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The elderly man disapprovingly watched how his adult daughter Dasha slowly and awkwardly tries to approach the bed. She came across objects, idiotic giggled, a then, having thrown a delighted view of the father, went further, hardly moving chubby legs and not ceasing to hiccup. He sniffed, from the woman obviously smelled of vodka. The man in the time was treated for alcoholism and on the skin tested what is it. His daughter it is unceasing drinks two months. Still slightly and she to fall, will cease to watch herself, a then absolutely will become an inveterate drunkard and... The man heaved a deep sigh. Alcohol solves nothing, an only tuzhe tightens knot of problems. Of course, the best exit would be to address the professional psychologist, but on him money, an are necessary where to take them? Na his pension on disability and one you won't live. Dasha works as the nurse in hospital and receives pennies. To provide worthy life to the children Dasha got into debts, borrowing money, at familiar and unfamiliar people. To give an old debt she got into new debts that only aggravated a situation with binge. A here still husband... swine! The man wanted to spit, but in time bethought, is more useless to be spat in the room of the daughter. In total! It is necessary that-to to do, the man gloomy thought, observing as his daughter, at last having reached a big bed, literally failed on her the person down. — The father, why he left me? — apathetically Dasha as if reading it asked think. — Therefore that your ex-husband the fool — quietly and angrily answered the father. — I for him did everything! — suddenly so rage the woman cried. — A I isn't necessary now to him?! — Calm down. — I that old or ugly? — No! What do you tell?! It's not true! — the man protested. — A he all equally left... reptile! — Dasha began to sob, trying to take off a sweater. The father left the room. Na to kitchen from a teapot he poured in a glass of water. When he returned to the room, Dasha already slept. She managed to take off a sweater and lay on a bed, having widely stretched in sides of a hand. As it appeared, she didn't wear a brassiere. Unexpectedly the man remembered how about two months to that back he found her here also lying on a bed. Incomprehensibly he then understood that she accepted poison. It is good that doctors managed to save her. He heaved a deep sigh. Suddenly reached him that he faces a bed and examines the half-naked daughter. Having been confused, he put a glass on a journal table and left the room. In several minutes he returned with a blanket in hands and carefully covered the daughter with a blanket. Na the next day everything repeated again. The father washed ware when his drunk daughter came. She uncertain steps tried to reach the room. The father in kitchen continued to wash ware. "How to help her?" — he thought. In this time the daughter all could reach the bed which protesting began to creak when Dasha cheerfully giggling, crashed down on her all body. In several minutes he came into Dasha's room. — Eh, daughter, daughter... — I have no need to live — the daughter gloomy said. — I was so tired of life! To me it is so lonely! — Stop strapping nonsense! — resolutely the father objected her. — To someone am I necessary now? — gloomy the woman took an interest. — To me! — with heat the elderly man said. — You are necessary to me! — You don't understand — Dasha heaved a deep sigh. — What don't I understand?! — The man is necessary to me, a not тр... — Dasha said, with work taking off a sweater and showing a white brassiere. — Stop! — the father killed her, having sat down on a bed with the woman nearby. — Forgive, the father! — Dasha began to cry. — I to you tired? — No! Ne think of it. Everything is good. Suddenly the man noticed on a journal table the drawing in which someone-to drew with a pencil crosses, sepulchral hillocks and the birds who are turned in air. Na to paper there was a jar. Yesterday she there was definitely not. Having looked narrowly, the man understood that it is rat poison. He turned pale. It was necessary to work immediately, otherwise there can be a disaster. There is no time left for thoughts any more. He bent and strong kissed the daughter on sensitive lips. She tried to be stirred up and discharge the man reaching for her, but he embraced the daughter more strong and again kissed her on lips. vagina. — Father! — Dasha cried, feeling the father's dick in herself. — Still! More deeply! Give! — A! — the father moaned from pleasure, hollowing a vagina of the daughter. — What he at you big! — Dasha admired. — It is more than at my former husband! — Forget about him! — angrily the father muttered. — Well! — the daughter answered, adapting to movements of the father. The man was blissfully happy, feeling that the daughter began to make upward movement in a step him to movements, wagging the round buttocks. She enjoyed process, having hammered in voluptuous convulsions. The groan of pleasure escaped from the woman's lips. — A now, father... — Dasha for a second became silent — fuck me, as strongly as only you can! — Well the daughter — the father hoarsely exhaled, having thrown her legs to himself on shoulders, he pulled hard on her all body and vigorously pushed the back, planting the core with her between legs. — Yes! Stronger! Still! — Dasha fought under the father, having stretched hands in the party. — O, My God! — the man increased the rate of movements by the dick more and more. — Continue! Ne stop! — the daughter begged. — O, the babe, you are magnificent! — Father... to me yet it was never so good! — Dasha whispered, having cast away the head back and being curved by an arch. — A I... already... soon — falteringly breathing, the father hardly uttered. — Fuck the useless daughter! — Dasha hands, pulled the father to herself. The daughter parted legs, and the father laid down on her, their lips met to merge in a passionate kiss. Then he began to kiss her a neck and a smart breast, without stopping fucking thus her. — I can't any more! Now I will terminate! — the man cried, not in forces to restrain. — Yes, father! Cum! Concha in the daughter! — A!!! O!!! — their voices merged in one deafening cry. As if threw several especially strong movements and the woman, curved, shook all in what-to wild orgasm. Afterwards for the daughter, almost at the same time with her, the father terminated. He too loudly groaned. The woman felt as inside his dick pulses, throwing up cum streams. It was indescribable pleasure. — It is delightful! — with work Dasha spoke, having tested the next orgasm, she directed a look somewhere in a ceiling. — It was pleasant to you? — O, yes! — the father said, being filled up on a bed with a row with the daughter. — You are an amazing woman! "Now the main thing that she didn't feel herself lonely!" — the man looked at the tired, but happy daughter. Accidentally he threw a view of the slightly opened door into the room. Behind her there was Ania, Dasha's daughter, and looked at them widely opened eyes with what-to strange expression on a face. "O, My God! Now still it is necessary to speak with the granddaughter" — he thought. Having understood that she was noticed, Ania quickly, but quietly left. Dasha didn't see the daughter, she lay with the closed eyes, being in ecstasy. In the evening he didn't see Ania any more, she was locked in the room and didn't leave her. In the morning she fast was washed, put on and went to school. The man decided in what that became, to talk to Ania. Vo food time to it the idea came. The girl of her age for certain has a diary. It is necessary to find and read it. Search of the diary was not long. It lay on the top shelf of a bedside table in her room. Having taken it in hand, the man for a second began to doubt. How correct will read someone else's diary? Having convinced itself that it for the sake of good business, it opened the diary and began to read it. In an occasion of yesterday's events in the diary it was written nothing. Na to soul it wasn't quiet. He thought. Yesterday he acted impulsively, having moved to a sincere rush, and, probably, correctly interpreted not everything. Ne there was a wish to distract Dasha from work, but other exit wasn't. — Hi Dasha. How affairs? — with affected cheerfulness the father asked. — Hello of fathers. At me everything is normal. Chto-to wanted? — Yes. Sorry, that I distract you from work... — Yes, everything is normal — Dasha killed him. — Give today we will talk o in the evening what was yesterday? — I... remember nothing, drunk was. I what behaved outrageously? — a little with astonishment Dasha asked. — Э... isn't present... listen, yesterday at you on a journal table the drawing and a jar lay. From where they at you? — the man asked. — I took them from Ania in the room — Dasha quietly answered. — I understood everything. Thanks. — By the way, nearly I forgot, I will come very late today. Look after Ania. — Of course. Sorry, at me business. Prior to an appointment — the father quickly said goodbye. — So far — the daughter with astonishment responded. So, yesterday, having given in to an impulsive rush, he made a mistake, but ugryzeny he didn't test conscience. All thoughts were o to the granddaughter. The help was required for her, a can be, he misunderstood everything again? trending dating apps 2022 india date ian hit florida site mapMain Page