in itself, I with satisfaction exhaled, having stuck nails into his buttocks. The heavy body of the man on me came up-down. I stretched lips to him. Yura in me all accelerated, all quicker and more rigidly pressing into me the dick. The dick in me became tough and I was overtaken by an orgasm soon, and Yura continued to hollow me monotonously. I understood that he became overexcited and can't terminate. I squeezed and caressed his buttocks, bit for a shoulder, but nothing helped. Even it seemed to me that at it his erection leaves. And then I told: — Do you want to call Sasha? At him such long. Yura on me stood, but I felt by vagina walls how his body is inflated, becoming more and more rigidly. I continued: — I took from him in a mouth. Do you remember? Yura began to move hips again. I closed eyes and continued: — I gave him both in the car, and at an entrance. He can at once several times. — I want him again. You so can't … Yura moaned. His dick pulsed in me, filling me with a hot seed. Along with it I was discharged by the next orgasm, having nestled to it lips. After a while he found the swimming trunks and got out of a tent. I remained to lie on a back naked, waiting for you. The thought flashed, to make toilet, to wipe a perineum a towel, but I didn't begin to do it. I wanted that you saw, and I accepted me such after Yura. Very soon you dived into a tent, with the eyes burning from excitement. For a second I stood, surveying me from above. I inhibited in myself desire to be covered with hands, having allowed your greedy look to rummage on my body. Your look stopped around a perineum, and I parted legs a little, showing you. You pulled out the dick which got up on me from swimming trunks and having clamped it in a fist, rushed on me. Having sent to a hand to me the dick, you got deeply inside at once. I, having felt as on Yura's cum in me your dick slides, at once I terminated. You to me didn't grant a respite, and continued to fuck me, having lifted up my legs up. Long you couldn't last too. Having finished, you took from me a penis and slapped in a buttock. I turned away sideways and covered eyes. I overheard as you got out of a tent. Soon outside your voices reached. You in a voice floor discussed something. I didn't want to leave to you now. The shame reached me. To hide in a tent it won't turn out, but now I deserved small rest. Trying to drive from himself thoughts of the falling, and of how I am discussed now by you, I quietly fell asleep, having with the last bit of strength put under myself a towel – the seed followed from me … update zoo election date in india 2022 site mapMain Page