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"If everything is ideal, means somewhere there is a defect which we didn't notice yet." © We were fine couple. Having got acquainted on the first courses of institute, and we studied at one faculty "Finance and the credit", carried by our love before the termination him. All considered that we are created for each other. Everything was ideal. The appearance resembled so that many at first took us for the brother and the sister. Both about 1 meter 75, thin and with the correct face form. Even the voice was similar, within a sexual difference. The only thing with what we differed, these are characters. And it is good because helped to last together so long. Lena, my wife, was the bright and active girl. I was quiet and phlegmatic, than we also supplemented each other. And lived. I was lucky to find work at once, than I also irritated active nature of Lena. She, despite her talents, much bigger than at me, was persistently not taken, referring to the different insignificant reasons. Unfortunately, our society didn't ripen yet to accept women is equal with men. Once I got sick with something virus. Generally, health at me strong by nature, but if I am ill, then I do it long and painfully. So it happened and now. The trouble is that at me the project burned and there has to be soon a presentation which could bring to new level. Then Lena suggested to replace me temporarily. I know, sounds madly, but considering our similarity, can quite work. Having for the sake of appearance hesitated for a time, I agreed. - Lyoshka, I love you! - her reaction struck me. Lena jumped to me on a neck and long long kissed. - Go, prepare more better. - having hardly torn off from itself, I told Lena. I didn't expect 100% of similarity, but all the same the result struck me. Without knowing close to the person, it is possible and not to learn. Absolutely without regret, having cut off the magnificent long hair and having a little straightened a hairstyle, it was quite possible to leave. And men's wear on it looked not bad. It was necessary to check therefore after much debate, decided to descend нибудь somewhere. There was one problem. Lena won't go, and together we will look extremely interestingly. - And let's you change clothes the girl. If I am similar to you, then you have to resemble me. - she offered. Airtight argument. I doubted, but nevertheless agreed. I its won't let out one. Process of my transformation occupied more time. After all women took care of the own life than men longer and developed a set of conventions, the express a method of which and it was necessary to learn now. Eventually, we were only going to leave for a while. Unexpectedly, but none of neighbors and grandmothers on a shop noticed our change. Encouraged, we came home. Even if at work will also notice substitution, then the few. To the majority so in general will be to spit on it if only worked and money of the company brought. To tell that I was nervous, but also I was strongly sick, to tell nothing it. - Darling, I houses. - Lena shone with happiness. - They listened to me, asked and even agreed sometimes. It was so abruptly. And still they invited me to a training in the company. The director told "yes" so from tomorrow I am engaged in other, more interesting business. Not that your sad projects. You represent, they saw in me potential. As I am happy! - Stop, don't drive horses. Where do you go? - Foolish, to our investors to supervise the project. Yours, by the way. - And I? - I asked, itself feeling nonsense of the question. - And you will recover. To argue it was useless. Any movement minds and I take off from the company right there. The second day of expectation was given hardly, but brought the surprises. For a long time Lena at work wasn't late. It asked for leave at the chief a bit earlier, motivating it with the fact that his wife is sick and it is necessary to go to the doctor. - I am that the wife? - I was indignant. - Well, expensive, anything terrible. You will recover, then and me somehow you will help. - there was nothing to answer it to me. There was nothing to object therefore I agreed though some doubts gnawed me. The hospital was passed quickly. The reason was simple and banal, but from it isn't less dangerous, classical flu with symptoms of slight bronchitis. The doctor noticed that else slightly and it should go to hospital, but I was in time and it is possible to be limited to pricks. After hospital there was a drugstore from where we took out the whole package of drugs. I painfully sighed on what Lena noticed that the majority is vitamins. - Something is a bit too much vitamins - I doubted. - Here you will recover then you will argue with me for now to drink vitamins. It isn't sick. - categorically the wife said. Week passed imperceptibly. In the morning drug intake, cooking, cleaning. In the evening meeting of my supporter, again drugs, pricks. Evening film session and dream. Lena should get up early and it wasn't able to afford to sleep long. Nevertheless, it shone with happiness from the fact of work. There was in it also a moment, unpleasant for me. For conspiracy I had to go all day in women's. Neighbors don't sleep and if Alexey leaves the house twice a day and will come also, a gossip which aren't necessary to us at all will go. So my "female" life began. It was difficult. Never I thought what in the house needs to be done so much on a female part. To prepare, to remove and erase took away all free time though some moral satisfaction was brought. By the end of the week I perfectly understood Lena and her aspiration to work. She got used to the role too. Now, not to lose concentration, she called me by Lena and addressed respectively. I named her Alexey and too got used to it soon. There were changes and in behavior. She absolutely ceased to do herself a make-up, even refused lipstick. But I was forced to do full meyk-ap every day and, it is necessary to tell, at me it turned out more best and more best. Hair she tonsured shortly as at me was. I should let grow them and to apply a heap of special shampoos for this purpose. Now I always smelled sweet as spirits, shampoo or creams. Coming home, it required my attention as though, I am a wife, but not she though upon and became. It terribly wasn't pleasant to me. Externally harmless idea wounded my vanity more and more, dissolving it in female trifles. On Saturday I waited for it from work. There were many affairs on the project therefore used all possible options for work including days off. Having habitually opened a door, now for darling, I was dumbfounded. It came with my friend Oleg from work. It was still that dog. How many obscene stories I heard about the adventures from him. Without paying attention to the guest, she approached me, embraced and kissed with a uvula. All this in the face of my companion. I didn't know where to disappear. Well though the make-up on me was and hid the most part of my shame. Having come off me, she called the companion to the TV that I usually did itself, and told me that I put a dinner on a table. Still I thought that all it is easy to decide and my absence won't be noticed, but not the same price. Now I could make nothing therefore decided to tell nothing. Will leave, then we will talk. What my surprise when she suggested to remain to it on Sunday was. "Sometime we all the same will remain alone" I thought, nourishing big idea. But to execute them was not on the cards. On Sunday morning there is almost no determination left to talk, and by the evening to me already was all the same. Whether it is necessary to say that all this time I played the good hostess and the loving wife. The only gleam was the fact that I was sick on a legend, and couldn't be long with healthy people. At least, I didn't see a lewd look of Oleg. Mechanically collecting plates from a table, I felt approach of Lena. It gently embraced me behind and nestled. Something was not so. Suddenly reached me. She between legs had an eregirovanny dick and he was stuck to me into a bottom. It is clear, that it was the strap-on, but it became easier from it not. She schuffled, arranging more conveniently than the monster between my legs. - Lena, it isn't necessary. - I tried to make something to be released, but only got stuck in his embraces more deeply. - I love you. - she told and I began to kiss on a neck pleasantly tickling movements. I was already tired for today moreover and alcohol so forces to resist wasn't at all. Begging her not to continue, I tried to get out, but kisses became longer and more deeply, sucking in me in a passion whirlpool more and stronger. I caught myself that I behave just as the woman, but it only brought me. Seeing that resistance is broken, the husband, and it was he now, pulled me on a bed. It with me was for the first time. I absolutely didn't control myself and, at the same time, I wanted continuation. I regained consciousness only when the foreign subject began to be stuck into my bottom. I tried to be released, making different movements, but only accelerated result. The strap-on entered me, at first it is a little, then more and more. It was madly sick, but I could make nothing and only suffered from pain. Lena, as my husband, didn't hurry. It hung over me, finally subordinating me to itself. I was ready to kill it and to kiss at the same time. - The girl, my sweetie, darling, you want me? - she began to move in me. Oh, this surprising feeling of completeness. Unexpectedly for myself, I was curved towards to it, being stuck on a fine big dick of darling. I don't know how many I jumped on him, to feeling I was returned by deep feeling of the coming orgasm. Very unusual orgasm. I was killed on his device in incredibly pleasant spasms. Despite humiliation of my situation, this experience it was pleasant to me. Even a wish arose still. I turned away to a wall and began to cry, I lost the man in myself more and more. At me ink began to flow, but to me was all the same. I became a woman. Lenin terminated "dick" directly in me at this time. On an inquiring look, and I couldn't speak at this moment, Lena only told that you became my full-fledged wife. For some reason rejection this phrase didn't cause in me, only satisfaction. Having tightened to his neck by hands, I slightly kissed on a mouth. I didn't understand as to treat it. I am a man, but frankly speaking to speak, performed purely women's functions, up to sex now. Just my "husband" had me and it was pleasant to me. He lay nearby, without a word too. He understood that I should think now. Was already late therefore I spread out a bed and I went to bed. Day was too long today. It was attached behind too and embraced me, without having removed at the same time the device. And fell asleep. Days of new week stretched. Our relationship imperceptibly, but significantly changed. Alexey came from work tired. I met him, fed and did everything that he wanted. And the address was only as to the woman that already became a habit. He wanted sex much therefore I was ready every day. Sometimes he came with friends from work and, having left them at the TV, came to me. I fucked, and I was strongly brought, knowing that behind a wall those someone else knew me the man. It so made horney that I couldn't restrain and loudly groaned. Now he attacked already clean and developed buttocks. I tried to be desired every day. Yes, it was pleasant to me and after the second time already caused only pure desire. There was still a moment which frightened me. He loved very much when I suck his acquired body. When there came the moment of X, it could terminate. Lyosha said that this simple milk, but after him I was strongly made horney. There was a wish still. Sometimes I forced him to enter me. Mind I understood that it is wrong and each time I more and more move away from the man. Already now I was on the verge. Back especially there was also no wish. Even usual household chores got some, invisible before, a pleasure aura. I knew that darling will come and to him it will be good. I noticed that drugs somehow incorrectly work. If with flu it was almost finished, then secondary signs weren't appeased. The general weakness and unpleasant feelings in skin strongly disturbed me. Moreover and I began to gain weight. However, only in hips. I hope, nothing serious. It will be necessary to tell the husband. He can will prompt. By the end of the week there was one more indicative case. We lay after improbable sex. I terminated two times. Touching my hair in hands, Alexey suddenly asked whether I want to dye a hair in other color. Both of us were brown-haired persons. - And this it not to be pleasant to you? - I asked. - Do you remember somehow wanted to become the burning brunette? - Do you want to see me the brunette? - I remembered this conversation. I then great got Lena that it was painted, but it didn't turn out. Now the conversation returned, but already to me. - Yes I want, darling. I already told it to you. - he closed to me a mouth a kiss while I tried to object something. Having understood that won't listen to me, I answered a kiss. It is too pleasant not to seize the moment. "There now the question is also solved" fatefully I thought, accepting his kiss. After painting our hair will be absolutely different color and to exchange back, just like that, any more not to turn out. Lyosha, some magic image, exhausted from me any resistance. In his hands I was as a doll and could do nothing with it. The love can? One more case occurred on Friday the next week. Hurrah, at last completed the project. In this regard, Alexey decided to organize a celebration and called many colleagues, now his friends. I should have played the habitual role of the good hostess. By the way, I was right about the brunette. To me very much went. I think what to Lena went too, but now it the man in family. In addition, did hair to a caret with a chelochka. Not too bad at all. In any case, neighbors praise. It alienated me from a machismo, but gave the chance to hide itself so far. In any case, I didn't lose hope for return to the camp of men yet though desire wasn't any more. At first I apprehended this idea extremely negatively. - You what you want to reveal all of us? - I shouted at Alexey. In my stay by the guy would never afford it, and the girl easily. He, poor, even was confused and began to justify itself. Here I take a detached view of this situation and I don't know what to think. Really men all such not catching up and weak? - Lenochka, dear, well understand, I already invited all. How will look at me if I cancel everything? - I allowed him to justify myself, strengthening the influence on him. After all, in female weakness there is too much force that to ignore her. Of course, I agreed with him. I become the real bitch. - Darling, well of course, call. I am always glad to guests. Only you will help me. By the way, I am sick. Your guests know about it. - I with surprise observed in myself many Lenyna of trait of character. - Well you and the bitch became. I already am afraid of you and that will be farther. - with the faint understanding smile, my Lyosha told. - Of course, I will help, sweet. - he kissed me, I answered. In an hour, having left a shower, we began to prepare. In kitchen there has to be one hostess, but not in our case. To give it the room my favourite now, I didn't gather, but also experience there was a wish to receive. The difference of characters played a role and we managed to agree. Generally, we were ready to guests, the most exacting. On Sunday morning fine couple Alexey and Elena, beautiful and smiling, welcomed guests. To Alexey it was simpler, and here I carried out almost all day in beauty shop yesterday. Of this Sunday Alexey's future in the company very much depended and therefore we decided to flash. Lyosha gave a hint that we also can put me in order, but I as the ideal wife organized him a lecture on a subject, about beauty role in the woman's life. He was confused, but agreed with me. Even it seemed to me that in his eyes the regret about something flew. Generally, feathers are preened, the table is laid. - You at me the most beautiful. - he didn't keep and whispered to me on an ear. I smiled and sent him an air-kiss. There was at all no time again to correct a make-up. It was amusing to watch the "former" employees and friends. Whenever possible, I with pleasure did it. Generally I was taken at once in hand by wives and girlfriends of my former colleagues and began to discuss all. I took out from our communication much. I knew almost everything about each of my Alexey's colleagues now. By the way, exactly here I learned that he is wanted to be raised to some associate director. And he, the rascal, knew and was silent. I have heard plenty and about myself. It appears, I not bad look, according to new girlfriends, and Alexey was very lucky with such girl as I. Well everything, Leshenka, in the evening you at me will receive. You have to appreciate the happiness. I learned and about the future of the company where I once worked. One of ladies, the low nice fat blonde the laugher, was a wife of the boss and told us that expansion approaches. A question only in terms. Now just unprofitable moment in the market. I, certainly, at once took an interest whether will take me. Having learned that I have the same education as Alexey, and has even some experience (I told lies about the small company with the same profile of work), she with astonishment noticed that on his place there would have to be I and promised to call. As always a serious talk in purely women's company always switches to rags. And occurred. Men at a grill with might and main poisoned jokes, and we discussed them, extolling the men. A couple of hours at a table and dances only strengthened towards evening a positive spirit. Actually, already by a lunch at me there passed any fear, and by the evening I already danced to the heart's content for the future. Gradually guests, thanking for wonderful day, began to part. In my phone many phones of new girlfriends appeared. Having understood that I was late in such awkward position for some time, I decided not to refuse to myself contacts, especially, useful and pleasant. If Alexey expected to shock me this afternoon, then it turned out exactly on the contrary. Know I earlier what so to turn out, I would insist on it earlier. And how many puzzled looks of the husband I tried to catch on myself throughout the day! After saw off all guests, he approached me. - Lenochka, darling, you were the real hostess today. Thank you. - And that. - I answered - Even companions of your friends envied you that I am near. - In my opinion, all this my new head is guilty. It doesn't seem to you? - I added, doing up the hair. - Listen, I thought here, can exchange to us back? You it seems recovered. - he confusedly looked on the beauty at the wife and in soul заныло something as if it wasn't enough. In the last week the novelty of labor relations left. There was an eternal fatigue and melancholy for antecedents. Elena, on the contrary, blossomed every day, and today was in the flower of beauty and charm all day. Quite so Lena also presented earlier itself itself. It was very much pricked that to execute a dream it turned out at the husband, and with gloss. His wife made in one day what he bore all three last weeks. - No, road. - she told just taken aback Alexey. He didn't manage to tell anything how his Lena embraced him and began to kiss passionately. - Now it is possible. - she told - All left. Day passed brightly for both spouses. They lay in a bed and thought everyone of the. Lena anew endured events, savouring them as if sweet candy. Alexey thought of the future. It seems, everything suits Lena, and doubts began to gnaw him. Both of them were in the movement. Only Lena went up, and he down. He even more often asked himself a question and whether it was worth it and whether it hurried to be glad to the new situation? - Darling, you at me the best. - he heard, after a kiss on a cheek. Alexey quietly began to cry, he, slowly but truly, lost, lost more true, itself. Alexey knew nothing that the last week Lena drank hormonal medicines consciously. All began with the fact that one of the vitamins which are earlier bought in drugstore reached a limit. What her surprise when the druggist told it that this hormonal medicine is sold only according to the recipe of the gynecologist was. She got other packing. This appeared on free sale. On Monday Alexey decided to talk to the wife seriously. The situation dragged on and it should be resolved urgently. Something prompted that it will already be then late. Serious and with a beautiful bouquet in hands, it came home. - Lena - he began being confused a little. - Let's return back everything. Alexey with hope looked at it. They spoke long. Surprisingly, but Lena most of all rested. Alexey told as to him it is good at work now, everything began with it what prospects appear. - It to be pleasant to you? To you well there? Having received the affirmative answer, she only waved hands. The dispute dragged on for a long time, but didn't come to anything. Then Alexey told that he wants her. Spouses joyfully moved to the convenient location. When Lena already prepared and anticipated his body in itself, her husband suddenly said that he wants that it it took him. Lena tried to hype up his passion, but he wanted her dick. Having lost hope, she only clasped the dressing gown and left to watch some next soap opera about love. For Alexey it was the failure. He didn't know someone any more he is. Woman inside or man outside. Having approached the wife and having embraced her, they began to watch the movie together. - Lena if you want, we can descend to the plastic surgeon. - Alexey understood that nothing to overpersuade her. Maybe such measures will help. And here he didn't expect such reaction. Lena with pleasure jumped on him, raining kisses. On Wednesday they sat in a reception of one of plastic clinics. Judging by responses, did qualitatively and rather cheap here. The doctor, the gray-haired man of years 50, attentively listened to them and examined. - In this life I saw a lot of things, but it for the first time. - he told. - Nevertheless, I see nothing difficult. Even material shouldn't be sought elsewhere. Everything that it is necessary, it only to trade places. You are precisely sure of the decision? - Yes. - we told chorus. - As additional materials and excess processes aren't necessary, it will be to you cheaper. - he attentively looked at us - What similarity! Just imagine. With operation decided not to hurry. Alexey had a lot of work, I still had a reorganization of a body from hormonal therapy. In November we at last decided. Tomorrow to us in clinic and tonight we still those someone we were created by god. At first the thought of operation caused rejection, but having considered everything, we decided, what will be so more best. If to leave so, then sooner or later all the same to it will come. If to exchange back, then inside we will understand that not on the place. This last night I remembered that I once was a man. My dick still regularly worked. For the first time for several months I was in an active role. All night long. Despite long abstention, not really it was pleasant to me. It is fresh somehow, without emotions. But as my Lyosha tried, in every possible way tempting me with the delights. But human forces aren't infinite and by the morning we just fell asleep for fatigue and satiation. In spite of the fact that at night we practically didn't sleep, there were we vigorous. We already left when the panic wave rolled on me. I lost men's "I" am completely. Having captured the head hands, I sobbed minutes twenty. I calmed down and started over again. At last, we in clinic and even were almost not late. Cut and sewed us long. Only two days went operations, then a week more replacement hormonal therapy. And, to both me and him. In two weeks we were allowed to go home. I stand naked and I consider myself. Lenyna a breast, about 1.5 sizes, not bad looks on me. As here also I was. And feelings to the touch pleasant. I forced itself to stop caressing. I don't want to cum now, I will wait for darling. Let he will be glad. Hips extended and rounded and I look very sexy now. Person, and that person? It was similar earlier, and now so in general the poured-out Lena. I smiled to myself. Now I understand why I was considered beautiful. In vain it wasn't painted burningly black earlier. To her gray eyes it so goes. Well and of course, the dick, is more faithful than him absence. I put the hand on a pubis and set fingers deep into, moving apart big sponges. In the bottom of a stomach fire inflamed and I began to rise up, overflowing me passion. Hardly there were enough forces to draw aside a hand. I want that I was caressed by his hands. And dick. Interestingly, what he on taste? We remained fine couple. Having transferred all these metamorphoses, we, appear, fell in love with each other even more. Now everyone was on the place. After successful change we were never sorry about it, at least I. By the way, I work in the same place now. My present friend, the wife of our director strove and now I work in department of crediting in our new affiliated structure. Work is difficult, but interesting. And most important. I am pregnant. Yes, together with a vagina to me replaced also the other accompanying bodies. I on the third month and will be a mother soon. Alexey supports me as can, but I see that as eyes shine at him. Somewhere in him still there lives a little girl who wants to be a mother, but god judged differently and gave this joy to me. I am happy. Amusing fact. My gynecologist says that put conceptions it is that day when we went for operation. And still I know many interesting secrets which I learned from the new girlfriends, but about it, probably, in the new story. Your Elena fine and favourite. up date lockdown date today golang site mapMain Page