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Tonja according to nodded and anticipating a question stretched certificates of income, at the same time she bent so that in a slit of her blouse the spheres of boobies which are hardly constrained by a brassiere were rolled. Having sparkled eyes, as well as the security guard, the man accepted documents and began to consider them attentively - My name is Sergey Petrovich! - keeping the eyes glued on papers he told. - And me: - there began Tonja. - Antonina Ivanovna: - the man finished for her a phrase, and having torn off eyes from papers and references continued. - Generally your monthly income doesn't reach the level, necessary for issuance of credit. We hardly will be able to help you: Tonja disappointedly sighed. -: we have to be sure issuing the credit that you will be able to return it, - attentively looking at the woman Sergey Petrovich told and having made a pause finished. - we have to learn more about you. - If you agree, then I suggest you to fill this form - the man stretched several sheets of the questionnaire to Tonja. - and to bring her tonight to hours to nine. Tonja having taken a form I thought not for long: little flirtation, and realization of so many desires - why not. Already at home having considered the questionnaire Tonja was surprised with questions: what you love when you have menses, the addresses of your family, the schedule of work yours and the husband, presence of children, a sex, age, the place of study, etc. (Begin the Cybersex! Right now! With real girls from Russia! - good advice) The husband was late with friends, having kissed at parting the daughter, she left the apartment. By the specified time it approached the bank building again. This time nobody met it. Doors were open and it entered the building, already known way. In secretarial it was absolutely dark, only light of the monitor lit the nice face of the secretary. - Pass! - surprisingly Tony it is gentle and with a smile the secretary answered. - Did you bring the questionnaire? Tonja smiled in reply and stretched the completed sheets of paper. Having looked the blonde put them in them to herself on a table. - I will see off you to Sergey Petrovich. He for a while left. - the girl having got up because of a table povilivy I led by hips her to the chief's office. - Coffee? Tonja a little tensely took seat in the offered chair in an office. And the secretary without specifying, I poured from a black coffee pot on a table, and I put a cup of sharply smelling coffee before the woman. - My name is Natasha! If I am necessary for you I at myself, - and clinking heels left an office. Tonja took a sip from a cup and is several times deep having sighed stirred up the head, is required to gather before communication with Sergey Ivanovich, not the fact yet that the new questionnaire will suit it. Drinking coffee Tonja examined an office. "Yes it is a pity the husband doesn't have it!. The great place to have sex:" - She nearly choked on coffee, from this unexpectedly come thought. Money - here that now the main thing. But thoughts for some reason even more often drew unusual pictures of erotic character. Passed minutes twenty, Tonja drank up coffee and having relaxed sat in a chair. The unusual heat waves began to pass on a body. "And what I was so made horney" the woman thought. She I felt that nipples having got up upright rub about cups of brassieres and between legs it became wet. Suddenly the door opened and Tonja is pleased swelled up, thinking that expectation terminated (she already dreamed to come back home quicker and will enjoy sex with the husband), however Natasha - the secretary smoothly came into a door. - Excuse Antonin: - she I made hardly noticeable pause. Ivanovna! Sergey Petrovich apologized, he will be in half an hour. Do you want more some coffee? The girl approached sovey closely to Tonja and bent with the next cup over a coffee pot. Tonja suddenly understood that she makes horney a smell of it magnificent a body of the eighteen-year-old girl. Natasha poured a cup, put before Tonja and having suddenly bent kissed her on a mouth. Tonja strained, but from the girl there was some stupefying aroma and she answered a kiss. At the same moment Natasha having spread legs I rode out knees of Tonechka who felt that under lifted up by a skirt the secretary there is nothing. - Do you like girls? - having discharged of Bays Antoniny Nata asked. - We have twenty minutes. - Present them to me:!! - the secretary whispered having slid off Antonina's knees and having lifted up the blouse the bared strong sexual boobies. She put Antonina's hands to herself on a breast and strong squeezed them. - But I: - Antonina was struck dumb from promptly developing events and took away hands from boobies of the secretary. The secretary blinked eyes and crookedly smiled. - And - and-and! Yes you like to be girl! - I. - I tried Tonja will cope with a roundabout in the head. - Я: not: But the secretary quickly grabbed by a blouse of the woman and the sharp movement lifted her together with a bra. - About! I see your buttons wait that they were pressed! - and with unexpected frenzy I grabbed with the handles of Tony's breast. (The main character is so eager for money that doesn't frighten her at all to become the prostitute! Look on the website "Diaries of Prostitutes" about what waits for her! - editor's note) That not managed to realize the speed with which events developed: I seized hands chair handles, instead of that to push away the girl. Natasha came off Tony's breast and sharply pulled off her knees on a floor. Now she in shoes on a high heel towered over not recovered woman. The blonde lifted up a skirt on a stomach and before the woman absolutely shaven perineum of the girl appeared. - Well as lick my pussy! Tonja put out a uvula and having nestled lips to her vagina began to lick him. Natasha seized the woman by a nape and more densely pressed her to herself. - Well bitch!!! Lick me!!! In Tony the mad wave of excitement continued to accrue. Having terminated Nata lingeringly moaned and strongly pushed away the woman so that intoxicated with taste of her pizdenka I fell on a back. It seemed to her that she fainted for some time when she recovered - she was kneeling highly having raised a bum with the skirt which is lifted up on a stomach. Natasha roughly and strongly as a real man seized her by thighs and having touched with a strap-on her vulvar lips a sharp push got into the woman's bosom. Tonja with growl began to be stuck on the measuring strap-on. For her there was no time. She curved a back as it is possible stronger spread legs, and put the head on hands. At this moment for her I existed only pleasure. - Fuck me stronger: madam, - suddenly she realized the voice. The confusion which arose for a moment right there disappeared - Natasha who had her was madam for her Natasha, having cast away the misted hair from a forehead, I began to hollow Tony's vagina a strap-on even stronger. That groaning and sobbing at last I began to cum. - About a blyadin! - Natasha in passion I began to whip palms on a toniny bum. Movements of the woman turned into spasms and she stood. Natasha once again spread Tonino of a body on a strap-on and left the bothered woman. - Well that - - the quiet male voice was distributed, - perhaps we will be able to give you the credit. At what moment Sergey Petrovich appeared in the room, Tonja didn't notice. She stood, but forces to change a pose at her wasn't. She didn't know in what magnificent foreshortening for the owner of the room she is located. Highly raised bum, red from slaps of the secretary, widely opened vagina hole not in time to contract with hair, wet from death, under her. - Natasha, you can go! - Sergey Petrovich released the secretary, that having removed a strap-on and having straightened out a skirt went to an exit from the room. - And we with Antonina Ivanovna need to discuss terms of credit. - Tonechka! It will be possible to call so I you? - with irony in a voice the man asked and having got up from a chair walked about the room. - In private you can name me Sergey. Good after all this means "Love sugar" - in coffee isn't even felt: - You can get up, I won't fuck if you like, you: Sergey made a pause, - today at least. He slapped Tonja on a naked buttock and passed further. The woman had feeling of the coming-back shame, it would be easier for her will reconcile to a situation if the man fucked her, united to her and kind of became a part of this situation. - However, if to you conveniently remain in this pose, you very charm look. Tonja squeezed legs and curled up a ball on a floor. - So, we are satisfied with last test and agree to sign with you the contract about issuances of credit, but as you understand in you performance of certain conditions will be required. First we will give you stabler work with which you will be able precisely to pay interest from the credit. Natasha needs the assistant long ago: she hardly copes with the duties, - he grinned. Secondly you will come to work without underwear, a uniform of the secretary you will receive in the first working day at us at Natasha. Corporationism first of all. Thirdly we care also for hygiene of our employees, you should shave all your body hair. I think you had pleasure to see a good example in the person: and Natasha's pizda. - Well and on it perhaps so far we will finish: - other conditions after passing of a trial period. - You come to work in a week, then at Natasha you will issue issue of money. In a month test the trial period will end. Then we will discuss the improved conditions. Without remembering itself with shame and confusion Tonja came back home. In a corridor she quietly undressed and is imperceptible for the husband with the daughter slipped in a shower. She wanted to wash away from herself that platitude and passion which dominated over her the last hours. Having got up under warm streams of a shower she with pleasure relaxed. Having splashed in a shampoo palm she began to soap a body, a breast which was gradually departing from caress of the shameless secretary, and her "mink", the hand touched volosik in a perineum: "To shave" - the words of the new owner emerged in her head. On a shelf in front of the wash basin the safety razor of the husband lay. Tonja sighed and took the machine from the shelf: totally free online dating sites over 50 canada date honey barhee site mapMain Page