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Reading and cuming on talented and not really, the real and frankly invented stories from the section for fans of "disguise" there was long ago desire to write the next story, but first there were just not enough emotions, then time, and most of all any really interesting case. And here, now, scrolling in the event head, I after all ripened for the new description. I have not a rich sexual life. In it there is a place to the standard heterosexual experience, and there are pages of my pranks as the girl. I won't lie and say that I am devilishly womanly and that from the birth I had accurate lines. No, I quite ordinary, but nice guy with beautiful legs and appetizing buttocks who wishes to dilute the life with useful experience. I don't shave legs and I don't drink hormones, I just like to put on lingerie and many note that it is good on me looks, I won't be over-modest, but is even sexual. I have no own clothes except for black thongs and a few broken-off black stockings in a network. I don't rush on each dick and isn't ready to rush on the world's end behind "a crazy fucking". I look for necessary experience on a dating site, my requirements are small also odnovremenna quite serious. The person interested to fuck me has to prepare for me a womanly dress or just a set lower lingerie and to take place for entertainment (I don't agree to fuck at entrances or cars). I have several partners, and also I periodically check new offers, in this story it will be a question of my constant fucked. We periodically meet removing a sauna, we play about in a pose 69 or he just does of me the whore, fucking in any desirable pose. At each meeting we try to think up and try something new, and here somehow corresponding and agreeing about a new meeting I told him couple of imaginations on which I sometimes masturbate in a bathtub and I potrakhivat myself a marker. Day of a meeting came. After work it carefully came for me by car, but this time we went not to a sauna. Mine трахаль providently rented apartment and suggested to come off there today. Having come to the place I quickly started to hurry to take a shower, having washed away I left (I will speak about myself in women's) to the hall. My darling drank beer and having taken away me began to smile, he already undressed to pants and it was visible how at the sight of me his rather big dick began to come to life. Passing by him, he slapped me tastefully on buttocks and told that in the bedroom on a bed the surprise is prepared. Having stepped to the bedroom I found on a double bed beautiful red lacy комплектик from and panties of a brassiere and stockings with a corbel, without hesitation I quickly pulled it on myself, and began to feel like the pretty girl, my chlenik began to react, and in buttocks the pleasant slight itch began to be felt, she demanded a dick. Near a pillow I found a bandage with an inscription "put on" eyes and a note. I playfully smiled, put on a bandage laid down on a bed and in an anticipation shouted darling: "darling, I am ready and I demand a dick!". On footfall and the arisen light smell of beer I understood that wash трахаль itself already is eager to visit my buttocks. He climbed on a bed and carefully "poluset" on my breast so that his dick appeared about my lips, I felt lubricant on his head and a uvula began to lick a tip of the dick. Darling moved a little forward so the head came into my mouth, and his hands grabbed my handle and began to tie with some matter. Here I remembered our correspondence and understood his intentions. Didn't pass also two minutes as mine трахаль tied my handles to arisen from where don't undertake to straps. Having made so that my hands were divorced he aside the dick from my mouth pulled out and forced to lick his balls. Having enjoyed it he got down from me and began to bind my legs. Several minutes and I was completely tied to a bed with the legs divorced aside. He seemed to me I felt my tension, I felt the strong erection. In the next minute he several times vzdrochnut lickspittles to my buttocks my chlenik and began to caress a uvula my hole. Having allowed me several seconds to pokayfovat, he thriftily thrust there at first two, and then and and began by them to potrakhivat all three chubby fingers. Having satisfied with result of the actions he got down and for several seconds left me waiting. Having returned on a bed he began to grease a hole with cool lubricant, in several seconds I felt as something thick draws near a hole, but it was no my favourite dick, and something else. Certain, probably, oblong subject began to get into my hole. It thrust it a little long that I dread to think how many he in length and as the bandura will go mad at me there inside. Having inserted up to the end, he calmed down and I understood again that his dick moves to my mouth. Just about and again I had his head in a mouth and I began to suck round it gently. What my surprise when I heard small click was and I felt vibration in buttocks. Here I understood that the vibrator which quite pleasantly drilled now my buttocks was that subject. My palms clamped a sheet, and legs as could twitched on a bed, but I didn't manage to be given by a new impression as the hand трахаля seized me by hair and he began to fuck me in a mouth. I not really well suck and therefore his actions forced me to choke, but his it obviously didn't concern. He felt all power over me, furiously fucking in a mouth and shouting to me what I am a whore and that mine the hole isn't capable to satisfy his dick any more because it isn't rather narrow. He showered me with insults, tyrannizing a mouth and increasing clicks vibration force in my hole. If my mouth would be free I likely shouted and groaned on all apartment, and so it was only necessary to me is pliable to low and from his sticktoitiveness and roughness to shed tears. I felt that the dick трахаля will be discharged soon and waited this every minute. And here having understood that it just about will terminate, I already mentally swallowed his cum as at once it broke from me a bandage the dick because of a mouth pulled out and began to cum is direct on the person having filled in with a sticky cum all my face. The click followed, vibrations in buttocks abated, and on my eyes the bandage was dressed again. I understood that I трахаль rose from a bed and loudly began to go, probably to a bathtub, having left me not satisfied with falossy in an ass. I don't know how many passed time, but it seemed to me that there passed the whole eternity. I unsuccessfully tried to terminate squeezing buttocks фалосс, but all this was vain. And here I felt steps and a beer smell. A bit later clicks were heard and I understood that he removes me on фотик. Passed a couple of minutes and it bothered him and he just began to call me, and having again included on full vibration in a falossa frankly laughed, speaking as I ridiculously coil and I groan as the whore. It is visible him it got, my dick didn't fall down for a second. I felt that in balls the cum accumulated and waits for splashes. Passed still how many and that minutes both to him and it bothered. He stopped the vibrator again, and then began to untie my legs, I am depressed, I was on the verge, I wanted to terminate, in the head the cum already lapped. Several minutes and instead of a faloss about my buttocks of the beginnings turn the dick which is accurately wrapped up in a condom. Second and he sharply entered me, my legs right there twisted his back, and I began to groan and shout that he didn't take in head to stop. The second time he could restrain even less. I felt that he won't last for a long time and I begged him to jerk off my chlenik. And here when he probably already was on a limit, he grabbed my shoot and began to jerk off him furiously. The orgasm didn't keep itself waiting, in several second we together splashed out a cum and both of us having become soft having stopped only plaintively puffed. It seemed to me that I for several seconds even fainted... Here so my most fascinating sexual experience ended at the moment. I wait for your responses, my address isn't changed. upcoming reality dating shows date calculator for number of days site mapMain Page