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On the street there was a heavy rain, we with my new friend Alex sat in an arbor at the dacha, fried shish kebabs, and drank whisky. We are familiar with Alex, it is slightly more than a year, we work together, and became friends. My name is Yura, at the time of this story I was then twenty one years old. Usually, such weather promotes to straight talks, so it turned out and this time moreover under the drunk alcohol: — Yura, all wanted to ask you and couldn't decide. — Ask, we are friends, I will try to answer your question. — Did you try sex with the guy? — No, and that? — And wanted? Or can there are such thoughts? — Even I don't know that to answer you Alex, in general I am a hetero. Did you why become interested in it? Probably already tried? — Yes, I tried! I did blowjob to the guy, it was pleasant to me! Give you I will make? — Alex! This superfluous it to be pleasant to me when girls do, will pass! — You just didn't try, guys do not worse! Alex's hand falls to my groin, he gently squeezes a small knob on my shorts. His fingers gently begin to delay an elastic band, and get into my pants. I was punched by a pleasant shiver, his hand can't take away, to yeast his touch is pleasant to me. He sees it and continues to act, taking my dick in a hand, begins to move a thin skin on the dick. — Аа, Aa! Alex! What are you doing! It isn't necessary! — It to be pleasant to you? I see, you want continuation? — Yes, I want! But I don't know, all this is wrong! The sharp movement, he takes off my shorts together with pants, kneels, and conveniently settles down between my legs. His language touches a dickhead, and begins circular motions, then passed on bridles. He slightly covered eyes, his face was such happy, just horror. Never I thought that to me the guy will suck and to derive from all this such pleasant pleasure, but pleasure was derived also by me, without expecting such effect! His lips pleasantly squeezed a dick, immersing it all are deeper in a mouth. Slender fingers stroked the inflated hairy ball sack, sometimes trying to delay it. Was cool, not to argue, feeling new and very pleasant! My hand to lay down on his nape, slightly pressing his head, the dick strains, and releases a cum stream to Alex in a mouth. He greedy swallows, loud champing is heard, but doesn't cease to suck. I rose from a chair and I began to fuck stupidly it in a mouth if it to be pleasant to him, then let accepts as due! And he also accepted, was even happy with such ill-treatment of him. Periodically he pulls out a dick from a mouth to recover the breath, and then continues to suck passionately, and I to dominate. When both were sated, decided to take a small break. It washed out a Pepsi mouth, and then we with him drank whisky, looking in eyes each other. I didn't know what to tell, but I wanted him that happened to me unclear, probably, the drunk alcohol played a dirty trick, of course, it not justification! — How to you? It was pleasant? — Yes! You were on the ball! I didn't expect from you! — Stop! There is nothing of that kind reprehensible, it is simple to be pleasant to me with the man! — Married what for? You have a cool wife! — Parents insisted, I was minds! They knew that I like men, probably thought that the marriage will change something! — Alex, of course this your business nothing to tell! — And it is necessary to tell nothing, it is necessary to work! Went to take a steam bath, the bath is ready! — Yes, went! Took off clothes in the waiting room, and went inside, there was just hot. I laid down on shelves, Alex nearby, minutes ten so lay, then, he decided to work as a birch broom. My muscles relaxed, Alex makes up for steam on a foot of legs, then on calves, tenderly touching my bottom. Then I passed on a back and shoulders, it was visible that he is horney to a limit. His dick sticks out, he tries to hide it, but badly it turns out. — Alex, give you a broom I will pass! — Yura is absent, it not mine, more better the dick pass, it will be pleasant to me! — Lay down then on a stomach, you we will soar the dick! Alex laid down on a stomach, slightly raised a bottom, I had to move apart his buttocks and to touch gently with a language tip. His body all strained, then became covered by goosebumps, didn't even expect that he so will react! Slightly I pressed language on his brown speck, language on a third was included into an anus. — And - and-and! Pleasantly as Yura! Still slightly more deeply! The bottom is clean, don't worry, I prepared it! My fingers squeezed his gentle buttocks, and language gets more and more deeply inside. I won't say what to be pleasant to do to me анилингус, especially to the guy, just I try to make to any partner pleasantly, hoping for reciprocal service. His bottom bewitches me, it was such elastic, it is possible even to call womanly. While did анилингус, was strongly made horney, the dick wanted sex, and there was no wish to postpone. Having humidified with saliva a dickhead, more nothing near at hand was, in respect of cream or lubricant, the beginnings prepares for penetration into the hard virgin back. Alex held breath, the head touched a sphincter, slightly pressed, the plaintive groan was heard. — It is necessary to suffer Alex, you are a girl, means is ready to everything! — Da Jurocca! I am ready to such pleasant penetration! I dreamed of it long ago that you will make me the whore! The dick entered hard, anus muscles strongly squeezing a trunk, didn't allow to get inside, but nevertheless entered completely. It was possible to make roughly it, but this way I couldn't act! The bottom slightly got used to my dick, Alex relaxed, and I moved, tearing the elastic back. The feeling is not new, but pleasant, with girls sometimes I practiced anal sex, and it is possible to tell the priest Alex differs in nothing, only extraordinary loud groan, brought me more and stronger. My lips kissed his beautiful gentle back, his velvet skin pleasantly smelled. The movement was slightly accelerated, there was a wish to receive a long-awaited orgasm while the dick stood. Alex began to move a bottom to a step to my movements and to gasp loudly, pulling a hand the dick. Becomes very pleasant, in eyes darkens, and the dick throws up a portion of a cum in his rectum. — Uuukh! Uuukh! Well as! Bottom class! — Daaaa! Daaa! Yura! To me well too! His dick shot a portion on wooden shelves, filling in him to the basis. My movements became faltering, and slow, the dick slightly became soft, and it was necessary to pull out him from a bottom. Alex was developed and my dick got to lick, collecting by language the cum remains. Generally, the first time with the guy was pleasant to me, I won't begin to lie, except for ethical aspect! Having slightly had a rest, began to pour over each other cold water all look like nothing was. Went to eat, Alex after sex was very hungry, and devoured everything that was on a table. The foundation of ours with it a relationship where subsequently, I should become the friend of the family and the godfather of his children, but that's another story was so laid. It is sent: Yury truth or dare questions to ask your crush zomato launch date in india site mapMain Page