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Denis sat in the cozy bedroom on the second floor of a forest cottage had a rest and remembered how all this twirled. Already passed half of year... Its daughter, Marishka crept on a carpet nearby and something enough gukal. "Denis, Dan, Dina, Dana" all these names were him now. Now none of acquaintances would recognize, his Denis, slightly rather large, red-haired, cheerful, 30th summer guy happy young daddy of little Marinochka, the father of family. On a sofa in the room the fat half-dressed young woman with the fine curling nutbrown hair to shoulders sat. She lowered a little a dense brassiere about quite large, but drooped boobies, about 3 sizes, and diligently worked with a vacuum milk pump. Her nipples rhythmically got up small columns in the stuck transparent tubules, and from a time of nipples flew down on some drops of muddy dairy liquid which accumulated in a reception flask on a bottom. There accumulated a little - gram 30, no more. Then she diligently began to mass the boobies, a little reddish with a cyanotic shade, delaying the already drooped udder. After these manipulations in the receiver still increased gram 10-15. Then she got the red, electric vibrator from a table and having greased it inserted, rising, to herself in an anus and sat down on a sofa again continuing the work on a breast. Now went more better - increased still scales 20-30. The vibrator it is slightly heard I murmured and she already began to breathe deeply, as before death. Her hand spread to a stomach bottom, moving apart the full thighs fitted by stockings. Little Marishka it is interested I crept up closer, between the knees divorced convulsively and I saw how her daddy jerks off the dick in a step to the pulsing nipples in a milk pump. Despite the furious rate of a drochka it was impossible to him in any way. Then the girl as if knowingly, being unsteady, I stood up, opened the pink mouth with several teeth and surely zachmokat on a head of his dick, slobbering. The one-year-old baby made the business and accepted a charge from a trunk which also made her. She held a red dick as for a nipple and I swallowed of a sticky father's cum as milk. A milk or a lymph which is strained off from nipples of a papashka got to her too. Everything began half a year ago. Denis was in job searches and therefore stayed at home looking through on the Internet of a vacancy. His wife Lidochka nursed Marishka. Denis looked at Lidochka and thought of what nice wife at him. The pretty brown-haired woman with a short hairstyle, slender, gentle. But her huge breast, size 5-6, even somehow discorded with all her thin constitution. Huge hemispheres of the boobies decorated with blue veins of the feeding woman involuntarily attracted Denis's look. Lidochka having caught his eye, I beckoned it a hand: "Go drink from me. Marishka already gorged on. And remained still loads and loads". His Lidochka, with the birth of the child turned into some milk plant. And feeding by a breast was for it just pleasure. It sometimes even cumed from it. Lidochka put on a sofa the fallen asleep Marinka. Denis sat down on a floor between the divorced Lidochka's legs and watched how she raises a heavy left breast. Convex, standing Lidochkin of nipples, immediately gave from himself several streams of milk which poured down on Denis's face. Dairy muddy streams struck in an eye and began to flow drops on a cheek. Lidochka laughed and told: "Sorry, road". Denis opened a mouth and stuck the wife's boobies, incorporating long as the finger of nipples, and covered with lips a pink aura of an okolososkovy circle. The mouth was filled with sweetish milk of the wife. Denis began to swallow of this divine liquid greedy. It painfully was pleasant to Denis. The fact that the wife feeds him from a boob as the sucker was pleasant. And the fact that this unnatural feeding brought to Lidochka sensual pleasure. Lidochka began is brought, nursing the husband. She began to breathe deeply, feeling his lips on the breast. At this moment she greased the fingers with saliva or milk and began to touch Denis's nipples. She rumpled, squeezed and delayed his plump breast, jerked off the hardened nipples. She did it involuntarily as the female who is milked dry by a male, feeling the weakness before him, tried "to lower" him to the level and to make to him pleasantly. She represented, the husband, Denis, a nipple, the maid who serves her whims. And it was pleasant to Denis. They carried out such procedures regularly, every day, after the birth of the daughter. It liked to drink from Lidochka and the drochka of his nipples the wife was pleasant. He felt physical pleasure from moisture on the nipples and at continuous procrastination of the breast. During feeding of the husband Lidochka cumed. Her knees shivered, and from a crack death streams flowed. When it occurred, Denis fell and licked the wife there, below. At the same time he often got an orgasm. And confusedly I watched the cum puddle which remained on a floor. Lidochka liked to observe his confusion. Time went, and work everything wasn't. Money disappeared absolutely. To Lidochka, her girlfriend Elka who worked as the secretary in very cool firm, offered very unusual side job. The matter is that to her chief, the doctor advised, for improvement of an organism to drink female milk from the woman's breast. The chief tore up the secretary Elka and entrusted her selection of a cow. Elka, вспонив that her girlfriend Lidochka, god endowed with such wealth, offered her a meeting with the chief, for decent money. "To feed him I, we will put, I will feed. That is a lot of milk. But what else?" - Lidochka asked the girlfriend. "Will suck a boob, well will thrust into a mouth, well will lower in the pussy. Delov that... From you won't decrease. The man he pleasant, 40 years, in juice. Clean. You see what money pays...." Elka persuaded. "Well I should talk to Denis. Without him I will solve nothing" Lidochka finished a conversation with the girlfriend. Denis was taken aback when, reddening and stammering Lidochka told about the proposal of the girlfriend. At first his first reaction was: anger, indignation. But then it presented that his native wife rent as a stylish cow and in these lovely pink sexual sponges others cum will bubble. For some reason these thoughts made horney it. Denis gave the consent, but only on feeding by a breast, without sexual contact. Lidochka agreed about a meeting with Sergey Petrovichem, Elki's chief, and in a conversation specified that she agrees, but without penetration into her. Sergey Petrovich agreed and made an appointment on the rental apartment on 6 o'clock in the evening. From the middle of day Lidochka smartened up. Denis brought together her. He advised to put on her stockings and dense panties. "You before him don't remove panties, please..." - the husband asked. "Of course the road, I love only you. I do all this only for us" - Lidochka consoled him, kissing on a threshold. "Everything, I left" - Denis couldn't find any peace. Having laid the daughter, he imagined the wife bared before foreign man and furiously the dick jerked off. Lidochka came by the taxi to 12 o'clock in the morning. "Well how are you?" - Denis heatedly chattered, spending the wife to a sofa and undressing her on the road. "Everything is normal, he didn't eat me. Only nipples hurt very much, you are more careful - exhausted all dry. Yes here the stomach bottom very much hurts. All pants wet from allocations. I in pants was also allowed nothing superfluous as we also agreed. I want to terminate. Will you help?" "Da-aa" - moaned Denis. He took off from the wife a brassiere and enormous, before poured, boobies spread on a stomach "spaniel ears". Red and convex sucked away till it bleeds, nipples lay almost on her knees. The blue network of veins acted on her exhausted and drooped breasts. Denis attentively looked at the wife, wearily and powerlessly sitting on a sofa with widely placed legs. He noticed the dried-up whitish spots on her breast, on cheeks and thighs. I saw her burning eyes, lips which cracked and swelled up with the same whitish crust around. "It is his cum?" - Denis asked. "Yes. He lowered to me in a mouth, I vydrachivat him boobies, sucked, but in me it wasn't. He all obspuskat me... And...." - she hesitated, - "didn't allow me to wash away... He asked about you. I told him that you know everything and released me. He told that it to you a gift from him... I am a whore now? Do you hate me?" - lips began to tremble her... "Isn't present!" - Denis feverishly shouted kissing the Lidochka on obspuskanny, covered with a crust of the dried-up cum, lips. He pinched the dried-up drips from her breasts, from thighs. I stuck lips into the panties which got wet, smelling of her allocations aren't removed yet as a symbol of fidelity of his wife. Lidochka who is made horney, excessively, bit lips and whispered: "I am a whore, I am a bitch. And you are a husband of the whore! Lick and is clean the wife!" Denis at last took off from her pants and sticky Lidochkina's flows of death rushed to him in a mouth. Lidochka was shaken in the strongest orgasm. Everything came to an end. But groans and shouts of the wife woke little Marishka. She is a zanyla, it was delivered in a bed, asking to eat. "I won't be able to take her - nipples hurt awfully. Dyne, let's her give your breast. She will suck as she a baby's dummy, and will calm down" - Lidochka offered - "It is only necessary to dress up you. Let thinks that it is mummy". Lidochka put on the wide brassiere on Dan, took out his plump breasts from him atop. Two, enough big, the hemispheres squeezed by fabric rose. They showed to Lidochka, for some reason, the strained husband's nipples. Lidochka in this forced game didn't stop and put on to Dan the lacy stockings and close panties which hid his "economy". She gave to Dan on hands Marishka and sent her to greedy open mouth, a nipple of the husband. And itself, at this time, I massed his second, free breast, squeezing it and extending. To her surprise, after these manipulations on the end of a nipple of Dan the muddy drop appeared. "Yes you are direct as the girl, a nipple feeding. You have a milk too!" - Lidochka frenziedly whispered, pinching this drop at the husband. She, felt that Dan, from these words and from sosatelny movements of the daughter was brought. Lidochka ordered to put to the husband already calmed daughter in a bed, got into a handbag and pulled out a small strap-on on a belt from there. She answered a mute question of the husband: "Sergey Petrovich presented. It for you. Without it you won't become my girl. And you want?". Den, in excitement only nodded. And here he already squats at legs of the wife who fastened a dick. "Suck the bitch at the bitch wife" - Lidochka orders, having taken him for nipples and sending a strap-on to an open mouth of the husband. She rhythmically moved hips, holding the hubby for a nape. From excitement from her, колыхающихся boobies milk, directly on the top of the husband poured down. "And now we will unpack your hole. Get up a crustacean, my girl!" - Lida removed a strip of the panties covering buttocks, Dan who obediently is standing in a pose. Having moved apart buttocks, plentifully I greased his entrance with anal lubricant, the wife put a head of an artificial dick to an entrance. Denis stood waiting for "omission", having set aside the back as the given female. Wild pain pierced him when the shell passed in his subsoil. Lidochka sharply pushed a strap-on to the basis and stood that Dan got gradually used. Went easier further. Frictions of the wife brought him any more not pain, but strange pleasant feeling which amplified with a poddrachivaniye of his dick the wife's hand. He already made upward movement in a step her to movements, being stuck. "Here you already any more not the man, but my maid. Understood how it is pleasant to be given? Now you my Dana, my torn hole, mine of a nipple." - Lidochka So heatedly whispered to the husband, merging his cum on a floor from a razdrochenny dick. "Thanks road!" - Lidochka whispered, taking out a strap-on from the husband's buttocks - "Me today foreign man used, and today you were given me. Leaves us with you today had. Now at us everything will go in a new way. Now you my Dana - my husband, my friend, my mistress, my whore, my laying, my girl. So?". "Yes" - quietly I answered, It is now given. Also transformation began. Now Denis slept with Lidochka in a women's night dress and it is obligatory in a brassiere. "That the breast grew there where it is necessary" - Lidochka explained. In the afternoon on the house, Dan walked in a short skirt, a blouse, stockings and on heels. On five-six times a day Lidochka was engaged in his breasts. She rumpled, extended them. I applied a vacuum pomp: I put big hemispheres of a pomp to Dana's boobies and I sucked away air. Then Dan long sat and his breasts were extended, poured from the flowed blood to blue. Lidochka often drew boobs to Dan a cord and forced Dan, so to go. When walking they ridiculously waved as the inflatable balls drawn at the basis. Especially often, after this procedure, Lidochka bended over Dan, lifted up a short skirt and fucked him a strap-on in a knee - an elbow pose. It happened time on ten in a day. Den tried to protest as he didn't want any more, and already lowered five times before what Lidochka answered: "Suffer expensive! Hard in the doctrine - it is easy in a bed. I you don't ask a nipple about your desires. And someone butene to ask a hole?". Den suffered and silently made upward movement. His point already freely let in itself a dick. And his delayed cyanotic breasts dangled in a step to musclemen of the wife. Without getting an orgasm, Dan felt some sweet torment from the humiliated situation. Often after a fucking Lidochka strapped a belt buttocks to the whore. From these executions Dana's buttocks became soft, were distributed in breadth. Dan's nipples after lips of the wife and daily application of a milk pump began to milk a little and stood the extended storm columns, as at the feeding girl. Lidochka often photographed the Dana. Him, the figure which already became womanly with quite big boobies and a volume bottom. Den guessed that it shows his photo to the rich client. And when it left for "feeding" Sergey Petrovicha, didn't ask permission of the husband any more where it is possible and where it is impossible. Lidochka came home literally jam-packed by a cum of the client which immediately merged a viscous muddy stream from her crack in greedy open mouth of the husband - girls. After careful licking, Lidochka took Dan for ears and having settled down more conveniently on his lips, wrote him to a mouth. And Dan obediently washed down the cum brought to her with salty nectar of darling. Lidochka came back with money and new "toys" for the Dana. Once, in two months, Lidochka having examined the husband from all directions - the whore, I told: "Danochka, you is time to begin to work. Not nevertheless to me foreign dicks to suck. It is time to recognize also to you еблю by the present, with the man. I so dreamed to see the husband given to my lover. As it is disturbing...". And for Dana it was disturbing: "his wife brings the lover in order that he fucked her husband as the last bitch". And this day came. Den stayed at home and waited for the Lidochka with her Sergey Petrovichem, the benefactor and the supporter. It is given I worried, afraid and in too time I waited for the first insemination. Today at him will yabat his wife, in their matrimonial bed, will suck away a milk from her "cans" and then at the wife "will lower" him as the maid. It was given in full readiness: the brassiere raised a decent breast size, lacy stockings with elastic bands favourably emphasized full thighs, the short short skirt fitted, in a feminine way the wide back. The bed is made by a clean sheet. Marishka is fed from a small bottle with the Lidiny decanted milk and slept peacefully. Champagne in the refrigerator, houses is removed. Everything is ready. Call. It is given, clinking heels, I went to open... Lidochka and Sergey Petrovich entered. It was nice, years the 45th man, slightly plump. "Get acquainted, my husband, and now both my and your girl, Dana. She waited for you Sergey. She knows your taste. I fed her two months with your cum. Don't hesitate. It is quite working. Personally, as you advised, I unpacked all holes" - Lidochka said. From these words, Dana reddened and to hide confusion went to kitchen behind champagne and glasses. "Let's drink for charming spouses, for two dissolute whores!" - Sergey Petrovich offered. Nobody objected... "It is good!" - Sergey delightfully whispered, squeezing Danila's boobies and taking out them from a close brassiere. Dan stood when the guest, thriftily, felt him under a skirt and obediently kneelt when he was told: "It is time for you to prepare me a mouth, for the wife". Lidochka already undressed and watched how her husband undoes a fly on trousers of the lover and the dick who jumped out from there catches a mouth. From excitement, her huge breasts began to shoot milk streams. Sergey Petrovich took a nipple from Lidochka, sent to himself to a mouth and began to drink, at the same time stroking on a cheek of the sucking husband. "I am ready" - the lover told, and filled up Lidochka on the sheets which were carefully outspread by the husband. Its wet, from the husband's saliva, the strained dick, entered with a squelch the revealed Lidochkin bud. Den, in excitement, for the first time observed how snoshat his darling. And having awkwardly settled, between stretched legs of the wife, diligently I licked her sexual sponges, touching at the same time the moving piston of Sergey and carrying out by language on his balls. Lidochka cried, furiously cuming. Den felt as under his language together with Lidochka Sergey's dick pulsed, shooting at a belly of his wife of a portion of a cum. The become soft dick crept out of a crack and Dan right there put the lips. Still the warm, viscous cum of the lover followed from Lidochka directly in Dan's mouth. ultrasound dating ultrasound date of zilhaj today in pakistan site mapMain Page