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- Why then left? - she spoke insinuatingly. Her voice just demented. How many I knew her, I had only one desire: to seize her, to tumble down, lift up a skirt and to fuck to insanity. On anything more in my understanding it was unusable. This her foolish talk, gossips. She had a good higher education, but we never spoke on serious subjects. Plus her moralizing tone. Karina, nevertheless, is incomparably cleverer, I thought. - Vasenka, - she told, - I will miss. - I too. - Then till tomorrow? - Till tomorrow. - Wait! Call back to me, you won't arrive home yet. I will go, to me long to go. - Well, - I told, - I will call. I hung up. I went to the supermarket sparkling fires. I urgently needed to eat something sweet. And then home. In a bathtub! I didn't call back to her. I didn't want. I didn't call back to her and next day. There were on December 31, efforts on the house. We were going to celebrate New year at my parents. Karina just followed me on heels. Especially in the late afternoon. She categorically didn't want that I called Oksana. She guessed everything though the official version between us nevertheless was the fact that I don't meet several months this girl. About a yesterday's quarrel, naturally, the nobility it could nothing. Nevertheless the devil pulled me, and at the height of a New Year's Eve I tried to retire and call, the memory of the general past, but Karina entered the room right there. I don't remember, probably, I sent sms. And I felt biliously. Karina found some swingers, she told that in two nights we have to take away them somewhere in the city and go to us. Small according to the plan I remained with parents. Swingers were so-so. Normal children, but obviously not our circle. Nevertheless out of respect for the wife and her efforts, I had sex with the girl what I am sorry still about. To me was remove unpleasantly, besides, they arrived fairly pyanenky. But Karina presented me an excellent pipe with the lighter, a case and tweezers and also fine tobacco. Thereby she fulfilled my old dream. I among other things presented her a lash. Subconsciously I wanted to punish her for all bad that was between us. Oksana didn't call me. I to her too. On January 3 Kira went on affairs, she wasn't a couple of hours, and I after all decided to call the former mistress. I gathered a tube. She long didn't answer, but, at last, I heard: - I listen. Usually she spoke "Hi!" - Hi! - I told her. - Didn't you why call so many days? - strictly she asked. - I don't know, - I answered. - I go crazy here that there happened to you. What with you was made by your wife? She abused you? - No. What does it have to do with the wife? - It... it what the hell! - she choked with indignation. - You to me in the soul... I so worried... I calmed her, itself being irritated more and more. But it thawed, again ironically began to chirp about something. I tried to get rid of her, she didn't put down a reciever. In the late afternoon we sat with Karina on a sofa, talked about that is about seven. Kira was extremely happy that as she thought, I didn't call several days the passion. I think, she from where knew. That she isn't in the city. Or I guessed. Everything was good until we began to argue on something and I in a fit of temper didn't name her Oksana. - How? - Kira exclaimed and it was discharged of me. Tears gathered at her in the eyes. - You spoke... I spoke... that you don't meet any more. As me it was difficult, I told the wife about events of the last days. She listened to me sadly and thoughtfully, but didn't swear. Then I got up, I went to the bathroom and to kitchen. To me was very bad at heart. I took piece of paper and wrote this verse. E-mail to the mistress Darling, you didn't love me. Epigraph. My mobile phone, That means, without which love It is inconceivable, lies to itself and sleeps. Neither the SMS ok, nor the missed calls. You speak, you are afraid that the wife Will see, what will make me scandal. But all hardly so. Sorry, but as to you with the filled mouth To write, both to speak and to feel and to think, Especially, sucking in a step. But here, probably, I am wrong and rude. Yes, it is right: your life - yours. To you twenty four is an age, When it is time to give birth, have the small house, To have the man - only yours, To potter with small and to cum in a bed With the beloved husband. I love the wife. Probably, therefore I am unfortunate. You think, of course, that you More best her. That you are cleverer than her And what me you will manage to hold. Alas, darling, Though my look is also ridiculous, Though an ugly face I am still a botanist, By the years in science about pubises, It happened so, I became skilled fairly. When my favourite wife Removes grace, stroking boobies, When kisses the girl when Sleeps on my eyes with another so masterly, That the husband jealous recedes before the esthete, - And let it in a blowjob is confused, She will easily battle beauty With any most elite prostitute. And plus - humility, mind, some love. What on it will you oppose to her? Yes fidelity. Stupidly. Simply. Unhumorously. Unfashionably. Archaically. And, perhaps Already it is even almost indecent. And I don't know why to me it. The most heavenly love, Both whores, and tenderness - all is possible for money, Ah, thank God, now to buy us. Those pathetic lips would shut up, That all бормочат about some halves. Now even innocence counters Are covered provincial shops. And I believed you how a puppy. Barrel from cynicism a dichlorvos Still I remained not poisoned a piece Souls. She rushed up to a ceiling. Walks, meetings. Faugh, what nasty thing! All these feelings of the youth, All this eroticism, all this nonsense. And I suddenly wanted to trust you, That you won't offend. That you won't bypass. Now you with someone someone that is undoubted, I undressed you. Probably, you stand dog-fashion. I don't know your favourite poses. And here you in a step, so routinely it is also a pity. Sorry, my Juliette, and farewell. The picture turned back grezofarsy - Low-quality, trite кукрыникс. But the annoying that you, You are so lovely! From old photos Some nineteenth century Can quite watch your face. Also I am angry not with the fact that you sleep with someone. But only only on the fact that it went: He fucks, without seeing beauty. And you give so routinely, in a feminine way. As you told, for medical. So on bends of the Greek goddess Stares in the Hermitage колхозан. And maybe, you are just a prostitute. I earned with the student money. How much to me nobility? I will present you the bitch, In stockings, shameless, hour - 1500. It will be so more best to me. It will be so easier. Approximately in an hour Karina returned. And immediately I told. - Do you know what we will make? I shy and interrogatively looked at her. - We will revenge! - also I sat down to me. She was horney incredibly. She bent to me and whispered: - When does she come back? the 11th? You will invite her at cinema, she won't be able to refuse to you now. You will tell, that you want to give her a gift, you will buy something to her. I listened. Karina enjoyed the description of future revenge. I felt that wives I forgave me that now everything will be good. - You will sit down behind, you have to bring her properly. Did you tell the ave. a neck? It has a neck, most likely, a strong erogenous zone. Stroke her a neck, breathe in an ear, carry out I zyky. When she finally thaws. Take a cab, tell that you will eat to us that I went with small to Smolensk. Because we finally swore. - Do you think, she will go? - I think, she will go. We will spread a bed in advance that not to waste time that at it even the thought didn't appear to leave on it. You will undress her. Undress long, accurately, she won't give itself to undress at once. Kiss her, especially on a neck more. Then lay down on a back and let she will sit down on you. - And you? - And I will be in the neighboring room, I will well be prepared: I will put on a corset, stockings, whorish sandalik on a heel. The main thing, I will take a lash that you presented to me. Also I will wait. As soon as I hear that you laid down, I will leave in a corridor, I will get up at a door and I will observe, - Karina moved to me everything, clung as the cat, rubbed about me. - And here when she will be naked, I will give you a signal. She is enough then, and hold, and I will approach and I will beat her, to beat!! On a bum! This bitch... - And it will be only the beginning, - I told. Took eyes Karina povoloky, she held up me lips. I long kissed them. - What, do we undress? Everything ended with rough sex. Everyone to express gratitude can send money for his Yandex purse 41001371568007. He will buy on them some pleasant gifts to the wife who is a main character of the story. tv shows like dating around dated and related how long are they in the villa site mapMain Page