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Hi, my dear readers. Briefly about: my name is Katya and to me there are 20 years, height of 170 cm, the weight of 56 kg, hips – 97, a waist – 64, a breast – 88. As I already wrote earlier, I not only beautiful, but also absolutely natural. I have a cute face with big expressive eyes and sensual sponges, the hair curling black color to shoulders, long and very slender legs, smooth and gentle skin, appetizing buttocks, knees and hips of beautiful, rounded shape, and the, though a small, but the most real beautiful maiden breast 2 sizes. I am not absolutely ordinary girl – between legs at me a surprise – a small penis. In the third part I told you about how I lost virginity five years ago. The doctor of KVD made me "woman", having fucked in the office. Oleg was a skilled lover with big and very beautiful dick. He was 35 years old, and me only 15, but I so was pleasant to him that he wasn't stopped by not my early age, more than 20 years of a difference between us. An hour and a half he furiously fucked mine virgin buttocks and a mouth, having finally made of me 100% of a passive. I left him already Katya, fucked and happy. So I lost virginity, but got the skilled lover. In soul, standing houses under hot water jets, I was mentally had to the concerning events of this day again and again. I remembered distinctly that moment when I became "woman" - it occurred when the huge dick of Oleg appeared in me entirely, having filled me all without the rest. At this moment to me there were also these irreversible changes: I was finally measured with the new role and purpose, my body completely relaxed, having given to the man who seized me. All that the little men's that else remained in me was lost by me irrevocably. The shower pleasantly refreshed me, and I, having thrown the favourite dressing gown over a naked body, went was on kitchen when heard a call to a door. Guessing someone it could be, I went to open. In the doorway there was my best friend – Kirill. We were on friendly terms with him from school and spent a lot of time together: walked, visited to each other. In his unexpected visit there was nothing unusual. He lived in the next entrance, and we often came to each other without prevention. Last time we saw him at the end of May, before his departure for giving. Passed some two months, but for me these two months were the whole life, completely and irrevocably changed me. - Hi, - he greeted, - I won't prevent? - Hi, - I answered, - No. Come. I gave him slippers, and we went with him to kitchen. Striving at a kitchen table, I noticed that Kirill furtively considers me. I knew that I in the short dressing gown which is hardly covering my buttocks and with a flowing hair look very tempting. Earlier I tried not to appear before it in a similar look not to provoke the friend to defined sorts of a thought and desire concerning me, but now everything changed. Kirill told me about how he spent vacation at the dacha and shared with me the main news: - I potrakhatsya, - with a happy look he told me. - I congratulate, - I smiled to him, sitting down opposite and showering a leg on a leg, - And how, it was pleasant? - Yes, cool, - he threw a cursory glance on my suntanned hips and roundish knees which still what - that an hour and a half caressed Oleg's hands back. He began to tell me about how he already at the end of vacation got acquainted at the dacha with the girl who was given him in detail. I pretended that I listen carefully, but actually in a new way considered the friend: high (above me on the head), sports, with courageous features and a big dick which I few times saw furtively – he was my complete antithesis. I suddenly caught myself on a thought that I think of the friend as about the man and it was slightly made horney. - And you look good, - he gave me a compliment, - Sunbathed I look. - It to be pleasant to you? – I smiled and coquettishly extended the legs in his party, having run hands over the smooth hips. - Yes. It is a pity that you aren't a girl, - having reddened, he told, delightfully examining my legs. - However, - I significantly nodded towards his blown-up shorts. Kirill was confused even more, and I was captured by a delightful presentiment. I saw that he wants me, but hesitates to admit it. Having decided to play a little with him, I sat down again, having thrown a leg on a leg, having developed to him so that he could appreciate all beauty of my legs. He didn't look away from my legs. Sexual tension between us increased. - Show me him, - I asked Kirill, having nodded towards his dick seeking from shorts. Kirill undid a fly and I released the monster from prison. At me intercepted spirit, and in buttocks strongly zazudet: big, it isn't less than 20 cm in length and 6 cm thickness, it was very beautiful. Perhaps, at Kirill was even more than at Oleg. At this moment I finally decided to try this handsome, having tempted the best friend. Though it isn't necessary to tempt him any more – Kirill greedy looked at me, podrachivy the dick. - If I was a girl, you would fuck me? – I asked him. - Yes, - Kirill answered with voice, hoarse from excitement. Without asking permission, I took seat directly to it on knees and, having twisted his neck with both hands, gently kissed on a mouth. It became surprise not only for my friend, but also for me. He passionately answered my kiss, greedy pressing me to himself. We were sucked likely minutes ten, but, resting against my hip, hot dick of Kirill haunted me. I is soft, but it was persistently released from his embraces and I kneeled before him. My fingers gently twisted a thick head of my friend and our views met. Looking in eyes to Kirill, I tenderly touched with lips his huge head, and took it in a mouth. Having a little played with it language, I slid lips to the basis of the dick, centimeter behind centimeter swallowing him. Kirill blissfully moaned, and I had to stop for a minute that my friend didn't terminate ahead of time. Hardly he recovered, my lips slid on a relief surface of his horney dick again until that entirely appeared in my throat. I rested the person against a hairy pubis of the friend, enjoying feelings from the thick dick swallowed by me. Kirill seized me with both hands by the head and with growl terminated. His hot dick pulsed deeply in my throat, throwing up in me cum streams. I choked, but patiently waited when my friend recovers and will release my head. Kirill's dick was pleasant to me more member Oleg, his smell and taste demented me. However, dense thickets in the bottom of a stomach of my friend created some problem, and I periodically had to pull out the hair which got to him from a mouth. I sucked a little more his tasty dick until he got up as if a stake again. - It was pleasant to you, darling? – I asked the friend, with a smile looking at him from below up. - Yes, Seryoga, you suck cool, - he praised me. - Call me now – Rolling, - I confusedly asked, rising from knees. Having lifted up a dressing gown, I spread legs and villages to Kirill on knees face to face. His hands right there appeared on my buttocks. He greedy attracted me to himself and kissed on a mouth. I with tenderness answered a kiss, feeling as his dick sticks out between my legs, resting against my tummy. The kiss repeatedly strengthened our excitement. I groaned and absolutely shamelessly coiled at him on a lap. Kirill hard and heatedly breathed, greedy feeling my back and biting my sponges on which still there were traces of his cum. Not in forces to suffer more, I stood up over the dick and, holding him with a hand, began to sit down on this handsome slowly. Hardly huge, red head concerned my hole as that habitually revealed, hospitably inviting him the dick in "guests". Kirill, at once, accepted this invitation: having greedy seized me on hips, he it is sharp, I spread me on the thick dick. I screamed from pain, having flopped the bum on his hairy balls. Damp and slippery after my oral caress, his dick at once appeared in me entirely. My legs became wadded and didn't obey me therefore Kirill himself began to raise me for hips and to stick on the dick. Pain receded into the background, having given way to strong sexual pleasure. Having a little recovered, I began to crawl a bottom on a lap of the friend, coiling at him on the dick as the last whore. Pleasure promptly increased, I quicker and quicker and more intensively twisted the bum, humouring the friend. His dick literally exploded in me, filling in gentle walls of my bunghole with a hot cum. I terminated along with Kirill, feeling as his dick shakes in me. My groan and its heavy breath mixed up. Having twisted his neck with hands, I put the head to him on a shoulder, quietly expecting when Kirill recovers and will release me. At last his grasp weakened, and I, having quietly slid off his dick, went to a bathtub to take a shower. - I want you long ago, - Kirill when I returned on kitchen admitted to me. - Why didn't tell me about it earlier? – I asked a rhetorical question, smiling. - I was afraid that it will affect our friendship. - In my opinion, very well affected, - I whispered to him on an ear and gently I gave smacking kiss to him in a cheek. He again heatedly attracted me to himself and kissed on a mouth. I didn't oppose and with pleasure answered a kiss, but in a minute softly, but was persistently released from his embraces. - Now mother will return from work, and we will go to the dacha, - I explained to the darling. - When will you return? – he asked, holding me by a bottom. - On Sunday evening. Suffer a little, - I smiled, having nodded towards his got-up dick. - The whole two days, - he didn't want to release me, - Perhaps we will be in time just once? At this moment we were reached by a sound of the opening entrance door, and Kirill had to pull shorts quickly. I put in order a dressing gown, having once again given smacking kiss it in lips, ran to meet mother. Kirill followed me, greeted mother who already entered the hall and, having said goodbye to me, left. I closed behind him a door and ran to change clothes for a trip to giving … unicorn on dating profile date today qlikview site mapMain Page