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Hi, my name is Katya to me 24, but this case happened to me when to me it was only executed 18 and I entered the university in Moscow. Both having so graduated from school and having packed things I went to submit Moscow. Problems with housing weren't as my uncle lived in the capital and I suggested to live at him especially as he was the lonely elderly person in a spacious three. I agreed with pleasure and didn't begin to write the application for granting the room in the hostel. At the beginning of summer to me joyful news about transfer me came to the university on юр. Fak, evening form of education. For our village it was very prestigious and parents very much were proud of me. We had not a rich family therefore it wasn't necessary to wait for financial support from parents and having arrived to Moscow I was engaged in the employment. And work didn't keep itself waiting, in a week I got a job on a reception in beauty shop near the house. So imperceptibly and quickly the fall flew by. Work was pleasant to me, study came easily, with the uncle, him by the way call Kohl, we lived in peace and friendship, he in everything supported me and tried to help. All my thoughts were hammered with study therefore on the personal front there was a silence. In our town there were not many attractive girls of my age therefore I wasn't deprived of male attention. I had a guy, and with him I even became a girl, but because of the fact that I left our relationship stopped. The session was on a nose and time of offsets came, in all objects I got admission, except one - civil law. I was only to someone he didn't pass, all because of the fact that on one couple we didn't agree in opinions and we had a conflict situation. Every evening after work I went to University on a repeating an examination. Yury Sergeyevich so called this tyrant constantly I found what to get to the bottom of. Home I came drowned in tears and all night long spent for repetition of what I already knew. Only someone helped me and in every possible way supported it was my uncle Kolya. Today there was the last day when I could get admission to a session and not take off from University. After work I went to the next repeating an examination, on nerves even shook me not much. I stood near Yury Sergeyevich's office and waited when he comes. We at work had a tress the code therefore that day I was in a white blouse, a black skirt slightly over the knee and tights of corporal color, I took off a jacket at an entrance and handed over in кардероб. Yury Sergeyevich was a man aged, he was 62 years old and at our university he was very dear person, on completeness he was full, put on always in the same suit which already from time got a brown shade. "Again you?" — the voice was distributed behind the back, I didn't even notice as it approached — "today that is ready?" "Yury Sergeyevich today my last chance, of course it is ready" — I answered "Well come" — he opened a door and passed me forward Yury Sergeyevich had a small office and was in the most far corner of the university, on walls at him amuse diplomas and thanks, near a wall there was his table and nearby a chair "Sit down, now I will give the list of questions" — I sat down and began to wait, it reminded me some pig, he had a red face with a perspiration, he hard was given the road to his office because of excess weight. "Well we will begin?" — he sat down at a table and stretched me a leaflet with questions "Prepare, you have 20 minutes" — he told and I went about the own some business. Looking at this leaf to me became badly, probably I pepenervnichat and all my knowledge somewhere got to, the head was empty, cheeks were poured by a flush. "Well it is ready?" — he later minutes asked five "Not yet" — I answered, and tears came into eyes "Well you what, it isn't necessary to be nervous so, you here tell as such courageous and cries? It was necessary to cry earlier when you are insolent to seniors!" — he told "Well forgive me, I didn't want, I so won't be any more, you my last chance, I know your subject, just today I was alarmed" — I blurted out and tears already began to drip "What with you to do to me Katya, to punish you on fatherly belt on a bum for such behavior, but it is impossible... or it is possible?" — he artfully smiled and I looked at me I became puzzled not much, he especially didn't differ in sense of humour and to understand he jokes or not it was difficult "Do you joke?" — I asked "Well why I joke, we are teachers and have to not only give you knowledge, but also correct errors of your parents in education. The father sometime strapped you?" It wasn't pleasant to me what turn our conversation accepts "No, when" "There now you see therefore you also are rude to adult uncles, all right go, today you weren't lucky" — he told and selected a leaf, a lump подстпул to a throat, still slightly and I will just start howling "Yury Sergeyevich, well is very necessary to me this offset, you understand that my destiny depends on it?" — I weepingly spoke "My destiny... And what you can offer me except the knowledge? If you well know a subject, but not brought up how I can allow you? You are future lawyer, it is inadmissible!" — he strictly told "Well I apologized, it won't repeat any more" — in my head there were already thoughts as I with a shame will return to parents "Your apologies aren't enough, it is necessary to fix so to speak a lesson, you put on panties today?" — he dumbfounded me "What? What it matters?" — I was indignant "Well time what then go, all good" — it buried in the records again I sat and was silent without knowing what to do, I understood to what he conducts, it was unpleasant to me, but also didn't hurry to leave I "Yes, I put on, black Tanga" — I spoke "Well" — he looked at me — "And well show what, well get up what hesitates of, you think the first such?" I got up lifted a skirt, through tights my panties were visible, Yury Sergeyevich moved closer closer and lowered tights, to me held down from constraint and fear. "There now another matter" — he told and removed panties aside — "m as here everything is smooth, at once it is visible prepared for offset" — he laughed "well remove at me it seems here heat, you won't freeze" I took off boots, tights, panties and sat down on a chair back. My person burned with shame. "And I here didn't put pants" — he smiled and having undone trousers the dick got. Not big, but thick with a gray hair around. He stretched to me again and undid a blouse on a half "A brassiere I think superfluous too, remove him" — while I took off a brassiere he took my panties, smelled and put in the bag — "I Will Take for Memory, You Do Not Mind" — I shook the head, my breast of the second size rested firm nipples against a blouse. "Did you have already a man or still not?" — he asked, I in the affirmative nodded, continuing to sit on a chair "Sucked to him?" — I again in the affirmative nodded "Well with it that a mouth is unsurprising" — he laughed again — "get up and bend down" I got up from a chair and bent down, I felt as his fingers moved apart my buttocks and buttocks and the pussy drenched with a cool breeze. "Everything is clean, it is good, precisely prepared, not knowledge so a body, climb under a table" — he told "What for?" — I in a whisper asked "Behind offset!" — he roughly answered — "let's agree at once if you are from yourself here, to mangle me you can go, or relax and derive pleasure and then problems with a session won't be" It was rolled away back and I climbed under a table, his dick was already a little horney, but not up to the end, I withdrew it in a hand and an otdvinul, the head was large, I felt not a pleasant smell "Well long to me to wait?" — he asked — "or you something isn't pleasant?" I licked a head, it was a little salty and smelled not really pleasantly, but the way back wasn't and having opened a mouth more widely I took it completely in a mouth. Despite the fact that it was opposite to me a situation me I made horney, I touched a hand the pussy and felt moisture, she was all wet, nipples were foully made horney, and I continued to suck his dick more diligently, having closed eyes he didn't seem such nasty any more, and I took every time his dick more and more diligently and even licked his balls. I felt that he all in my saliva, wet, slippery and was already ready. Ink on gases spread, I looked at Yury Sergeyevich holding his dick in hand, his face was red with a pleased smile. "Well you suck Katya" — he told "I tried Yury Sergeyevich, I need offset" — I wasn't confused any more, it wasn't a shame to me and most there was a wish for continuation. "Lay down on a table" — it got condom and his plot from the top box, I laid down on a table on a back, lifted up a skirt, spread legs and closed eyes. I felt as Yury Sergeyevich slowly began to enter me, his dick got inside more and more deeply. "Here it is direct narrowishly" — he said, in reply I only in low tones moaned, it was pleasant to me, I felt as his hand squeezed my nipple. His dick quicker and more rigidly entered each time me, giving pleasure. Later not many time he turned me and it seemed that he began to enter even more deeply, leaning all over, his movements became quicker, he groaned as a pig, suddenly to the priest the slap burned and was distributed, I screamed "I will teach you to communicate with seniors" — he told and again burned buttocks, without leaving me he slapped me, the buttocks already burned. From excitement held down my legs, inside everything began to shake, and in eyes darkened, it became very good, I was covered by an orgasm. Yury Sergeyevich pulled out a dick and removed condom "Finish to me and so not to napachkat here" he told and for a nape I pulled to the dick. From him smelled of rubber, I took him in a mouth and without taking out began to help him a hand. He terminated to me in a mouth quickly and many, I choked therefore a part got inside and I swallowed his cum and a part followed and got on a breast. Yury Sergeyevich lowed and sat down on a chair without removing a dick, I and remained to sit on a floor. "Fukh, gathered and give the record book" He delivered me admission and I left, finally he reminded me that next year to me to take to him examination. While I went home, constantly again and again considered that occurred and what will be farther, probably life in Moscow such, though not only in Moscow probably. Having arrived home I very much wanted to take a shower, the blouse stuck to a breast and I wanted to wash away everything somewhat quicker, but house I waited for a new surprise. top dating apps 2022 singapore date a live characters site mapMain Page